Daddy Discovers I’m a Sissy Ch. 01


My name is Will, or it used to be. Now, I go by Gracie. For the past few months I’ve been secretly feminizing myself, becoming a sissy. When I’m home alone, I’ll go into my step-mom’s closet and put on some of her pretty, purple lace thongs, a sports bra, and some leggings. It makes me feel so good and comfortable. I’ve been exercising in my room and eating healthier to try and make my butt look juicier and slim my waist, not enough for anyone to notice though.

I just turned eighteen and I’m still in high school, and nobody would accept me if they knew what I was into, because they all already know me as a guy. Most importantly my parents mustn’t find out. My parents are very religious and against this sort of lifestyle, and if my dad found out I was dead for sure. He could never know that I secretly dream about big hard cocks, especially his. That’s enough of that, more about me. My hair is a nice bright red and getting sort of long. I would love to grow it out but my mother would never approve.

I’ve got a sort of muscular upper body, no abs or anything but slim enough, and a nice thick butt and thighs to match. They’re not in the right shape for a proper sissy just yet. I still masturbate like a man would, I know a good sissy should never stroke, but I only think of thick, long cock in my ass. I’ve fantasized about my dad shoving his cock down my throat and choking me out while I suck his thick cum out of him like a good sissy-slut, but that’ll never happen…

I just got off of a sissy forum, talking to fellow sissies about what hair style I should go for. I liked to talk with others about these things, since I couldn’t tell anybody in real life. My family was getting ready for bed. My step-mom in her pajamas in the bathroom, brushing bursa eve gelen eskort bayan her teeth, my big, strong dad lying on the bed, watching television and waiting for his wife to join him, my sexy step-sister walking by my door, going to her room.

She’s just over eighteen as well and has an amazing round, juicy-looking ass, I wish mine could be as good as hers, and tits almost as big as her moms, I would love to have those bouncy tits as well but that would be going too far in my case, no way I would be allowed back home for Christmas. I like wearing her sports bras and cute Pink sweatpants when I’m watching television, home alone, sometimes, but past all of that, all I could think about is my dad, and how he would react if I told him, but more importantly, how big his cock is.

Even as his son, as a child, I had never seen a peek of it. Mine was a modest four and a half inches, not too thick either. Still bigger than a real sissy should have but not bad. Anyways, everyone was settling down, lights turning off, TV turned down, everyone asleep. I stay up, of course, and masturbate to the thought of my dad fucking my step-mom when the kids aren’t there, jealous of her getting to feel his dick in her ass, thrusting harder and harder, tasting his cum. I would never get that chance. I cum a little bit, wipe it off and lick it off of my hand, as i always do, then I roll over and go to sleep, one earbud in my ear playing sissy hypnosis.

I listen to it occasionally as I sleep. Maybe that’s why I’ve been craving dick more and more. I’m gonna be honest. I’ve never actually had a dick in my, or even touched someone else’s. I can imagine it must be amazing though. When I wake up it’s 11:30, bursa eskort bayanlar almost noon. The girls are at the store, probably getting groceries for the week, maybe shopping for new sexy underwear, wish I could be there. I roll on my back and wipe my eyes. I always sleep naked, I’m partially covered by the covers, my dick, or sissy-clit I should call it, fully erect but not showing. A sissy hypnosis called ‘Sissy Cock Slut’ still playing on repeat, my phone is on 3% battery from playing all night.

Through the crack of my door, I could see my daddy walking out of the bathroom in his boxers, cock half awake, showing just a little of its might, enough to make me want it. He goes into his room and puts a shirt on, it’s a little tight on him and I can see his muscles bulging through it, but now, instead of going to the kitchen for a drink like he usually does in the mornings, he comes into my room. I panic and cover up all the way, embarrassed in front of my daddy. He doesn’t say anything but has a disturbed look on his face. He holds up something that I didn’t notice him carrying, it’s my laptop. My heart drops.

I had just been on that sissy forum the night before and forgotten to close it. My mind is racing, I don’t know what’s going to happen now. Am I getting kicked out, am I being punished somehow? He finally says, “I saw everything you’ve been looking at. Please explain it to me. I want to believe this is a misunderstanding,” but I couldn’t say anything. “Are you really this kind of sick person? Do you think this is okay?” I’m still in shock. “How long have you been like this? Do you really like other men? Have you actually had sex with another man!?”

I shake my head violently, “I’ve never görükle escort bayanlar touched another man, never,” I manage to blurt out.

“I’ve read what you’ve posted. You dream about cock, you say. You are desperate for someone to fuck you, you say!” He sets the laptop on my dresser and looks at the floor. Silence ensues for about 2 minutes. Neither of us know what to say. He suddenly says, “Fine then. If this is how you are then do it. Prove you’ve got what it takes to be fucked by another man. You’ll see this isn’t what you want.” He pulls his dick through his boxers. I’m speechless. First of all, this is actually happening, this is crazy, second, it’s massive. It looks about seven to eight inches long and is the thickest one I’ve ever seen. It has to be three times as thick as mine.

“Are you serious,” I ask him, with a confused yet excited look on my face.

All he says is, “Suck it.” That’s all I need to hear. I’ve never given a blowjob before, but I’ve seen it plenty of times in the porn I watch. I get off the bed and onto my knees in front of him. Seeing it loom in front of my face frightens me, but at the same time, I’m hard as a rock, but it’s not about me, I just want his cum. I lick the head and it jerks up a bit, obviously excited. As I start to lick down the shaft I notice how cleanly shaven he is around his cock, his huge balls are still hairy though. Oh my god. His balls.

They’re enormous, like they haven’t been emptied in a month. I could only imagine all of the cum I could get from there. I finally start to take it in my mouth. I manage to squeeze the head in, but it’s so wide I’m not sure if I can do it. I lick around the head and move it in and out a bit. He moans a bit, enjoying himself more than he thought he would probably. I start to move deeper. So far I’ve gotten about four inches in and I’m starting to choke. I could go deeper but it’s so thick I can’t breathe at all. Fuck it. I go as far as I can and as soon as it hits the back of my throat, about three minutes in, as far as I could get it, daddy arches forward, and lets out a loud moan. Daddy cums.

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