Daddy’s Girl Ch. 02


My baby girl had gone to bed already, and I was sitting in the den, working with TurboTax again. But before I decided to start the review of the state taxes, I saved my work thus far and decided to go get a drink. Despite the late hour, I wanted coffee.

…which meant I would be awake for quite some time. Fortunately, it was a Friday night.

While the coffee brewed, I went upstairs to my baby girl’s bedroom. As I approached the partially-open door, I thought I heard a soft gasp pouring through the crack. I paused for a moment, and thought I heard another soft gasp reach my ears. If my sweet Ember was not awake, then she was having a nightmare.

Cautiously, I nudged open the bedroom door, and peered toward the bed. Ember was facing away from me and seemed to be quite still underneath the covers, but I heard her gasp again. Still, I could not tell if she was awake or having a nightmare. And if she was awake, then she was clearly doing one or two naughty things to herself.

Just that thought brought a smile to my lips, although I still worried that she may be having a nightmare.

“Oh, Daddy!”

Soft and seductive, that phrase reached my ears, and caused my heart to beat a little faster. Now I wondered if Ember was awake and masturbating, or perhaps enjoying an erotic dream. Concern fled my mind, and I closed the distance between the doorway and the bed. It was then that I noticed a bare shoulder sticking out from underneath the covers; there was no visible strap from her favorite baby blue babydoll she liked to wear often to bed. Was she wearing only a thong? Was she fully naked under the covers?

Ember turned onto her stomach. Her face buried in a pillow, I saw her hips rise and fall underneath the covers. Now I knew: Clearly, she was masturbating, moving against her hand as she pleasured herself. I tried to ignore my growing erection, especially as her pillow-muffled gasps came more often Akbatı escort bayan and began to fill her bedroom.

At last, I sat on the edge of the bed, and Ember shrieked with surprise, suddenly going still.

“It’s okay, baby girl,” I reassured her, stroking her back through the covers. “Sometimes you just need to enjoy yourself, and I understand.”

She turned her head toward me, and I saw a look of embarrassment upon her face. I bent down to kiss her blushing cheek and caress the back of her head. “You were thinking of me, weren’t you?”

Ember simply nodded.

“Go ahead,” I suggested. “Continue, please, for me, for your Daddy.”

I knew that would be a powerful phrase for her, reigniting her fantasy of being a Daddy’s girl even at a time when she was (supposedly) alone in her bedroom.

“Will you hold me, Daddy? Just hold me, and let me do all the work?”

I had not expected that, but I definitely was not about to refuse. Still fully clothed, I stood, pulled aside the covers, and slipped into bed beside my sweet, beautiful Ember. I was not particularly surprised to find she was fully nude underneath the covers, although I remembered her having worn the babydoll when I had tucked her into bed earlier and read her more from Story of O.

But I definitely was not about to complain.

I placed myself beside my young “daughter,” on my back, and she slid upon me, her back to my front. Once the covers were over us, my arms wrapped around her, pressed against the undersides of her breasts. “Go ahead, baby girl,” I whispered. “Your Daddy’s here with you.”

“Okay,” she replied quietly, “but just hold me, okay? Just hold me, please?”

My answer was a kiss to the side of her head, perched upon my shoulder.

Ember began to touch herself again between her legs. It did not take long for her breathing to start to change. “This is for Escort Aksaray you, Daddy,” she whispered between deepening breaths.

I definitely enjoyed feeling the weight of my baby girl’s small body upon me, pressing me into the mattress. As she began to slowly writhe upon me, her motions ensured my manhood remained lengthy and hard and unmistakable between us.

My hold tightened upon my sweet, naughty Ember as she moved with more urgency against the actions of her hands. A film of sweat began to form between us. The fact that I was fully clothed and under the covers with my baby girl upon me was making me fell a bit warm, but I was not about to do anything to break the moment, to break the mood. I definitely wanted to slip inside her and feel her trembling around my invading erection as she toyed with her own clitoris. Feeling her passion dripping onto me made me feel even closer yet to her.

“Please, Daddy!” she suddenly gasped. “Take over for me!”

As soon as Ember’s hands were out of the way, my hands assumed the position between her parted thighs. My baby girl was already incredibly wet, so I plunged the index finger of each hand inside her. The result was exactly what I had expected – a loud gasp of surprise – since I had never done that to her before. I laughed quietly into her ear as she clutched at my head with one hand and the headboard with the other.

Withdrawing one finger, I began to gently strum her hardened clitoris while the other index finger worked inside her hot sex, thrusting gently, always upturned to brush her special spot. Very quickly, she was again moving upon me, her back arching. Lewd obscenities began to spill from her lips between her labored breaths.

“Good little girls don’t swear, Ember,” I whispered in a semi-threatening tone. “You will be punished for this in the morning.”

Either she did not hear me, or she did not care. Ankara escort The swearing continued unabated. I knew she was close, that within the next minute, she would succumb to carnal delight.

“But Daddies can swear,” I told her, “and right now, you fucking bitch, you are going to cum for your Daddy, is that understood?”

I was fingering her faster, ruthlessly. The sounds spilling from her lips were unintelligible, the grasp upon my head more than a little uncomfortable for me. Her constant movement upon me was making it a little difficult for me to breathe, but I definitely did not mind.

“Cum, slutty girl! Cum for your Daddy!”


Her body arched severely, Ember finally achieved the release which would help induce sleep. When she could finally breathe again, her first sound was a loud howl as she vocally expelled all the energy which had been building up inside her since before I had entered her bedroom. And when she finally slumped upon me, my arms returned to their previous position, holding her tightly just below her breasts as she stroked my hair and face with one hand and used her other hand to caress my forearms.

Eventually, I slipped out of bed and tucked her in for the second time that night. “Did you really mean that, Daddy?” she asked. “Are you really going to punish me in the morning?”

“I must,” I replied. “You know that baby girls are not allowed to swear. In fact, at breakfast, I want you to present me with three options which you believe are fitting for your punishment.”

“Yes, Daddy.” The fact that she said that with a small smile told me both that she was about to fall asleep, and that she was already considering the possibilities.

Before I went to bed that night, I checked in on her one more time, as I usually do. I gave my sleeping beauty a gentle kiss to her forehead, then retreated, leaving the bedroom door open just a crack as she preferred. The front of my slacks was still stained with her love, and as I undressed for a late-night shower, the sight of that large stain caused me to relive the entire masturbation scene in my head several times, providing me the fodder for my own release before I finally fell asleep in my own bed.

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