Subject: Dad, Me I knew then that I wanted his cream. He said, “Baby boy this is amazing but I want to suck you as well, let me turn around so that we can both do this at the same time.” He turned himself around and was pointing down the bed. I had to move down a bit to make room for his legs. Soon we were aligned penis to mouth. I grabbed his again and re-commenced tonguing and sucking alternately. I felt him caressing my hairless groin and balls and then his tongue flicked the top of my penis. Then he stopped for a second before I felt his tongue push right into my foreskin and rolling it around the whole head, I nearly died with the overwhelming sensations that charged through me. My dreams had come true and I was nearly exploding. His tongue ran down to my balls and I tried to copy what he was doing. He sucked them both into his mouth at once, but I could only get one of his into mine. I loved sucking his balls. Then he ran his tongue underneath, towards my bum hole. He flicked his tongue across my hole and I gasped and nearly choked on his penis. His tongue swiped back and forth a few times before he stared to drill it into me. The feeling was amazing and I remembered being so amazed when uncle Carl did it. I thought to myself, if it feels so good with a tongue, no wonder guys like to get a hard penis put into their bums. I knew that I wanted that, but remembered that my uncle had told me not to rush, as it would take some preparation. I stopped sucking and said “Daddy, that feels wonderful, how long will it be before I can take your willy into my bum, I really want it. He stopped and said, “Baby, there is nothing more than I’d want than to be able to make proper love to you, but my dick would hurt you.” I said, “but other guys do it, I’ve seen it on the web.” He replied, “Yes they do, but they’ve had practice, usually starting on smaller things first.” So, that not being a “No” I pushed on saying, “Can we start on something smaller then; because I want you to put your willy into me.” He said, “You can call it cock or dick if you wish, and ok, let’s kocaeli escort start with some fingers, some people love it some people don’t. He spat on my hole and wiggled his forefinger in, as I had already experienced this before I knew I would like it, I did. He moved the finger around and in and out and I said, “Put another one in Dad, I really like this.” I felt his forefinger retreat, then he spat on my hole again, which tingled. Then I felt two fingers push into me and I loved the feeling, I wanted more, a lot more. His fingers stimulated something inside me and I was in ecstasy. I exclaimed, “More Daddy, More!”. Then I felt a third finger being introduced, the pressure in my anus felt great and I almost forgot his cock. It was dripping lots of stuff, so I took it back into my mouth, I really did love that taste. After a few minutes I announced that I was ready for him to try putting his cock in. He said that we’d need some lubrication so he went off to get something. When he returned, uncle Carl was with him, naked and hard, he said “I’m, here to witness our boy losing his cherry, do you mind?” I enthusiastically replied. “I want you here Unc. I want to suck you while Dad puts it in.” He grinned and said to Dad, “I think I was right, I think this must run in the family. We all love cock.” We all giggled. I laid on my back, Dad knelt down, and uncle Carl raised my legs. Dad started to put something cold and slippery onto and into my hole. His fingers slid in with ease. He said, “This boy’s a natural, very little resistance, not unlike his uncle!” As he shuffled between my legs uncle Carl’s cock rested on my lips, he was dripping and I licked it, but the angle wasn’t right to suck it. I felt an increasing pressure against my anus. My uncle said, “Relax as much as you can Den, it’ll make it easier and as he starts to push in, you push out like you’re taking a dump. It’s the most incredible feeling to have your Dad’s cock inside you, believe me, just be patient.” Dad pushed gently, but it felt like a telephone pole going up my bum. I was not going darıca escort to stop him though. I did ask him if we could rest for a while and asked him how much was in. He said it was only the head. “Bloody Hell”, I thought. We stayed stationary for a while my hole was getting used to its invader. All the while I was lapping at my uncle’s drippy cock. Yum Yum. Soon I was comfortable and told Dad he could continue, he did, very gently. He said “Baby, it’s much easier now, you seem to have relaxed a bit.” I replied, “It’s feeling much better now, keep going.” I don’t know how long it took but it seemed like ages and then I felt Dad’s bush pressing against my bottom. He was in all the way and I loved the feeling. It still felt like a telephone pole though. I asked uncle Carl to release my legs and I put them around Dad’s waist. I looked into my father’s eyes and I saw love, true love. So ” said “I love you too Dad, this is the best feeling ever.” He stared moving his hips and I felt his pole moving inside me, it was a little uncomfortable at first, but go easier. Gradually he increased him movements. Uncle Carl said, “This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, you are a lucky boy Den.” I replied in broken sentences “I know… I’ve got… the sexiest… Dad… and uncle… in the whole… world… my own men… to make me happy.” Dad was starting to speed up and he was nudging something inside my which sent a jolt through me on every thrust. Uncle Carl was caressing me as his cock bobbed in and out of my lips. He said, “Welcome to my world Den, your father, our lover, and us eh. What a special thing we’ve got. He lent over and engulfed my throbbing cock; it had never been harder I’m sure. As he did so I was able to take his cock into my mouth properly and I sucked him with gusto. Dad started moving his cock in and out much faster and then it hit that spot inside me. I exclaimed loudly. “Oh My God”. I could feel something begin to build in me, like a tide of feelings. I said, “I think I’m gonna pee.” Dad puffed, “Just go with gölcük escort it, let it happen.” Uncle Carl said, “If you’re going to pee I want it.” And then he lent down to suck my penis into his mouth. Dad gasped “I’m coming.” And I felt him spurt into me again and again, the warmth inside felt wonderful. It triggered a mini-tsunami and I squirted some pee. My uncle slurped away at my penis, which had become so sensitive I had to make him stop. He got back up onto his knees and grabbed his cock and rubbed it furiously. He pointed it to my mouth and squirted, I opened up and he filled my mouth and splattered my face. My Dad said, “Fuck, that looks so sexy. Don’t swallow it all too quickly, I want to taste that in your mouth. His cock still felt huge inside me but my bum didn’t hurt at all, it was sort of numb. Then he bent down and kissed me. He sucked my uncle’s semen into this mouth and then turned to his brother and kissed him full on, sharing the cream. I swallowed what remained, then felt my father lean over and lick my face clean. Staying inside me, he got back onto his knees and said to his brother, “Was it pee or cum.” To which he replied, “Pee, and delicious at that”. Dad started to move but I told him not to take it out of me because I wanted it in there as long as possible. He smiled and agreed. As we all lounged, bodies entwined, and my Dad’s penis still inside me it came to me that I had everything I had always wanted right there, and I told my Dad and Uncle so. They agreed. Our unorthodox family of incestuous love was formed. I told them that I realised what it all meant and that I would keep it to myself. Dad said to his brother, “Did Den really pee in your mouth?” Uncle Carl replied, “Oh yes and it was magnificent, if you’ve never tried it you must.” Adding “I’ve messed around with watersports a little before, but nothing heavy, with Denny it has a wholly different feel and I want more, indeed I want yours too.” I said, “And I want some of Daddy’s too.” We all laughed. Dad’s penis had softened and I felt it slide out of me, I sighed and said “I wish I could keep it in there for ever.” Dad replied, “I haven’t got that sort of stamina, but with uncle Carl living here as well, you’ll never be short of a hard cock.” -o0o- Don’t forget to support Nifty with a fty/donate.html

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