CvsN 04: Teaching Beth


Part 4 of Convenience vs. Need

Ok, I’ve got a situation most men would kill for, two hot women who will live with me and share my bed, and an open invitation to screw my best friend’s wife. I’m still going to have to make sure Joe is ok with that, and see if maybe we can’t make a private party out of the whole thing.

But for now, I still have one more problem. Beth. The girl I’ve been dating for a little less that two months, and getting nowhere with. She’s a lovely young girl, just out of high school, tanned, short brown hair, the sweetest disposition, and just bursting with energy and sexuality. She has a classically beautiful body, great hips with a full butt, narrow waist, opening up to a chest a little smaller than her hips, but with picture perfect breasts.

The question was how did I work things out, after she found out that the guy she was dating was about to move into a new house with his two ‘sleep-in’ girlfriends.

* * * *

Wow, what a difference. Once I’d fucked the anger out of Cathy, she became less of a terror around the work site, and the general air of hostility overlaying our efforts gradually subsided. I was feeling pretty good about how things had gone, and over clearing the air with my best friend’s wife. The progress on the house repairs was still being carried out at break-neck speed, and it looked like the place would likely be habitable by the end of the week.

Lunch was a jovial time, with an almost carnival like air about it. The sheer volume of the chattering and laughing gave the place a circus like feel. I actually ate in relative comfort, chatting with the Howard men about the ongoing progress we were making, and receiving kudos for the miracle I had performed with both Cathy and Karen. The only thing casting the slightest shadow over my parade was the still unresolved situation with Beth.

I swear my eyes watered every time I looked at the pair of girls herding the ankle-biters around. It was like looking into the sun, just too intense for direct viewing, best absorbed in sidelong glances and through the reflection of their beauty in the eyes of those around me. Slender, tanned, firm, and near perfectly proportioned, Beth and Debbie attracted glances, longing looks, and outright lustful stares from virtually every man there at some point or another. I still believe neither of these sirens, with their irresistible allure, were aware of the power of their presence over the mere mortals gathered about.

As they had for the first day and a half, they voluntarily segregated themselves from the rest of us, maintaining rule over the horde of little ones clamoring about. They were naturals, adored by the kids, and maintaining a controlling, but gentle hand over all their actions.

After lunch, I headed over to where they were, intending to broach the subject of my situation, and our relationship, with Beth. Once I entered the realm of the little people, like Gulliver, I was subjected to assault from all sides, dozens of little hands trying to pull me to the ground. Most of these kids knew me well, and were used to the roughhousing, boisterous play. Assailants would cling to my legs, and I would snatch them off, holding them high, before tossing them to the side where they would roll to the edge of the action, before leaping up and re-joining the assault. With huge seven league steps, I would march across their domain, one or two intrepid adventurers clinging to my legs, and being dragged along for the ride. Inevitably, their sheer numbers and endless energy conquered my size and strength, and I, the Colossus, tumbled to the ground, vanquished.

The web of little arms and legs, pinning me down, laughing, rolling around in the fresh mown grass, drove all thoughts of my mission from my mind, and I reveled in the play. Scaffolding for their climbing, a tool for their mischief, a bulwark to be conquered, unconscionably I allowed my friends and acquaintances to work at making my home livable, while I played like a 6 year old devoid of cares, worries or responsibilities.

“Ok, enough already,” the song of the siren sought to restore order to the chaos that my tempestuous arrival had wrought.

I lay on my back, drained, and allowed my saviors to calm the sea of youth, and steer them to more peaceful pursuits. I was about to stand up, having finally caught my breath, when my biggest assailant to date dropped on me like a rock.

“Ooooof!” I gasped, once again short of breath. Beth had taken over where the little terrors had, and sat on my stomach.

“See what you’ve done? You’re worse than caffeine and sugar for those tykes; they’re going to be wound up for hours.” Her admonishing voice was only slightly offset by the grin on her face. When I started to grin back, a poke in the ribs reminded me I was still at her mercy.

Debbie was once again bringing the children under control, while Beth was stuck with the job of chastising me for my actions.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Honestly. halkalı eve gelen escort I must have some kind of hormonal imbalance and one-track mind. Beth’s baggy shorts, and her position astride my stomach, allowed me an unobstructed view up her legs, to a pair of light blue panties with a field of tiny multicolored flowers emblazoned across them. Eyes fixated by the implications of that unbidden view, I started to react physically, just below where sweet, unaware Beth was perched.

As one would expect, Beth was soon keenly aware of where my eyes were glued, and she closed her legs at the knees, pushing back away from me, only to find my hard cock in the middle of her back, pushing up my shorts.

“Jeez, Jack,” she whispered to me. “Not in front of the kids! God, I can’t believe you!” she sounded a little exasperated but not as angry as I feared.

“I’m sorry. It just happened.” I closed my eyes and chanted, “Donald Duck, Donald Duck, Donald Duck.” My statement of course had her wondering.

“And just what the hell does that mean, calling me Donald Duck?”

“Oh, I wasn’t calling you Donald Duck, I was trying to ignore the fact that I have this beautiful, scantily clad girl sitting on my stomach, her bare skin brushing against me, leaning back onto my hard-on. I keep trying to think about Disney characters, and funny cartoons, hoping to distract the little head enough for me to be able to stand up again in the not-too-distant future.”

This confession earned me a giggle, and she had the decency to move both legs to one side, and sit upon me sidesaddle.

“You make me nuts. I should be so mad at you, you bastard. I don’t know why I’m even here or talking to you. I’m just frustrated with myself for wanting to be near you, and knowing you are such a pig.”

“I know. And I’m sorry.” I managed to rise up onto my elbows. “I know my behavior has been reprehensible, and that I have the morals of a snake lately. I don’t know what’s gotten into me.” I did my best to sound contrite.

“That’s a laugh. Everyone here today knows it’s not what’s gotten into you, it’s what you’ve gotten into. Or should I say ‘who’ you’ve gotten into.” She was witty, but there was an underlying bitterness to her tone.

“I’m sorry.”

“Damn it! Stop saying that you’re sorry. I really doubt you’re sorry that you’re sticking your dick in those girls.”

“That’s not what I’m sorry about. I’m sorry that I didn’t speak to you about this two weeks ago, when things changed all of a sudden. And I’m especially sorry about yesterday, you’re coming here, not knowing what was going on, and the embarrassment you must have felt. I don’t think of myself as that kind of guy, who would do something like that. I like you way too much to do that intentionally; I just had so much going on, that I didn’t think of perceptions and repercussions, or use even the slightest bit of good judgement.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over it. I guess I’m kind of at fault myself, leading you on, holding out, wanting to give in, and yet afraid that once you’d had me, well, you know, the free milk and a cow thing…” she bowed her head as she spoke softly.

“Now you’re being silly. You have zero blame in the current situation. I would understand if you never spoke my name in public again, and refused to be seen within 50 feet of me. I would be saddened, but I would understand.” My erection had finally withered down to a mere lump, and I sat up, shifting Beth onto my lap. My arms wrapped around her waist to set her into her position, and stayed there, enjoying enfolding this soft little bundle of burgeoning femininity and sexuality.

“What are we supposed to do now, Jack? What have you left for us? I’m not going to be some bimbo in your harem.”

“I don’t know. Maybe we should just let things be for a bit, and in a week or so, I’ll give you a call. By then things should have settled down, and maybe we can work this out. If you don’t take my call I’ll understand.” My hands on her bare skin around her middle were gently caressing her flesh, almost of their own accord.

“You big jerk.” She leaned into me, wrapped herself in my arms for a moment, then after a kiss on the cheek, she stood and walked away.

I don’t know if I had made things any better or worse, but at least we were talking. It was only then that I realized we had an audience. I had been so caught up in her presence, I hadn’t noticed the prying eyes of the dozens of voyeurs who had shown up today. They had probably been hoping to see just that kind of scene, preferably ending up in some kind of blow-up with yours truly the target of scorn.

* * * *

In the afternoon, I finally got back to working with the teams, monitoring the ongoing progress, and actually doing a little work hear and there. By the time the groups were winding down and the sun was low on the horizon, the house was a completely different edifice from what had been there only 36 halkalı grup yapan escort hours earlier. It was at least 90% finished in terms of structural changes, with mostly minor work remaining. It was unbelievable. People were ambling around viewing their own handiwork, justifiably proud of what had been done that weekend.

With Debbie at my side, I toured the work, while the last efforts were being applied to the huge ‘thank-you’ dinner. Throughout the main floor, all the wiring and plumbing had been completed, and the drywall and ceiling sheet rock had been reinstalled. Except for light fixtures, paint, and some new flooring in the living room, the place was nearly done. Even the broken windows had been replaced, and a heavy-duty new door was hung at the entrance. The front porch was still sinking and uneven, and after discussing it with Joe’s old man, we thought the best approach was to tear out the old porch and run a new wooden porch the length of the front of the house. We would extend the current porch roof the length of the new porch. That was a task for another day.

The upstairs was an even more amazing transformation. Interior walls had been moved, and the upstairs now consisted of two large bedrooms at each end, each with a small shower stall and sink installed in the rear corner. The bathroom that had once been along the rear wall was absent. The two central rooms had been refinished, with the center wall being widened and containing the closets for the rooms. What had once been the open area had been closed off as a huge new bathroom, with double sinks, a large tub, shower, privacy stall, and oversized linen closets. The two sinks still needed to be installed, and the mirrors and lighting over the sinks were still missing, but this room also was on the verge of completion. The flooring throughout was intact, simple decking, ready to be carpeted.

Debbie was enthralled throughout. She had not been in the house since Saturday morning, and had not been prepared for the changes. She had tears in her eyes as she walked back down the stairs with me.

Dinner on site was a barbecue again. But unlike the burgers and dogs of Saturday, we had ribs, chicken, pulled pork, sausages, sandwiches, and a ton of sides. Cases of soda and a quarter keg of beer were available to quench the thirsts. There were hot dogs for the kids, as well as a miscellany of PB&J, bologna, and assorted sandwiches for young tastes.

It was one of those rare parties where everything just seemed to go well. Some of the new neighbors stopped by, and most of the people who had helped stuck around for at least a while. We had a volleyball game going until it was too dark, and we tossed around footballs and Frisbees. There was singing, laughing, and joking; all of the ill feeling that seemed to hover around Saturday was banished.

I watched Debbie approach virtually every person there, thanking them for the work they’d done, often meeting them for the first time, introduced by their own kids, more often then not. Nancy helped work the serving line, near Cathy. They may not have been the best of friends, but it was clear that at least a partial truce had been declared.

It was Sunday night, and the festivities ended pretty early. Most everyone had work the next day. I had taken the week off, intending to do more work around the place, and needing to get my stuff out of the apartment by Thursday. By ten, we were just finishing cleaning up, locking up, and heading home.

Nancy, Debbie and I took a last few moments to review the work done, and discuss a little more about our plans. Nancy was going to continue working that week, and next week would start packing. Debbie was going to start watching the kids at the new house, to supervise some outside work we were going to contract. We were looking to have the carpeting upstairs, and flooring downstairs done the end of the week. We wanted to get the insides painted before then, and to get some exterior painting done in the next two weeks. She was going to start shopping for appliances for the kitchen as well.

There were hugs and kisses all around. I invited both girls back to the apartment for a little celebration. Karen reminded me that there was no fooling around until we were moved in, adding the encouraging thought that could be as early as the end of the week for me and Debbie, with her following within a couple of weeks of then.

I went home alone again. Poor me.

* * * *

I had only been home 5 minutes, when there was a knock at my door. I had been headed for the shower, and so I threw on my robe, and answered.

I was more than a little surprised to open the door and find Beth standing there, fidgeting, standing on first one foot, then the other.

“Beth! Hi, um, come in. Is something wrong?” I stood to one side to allow her entrance.

She stood there a moment, looking past me into the room, indecisive as to whether to accept my invitation halkalı masöz escort or not.

“Are you alone?”

“Yes, just getting ready to shower – sorry for my wardrobe.”

She decided, and stepped past me into the apartment. “You haven’t done much packing yet, have you?”

“Nope. Been pretty busy. But I’ve taken the whole week off, and will be alternating between working on the new house, packing and moving.” I closed the door, and stepped further into the apartment. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Yeah, something with vodka.”

Beth didn’t drink. Never had in my presence. She was definitely underage, I didn’t think she was even interested. I had been thinking along the lines of a soda or water.

“Ok, make yourself at home.” I slipped into the kitchen, pulled the Stoli out of the freezer, and filled an iced-tea glass with orange juice and a double-shot.

While fixing the drink I continued talking to her in the living room. “Thanks again for helping watch the kids today. You did a great job; it would drive me crazy.”

“Oh, it’s not so bad, you just have to keep them busy, and organized, otherwise they find too much trouble to get into on their own.”

I handed the drink to her, and had a glass of ice water for myself. I’d had enough beer at the party, and was a bit fuzzy as it was. I sat on the couch next to her, about a foot of space between us.



“If we were to continue going out, you wouldn’t stop sleeping with Debbie, would you?”

I thought it interesting she didn’t mention Karen. “Right now Beth, I don’t think I’m really looking for any kind of relationship, with building the house, and work, and the commitments to Debbie and Karen, I’m just sort of tied up.”

“That didn’t answer the question. If you and I were going out, you’d still sleep with Debbie, wouldn’t you?”

“For now, I’m going to sleep with her on occasion. Yes.”

She sat back, absorbing what I’d said, and took a deep drink from her glass. “Why? If you were getting some from me, don’t you think I could keep you happy?”

I scooted closer, placing my hand on her arm. “Beth, I’m sure you could make me very happy, and I could do the same for you. It’s just the situation we’re in now. I’ve committed to providing these girls with a roof, a stable situation, and a male figure around the house. They’ve agreed to provide a nice home environment, help with expenses, and keep me warm at night.

“Karen can roll with the punches, but Debbie’s really been through the wringer. I don’t want to be yet another guy using her and lying to her. I’d really like to see if I could help her regain some confidence in guys in general. And I have to admit; there’s something about her I absolutely can’t resist. Even if I told you that I was willing to be monogamous, I know that I’d probably screw up and do what I had to, to get back in bed with her.” I was trying to be honest. Trying to do the right thing.

“I know her situation, Jack. We talked a lot about what she’d been through. You know you’ll probably never get her head back on straight. She doesn’t trust men at all. And that includes you, you know.”

I think she liked throwing that in my face. “I’d guessed as much. I don’t think we’ve done a lot to earn her trust. I’d still like to work on that. I’m sorry.”

She drank some more of her drink. Then she set it down, and turned towards me. “I thought you liked me.” She reached out and placed her hand on mine.

“Beth, I’m crazy about you in a lot of ways. You are so very pretty, and so easy for me to talk to, and your innocence is so enticing, but I don’t want to mislead you or treat you any worse than I have. You deserve better than what I have to offer at this moment.” I couldn’t resist her being so close. I reached out and stroked her hair with my hand.

She leaned into my hand. Then she pinned it against the side of her head with her own hand, and turned her face to kiss my palm.

“Don’t you still want me?” She looked at me with those huge doe eyes, almost breaking my heart.

“So bad that I can taste it. I’m just trying to do the right thing.” With my thumb I caressed the side of her mouth, while she held my hand against her cheek. She opened her mouth and captured it between her teeth, tickling it with her tongue.

“Are you trying to kick me out of your life?” Her eyes were welling up with moisture.

“No! I mean, I…shit, I don’t know what I mean. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt Debbie. I don’t want to lead you on or lie to you. I’m just messed up right now.”

“Forget about everything else for the moment. I want to be with you. Don’t you want to be with me?” She sounded so intense, so sincere, so young.

“I can’t just stop what I’m doing. I’m going to stay with the girls for now.”

“I know. I still want you. For tonight at least, can you be with me?”

I hated to see her pleading. “Beth. You don’t want this. Throwing yourself away on someone like me.”

“You are the only one I’ve ever really wanted to be with. I want to be with you. Tonight. And I want to be in your life, however I can. I hate myself for it. I just want to be with you, so bad. I can’t sleep just thinking about you. I keep thinking about you with them. You with her, like that, like I saw you. Please, Jack.”

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