Daddy’s step Girl


Daddy’s step GirlKelly was young when John met her mum, they seemed to bond really well, as she became a teenager, John became very protective of her more a dad than a step dad, John and Barbara got married and all moved into the city, John was self employed as well as Barbara, so one was always around for Kelly. Barbara had Kelly at 16 and the boyfriend done a runner to America, Barbara fell pregnant not long after we got married having twin boys, we were all very pleased that we had started a new life and Kelly was pleased to be a elder sister.Kelly was now 17 and gone to college, still living at home she was hardly in except at night, one summer’s day she had a day off, I was working from home and Barbara was away at her mums with the twins, laying out by the pool Kelly came out in a little bikini, she had a fantastic figure like her mum, I wet my lips at the sight of her, diving in the pool she swam about for a while, stepping out of the pool I could see her nipples go hard, laying on the towel, she asked if I could put lotion on her back. Undoing her top she laid on her front, whilst I rubbed in the lotion, “thanks dad” I smiled as she said it. I couldn’t help but look at her sexy body as the sun warmed it up, I could feel my cock going firm and before long it would be noticed by Kelly, getting up I jumped in the pool and swam around for a while until I was soft again, I looked across and Kelly had turned over and removed her top, rubbing lotion on her tits, her nipples had gone hard, laying down and closing her eyes, I could feel m cock getting real hard, I slipped under the water and swam around, trying to get the image out of my head, but it didn’t work, leaning against the side of the pool, I got my cock out and rubbed it hard.Closing my eyes I could feel it getting bigger with every rub, all of a sudden Kelly shouted out, she had been stung by a wasp and wanted help, without a thought I got out of the pool, my cock was rock hard, Kelly noticed straight away but we got inside and sorted out the sting, by now my cock was soft again, and nothing was said. I went upstairs and had a shower, as the water run over my body, the bathroom door opened and in walked Kelly as naked as the day she was born, as I looked my cock shot to attention, “oh god John you are so big” Kelly got in the shower with me and gently held my cock, rubbing it slowly I run my hands over her naked body.Rubbing my cock slowly she knelt down and started to suck it slowly, I was always gifted down there thick long and huge balls, Kelly played with them like a expert, rubbing it hard she nibbled the shaft, making me groan “oh god I’m close to Cumming” Kelly stopped and stood up “no way are you I want to feel that in me” bending over and bushing back I guided my cock into her. “Oh hell that feels unreal” as I slipped deep into her pussy, Kelly groaned as I cupped her tits in my hands, pushing in and out she started to moan louder and louder “oh god yes, yes, yes I’m Cummmmmminnnngg” groaning, I felt my cock twitch, as I pulled out and wanked hard, Kelly knelt down and shot my load over her face and tits.Letting it hang down Kelly looked at it “well I can see why mum moans when you’re having it off, how long is it?” “Got no idea but if you want to know, why not measure it”? Smiling Kelly got up and got out the shower and walked into her bedroom to return a few moments later, with a tape measure. “Stand still daddy” Kelly laughed putting the tape measure against the base she let it drop, “hold here” taking hold Kelly measured “fucking hell” she shouted “11” oh my god” wrapping the tape around the shaft it measured 5” “mmmmmmm well no wonder mum moans” standing up Kelly rubbed me slowly “well you sure know how to use it” I kissed her softly feeling her tits.Getting dressed we sat in the kitchen chatting, Barbara came back with the twins and we carried on as nothing had happened, the following day Barbara shot off early with the twins saying she would be back late evening and would I pick the boys up, agreeing Barbara left hearing the car drive off I settled back in bed and closed my eyes, a few moments later the bedroom door opened and in walked Kelly totally naked, opening my eyes I looked at her young body, my cock went rock hard at the sight of her hard nipples and a pussy so smooth it looked like silk.I pulled the quilt back to show Kelly how hard I was, her eyes lit up as she stared at me wanking my cock, sliding into bed we kissed my hand went in between her legs feeling her pussy that was very wet, my fingers slipped in as she moaned loudly, gripping my hard rod Kelly rubbed it slowly I still fingered her pussy Kelly moaned and orgasmed, “fuck me I’m so horny” letting go of my cock she opened her legs, and I got in between slipping in with ease, Kelly arched her back as I felt her lips spread. Moving in and out I could see her tits move her nipples so hard I could feel them digging in my chest.Kelly türbanlı çanakkale escort wrapped her legs around my waist I drove deep as my balls slapped her arse, rolling around the bed her pussy gripped my cock I could feel my cock throb as I drove harder and harder “oh god I’m Cumming having no time to pull out I emptied my load into her pussy, triggering a string of body shaking orgasms. I collapsed in a heap at the side of Kelly, kissing her gently I worked my way onto her tits and sucked her nipples flicking her nipples Kelly groaned feeling how good it felt, getting up and into the shower Kelly joined me, her firm young body felt so good, as I washed her all over, getting out, she went into her bedroom for ages, I in the mean time had washed, dressed and was relaxing in the living room. About 2 hours later Kelly came down and laid next to me, running her hands over my trouser front I could feel my cock grow, unzipping my trousers Kelly reached in and pulled my cock out, and started to rub it slowly, lowering her head Kelly started to suck my cock, massaging my balls. As she brought her head up Kelly said “you know John I love sucking cock, and yours is nice and big” licking the head she started to suck me again. “ Do you fancy another good fucking Kelly” “dam true I do I can’t get enough of it” laying back Kelly opened her legs to show no panties, Kelly pulled her pussy lips back to show a beautiful light pink meat. “Mmmmmmmm young pussy my favourite dish” Kelly smiled saying “well sir dinner is served” as I buried my head in between her legs licking her sweet pussy.“oh god that feels fucking great, you lick pussy like hell” “well your mum calls me Labrador” “oh god I can see why” as I licked her pussy, Kelly’s pussy juices started to flow, they tasted so sweet like honey. Kelly put her hand on my head “Mmmmm oh god yes, fucking lick, my pussy, lap up my juices oh god mmmmmmmmm” sitting up I moved in between her legs slipping my cock in “oh god mmmmmmmmmm” I could feel my cock stretch her pussy lips.Moving up and down I sucked her nipples, and nibbling her neck, it was driving her totally crazy, Kelly begged for me do to what, ever I wanted to do, pulling out I told her to get on her knees, getting behind her I slipped my cock deep into her pussy again, her tits hung down like to ripe melons, they swayed with every thrust I gave her. As I looked at her sweet little bum I could see my cock sliding in and out coated in her juices. “Mmmmmm that’s it baby fuck me, fuck my tight pussy”.Driving my cock deep Kelly groaned begging for more, my balls swung, Kelly reached back feeling my balls and rubbing her clit, “oh god yes, Mmmmmmm feels so good, feeling my cock thicken I cum in her pussy, pumping it full, I pulled out, my semi hard cock hung down, I could see Kelly’s tight hole, seeping a few drops of cum, “mmmmmmmm” running her finger along her lips, she sucked her cum coated finger clean.Going back upstairs, Kelly was down moments later saying she was off out, but would be back later and would I tell her mum, I nodded my head and done some work. Barbara arrived home around a hour later and asked me upstairs, following her into the bedroom she asked me to sit on the bed. Barbara started to strip, undoing her top and taking off her bra I noticed she had gone and had, her nipples pierced, “mmmmmmmm” I said with appreciation. Going to get up Barbara told me to sit still, as she dropped her skirt, to reveal a tattoo just above her pussy, dropping her very skimpy French knickers she revealed a perfectly smooth pussy, with a pierced clit, I was as hard as a rod, unzipping my trousers, I pulled out my very large thick hard cock.“OH hell that is massive” lowering her head she sucked me deep into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around the shaft as though her tongue was wanking me, she pulled my cock out of her mouth, and wanked me hard my balls bounced up and down, making me groan standing up she straddled me lowering herself, groaning loudly Barbara bounced up and down, her huge tits bounced up and down, she played with her nipples as I could see, my cock going in and out of her pussy, it was coated in her juices. Getting off and turning around Barbara slid back onto my cock, working her hips up and down, she started to moan louder and louder “oh god mmmmmmmmm oh yes” I could see her pussy gripping my cock, as I felt my cock thicken and cum in her, making Barbara orgasm like mad, she rode out her orgasm, as my cock was coated in a mixture of cum and juices. Leaning forward Barbara kept my cock in her but I could feel my cock going limp, cum seeped down my shaft, from her pussy.Barbara finally lay to the side of me, playing with my now limp cock, she massaged my balls, “how would you like a party John” looking rather shocked I asked why? “I dunno just seemed a good idea”. Agreeing to her suggestion we got dressed türbanlı çanakkale escort bayan and sat chatting about what to do, and made a date for it, we set a date and arranged everything, sending out invitations, getting back around 98% of them, we had always thrown great parties, usually ending up naked and in the pool.Kelly invited loads of her mates from college, and Barbara invited all our friends, especially her sister, who I would fuck all night given the chance, but she was married to a great guy who gave her everything she wanted, except a good hard cock, she was always complaining about it, too Barbara though he was a nice size, he never lasted long enough for her to cum more than once. The night of the party arrived and the guests arrived, Kelly’s mates where dancing about and knocking back the drink, I had gone upstairs to change again, as had got dirty. Coming out of our bedroom I bumped into one of Kelly’s mates “oh sorry John I didn’t see you” it was Mandy a real stunner, 18 average height and great figure, we stood talking and noticed her nipples were going hard.“Are you cold Mandy” I smiled “no why”? “Oh no reason” and laughed. “Kelly tells me your good in bed” licking her lips “oh did she now, well never had a complaint and always cum as well” smiling and winking “why do you want to find out”, taking her hand I led her into the bedroom and shut the door behind her, kissing her softly I run my hands over her tits and onto her arse, lifting her skirt I run my hand inside the elastic of her panties, and into her wet pussy, Mandy groaned lifting her top and undoing her bra, her pert tits fell out, her pink coloured nipples where hard, as I sucked on them slowly, Mandy was running her hand over the, front of my trousers “mmmmmmm can see that pleasing anyone”.Unzipping my trousers Mandy pulled out my hard cock, she gasped as her fingers wrapped around, the shaft rubbing it slowly, she looked down at the huge cock she now held, “oh my god that is rather big” pulling her panties down and bending her over, I was now looking at her beautiful pink shaven pussy, I wet my fingers and rubbed her pussy as she moaned softly. Grabbing my cock I rubbed the head up and down her pussy making her moan a bit more, slowly I pushed my cock in as I watched her pussy open up, Mandy stood with her legs apart as I grabbed her hips, sliding in and out Mandy groaned “oh god so good” banging her young pussy like mad, Mandy groaned louder and louder “I’m Cumming oh god yes, yes yes, yessssssssssssssssssssssssss” as the huge orgasm shot through her, with a final thrust I cum as well, filling her pussy full, I pulled out and Mandy stood up.“Well you sure do prove your point, and you are big” getting dressed she kissed me and left, I went down a few moments later, seeing Mandy I smiled and winked, Mandy blushed as I started to chat, to Barbara and Kelly, a while later I went looking for Barbara, searching the house I came across Paula, Barbara’s sister I asked if she knew where she was Paula had a real hatred for me, but I had no idea why, I asked her why she hated me so much, pulling me into a bedroom, she slammed me against the wall and passionately kissed me, feeling my cock it went hard straight away, I was in shock to be honest, unzipping my trousers, she pulled out my cock and wanked it hard.“Fuck me now I want that cock in my cunt” lifting her skirt and pulling her panties off, she bent over and opened her legs, I pushed my cock deep into her hairy snatch, Paula groaned “I fucking hate your guts, your cock is huge and my sisters pussy is getting this all the time” I was as randy as hell and gripped her hips” well you’re going to get the fucking of your life” as I lifted her jumper and un done her bra, her huge melon shaped tits hung down, topped with thick dark brown nipples, I started to fuck her hard as Paula groaned loudly, her tits bounced about with every thrust.“Oh yes fuck my pussy you bastered fuck me, fuck me hard” I slammed in and out of her like a piston, Paula groaned begging for more, spanking her arse, she yelped demanding more Paula orgasmed saying she was as horny as hell, I twiddled her nipples, this seemed to turn Paula on like hell. Pushing her hand in between her legs, she rubbed her clit like hell Cumming again and again, I groaned as my cock pulsed and gushed into Paula’s pussy, I gripped tight as the intensity of my orgasm was immense. Standing up and getting dressed Paula smiled, pulling her panties up, “how about more another day in bed” “why would I want you again” grabbing my limp cock “because of this you want it I know you do” walking over to me Paula kissed me again “I need it badly you know I do” feeling my balls she said “come to the house tomorrow I need it” going out the door I followed a moment later, bumping into Barbara, “were you been” oh was next door with Sandy getting türbanlı escort çanakkale some more drinks why?” “oh no reason was just gonna chat”, we sat drinking when Paula came over and sat with us, she whispered in my ear her pussy was very tender and had to take her panties off, the thought of her with no panties on, was making me horny and sooner than later I will want to fuck a tight little slit.Kelly and her mates where now in the pool with a load of others, splashing and laughing like mad, Barbara shouted lets all go topless, as she whipped her top and bra off, all the women followed, as the men all watched, jumping in the pool Barbara was totally drunk and didn’t care a toss. All the guys stood at the poolside looking at the topless women being goaded to strip and jump in, Barbara bent down and removed her bottoms, throwing them at me, she shouted to get naked, as all the women did the same, I slowly undone my shorts, dropping everything, my cock hung down, Barbara cheered shouting “come on guys let’s see all your cocks, I jumped in and went to Barbara, slipping under the water I fingered Barbara until she cum, then moving to Paula, rubbing her clit I sucked her nipples, Paula grabbed my cock, that was now as hard as hell.Paula orgasmed loudly, as I looked across to see Barbara fucking Paula’s husband, her tits bouncing up and down in the water, I moved from Paula and found one of Kelly’s mates I had never seen before. “Hey” “hey” I’m John Kelly’s step dad “Hi I’m Tracey” running my hands up her body I kissed her softly, Tracey reached down feeling my hard rod “Mmmmmmmm” as I put my tongue in her mouth, I run my hand onto her pussy and slipped a finger into her pussy, “oh god I’m so horny I need your cock” wrapping her legs around my waist, I slipped my cock deep into her pussy making her moan loudly.Riding up and down my cock slipped in and out with ease, Tracey moaned loudly as I started to fuck her faster and faster, sucking her young ripe nipples Tracey orgasmed loudly, “cum in me I need to feel you cum” her pussy muscles gripped my cock tighter as I fucked her as hard as possible, “Oh god yes, yes, yesssssssssssssssss” as Tracey cum again but this time I cum as well, pumping waves of cum, into her tight, Tracey held tight until I had finally stopped Cumming, letting go she looked at me “Kelly was right and so was Mandy you have a huge cock” Kelly had told all her friends I had been fucking her and how big my cock was, Tracey reached out and held my cock and lead me over to a small area of water, going under the water, she started to suck my limp dick, it felt weird, the cold water and my cock in her warm mouth, Kelly came over and Mandy as well, as Tracey re surfaced, all 3 girls kissed me as I played with each of them, feeling each pussy I made each cum, Mandy then held onto my neck, and wrapped her legs around my waist, Kelly grabbed my cock and fed it into Mandy’s pussy, and gave her a lingering kiss.Tracey and Kelly held each other and started kissing and feeling each other, swimming to the side Kelly leaned back as Tracey went under the water and started to lick Kelly’s pussy, Mandy was riding my cock as I kissed her and sucked her nipples, all of a sudden I felt a hand stroking my balls, it was Barbara, she run her fingers over them slowly and started to kiss me, then Mandy, Mandy then held on with 1 hand playing with Barbara’s tits with the other, I felt my cock thicken with the sight, of my wife kissing a women, I knew she had fucked other men but never knew she had kissed a women.I rammed my cock in and out as Mandy moaned, Barbara started to suck Mandy’s nipples making me unable to hold back, with a final groan I pumped Mandy’s pussy full of cum, and Mandy buried her head in my chest as my cock pumped. My cock slipped out of her pussy as we drifted to the side of the pool, Barbara slipped under the water, and sucked my cock her warm mouth felt amazing on my cock, feeling her mouth leave my cock I rested closing my eyes for a moment, I opened my eyes when I heard Mandy scream a huge orgasm, Barbara had licked Mandy’s pussy that was full of my cum, given her a unbelievable orgasm. That night carried on until the sun broke the night sky, going to bed with Paula and Barbara, Paula’s fella had seduced by Tracey and heard him fucking her in the next room. I woke up hours later, seeing both women in bed naked, it wasn’t long before I had a raging hard on, pushing Barbara’s legs apart, I got in between them and slipped my cock into her wet pussy, grabbing her hips I banged her pussy watching her tits move about, before long I pumped her pussy full of cum, giving her a orgasm. I them got in between Paula’s legs and buried my head in her pussy, licking her pussy like fury she arched her back and pulled her nipples before she cum, sliding up the bed in between them I kissed Barbara and the Paula rubbing both clits hard both Cumming near enough together. I go to Paula’s a few times a month when her husband is away and fuck her like mad, it is nothing more than hard sex, Barbara is constantly horny and gets fucked nearly every day, Kelly sucks me off every so often and is now married with a k**, Mandy and Tracey pop over to see Kelly but not had sex with those 2 since, can’t wait to have another party……………………….

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