Dad Needs Help With His Wife


Dad Needs Help With His WifeI am my Dad’s only son, the rest of my siblings and step-siblings are sisters…eight of them. He has now had five wives through the years. I was from the third wife. His problem, as he has said to me, is his small cock. Fortunately for me I must have inherited my very nice sized cock from mom’s side of the family. After having eight c***dren and paying for them in c***d-support, Dad decided to have a vasectomy when the fourth wife split the sheets. His fifth wife, Mei Mei is a mail-order bride from China. She is a stunningly beautiful woman with a delicate, petite body. Mei Mei was twenty and Dad was seventy when they married. He had chosen a Chinese wife because a buddy of his from the Army had married one. That buddy had told Dad that Chinese women don’t care about cock size because there are very few Chinese men with large ones. I don’t know if that’s true but Dad had taken that information to heart and hoped this wife would be satisfied with him.They had been married about a year when Dad called me and asked if I could come to visit them sometime soon. He let me know that he had something important to talk about. My wife Pamela and I agreed that I could go there the next weekend and she would spend the weekend with her sister.Upon arrival at their house in the big city to the North, I was welcomed graciously inside by Mei Mei. She had a big smile and hugged me chastely.It was dinner time and she had made a wonderful Chinese meal. I don’t remember what it was called, but there was something called sticky rice and what went on top of that had shrimp and lots of vegetables and a gooey delicious sauce. We had rice wine with the dinner and it was a nice time.After dinner Dad and I went into the living room. Mei Mei brought us more rice wine, but stayed in the kitchen while he and I talked. Dad started to speak, but was obviously having trouble finding the words. After about a minute of silence from him I asked, “So what’s so important Dad? What did you ask me to come here for? You’re not sick are you?” Dad quickly said, “No, I’m in fine health.” He hesitated for a bit, took another swig of the rice wine then said, “Mei Mei wants a baby.” I looked at him and nodded. “I thought about reversing my vasectomy, but I don’t know if I want to do that. I want her to have her baby, but I can’t have more k**s after that one.” I nodded my head again and gave him a questioning look. “We considered AI, but Mei Mei, after she found out what that meant said that would never be done in China and she would not find it natural to do.” I gave him a look and asked, “What is AI?” He laughed and said “It’s artificial insemination. Essentially she gets a load of donor sperm shot inside of her with a turkey baster.” We both laughed at that.Finally, after the laughter subsided, I asked, “So, why did you need to talk to me about this. Seems like that is something between the two of you.” Dad looked around the room, trying not anadolu yakası escort to look at me. Very quietly he asked, “Peter, I want you to inseminate my wife. I want you to give her the baby she needs. If you place your sperm inside of her, then the baby will have my DNA.”We both sat there in shocked silence after he had said that. After a few minutes I asked, “You mean you want me to…you want…” He finally said it clearly. “I want you to fuck my wife Son. I want you to impregnate her. I want you to fuck her so many times this weekend that she will be certain to get pregnant.” Those words rang through my ears for several minutes while I assimilated this. Finally, I asked, “Does she know we are talking about this?” Dad nodded his head and said that it was her idea. “I went along with it because I love her so much and I love you so much. Hell all of my wives were fucking other guys before the divorces came along. At least I know that you are doing this for both her and me. Please do this for me Son. I will leave you two alone for the weekend. In fact I have a hotel reservation which I am already packed up for and can leave at any time.”Dad…I will do this for you and for Mei Mei. Are you sure you want me to fuck her in your house…in your bed?” His head jerked and he said, “Oh NO…not in our bed. You and Mei Mei will be in the guest room. She has decorated it for the occasion. There are Chinese symbols in the room expressing fertility. Mei Mei and I will have more sex in our room after you go back home. We will make the illusion for the two of us that the semen I put into her will be the semen that had seed in it.” Shaking his head he said,”It makes some sort of sense to her somehow.”We stood up then and hugged. I was hoping he didn’t notice the hard-on in my pants. Dad went into the kitchen and talked to her for several minutes before bringing her out into the living room. Her face was bright red, but the smile on her face was beautiful. The three of us hugged in the living room, then Dad broke away, grabbed the suitcase I hadn’t seen behind a stuffed chair, kissed Mei Mei and said “Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy yourselves. We want to have a happy baby.”Mei Mei was by my side. I turned to her and put my arms around her. “You are a very beautiful woman Mei Mei. I am very honored to have been asked to give you a baby.” She smiled, looked up at me and said, “I am honored that you have agreed to fuck me and fill me with seed Peter. My body has needs and among them is the need to have a c***d within me. Can we please start now?”I lifted her up to my face and we kissed for the first time. Her eyes and mine were wide open as we thought about what we were going to be doing within minutes. I picked her up like she was my new bride and carried her down the hall to the guest bedroom.She had changed the room completely from the last time I had visited them almost a year ago. ataşehir escort The bedspread was red as were the pillow cases on the pillows. There was a framed print on the wall of a large red and yellow rooster fucking a hen. A fan was blowing on small chimes that made tiny sounds. Incense was burning on the desk. “Please sit down on the bed my son.” That was what she called me the first time we met. I sat on the bed and watched my father’s wife remove her clothing. She had silk cloth wrapped around her body which she unwound before me. Under that she was wearing a delicate white lace bra over her 32A breasts. Her panties were also white and lace. She looked directly into my eyes with a sweet smile as she undid the bra. Her breasts were tiny, and beautiful. She had dark brown nipples that stood out hard from her breasts. She smiled at my obvious pleasure in seeing that part of her body. “I hope you like this my son. I have shaved the womanly hair from my jibai because I want this seeding to happen in a new way for me. I was a virgin when your father married me and I knew almost nothing about sex. With no hair on my mound, I will feel like a virgin again.”She lowered the lace panties and I saw her beautiful golden mound. The pronounced hillocks on the sides made the slit even more profoundly beautiful. She stood in front of me beaming. “Do you like this body that you will impregnate tonight?” I stood up then and embraced her. I made sure to press my hardness inside my clothes against her …jibai. She moaned and put her hand on my cock and said, “Oh you have a nice large juju. I wish to see you undress now my son.” I always thought it was funny she called me that since I was s*******n years older than she was…but it was charming and erotic.She sat on the edge of the bed while I undressed. When I just had pants left on she leaned forward. She unbuckled my belt, then unzipped my pants. With a shake I made them fall to the floor. My underwear was stretched to the maximum. She clapped her hands together and then put them over her mouth in awe.”Are you ready for my uh juju?” She nodded her head and said “Please. Yes.”I stepped out of my shorts and my seven inches was standing at an angle in front of her. She reached her delicate hand slowly toward my cock. Her fingers almost weren’t touching me they were so light on the turgid flesh. She traced the crown, feeling the edges and moving across the tiny slit. The pre-cum on her fingertips glistened in the room light when she pulled her hand away. She looked up at my face. Her tongue emerged from her petite mouth and she licked the drop of dew from her fingertip. “You are much larger than your father. I am excited to think of that inside of my…how do you say it…your father always uses the Chinese word.” Holding my cock with one hand, I pointed it at her face and said, “I am going to put my cock deep inside your cunt. Cunt is the word I use for jibai. ümraniye escort Cock is the word I use for juju. She gasped and said the words were very abrupt and unmusical. Then she said, “I will enjoy having your cock inside of my cunt. Can we do that now?” I reached down to her and pulled the slender woman up from the bed. She wrapped her legs around my hips and I lowered her cunt to my cock. I had my hands on her ass now so I could position her on me. At last the tip of my prick felt the slippery entrance to my father’s wife.She gasped and kissed me on the lips as I slowly lowered her cunt onto my shaft. When it was all the way inside she asked me to just let her get used to the size. She asked, “Why do you and your wife not have c***dren yet my son?” I told her it wasn’t in Pamela’s mind to be a mother for a while because she wanted to keep her career going. Mei Mei looked thoughtful then said,”So this will be your first c***d?” I told her I had never married before and in all my sexual relationships the women had all been on birth control…except for the first two…and I had used condoms with them.Her mouth at my ear she whispered, “I am ready now for your cock to fuck my cunt. I want you to go slowly at first my son, then I want you to ravage me when you feel the need to release your sperm into me.” I knelt on the bed and gently rolled her down onto the bed. I lifted my hips and slowly drew my prick mostly from her cunt. She drew in her breath as I withdrew most of the way. When I slid back into her her breath moved out slowly and sweetly into my ear. Each stroke out and in after that increased in speed incrementally. Finally I pushed her back onto the bed causing her arms to unwrap themselves from my shoulders. I held her down on the bed, looking at her face as I started fucking her cunt harder. There was a froth worked up between us. Her naked lips were a sight to see as the swelled around my cock as I pulled it out, then flattened as I slammed into her. Mei Mei was crying now and urging me on.I fucked her harder and faster until I was like a machine on full throttle. I was pounding her tiny cunt with my hard cruel tool. The slapping sound was delicious as was the juicy music coming from where we joined. Finally I growled, “I am going to fill your cunt with my seed right NOW” I slammed into her cunt and when my seed was spurting from my cock I was all the way into her cunt. I felt her cunt muscles working at extracting the seed so it was all inside of her. I knew we had made a baby.When we were done, I pulled my cock from her. Mei Mei lay there with her hips now lifted by a red pillow she had placed under them. I could see my cum there at the entrance to her cunt, but none of it slipped out. She wanted to see my cock up close then so I moved to have it right above her face. She stroked the slippery cock with one hand while holding her other hand over her cunt to be sure the seed stayed inside of her.She tightened her fingers around my softening prick and got all the cum she could get from its surface. She moved that hand down to her cunt and wiped the seed onto the surface of the lips, then tried to push it all inside of her. Soon we were asleep. Mei Mei remained on her back all night long. We still had two days of fucking left.

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