Dad’s Birthday Gift


Dad’s Birthday Gift SweetSudha26

Sublime Love she just sent a message that she landed and reached home. After that there is no communication from her. He was worried about her.. she is his only daughter and he loved her very much. Many times he wanted to contact her on phone, but there was a hitch in him that his daughter may think in a different way.

Now after a month of her departure, this letter…. When he was opening the cover his hands shook with unknown fear.

There it is his daughter’s pearl like beautiful slanting hand writing. With his heart beating he read the letter. There it is…..

“Dad… my dearest dad… I am so happy that I am not in a position to express how happy I am and also how to express my gratitude to you for the wonderful gift you have given me on my Silver Jubilee Birthday”.

Anand Rao was just thinking what gift he had given her. He had not given any gift to her except his blessings. Actually he wanted to gift her, a beautiful necklace which he ordered on line but that gift had reached them after her departure.

“Daddy…. My sweet and loving daddy… pch..pch..pch.. my sweet kisses to you. What a wonder full gift it is for me you can’t understand… my darling daddy… mmmch… what my husband and your son-in-law could not do for last three years; you have done it in a single night.”

“You are wondering what you have done..? Isn’t it…? My dear papa… you have inseminated me to become mother… yes what you read is true… I am going to be a mother soon…”

“You know papa.. after you left my room that night, I just lay there thinking about what had taken place between you and me… though unexpected, but a sweet incident… thinking about it I don’t know when my eyes closed. With a sudden jerk in my body I woke up and looked at the digital clock it is showing 3.30 early hours of the morning. That time I had a feeling that some Force or Shakti had entered me. It is a sweet feeling.”

“After my landing, the same night Akshay wanted to do love to me, but, I don’t know why, I never allowed him saying I am tired in the journey and leave me for two days; only to savor the sweetness of our love.

“The remaining two days you were avoiding me and I shying to show my face to you… and I left for US. The day I landed here while bathing I noted that there is some bleeding. Very thin and only a few drops. First I thought it is my periods… and also worried, because it is almost 10 days before… I never had periods so early in my total menses period.”

“But that discharge was as I said only few drops. Then came my periods date. Periods have not come. Not after a week also I didn’t had my periods. Then it dawned me that I may be pregnant. That night when we were making love, that day was, my most fertile day of the month.. in my excitement and joy I forgot to tell you not to drop your seed in me….but whatever happened is happened for good.”

“Anxiously I waited for another ten days and when I got tested with a pathologist, he confirmed… aaah I am so happy papaaa… my sweet papa.. darling dad… mmmm… you know one thing, when I told this to Akshay, he is overwhelmed with joy.. he thinks that it is his a baby… my poor husband… Actually now I know that why I had a feeling of some force entering me.. it is not any force but, my dear dad’s sperm had penetrated in my egg.”

“Papa.. you are going to be a grand dad very soon… or I say, going to be a dad again after so many years… any way I am not regretting or apprehension about it now… let this be our Sweet Secret Papa… thank you very much once again… inform mom that she will be grandmother soon… I mean after 10 months…”

“To be frank from the time it dawned on me… I am eager to meet you… any way daddy.. don’t have any guilty feeing or regret for what had happened… be happy… think about our love game of the night…I close now daddy… to express my joy and happiness I wanted to write a personal letter to you… and it is in your hands. Hope to have such a Love Game again in future”.

“Sweet kisses and dreams…”

“Yours ever Loving Daughter”

“Madhavi alias Madhu.”

Anand Rao completed the letter. It took almost two minutes to digest what is in the letter. Then there is a smile on his lips. He is recollecting what had happened that day.


That day was Madhu’s Birthday. After her arrival 12 days have passed so early. Even Anand Rao applied leave to his office. That morning Madhavi had head bath, made her long lustrous hair into two braids and wore a double color saree. In that saree she appeared younger than her actual age. That day she is celebrating her 25th birth tempobet giriş anniversary. She went the temple. It is planned that to invite close friends to attend a party.

It is around 4 in the evening. Madhu came out of her room and saw her dad sitting in the hall and watching TV. She peeped onto her parents’ room. Her mom is in deep slumber. She has habit of sleeping in the afternoon.

“Dad want tea…?” she asked entering into the kitchen. “Yes dear…” he said.

After 10 minutes Madhu came into the hall having two cups in her hands, handed one to her dad and she sat at her dad’s side having a cup in her hands.

“Thanks Madhu, Why did you take such trouble? Mom might have prepared…” taking the tea cup from his daughter’s hands he said.

Madhu smiled sitting beside him as she handed over the cup, “Mom is in deep sleep daddy…” she said.

Sipping the tea, savoring its taste he replied, “It is very good beti… Your mom should learn from you someday”.

She giggled at his joke, “Don’t say that dad I learned my cooking from mom… You should see Akshay praising for mom’s cooking”. She said smiling at her dad.

Anand laughed along with her as they made jokes about their partners.

“But sincerely, this is the best tea I had, Thank you dear” He kept his hand on her head as a way of blessing her and also looking at her intently.

“Thanks Papa…what are you looking at so intently papa…”

He took her hands in his said “just seeing… is it the same child who was so young charming, naughty and mischievous. Today; the same girl turned into a matured lady and celebrating her 25th birth day. Can’t believe… years passed so quickly, for me you are still same young charming baby girl…”

Seeing his love and affection; Madhu moved a little closer, resting her head on his shoulder still with her hands in his, she said slowly, “thank you papa…”

Leaving one of his hands in his daughter’s hands, he moved his other hand over her head and stroked her hair, said “you are so cute baby even today, particularly with that saree, you are looking so loveable and kissable……” he stopped.

She looked up at her dad and felt soothed by her father’s stroking of her hair, said “is it so Dad…?”

He didn’t give any answer. Just stroking her hair with one; and his other hand soothing her back.

A glow appeared on her face as she listened to her father’s words, she felt proud and also shied. “…and don’t say these remarks to your mother she feels jealousy, though you are her daughter” smiled at her and gave a wink.

She giggled at his remark and commented “Well poor mom! You are very mean daddy”.

She couldn’t contain her admiration for her father for being such a beauty lover he is and said “Oh Papa!! I am so proud to be your daughter.” She hugged him moving her hands around his neck, “Thanks for everything papa”.

He hugged her back with equal affection, forgetting that it was his 25 year old, grown up married daughter, kissed her both cheeks as if she were his little girl, “You are welcome dear!”

Her saree was a little disheveled, but she didn’t mind it. She was surprised by her father’s kisses and giggled, “Wow papa that was sweet! I missed your kisses, don’t remember when was the last time you kissed me like that” and kissed him back on both cheeks..

He caressed her back with fatherly care, and at the same time his male instincts felt her skin just above her blouse cut and the other hand felt her spine below it, before he could break his hug to ensure it didn’t start to make it strange, Mdhu, his daughter moved closer and kept hugging him.

It was enough for any man of that age, to feel a young woman’s bodily fragrances. Anand’s body had its own mind although he started feeling guilty, his hands just dropped below to her waist and he spoke to her, “Oh beti, you know I always loved to kiss you like that when you were a little girl.”

Madhu opened her eyes and looked at her father with admiration, who was smiling down at her.

She liked this bonding time with her father again and wanted to be Daddy’s little girl, so she offered her cheek again, “If so, keep kissing your daughter Papa… I like them” and giggled.

He didn’t waste any time as he knew he was the under the spell of a very young attractive woman, who incidentally was his daughter. His mind was racing not to do it but he just moved towards her cheek and kissed her on it. His hands had started to tease her waist, with his thumbs slowly reaching under her boobs over the blouse. And he kissed again on her another cheek. Looking at her beautiful face with desire, he was unable to stop his hands from tempobet yeni giriş touching her under her saree which were feeling her soft skin and brushing her breasts slightly.

It was not long before she felt her papa is being more of a man than her father, she looked up at his eyes, embarrassed a little if she allowed him too far for that by letting him kiss her. As she was thinking, she felt her father kiss her more and more on her cheeks, sometimes nearing her lips and sometimes on her chin.

She couldn’t lie to herself that she didn’t like it. But it was wrong to make her dad feel for her like that. She was also feeling shy as her body is responding to her father’s teasing under her saree. She didn’t know what to do and just let her father kiss her more and involuntarily as her eyes gave him seductive look. She whispered “Papa..” to her father almost moaning; not believing herself as her hand was stroking his hair and her body is melting in her father’s hugs.

His breath was a little erratic as he was pushing himself over his daughter, kissing her again and again over her face trying to reach for her lips but controlling it enjoying her smooth skin. His erection started to grow, “Yes beti”.

“Ahhh!!! Nothing papa” she wanted it to stop before it makes them regret, but her father teased her more with his hands now grazing her boobs pretending to hug her and show his affection. Her body hugged him tightly making him feel her boobs as her saree dropped from her shoulder and she started breathing heavily.

“Sweetie, you have a lovely face!” he didn’t know he just said that which made his daughter blush, as he was lost in kissing her more and more and slowly made his way to her ears and neck; glanced at her beautiful cleavage which is so inviting.

On the other side Madhu enjoying her father’s kisses, She arched her neck to let him kiss her more, not wanting it to stop as she never thought her father could have such an effect on her. Guilty but it was so good for her to ask him to stop, “After all I am your daughter papa, for a handsome guy like you.” She said and giggled.

It was hotter as she spoke to him reminding him that she was his daughter, still they were pretending that they were just showing each other father-daughter bond but both knew it is beyond that. He slowly grabbed her by waist and squeezed her as his other hand reached just over her left boob slightly caressing it. He made his way above her neck to her chin and slowly he was about to reach her lips. His body was pressing against hers as she looked at him with the same lust, she found in his eyes.

His manhood grew up and poked her between her thighs over the saree making her realize that her dad is going to cross the boundary, she lay there blushing and lost in the effect waiting for her father to kiss her.

“Papaaaa……” she whispered…, she felt his wet tongue running on the nape of her neck and this tingle her body more. She felt a hardness poking between her thighs over the saree. ‘No.. it is wrong..’ she thought, but, She hugged him more, without her conscious she pressed her crotch on his to feel his hardness more there.

Suddenly they heard the door bell ring, which startled them as they both looked at each other’s lips near to each other waiting to meet each other, breathing heavily they broke each other’s intimacy unwittingly.

Madhu, unable to look into her father’s eyes rushed to the kitchen grabbing her saree that fell on the floor as she stood up giving a good view to her knockers to father’s delight. Anand couldn’t believe himself that he was about to cross his limits (screw) for his own daughter, he got back to senses but looked at his tent in pants.

They again heard the door bell ring, Mahdu came running now properly dressed, and opened the door. There were two of her friends whom she had invited for the party.

Anand quickly went away to his room and locked himself in the bathroom, just in a fraction of a second before his wife could catch him. As he entered the bathroom, he sighed and tried to compose himself down.

But his hands unknowingly went to his cock and pulled it out. It was tragic to see his cock throbbed, stood up so erect and raged, he didn’t know when the last time he actually enjoyed it with his wife was.

Actually it was all most two years back he made love to his wife. At present she is a patient of insomnia and doctors prescribed her to take sleeping pills along with other medicines. She takes the pill and sleeps like a log, and Anand doesn’t get a chance to make love to her.

A rush of guilt ran through his mind when he realized what he was about to do. It was shameful at the tempobet güvenilirmi same time exciting, and knowing that his beautiful daughter did not mind it was even more titillating. When he thought about his daughter, he couldn’t help himself imagine her naked under him, as his hands just reached for his cock and started stroking. He groaned under his heavy breaths, pulling and squeezing his cock, standing before the sink he looked in to the mirror. But, in the mirror, instead of his own reflection he saw his lovely daughter’s nude body. Seeing that image, watching, he lusting over his daughter’s body. He quickened his stroke unable to control and came all over the sink.

Opened the tap to make his cum run down the water; once he calmed down and came back to senses, he washed his face before coming out of his room. He couldn’t find his daughter around and imagined she must have left to her room too.              


By the time everyone left after the birthday party it is 10.30 night. Her mother is already fallen on the bed. Madhu went into the room, couldn’t find her father, and gave medicines and a sleeping pill to her Mom, and enquired about her father. She simply showed the bathroom. “OK mom good night.. tell dad also” and she came to her room.

Madhavi was in her room looking at herself in the mirror, still excited about what was about to happen with her father in the evening. She was not in a position to forget it throughout the party. She fought with her incestuous thoughts about it being so strong her wetness dampened her panties between her legs making her crave for more of such pleasure. She wasn’t able to forget her dad’s sweet assault on her body. There is a smile on her lips. She ran her finger over her lips and softly bit her middle finger breathing heavily all the time watching at her body in the mirror, removing her saree in passion and touched herself over her lehenga between her legs.

She stood before the mirror only in her lehenga, blouse and bra. “Ahhhhhhhhh” she moaned deeply, closing her eyes and admired her own beauty without saree blushing at her figure.

Imagining her dad’s hands on her body, few hours before, that were exploiting her totally, she pulled of her blouse along with bra in force making the hooks fall off as she got half naked in front of herself. She tweaked her nipples biting her lower lip and gave flying kisses to herself thinking in her mind, “Oh my god, I can’t believe I am thinking of my own dad like this “hmm daddyyyy ahhhh”. Loosened her lehenga and made it fall off to the floor, pulled off her panties walking into the bathroom naked.

Opened the shower as the warm water fell on her body, it felt like her father was kissing her all over her body. She moaned under the shower touching her pussy, squeezing her boobs, “ahhh yesss daddyyyyyy” pushed her fingers inside her pussy, and stroked in and out feeling it as her daddy’s cock that was going in and out of her.

Her guilt was overridden with her lust for her father, and the fact that he is her Dad is making her more horny and exciting for him. Her legs weakened to her sweet torment on herself as she quickened fucking herself with her fingers, “ahhhh yessss yessss”, she reached her orgasm as her body shuddered, weakening her legs as she curled up on the bathroom tiles under the shower moaning harder, “ahhhh daddddyyyyy”.

When she came out naked with just towel wrapped around her, coming back to senses she cursed herself to what she was doing in the bathroom, “I shouldn’t…no..” she picked up her clothes thrown around the floor.

After a while making herself understand that it happened accidentally, she thought to herself it was good to be her own old self again and not make her dad feel bad about what had occurred between them, and it is wrong if she doesn’t speak to her father and decided to be normal. She came out of her room and found her dad sitting on the sofa. She went there and sat beside him normally.

Anand looked at his daughter, who still had wet hair and in a new dress, understood she had taken a bath. He felt bad in mind that he was actually lusting for his lovely daughter who has always been such a decent girl.

Nevertheless at the back of his mind there were sexual thoughts too of how she felt in his arms. Shaking his senses back to normal, he saw his daughter smiling at him.

He smiled back at Madhu. They both behaved that nothing happened, keeping their feelings aside and in no time were back to old self of admiring father-daughter.

After sitting with her dad for a while she bid good night to him came to her room.

Anand also got up and went to his room. His wife is under the effect of sleeping pill. He sighed deeply and tried to sleep. But he wasn’t able to sleep being uncomfortable as the thoughts kept creeping up and he decided to apologize to his daughter for his un-fatherly act so they both could let off go about it for once and all.

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