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They had been coworkers for quite some time. Things had transitioned from casual horseplay, sharing jokes, drawings and stories of family, friends and good times into daily lunch buddies. Yet they both sensed there was much more there, to what extent remained to be seen.

The curiousity and interest was there and finally came to a boil one day when he had taken a day off and spent the day texting her. She made it a point, even playfully, to remind him that the shop wasn’t the same without him and she missed her “buddy”. Finally, he could take it no more and had to address the attraction between them.

He texted her to come to his place later in the evening. She agreed. Needless to say they were both nervous but full of anticipation at their first meeting outside the workplace. She finally arrived and they went to his car to talk and to enjoy some privacy. He babbled about his interpretation of what was transpiring between them but all the while couldn’t ignore the energy between them, highly sexual in nature, but oh so much more.

After some needless chatter, he found himself looking deep into her eyes and found himself lost and out of sheer lust, leaned in to kiss her sweet, full lips for the first time. Her reaction caught him off guard and this sweet, innocent kiss unleashed unbridled passion in them both. As if two unharnessed wolverines tore into each other with pure desire as their fuel. The fire that had been building for months was now an out of control, five alarm blaze. Their tongues hungrily exploring every inch of each others’ mouths, thrashing wildly about , hands Eskort Bayan traveling all over each others’ bodies, as the heavy breathing, and body heat almost burned through the cars’ leather seats.

Since the car was small and not that accommodating for such an explosion of passion, they moved their desire for each other into his apartment. Straight to the bedroom they went, hands still exploring each other, not even breaking their kiss. This was pure animal lust at its finest.

He lay her on the bed, still gazing heavily into her eyes. He leaned in and instantly lathered her neck in kisses, nibbling the back of her neck up to the base of her hair, then licking back down to her shoulder and around to the top of her chest, peeling off her clothing as he went further down her body. He completely encircled each breast with kisses and gentle suckling, careful to completely avoid the nipple until he had completed. Finally he teased her no longer, and flicked the tip of one nipple with his tongue, then blew a kiss on top of the moisture left there. He then repeated this on the other nipple. She was moaning heavily now as he took the nipple between his lips, sucking gently at first then more fiercely until he resembled a starving animal getting its first meal in a long while.
The scent of her naked flesh was driving him wild, as he kissed his way down her belly, lightly dipping his tongue into her navel, drawing a slight giggle from her. As he peeled off her panties to the sight of her beautiful, shaven pussy, he wanted to devour it completely immediately, but also wanted to savor every second of this encounter, with no assurance it would ever happen again.

He kissed his way to her inner thighs, as his hands roamed down the length of her wonderful legs down to her toes and back up again. While he continued kissing and sucking the skin around her pussy lips, his hands found her beautiful ass and cupped each cheek in anticipation of the assault his mouth was about to give her cunt. He ran his tongue along the length of her slit, avoiding her clit at all costs. She wiggled as he grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy closer to his mouth as his tongue found her wet, hot fuck hole. Darting his tongue in and out of her pussy, then doing circles inside her opening she started to moan his name at the pleasure she was receiving. He let his tongue lick even further south until it began to stroke her asshole, which surprised her as much as it pleasured her. Finally he could wait no more, and licked his way up to her clit, paused a mere second then took her bud between his lips and started to suck savagely on it while flicking his tongue quickly back and forth across it. This was too much for her and she began to experience the first of many orgasms that night. As her body rocked from the orgasm, he slipped in a finger, desperately searching out her G-spot and stroked in while slowly thrusting his soaked finger in and out of her hot pussy. His own cock was rock hard now, aching for release from the confinement of his jeans.

Not missing a beat, he pulled off his pants and underwear in quick fashion, still hungrily devouring her pussy. He stopped his assault on her womanhood and kissed his way up her belly, taking another turn at her nipples, then up her neck to find her waiting mouth, and as her appreciative tongue worked around his, he ran the head of his hard dick along her slit to coat it with her tasty pussy juice and let the head rest at the opening of her pussy hole.

This moment had to this point been a mere fantasy to them both, but no more as he slowly nudged the head inside, penetrating her wetness. Just the tip was in, just for a second, and he slowly, but surely edged in every throbbing inch of his meat inside her. She wrapped her arms around him, her legs around his waist and he started his rhythm, her hips raising up to meet each thrust. She was loving the feel of his cock inside her, violating every crevice, every fold brushing against the veins in his hard dick, her juices coating his shaft as he withdrew only to plunge back in, a little harder with each stroke. He was pounding her pussy now, and she coaxed him on to fuck her harder and he obliged by stabbing her hot cunt with his manhood, his nuts slapping the tender meat between her pussy and ass, which was slightly off the bed to meet his pounding cock. Both were approaching strong orgasms as the sweat and heat from their bodies poured out, his face buried in her hair, still clutching her ass. Just as her orgasm arrived, her muscles clinched his cock and he couldn’t hold back, crying out as his hot sperm coated her pussy walls…

They both collapsed, exhausted at the first of many episodes. He held her close and at that moment they both knew this was more than just lust, what exactly it was or would become would unfold in the coming days and months…to be continued.

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