Daddy’s poker night


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This is just a fantasy, I don’t condone sex with minors

Daddy’s Poker night

My name’s Bill Krants. I am writing this because I don’t know what else to do. Sombody needs to know what happened that night and I guess I am the only one willing to tell.

It began innocently enough. Doug Seers has a regular Friday night poker game at his house. The only thing different about this poker night was that Martha had informed Doug on Monday morning of this week that she wanted a divorce.

At work on Wednesday afternoon I had suggested that Doug cancel the game as he was in no emotional condition to host, but he insisted that the diversion would do him good. This remark was seconded by Dirk Benson, our co-worker who is usually a winner at Doug’s poker night. Dirks main concern however seemed to be whether or not Callie, Doug’s twelve year old daughter, would be there. Doug, not picking up on the inappropriateness of Dirks question, informed him that she would be there as Martha had decided that she would get a hotel room until she could find something more permanent, then Callie could come to live with her. I’m sure that the only reason that Martha was handling things this way was that Doug flatly refused to leave the house when she told him the news. His reasoning had been that their house, his house, had been in his family for four generations and it was understood at the time of their marriage that that should something happen to the marriage she would not try to take it. Nothing was in writing however and that was fifteen years ago. At any rate Martha, trusted Doug with their daughter and therefore until she could get permanent housing, Callie would continue to live with Doug.

Friday turned out to be one of those crisp October evenings and it was dark by seven when I arrived at the Seers house. Dirk was there nursing a beer while watching TV. Barkley, Callie’s large mixed breed dog greeted me at the door and demanded his obligatory stroking and scratching of his ears. I don’t know what breed of mix he was but it seem clear that there was Rottweiler and Dane in his genes because he was huge. Barkley toured the gathering hoping to get a few more strokes, few were offered except from Callie, who cooed at him and ruffled his fur, before he eventually returned to his bed in Callie’s room,

Doug and Callie were setting up the snack table and putting an old wool olive drab Army blanket on the dining room table. Doug had already been drinking heavily and continually pouted and mumbled about how Martha was doing him wrong. Callie was being a trooper, making sure that everything was getting done. Doug was little help, so I pitched in. Callie was as pretty as a picture in her Catholic school uniform. Standard white blouse and plaid pleated skirt. With the right clothing and make up she could probably have passed for eighteen, instead of a twelve year old seventh grader. Right now she looked every bit a petite little pre-teen girl. Her Blond hair hung down to the middle of her back in soft ringlets and shown bright in the lighting over the table. Her bright blue eyes sparkled with mischief and her smile could melt the heart of the most stern task maker, she was the epitome of every petafile’s wet dream.

We were expecting six guys including myself and Doug when Dirk informed Doug that he had invited another person and that he hoped it was OK. Any other time Doug would have chewed Dirks ass out for inviting additional people without checking with him first. Doug, however, was already three sheets to the wind and barely acknowledged Dirk’s comment.

I asked Dirk, “Who did you invite?

“That new guy in shipping, Theo Johnson” replied Dirk.

“He’s Black” I blurted, immediately regretting my outburst.

I am not racist, at least I work at not being so, but I was just caught off guard that Dirk would invite a black man to our poker game. If anyone was racist it was Dirk. Many a poker game was interspersed with off color black jokes and innuendoes.

“Yea, I know. I hope he doesn’t get arrested in this white bread neighborhood.” Dirk Joked. “I gave him a map. I hope he can read.”

A knock at the door announced the arrival of Fred Downs, Mark Dark and Kirk Benson, Dirks younger brother. Everyone always teased Mark about his name. I always thought it was cool but Mark had gotten so much shit over the years that it was a touchy point with him. It’s getting dark Mark you better get home. It didn’t help that he was pussy whipped by his wife Pam.
By now everyone had migrated toward the table and was sitting down. Doug had flopped at the head of the table away from the kitchen and Dirk claimed the chair opposite him at the other end of the table, I sat to Dirks right, Kirk to his left. On my right was Mark then Fred next to Doug. Doug was drinking Boiler makers and was already blitzed. He tried to shuffle the cards and they flew all over the place. It was a good thing his chair had arms or he would have fallen out of it. Fred, who picked up the scattered cards counted them and began shuffling, to Doug’s right was the remaining empty chair.

Callie asked if there was anything she could get us before she took her bath. Dirk asked for another beer. When she brought it back he wrapped his arm around her waist and praised her beauty.

“Isn’t this the most beautiful girl you have ever seen?” Dirk questioned the group.

Everyone agreed as Callie blushed and grinned, clearly enjoying the attention of the men.

Kirk injected, “Top model material for sure. Daddy is going to have to put up razor wire to keep the boys out.”

While saying this Kirk ran his hand down her back over his brothers arm and rested his hand on the top portion of her ass. She was so enamored with the compliments I don’t think she realized where his hand was. If she did she didn’t show it. Dirk offered her a sip of his beer and wanting more than anything to be part of the group she asked her dad if it was OK.

“Sure” Doug slurred. “Drink the whole dam thing.”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

This was not like Doug. If anything I thought he was an over protective father. I suppose his anger and depression over Martha was affecting his judgment, not to mention that he was shit faced.

I spoke up and said, “Just a sip Callie”

“Make it a big one” Dirk said as he glared at me.

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

Callie took the beer and started to drink and Dirk pushed up on the bottom of the can forcing her to drink more than she had planned to. Some spilled down onto her blouse and dirk grabbed a napkin off of the table and began to rub her breasts where the liquid had spilled. Shocked Callie tried to back away, but Dirk still had his arm around her waist and Kirks hand had lowered to the middle of her ass where he was gently squeezing her cheeks over her skirt.

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

Dirk and I had never been what you would call friends. Doug and he had gone to high school together. I have always just tolerated him. He was a crude kind of guy, the type that boasted of his sexual conquests. He was very aggressive with people, to the point that I felt he was a bully. His brother was cut from the same mold. Once I asked Doug why he put up with them and he responded that they were just blue collar guys. They’re good people. Many times I had seen them disrespect Doug, but he either didn’t notice or didn’t want to.

At that moment the door bell rung and Callie pulled away to answer the door. However she didn’t get away from Kirk before he flipped the back of her skirt up and it settled on the top of her ass. When she passed by me I thought that she was sans panties but then I realized that she had on a thong. I thought ‘what is a twelve year old doing wearing a thong?’ Everyone but me expressed their pleasure and surprise except her dad, who was by now passed out in his chair. Callie giggled and didn’t bother to straighten her skirt as she sashayed her way to the door. By the time she turned the door handle her skirt had drifted back into place. She opened the door and greeted the big black man standing there.

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

“You must be Theo” she said with a smile.

“And you must be Callie,” he said responding in kind. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Good stuff I hope.”

“Yes, very good stuff and as I can see, no embellishments.”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

She took his large black hand and led him to the remaining seat between Kirk and Fred.

Standing next to Kirk she asked Theo if he would like something to drink as Kirk’s hand traveled up the inside of her right leg and disappearing under her skirt. Callie, showing no signs of Kirks invasion other than a red face continued on.

“We have beer, bourbon, Diet coke and regular coke, the non powdered kind. Callie’s face began to get redder as Kirk continued to explore under her skirt. I didn’t think she could get any redder but it did when Theo looked down and saw where Kirk’s hand was.

Continuing to watch Kirk’s arm. Theo slowly said “I’ll have a beer, Thanks.”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

She swirled away from Kirk and headed for the kitchen. Kirk again tried to flip her skirt up but he was too slow and she pranced through the door.

“What the hell is the matter with you?” I quietly spat at Kirk. “She’s twelve for Christ sakes.”

“Fuck you Bill.” he shot back at me, “She’s ripe. Besides she didn’t say a word the whole time I had my hand under her skirt.”

“She probably didn’t want to embarrass her dad’s friends by pointing out you crude actions.”

“Stay out of it pin head,” Dirk, menacingly glared at me. We will do whatever we please and you will keep your god dam mouth shut.”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

Dirk and Kirk are both big guys. Both are over six foot tall and around two hundred thirty pounds of solid muscle. They are known to mix it up at bars every once and awhile just for fun. I however, am the typical accountant type. Balding, five foot eight and one hundred fifty five pounds, I was no threat to anyone at the table.

Mark spoke up. “Leave the girl alone Dirk. Don’t you have any respect? You’re supposed to be a friend of Doug’s.”

“Are you kidding, he would be encouraging us every step of the way if he weren’t passed out.”

“That’s a lie,” I shot back. “Doug is a loving, protective father”

“Yea, he would love to love her. He talks about how hot she is and how he would like to lick that little snatch.” Dirk sneered, “He just doesn’t have the balls to do it.”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

It Sex hikayeleri was taking Callie a long time to bring Theo his beer. I was sure that she was listening from the other side of the kitchen door.

“Keep it down. Callie might here you” I hoarsely whispered.

“Fuck you baldy,” Fred added, “I have heard the same kind of things from Doug when he gets loaded.”

“People say all sorts of things when their drunk that they would never normally say. Even if he had made some suggestive remarks he would never have followed through.” Mark pointed out.

“I was just playing anyway,” Kirk spoke up, “I wouldn’t hurt the kid, just having some fun.”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

“Well don’t do it anymore.” I said to him.
“Bite me you little twerp.” Dirk said with his nose a quarter inch from mine. “We intend to go as far as we want. So, like I said before. KEEP YOUR GOD DAMM MOUTH SHUT.”

At that moment Callie returned with Theo’s beer and handed it to him as Dirk relaxed back into his chair.

As she turned to go Dirk again captured her around the waist and pulled her close.

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

“Have some more beer before you go sweetheart.” He said as he handed her his nearly full beer.
Callie took the bottle and took a sip and tried to give it back to Dirk. “No, drink it all. Then get me another one with a shot of jack on the side.”

She looked over at me and slowly drank the rest of the beer. Dirk released her and she turned back to the kitchen when again Kirk flipped up her skirt exposing those smooth white cheeks, which she ignored and continued into the kitchen. I said nothing.

“Cat got your tongue pencil dick?” Dirk challenged.

“You can’t hope to actually have sex with a seventh grader and get away with it Dirk. That’s insane” I told him.

“Maybe, maybe not, but no number geek is going to tell me what I can or can not to do. Got it.”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

I nodded meekly as Callie came back through the door and placed Dirks drinks before him.

Before she could turn to leave Dirk caught her around the waist once again. Only this time as he brought his arm up he caught the hem of her skirt and trapped it under his arm exposing not only her ass but part of the front of her panties. Callie was aware that everyone was staring at her silk covered pussy and her only response was to turn bright red again.

“You ever have any Jack before missy?” Dirk queried.

As Callie shook her head no Dirk was gathering more of her skirt with his fingers and now her entire lower body was exposed up to her navel.

“Take a sip.”

Appearing reluctant, Callie brought the bourbon to her lips and took a very small sip.

“Bigger than that, you can’t even get a real taste that way.” Dirk insisted.

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

This time she drank about half the shot. Her eyes flew open and she fanned her mouth like she had something hot in it.

“It burns” she gasped.

“Drink some beer that will cool it down.” Dirk instructed.

She grabbed the beer and drank the whole thing. All the while Kirk was lightly running his finger up and down her pussy crack pushing the material between her cunt lips.

Despite my revulsion of what they were doing I was getting an erection as I know everyone else was also.

Despite my fear of Dirk I said. “Time for bed Callie, go take your bath.”

Dirk glared at me and said to Callie. “Run along, but come back when you’re done and give me a good night hug.”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

After Callie left the room, Dirk stood up and grabbed me by the shirt and lifted me bodily out of my chair, stuck his face to mine and quietly, yet infinitely more menacingly said “I will not tell you again to keep your mouth shut.”

Then he dropped me back into my chair, turned and went into the kitchen.

“Nice friendly poker game,” Theo quipped.

Tense laughter rippled among the group. Mark as well as I was clearly shaken. The others seemed to be along for the ride where ever it went.

I said to whoever would help “let’s lay Doug on the couch before he falls out of his chair.”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

What I really wanted to say was let’s break up this fiasco and go home, but I was afraid. I could leave but then Callie would have no protector at all, feeble as I may be, I thought I was better than nothing and I did have Mark on my side. Not that he was much help, Mark was bigger than me but his confrontational balls were even smaller than mine.

Mark helped me drag Doug over and deposited him on the couch and.

“What are we going to do?” Mark whispered, as I put a pillow under Doug’s head

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, “maybe that will be the end of it.”

“You think so?”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

“No, but I’m hoping she won’t come back out and just goes to bed.”

“Even if she doesn’t come back out that may not be the end of it.” Mark said worriedly.

“True but I think it is less likely that Dirk will barge into her room and rape her, however if she comes back out it will be like she will be inviting something to happen.”

“Perhaps we should call the cops.” Mark suggested.

“And tell them what? That my friend’s buddies are molesting his daughter? Who would back us up? Besides we have to work with these assholes and I don’t feel like getting my ass kicked. If it gets any worse we can call the cops as last resort.”

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to be a party to any of this. I think I’m just going to go.”

“Man you can’t go, who will help me if I need it. What if they try to actually have sex with her?” I whined.

“Exactly, that’s why I’m leaving now. I suggest that you go too.”

“I can’t, I can’t leave her to these vultures.”

Dirk had returned from the kitchen with a new beer and was eyeing Mark and I like a guard in a German prison camp.

Ffffrrrrreeeettttttttt, Fred shuffled.

Mark announced he was tired and had decided to go home even though it was only eight o’clock.

Which brought out the predictable barb from Kirk, “Oh, its dark Mark, you better get home pussy.”

Ignoring my pleas to stay and the others ridicule, Mark walked out the door.

“We playing poker or what?” Theo asked.

“Cards are shuffled,” Fred announced. There could not have been a more randomized deck of cards anywhere on the planet.

“Nickel, dime, quarter, jacks or better to open, no wild cards five card draw, “Fred stated. “
Half way through the hand Callie came out. Everything stopped and turned in to a Sprint commercial. Hearing a pin drop was nothing to this silence. You could have heard a pubic hair hit the carpet.

She had on a sheer pale blue teddy with matching panties that made her eyes look even bluer. The panties were just as sheer as the top. It was more like she was naked, bathed in blue light. The only thing that wasn’t blue was her blushing face. Her damp blond hair hung straight down well past her clearly visible nipples. I think I was the only one that noticed her eyes. If she had hair between her legs it was not evident. I thought again ‘where and how is this young girl getting these clothes’

Clearly this was a statement. DO ME.

I could not help but think that this poor girl does not know what she is getting herself into. I jumped up and grabbed Callie’s arm and started to take her back to her room when Dirk clubbed me upside the head.

When I came to I was tied naked to my chair with duct tape. When my head cleared a little I started to speak when Dirk leaned into my face and said, “One word and I will wrap your whole head with duct tape.

I didn’t say anything.

Callie, still in blue, was sitting on a bar stool that put her ass on the same level with the surface of the table. Her feet were on the table and a beer was between them. I wasn’t surprised that Dirk had placed her between himself and his brother even though there were three empty seats at the other end of the table. Everyone else with the exception of me was fully clothed.

Blushing, she looked at me and said, “Are you OK?”

I opened my mouth to speak, then quickly closed it and nodded.

“Dirk said I could play some poker too.” She smiled and took a sip of beer. “Only when I lose I have to pay with kisses.

Fred dealt everyone except me a hand. The guys bet and Callie watched. The guys and Callie discarded their un-wanted cards and were dealt new ones. Callie took two. The guys bet again. No one folded. Anyone who was still in the hand got kisses from Callie unless she beat them. Then they got nothing, sort of. Kirk won the hand with three kings. Fred had a pair of eights. Theo had a pair of two’s with a queen kicker and. Callie had an ace hi. Dirk had nothing.

Since Theo was the lowest hand above Callie he got first kiss. She hopped down from her stool and pranced over to Theo. On her way Kirk let his hands roam over whatever he could while she passed by him. When she got to big black man she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a very sloppy French kiss as she rubbed her budding breasts against him. Next she went to Fred who scooted his chair back and spread his legs so she had to come up between them. Fred pushed his crotch to the edge of the chair and leaned back in kind of a slouch so that Callie had to practically lie on top of him to give her kiss. It was clear that Fred had an erection, as did everyone else except me, but that too was changing. As my head cleared and the pain subsided I was becoming aroused as well. As she lay across Fred wiggling on top of his hard cock, Fred reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks in each hand and squeezed, pulled them apart enough that we could see her rose bud through her panties. Then a kiss for the winner Kirk, who also pushed his chair back but kept his knees together. When she got to him he picked her up and placed her facing him with her pale thin legs outside of his. As she leaned in to give him her kiss he spread his legs stretching her into a split. He reached down and pulled her blue panties aside. As she started kissing him he slowly inserted his middle finger into her warm body. Her body went ridged for an instant then she relaxed and groaned into his mouth but made no move to pull away. He started moving his finger in and out; deeper and deeper until Kirk announced with surprise that she was a virgin.

She giggled and said “Of course I’m a virgin silly. I’m twelve.”

She got off of Kirk as he licked her plentiful pussy juice Sikiş hikayeleri from his fingers and she climbed back on her stool. Her blue panties were half off of her pussy and she made no move to put them in order as she took another sip of beer. I was surprised that she wasn’t drunk. She had drunk enough to make me tipsy.

It would have been my turn to deal but since I was apparently tied up, Dirk dealt in my place. Dirk proclaimed that the winner would get to remove an article of Callie’s clothing. Everyone heartily agreed as Callie’s face went red again but gave no protest other than to say.

“I only have on two things on.”

“Two too many if you ask me”, Theo said with a grin.

Fred won with two aces. Callie came in second with two tens. Callie went to Fred through the gauntlet that was Dirk which she didn’t seem to mind. She even slowed a bit when he was able to dip a finger into her quim. Fred scooted forward to the edge of his chair and when she reached him he wasted no time in pulling the teddy up over her head. It settled on the floor like a dying blue butterfly. Fred quickly grasped her breasts and gently pulled her to him for his kiss. He continued to fondle and pinch her little “A” cups. After about a minute she pulled away and returned to her chair.

On her way she paused at my chair and commented, “Oh, Mr. Krantz has a really big thingy.”

It’s true, even though I have a small body, I have a fairly large dick and being small of body makes it look that much bigger. I’m about 9” and thick. My wife complains that I am too big. When I saw Dirk look over I saw his surprise and maybe just a little envy which he quickly tried to hide.

Callie climbed back on her perch and took another sip of her beer.

Kirk dealt the next hand and won with Dirk second, Theo third and Callie out drew Fred.

Callie climbed down and started toward Theo to give him his kiss.

“Go to Kirk first and come to me last” Theo instructed.

No one complained about the change in order so she went to the younger Benson where he slowly pulled her panties off and let them drift to the floor. He picked her up as before and inserted two fingers this time. As he worked the fingers in and out of her body she began meeting his thrusts coming down when he came up. Soon we could hear her juices squishing around as he worked in her pussy, her moaning increased in intensity and volume until after about three minutes had passed Dirk said, “Enough, my turn.”

Kirk slowly drew his fingers out of her snatch and he slid her off of his lap and passed the seventy five pound twelve year old over. Dirk shoved himself back from the table. Everyone was surprised to see that he had already dropped his pants and shorts to his knees, his 7 inch cock was slick with pre-cum and was curved up, knarred and had bumps and veins protruding randomly around its perimeter, it was like some kind of nuclear radiated banana. Dirk folded her legs up so that her knees were pressed against her lips. One hand on her back and both legs held at her knees with the other. Then he picked her up like a sack of potatoes. Her little clam was literally dripping pussy juice on the floor and across his thighs as he swung her over and placed his cock at the entrance of her dainty white pussy. Pausing for only a second, he jammed her down on his dick, shoving it right past her labia through her hymen all the way to his balls. She let out a scream that woke up the dog who started barking and came out to see what the commotion was. Dirk did not try to move within her. He let her relax on his shaft, as silent tears ran down her cheeks and she looked at him with hurt in her eyes, her lower lip pouted out accusing him. When he decided that she had become accustomed enough to his invading shaft he began jacking off with the tiny girl’s body. He slammed her repeatedly into his pubic bone and her head was flopping between her knees as her eyes rolled back in her head. She looked like one of those bobble head dolls you put in the back window of your car. The pain must have quickly passed because soon she was grunting and groaning and panting. They sounded like rutting dogs. Then she screamed again as a huge orgasm washed over her. Her first orgasm derived from actual fucking, if you can call it that, Barkley came over, seemingly to make sure Callie was not being harmed. Dirk pressed her down tight and dumped a huge load of creamy cum into her unprotected pussy. They sat together for several minutes, catching their breath. Then Dirk let her legs flop down, turned her dazed face toward him and waited to collect his kiss.

Everyone in the room sat in stunned silence as Callie stared up into Dirks face with a look of confusion and dismay. After a bit, a tiny smile crossed her lips and she reached around Dirks neck, locked lips with him and gave him the most passionate kiss I have ever seen. After several minute of sucking Dirks rugged face, Theo interrupted their show and commanded, “Hey little girl don’t forget about me.” The dog, satisfied that his mistress was not being injured, began to lick the drops of pussy juice and cum up from the floor.

By this time Dirk’s dick had shriveled up and fallen out of her little pussy. She slid off of Dirks lap and left a slimy trail on his lap and leg like some mutant snail. Slowly she wobbled over to Theo leaving pecker track on the cold white tile that Barkley quickly cleaned up. Theo had taken his pants and underwear completely off. He stood up and placed her on the table’ laid her back and pulled her ass to the edge, Then grasping her feet in each hand and pushed them up and caught them on his shoulders. In this position the only thing she could move was her arms and her head and that movement was limited. Theo’s black cock was almost as big as mine about as long but not as thick. He lined it up to her pussy and inched his way in, taking his time, unlike Dirk he wanted to savor this little girl as he believed he would never have an opportunity such as this again in his lifetime. He used Dirks juice as lubrication and slid three inches in two out, four inches in three out, five in four out until all nine inches were buried deep in her slippery cunt. That midnight black cock sliding in and out of her little milk white pussy was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I almost lost my load watching him bone that tiny twat. Faster and faster he plowed his prick into the petite little girl. She began moaning and screaming as orgasm after orgasm wracked her tiny frame.
From where I sat, I could see a few golden hairs on her pussy mound glisten in the overhead light. They were frog hair fine and sparse. He was shaking the table so hard I thought it might collapse. Each time he hit bottom she grunted. Each grunt became higher and louder until they both bellowed the arrival of simultaneous orgasms. Panting, Theo slowly extracted his cock from what I now could comfortably refer to as her cunt.

Now it seemed all protocol was out the window. Fred asked the tiny pre-teen if she had ever given anyone a blow job? She turned red, slid off of the table and slowly shook her head no, as two men’s cum flowed out of her little pink taco and on to the bright white dining room tile. Fred stood, dropped his drawers and crooked his finger, beckoning Callie to him. The dog followed in her as if she were Gretel leaving bread crumbs in her wake. The monstrous dog mopped his way across the floor lapping up their cum with his huge tongue. As Fred sat back down as Callie arrived between his legs and stared at his long thin prick pointing at the ceiling. It was so hard that the skin covering it was stretched so tight that it shined. Fred started to push her down on her knees until he became aware that she was too small to reach his dick from that position. Instead he slightly bent her at her waist and told her to open her mouth. With wide eyes she looked up at Fred and then her eyes traveled around the room looking at the expectant men who seemed not to be breathing while they waited to see what she would do. When her eyes locked with Dirk he gave her a little nod and a little smile flickered across her lovely face. She turned back to Fred and opened her mouth, bent at the waist a little more and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and her cheeks billowed out as if she was trying to blow his nuts up like a balloon through his prick. For a second no one reacted. Then as one, the guys began laughing hysterically. I even smiled at her naivet?Startled, she quickly stood and placed her hands on her reddening face. Embarrassed, she searched each man’s face for a clue as to why they were laughing at her then she attempted to run from the room, but Dirk caught her around the waist and hauled her back up on his lap and hugged her as she buried her face into his hairy chest. Eventually the laughter died away and Dirk coaxed her to look at his smiling face as he uncharacteristically and patiently explained that a BLOW job was a euphemism and that she was actually supposed to suck. Upon receiving this new information she again buried her face into his chest. Dirk hoisted Callie up and carried her back to Fred and placed her back between his legs. The big burley man knelt next to her, outside of Fred’s legs and told her to reach out and hold Fred’s balls in her hands. Tentatively, she cupped his harry nuts in both of her small hands and hefted them as if to determine their weight.

Dirk explained to her that a man’s sperm was in his balls and one way to get the sperm out of there was to suck it out through his cock. Because, the goal of any healthy woman was to get a man to give up his sperm, whether it be with her hand, her mouth, her pussy or her ass. Upon hearing that last comment she stared round eyed at Dirk and whispered “My ass?”

Dirk nodded, and promised that he would help her with that chore when the time came and that she would enjoy it. She looked at him skeptically but did not challenge his assertion.

He turned her back to Fred’s long skinny cock and pressed on the back of her head until her lips met his now slimy dick. She was still holding his balls as she opened her mouth and allowed about four inches of Fred’s cock to enter her oral cavity. Dirk told her to suck on it and I could see her cheeks hollow as she applied suction to that hunk of male meat. Dirk curled his fingers in her hair and began moving her head up and down on the hard cock. He explained that this motion and the suction would bring Fred’s juice up to her waiting mouth. Then he moved her right hand up to Howard’s dick and showed her how to jack off the remaining part of his prick that was not in her mouth. He explained that this was to give added stimulation and she would achieve her reward sooner. Erotik hikaye He also explained that most any guy would love her to tickle and fondle his nuts as well. By this time Fred was sweating, his legs were trembling and I knew he would not be not long in cuming.

Dirk then said, “Now, he is going to bust his nut real soon. So when he cums do not swallow it or let any escape from your mouth as sperm is very valuable, and not a drop is to be spilled. Just hold it in your mouth until he stops coming then take your mouth off of his cock and walk over to each one of us and show us how much sperm you have captured in your pretty little mouth.” As an afterthought Dirk continued. “It also helps if you press your tongue against the bottom if that cock and move it around.”

Immediately after she applied this new information, Fred raised his hips off the chair and went ridged and flooded her mouth with his jisim. Callie, now with just the tip of his cock in her mouth and her eyes bulging with indecision froze on an instant in time. When Howard began to breathe again he slowly lowered himself back to his chair. Then Dirk asked to see her reward. Slowly she let the cock slip from her pink lips and stood. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth. I saw Dirk smile and instructed her to show everyone her prize. She moved carefully around the table careful not to spill any and showed each man in turn. Each praised her as she displayed her treasure. Then she came over to me and let me see Fred’s pearly essence as her pink tongue rose to the surface and swished it around in that lovely cavity. Dirk told her that she could now swallow it and I watched her close her mouth and let the slimy liquid slide down her throat. She swallowed several times, smacked her lips, rubbed her tummy and giggled. The dog had been diligently cleaning the floor wherever she left pecker tracks behind her. I noticed that the dogs cock was extended about four or five inches from his sheath. I was not sure if anyone else noticed this or not.

There was still one man at the table who had not gotten his nut, Kirk, and Kirk wanted to fuck that hairless little pussy. So Kirk bent her back over Fred’s limp cock and instructed her to suck it hard again. However, standing bent at the waist she was too low for Kirk to fuck her while he was standing and when he got on his knees her pussy was just a few inches too high. Dirk grabbed two couch cushions out from under Callie’s drunken dad and tossed them to his younger brother. This worked out perfectly as Kirk knelt behind her and plugged her cunt with his cock. Kirk lost his nut within just a couple of minutes and his brother chided him about his lack of stamina.

Kirk grinned and said, “The night is young and so am I”.

Kirk wandered back to his chair as the seventh grader continued to enthusiastically labor over Fred’s cock.

Barkley, following her trail of sperm eventually arrived at the source. Fred noticed the dog sniffing around her ass, grasped her head and held it still as he fucked his stiffening prick up into her mouth, so that when the huge mutt swiped his rough tongue up her tiny slit she was only able to jump slightly but could not get Fred to release her head. Lick after lick passed through that spermy little cunt. In no time at all her legs spread further and she was moaning around Fred’s cock. Those moaning vibrations combined with the erotic sight of a dog licking that newly fucked pussy set Fred off again and he released copious amounts of sperm in to the waiting mouth of the middle schooler.

Callie’s legs could no longer support her weight so Fred reached out and lifted her by the waist so that the dog had complete access to that little cunt. Dirk now noticed that the dogs cock was fully extended and dripping pre-cum on the newly doggy cleaned floor.

Dirk lifted the cum exhausted little girl up off of that canine tongue and set her back into his lap and she opened her mouth to display the new treasure Fred had given her. He smiled down at her and told her to swallow. Then looked deep into her eyes. Dirk spoke to her in a soft but commanding voice.

“You love this stuff don’t you?”

He heard her whisper “yes”.

“You’re a slut aren’t you?”

“Yes” she said meekly.

“You are going to be my little whore aren’t you” he demanded

“Yes” she responded more firmly.

“You are going to do whatever I tell you to, aren’t you?” He was speaking louder now.

“Yes”, came a clear and loud response.

“You will fuck and suck anyone or anything I tell you to, wont you?” he was nearly shouting.

“Yessss” she said with passion.

“Louder”. He demanded.

“YES”. She screamed.

“Say it”.


Dirk continued to stare deep into Callie’s eyes, a smile crossed his face at this additional surrender and without taking his eye’s from hers he said, “Kirk put the dog on the table”.

Kirk bent down and grabbed the large dog in a bear hug and lifted him upon the table. The dog was not sure he wanted to be on the table and his rear leg was nervously shaking. Every man in the room was spellbound at what was transpiring before their eyes. Kirk spoke quietly to the dog and he seemed to be calmed by the man’s voice. The dogs cock had retreated into its sheath a little bit but a good six or seven inches remained visible.

Dirk stood with Callie in his arms and set her on the table with the dog. Callie looked at her massive pet towering above her; her eyes were drawn to his huge cock dangling beneath him.

Dirk leaned over and whispered into her ear loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, “Suck him off”.

Slowly she turned her head and looked at him. I could not read her face. Her mind had to be racing a thousand miles an hour. I suddenly realized that if she did this thing he was demanding that there was nothing that she would be able to deny him. She looked at the men standing around the room one by one, all of them statues, waiting to see if she would thrill them. Then she looked over at me tied to the chair, our eyes met, my nod was barely noticeable but her eyes widened in recognition of what her defender was doing. I was literally throwing her to the dogs. She looked back at Dirk, reached up and kissed him passionately. Then turned and crawled under her furry pet. The dog was so large and she was so small she was able to sit cross legged with a straight back under the mutt, the top of her head brushing the dog’s belly and she gazed at that massive piece of dog flesh dangling inches before her. Tentatively she reached out and caressed the dark red veined cock and watched it jump and grow even larger. She scooted forward, closer to the dog dick and her ass squeaked on the table top as she moved. She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of the cock where the dog’s juice was dripping and tasted the fluid on her tongue. She looked around the room one more time and saw the lust in everyone’s eyes. She opened her mouth and plunged that prick as deep in her mouth as she could get it and never looked back. She was Dirks whore, his slut, his sex slave, his dog cock sucking cum guzzling cunt and she loved it. The mutt began humping her face and her head would be slammed back by the force of the dogs cock banging into her face. After only a few minutes of this the mutt busted his nut and he nearly drown her. She swallowed as fast as she could but dog sperm shot out of her nose and ran down her face. When she finished there was no need to let everyone verify that she had taken a load in her mouth. That truth was self evident. Every conscious male in the room except the dog had a dick that could cut glass. After that it was one long gang bang lasting throughout the night.

Before daybreak Fred had carefully loaded his lubed, skinny dick up her ass with Dirk’s guidance, as Kirk fucked her face and she sucked him down her throat where he proceeded to fill her belly with another load of baby batter. At one point Theo was on the floor in the living room fucking up into her cunt as Fred pounded her tiny asshole and Kirk fucked her face. They put her face up on an ottoman and let the dog fuck and knot her three feet from her comatose father.

At one point she complained her pussy was sore but it was like whispering to a brick wall. No one paid any attention to her protests.

Eventually no one could sustain an erection, not even the dog and I was the only one in the room that had a boner

Dirk tried to pick Callie’s limp slime covered body up but she slipped from his grasp and bounced on the carpet. Calling Kirk over, they each grabbed one arm and one leg, picked her up and placed her on top of my prick and let her cunt slide down until she was resting on my pubic hair. She groaned and whimpered ‘owie, owie, owie, as my cock slowly stretched her raw and bruised cunt.

Dirk whispered in my ear, “I saw you nod to Callie and this is your reward dick head.”

She was a mess; her hair was matted with cum and sweat. Her body just hung over mine as limp as Dirk’s cock. The only thing keeping her from sliding to the floor was 9” of rock hard cock stuffed up her cunt. I had watched all of the action and was hornier than I have ever been in my entire thirty eight years. Dirk and Kirk began picking the whimpering little slut up and down on my prick at about the fifth stroke I blasted off inside that little seventh grader so hard I think she could taste it.

Then they cut me loose from the chair and with my hands tied behind my back, they then laid me on the floor keeping the nearly comatose little girl in place on my prick. Once we were stretched out on the floor they picked Callie up spun her around, and now, ironically, told me to keep my fucking mouth open, then they molded her spermy cunt to my face and wound duct tape around my head and over her ass, and the accumulated sperm in that stretched out cunt flowed into my mouth. I had to drink it or drown. Then they taped her upper body over mine with my dick inches from her mouth. They then placed my cock in her mouth as she lay limply over my body and lazily nursed on my spent prick as if it were her mother’s tit when she was a baby. Fortunately I was able to lick her clit and send tremors through her body. Dirk sneered at me and warned me to keep my mouth shut about what happened here tonight. Then he laughed at what was my current predicament of not being able to “keep my mouth shut” and all that sperm draining into it.

Then they all got dressed and prepared to leave when Fred asked Dirk “You just going to leave them like that?”

“Yea, I will let her father nurse and care for my whore until I am ready to use her again. I’m just sorry I won’t be here when her father sobers up and asks Bill what the fuck he is doing with his daughter’s pussy in his face.

The end

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