Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 127 Dad Loves Me Part 127 James hoo) It was nearly 10am when I woke up with the need to pee. I gave Paddy a kiss on the cheek and he just rolled over and ended up next to daddy’s back. Daddy reached back and pulled him in closer. I smiled and went into the bathroom. After I was done, I started for the kitchen and started the coffee. The first to come out was Steve. He walked over to me and turned me to him and gave me a kiss that would melt an ice cube. “Thanks for last night.”—“It was actually Billy’s idea.”—“Trust me when I say even after last night, he’ll get another special thank you tonight.” I smiled at him and said “He called Jim and he asked the dads who gave their approval. We weren’t sure if you were going to want sex and with who it would be. We didn’t expect it to be a gang bang.” He laughed and Paddy walked in with Max. Max said “Sounds like we missed a good joke.” As Steve went to give them each a kiss as hot as the one he gave me, I said “We were just talking about last night. Everybody started waking up and coming into the kitchen and Steve was kissing everyone thanking them. Daddy asked Steve if he’d like anything special for breakfast and Jim, Tim, Paddy, and I all said simultaneously “Sausages.” which caused everyone to burst into laughter. Daddy suggested pancakes and that’s what he ended up making. After breakfast, Steve insisted in helping Nick clean up the kitchen. Steve and Billy thanked us again for a great night and Billy kissed us all and they left for home. Daddy needed to do the weekly bills and update the checkbook. He went into the study turned on his computer and lit up a cigar. I smelled the cigar and went in to kiss him and take a drag and just as I was exhaling through my nose, Paddy walked in and after daddy took another drag, Paddy kissed him and blew the smoke daddy left in his mouth. We told him we were heading out to our other home and we would see him tomorrow night at the gym. We walked in and Susan ran up to hug us knocking Paddy a little off balance, but I caught his back and kept him on his feet. Then Susan gave me a tight squeeze too. We sat and talked with mom and dad for awhile and told them the G rated version of the party. Mom talked about some family stuff and it really made me feel accepted that they would talk about family stuff with me being there. It really made me feel like part of their family. Paddy’s family considered my family as part of their family the same as my family felt about Paddy’s. Mom decided to bring up a subject. “How would you two feel about staying here for two weeks taking care of Susan? Your dad and I were talking and since our anniversary is coming up, we were talking about taking a second honeymoon. You two are old enough and Susan has school so we thought you might stay here and watch her instead of her going to a friend’s house.” We looked at each other and smiled and I said “I’ll have to talk to my dad but I don’t think there would be a problem.” Paddy said “What about when we go to the gym?”—“I could ask gramma and grampa if they could watch her for a few hours those days. You know gramma and I’m şişli travesti sure of years after boys, she’d love to have a little girl around to spoil.” Dad said sternly “I don’t want to come home to a spoiled daughter.”—“Sorry. Just kidding dad.” We talked a little more and then Mom went to start dinner. While she was doing that, dad was watching golf and reading the paper and we played games with Susan to keep her amused and out of mom’s hair. After another game with Susan, which we let her win, we decided to call daddy and then gramma and grampa about mom while Ron and I watched each other being fucked. It was really quite erotic and I always loved bottoming for my lover. Of course we loved the flip side, but for my two favorite men, I would let them take my ass anytime. Alan and Paddy were pounding away at our asses and we maintained eye contact. I could see in his eyes that he wished he and I were making out as much as I was. Our lovers lasted about 35-40 minutes and both started feeling their orgasms. “I’m getting close Alan.”—“Hold on just a little longer little brother. I’ll let you know.” They went about 5 more minutes and Alan finally said “Now little brother. Let go.” Paddy shoved in as far as he could and I watched as Alan did the same. They both started convulsing as they shot their loads into our asses. As soon as they had both come down from their orgasms, Ron and I smiled and he nodded at me and I nodded back knowing what he had in mind. When they both pulled from our asses, we both turned and pinned them down and shoved our cocks in their mouths. We started face fucking them until we both had our own orgasms. We both fed the brothers our loads. Afterward we kissed our respective lovers, blew kisses to each other and said our good nights. Paddy and I kissed one more time and each took our turn going to the bathroom to shower. We went to sleep cuddled together on his bed. The next day we got up and after school we went to the gym where we met up with the dads. After changing, Paddy, Nick and I went to meet up with Scott. He asked “Before we begin your workouts, can I see you in private?” He led us to a small room and after he closed the door, he grabbed Nick and gave him a kiss that would have melted ice cubes. He did the same with me and Paddy. “I’ve wanted to do that since we met. I wanted you to know where I stood in regards to our “special relationship.” We walked out and did our regular workout routines. After the 2 hours, we all met back up and Scott gave daddy and Wally updates on our progress. As we were undressing daddy told us that Uncle Diego would be leaving in two weeks and his last week he had requested to stay with us to make the lost of the time with his family. I told daddy about grampa and Uncle Diego taking me and Paddy out to “the home show” on Saturday. “Sounds fun. Be careful where you go.” When we all got reado to go home, we all agreed on pizza for dinner so Paddy and I rode to the pizza place with Max. Max’s truck had a bench seat for a front seat so Paddy sat between me and Max, and being in the middle, he reached out to either side and started rubbing beylikdüzü travesti our crotches. Max took his time driving to the pizza place so he could enjoy what Paddy was doing for as long as he could. We got to the pizza place and Max and I had very noticeable hard ons showing. We walked in and Randy was taking the orders. He smiled seeing our bulges. He quietly said “I wish I could go on break so I could take care of you guys.” After taking our order he told us Billy and Steve were both delivering this evening. As we were waiting a very heavy set bearded man came over to us and said “Hey guys. How are we this evening?” We all shook his hand and Max said “Hey there Sandy. We just finished working out and now the family has gone home waiting for us to bring dinner home.” He laughed and talked with us for a few minutes. He knew we were all gay/bi but I wasn’t sure if he knew the exact nature of our familial relationship. If he did, he never let on and it didn’t seem to bother him. He finally went back to the kitchen and when our order (4 pizzas) came up, Sanday brought us a bag with 3 dozen homemade cookies in it. “Martha made these, but they aren’t moving so I am giving them to some of my best customers. Say hi to the rest of the family for me.” As we turned to leave I saw Sandy wink at me. I just smiled and winked back to him. I sat in the middle on the way home and the food was on the back seat, and I continued where Paddy I left off rubbing their crotches. I told them about Sandy’s wink. Even though he was a very nice guy, with a very friendly and handsome face, he wasn’t really the type any of our family would be into. If he lost about 100 pounds, he would be worth another look. We got home and after giving Sandy’s greeting to the family, we opened the pizzas and everyone took the style they wanted. As usual there was no pizza left and then I brought out the cookies telling everyone they were a gift from Sandy. They were a classic chocolate chip style cookie, but there were many flavored chips and the flavor was phenomenal. I swore I would get her recipe. We all had one cookie because they were extra big and we all filled up on pizza. We decided to watch “Beaches” and “Big Business” for our movies to let our meals settle. As usual Paddy and I sat cuddled together, Nick was cuddled between Wally and daddy, and the twins were cuddled with Marcus and Max. After the movies we decided on sleeping arrangements and Max asked for the company of me and Paddy, the twins went with daddy and Wally, and Nick went with Marcus. ADAM The twins, Wally, and I got into the bedroom and we all exchanged kisses with each other. Wally grabbed Jim and I grabbed Tim. It was an interesting pairing because Jim and Wally were the more dominant pair while Tim and I were the more subordinate. However, Jim let himself be dominated while Tim took control between us. Tim and Wally stood next to each other as they gently pushed Jim and me down to our knees and guided their cocks into our mouths. As we were sucking their cocks, they were making out. We were sucking them about 15 minutes making their cocks and balls abundantly istanbul travesti wet. Finally Wally pulled his cock from Jim’s mouth and ordered us both on the bed. We both layed on our backs and Wally said “Uh-uh. Jim, get on top of Adam in a 69.” I loved Jim’s cock and I know he was a great cocksucker. Within a few moments of taking my nephew’s cock in my mouth and him sucking me, I felt a tongue start moving around in my furry ass searching for my hole and in a rather short time Tim found it and drove his tongue deep. I also felt Jim take in a deep gasp around my cock and moan at the same time that Wally drove his tongue into his ass. They rimmed us about 15 minutes like when we sucked them. I felt Tim’s tongue leave my ass and I had to admit that I missed it. He really knew how to eat an ass and make you miss it when he was done. But within moments I felt his cock touching my hole. Just then I heard Jim moan as loud as he could with my cock stuffed in his mouth. I could only surmise that Wally shoved his cock into Jim’s ass. Then I felt Tim shove his cock deep into my hole eliciting a moan from me too. I thought it must have been an erotic scene to see Jim and me sucking each other while Wally and Tim were fucking us. It felt good to have my mouth and ass filled as well as a mouth around my cock. In effect I was sucking, being sucked and being fucked by both my nephews and Jim was sucking, being sucked, and being fucked by his uncles. I loved the feeling of being used by two hot young men. It was really like being filled in both ends by the same person as they were truly identical except the way they wore their facial hair. If they both shaved, I don’t think I would be able to tell them apart. The only ones who might be able to would possibly by their parents and maybe their sister. I really didn’t care because the feeling was fantastic. They fucked us for what seemed like an eternity, but it was only short of an hour until I heard Tim say “Papa Wally, I’m getting really close.”—“I’m close too. Just hold on and I’ll let you know when.” Tim’s breathing was very irratic and he was trying to keep up his fucking but also trying not to cum yet. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and groaned loudly with my mouth full of cock and started cumming in Jim’s mouth. My orgasm triggered Tim’s and he yelled “OH FUCK!” and started filling my ass with his load. The sound of us orgasming and tasting my cum filling his mouth must have caused Jim to start his orgasm because I felt his cum shooting strongly into my mouth, and that caused Wally to finally have his orgasm filling Jim’s ass while yelling “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” After we all came down from our orgasms, Wally and Tim pulled their cocks from Jim’s and my asses and Jim rolled off of me. We all rested a few moments then Tim suggested we shower so we could get to bed. We all went into the bathroom so we could all shower together. Wally paid special attention to my ass while Tim helped Jim. After we were done, I made sure the alarm was set, and we all climbed into bed. Tim and Jim layed facing each other, the Wally and I kissed and Wally got in behind Tim and I got in behind Jim. We all said goodnight and I clapped turning off the lights. We all went to sleep content. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. 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