Daddy’s little angel


It had been almost a year since my wife had left me for another man and I was still not used to the idea but I knew she was not going to come back so life had to go on. The only good thing in my life was that my 22 year old daughter Ashley had stayed home and was loyal to me. Being an only child, she had always been special to me and I had protected her as she grew from a baby through to blossoming into a curvy young woman. As she hit her teens, I began to feel uncomfortable with the way her body was changing, she developed large breasts and I sometimes wondered what she looked like naked. I reproved myself for thinking such things, knowing that it was wrong. Still, as she got older, she seemed happy with the way her body had developed and would often wander in and out of the bathroom in just her bra and panties, and I must admit, it gave me a thrill when I saw her in this way. The guilt would kick in straight away and I would push the thoughts away. Ashley was always a good girl and eager to please me in many ways and I hated the thought that some young man was enjoying her body as she began to date, I guess most şişli escort bayan fathers feel that way about their daughters. With this in mind, I was not prepared for what happened one evening when I was on the internet and had signed into an adult social network site to see if there were any women willing to cyber with me. This had become my release for the sexual tension that built and I enjoyed meeting women there. I was scrolling through the profile area of members when I stopped in mid scroll, I could not believe my eyes when I saw Ashley’s smiling face looking out at me, when I clicked on her profile page, there were more pictures of her in some very provocative poses. She was dressed in a white blouse and short, pleated plaid skirt, exposing more of her lovely ass. As I looked, I felt a stirring in my groin and realised that she looked HOT! I pushed the thought away but my mind was spinning with the meaning of her being on this site and posing like this. My little girl was obviously no angel after all! Anger and jealousy grew inside me and I got up to go to her room, where she was busy catching mecidiyeköy escort bayan up on chores (or so I thought). Before entering the room, I stopped and pushed the door open so I could look through the gap between door and frame. The view I got was not one I was ready for. Ashley was sat at her computer typing, but after a few words, she would stop and her hand would drop to her groin and I could hear her sigh in pleasure. She typed another line and then her hand dropped to her breasts and she began to rub them through her t-shirt. Thunderstruck, I realised that she was cybering with someone on line. Jealousy and rage hit me and before I could stop, I pushed open the door and marched into the room. Ashley spun around and cried out, “Daddy!!” The look of horror and fear on her face almost disarmed me but I was determined to find out what was going on. “Daddy, I am so sorry”, she pleaded. “Please don’t be mad at me”. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” I yelled, my voice louder than I intended. “It was only some harmless fun”, she whimpered. “Don’t you know that perverts, escort şişli stalkers and bad men hang out on those sites?” I asked. “You mean like you?” she retorted. As soon as the words were out she gasped and she saw the look on my face as though she had slapped me across the face, but she went on, “Since mom left, I know you have not had any other woman in your life and you must be so frustrated, but that does not mean I have to suffer too”. Again she looked in horror as she saw the pain on my face. But my pain turned swiftly to anger and I marched over to her and grabbed her hands, pulling her up off the chair. I tugged her towards me and I lost my balance. I staggered backwards and pulled her with me and I fell onto her bed and she collapsed next to me. I sat up and saw she was face down on the bed. Without thinking, I pushed her skirt up to expose her white, smooth ass cheeks and slapped her hard on both of them. She cried out in pain and shock and I felt pleased to vent some of my anger in this way. That soon changed to guilt as two red marks in the shape of my hand appeared on her bottom. I stood up quickly and looked down at her. “Oh, Ashley, baby, I am so sorry. Daddy did not mean to hurt you” I said. I could hear her sniffing back tears and could hear her muffled sobs. “Daddy, I am sorry too, I did not mean to say those horrible things to you, it was not fair of me” she whimpered.

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