Subject: Dane Cody & Friends pt 8 About twenty minutes later the boys came back up from their sojourn at the river, heads hung kind of low, a deliberate slowness in their pace, perhaps reminiscent of a man walking to his execution. When they reached me they sat, questioning looks evident on their cherubic faces. “Shannon, I am so very sorry that I had to treat your father like that and I am sorry that you had to witness it, but I didn’t see any other quick or safe alternatives” I said, meaning every word. “How are you feeling, are you ok?” “Yes, I am ok and I know you did what you had to do” he responded in his little boy voice. “I think I’m just scared of what is going to happen now. What will happen to me.” The latter was more of a rhetorical question than a direct one. “Well Shannon, I think things are going to be much better for you from now on” and at that he looked up with a puzzled expression on his face. I went on. “How would you like to spend the next week or so cruisin with Dane and me, just traveling around and doin whatever we please?” The puzzled look grew even more so, as did Dane’s expression. “What do you mean”, he asked. “Your dad is leaving for Montana in a few minutes”. A glance to the camp site revealed that the tent had been struck. “He has a job waiting for him there. If he does well, it will permanent. I suggested to him that perhaps it would be easier on him for the next few weeks if you stayed with us, and of course, I think it would be fun for you. We would drop you off where he is at on our way back toward Seattle. Your dad is ok with the idea but the decision is yours. What do you think?” Shannon looked at me with a surprised look on his face. He looked at Dane who had a smile on his, and was nodding his head as if to encourage an affirmative answer. “Sure, ok” he said, his face splitting into a huge grin. “I’d like that, a lot”. Dane let out a yelp, hugged Shannon and said, “This is going to be so so much fun you are gonna love this, oh man.” Then he got a sly grin on his cute boyish face and added, “Of course that means you’re gonna fuck me, and you’re gonna get fucked before it’s done”. “I think I can handle that”, Shannon responded to the faux challenge with a snicker. “Here comes Shannon’s dad so enough with the sex talk”. Henry came lumbering over with a beat up small travel bag in his hand and asked if I had talked with Shannon about what was going on, and knowing in his heart what the answer would be. I said that I had. “Shannon, tell your dad what you want to do”. “I want to go with Cody & Dane until they can drop me off wherever you are going to be dad”, he said in a sort of tentative voice, as if expecting another cuff even though he felt sure it wasn’t going to happen. “Ok then son, I guess I’ll git then” he said solemnly, and handed Shannon the bag and started to leave. I nodded to Shannon to go to him and the boy said, “wait dad, can I have a hug good bye”. Henry turned and Shannon gave him a hug, which the man returned, pound for pound it looked like. They broke, and Shannon came back to stand next to Dane as Henry started off again. I caught up with him and asked if he was ok. He said he was, just a little tired, maybe embarrassed about the whole morning’s events. I went on. “Listen Henry, I am going to buy Shannon some clothes first chance I get and before you respond let me finish. It’s not charity and I’m not paying for it, Dane’s grandfather is. Henry, the man is worth zillions and I work for him as Dane’s guardian. I have a monthly expense account with total discretion over its use and rarely even put a dent in it. So unless you have any serious objections, I’d like to go ahead with that plan.” He nodded his head. I said then, “Shannon said that you had a girlfriend with you, I don’t see her.” “She’s gone” was all he said, putting out his hand for a shake. “Thank you” he said as he climbed into his truck, see you in a few weeks. He started the truck and headed toward the road and I returned to my campsite. “So boys, what say we shower and head out of here”. They agreed. The cleansing process went smoothly. We helped soap each other down, washing in all the right places of course and perhaps there was a little licking and sucking but for the most part it was all business. We were all excited about continuing the adventure. We dried, dressed, packed up the camp and were on the road by ten. We threw a blanket between the front seats and stacked some stuff behind it so Shannon could sit up front as well. And off we headed toward Salt Lake City. We headed up I-15 to Pocatello Idaho and stopped at a shopping mall. I had told Shannon what the plan was and both boys were looking forward to getting him outfitted. We went into a couple of the name brand stores as well as Sears & Penny’s. He ended up with a half dozen T-shirts with various logos, tank tops, a couple pair of Levi’s and some cargo pants and shorts, all pretty typical wear for today’s boy. He liked boxers and especially the boxer briefs that both Dane and I wore, so a trip to the Jockey store got his under things taken care of. Then shoes, a couple pair, the ever present ball cap that is a must for every boy, and a new duffel bag to put it all in. He didn’t really ask for anything, allowing Dane and I to kind of lead him, following Dane’s fashion sense as well. The one thing he did ask for was a haircut and the salon at Penny’s did the honor’s by providing him with a style popular with teenage boys. He beamed with pride, looking in the mirror at the salon after his cut. This boy cleaned up very well. The overall image change enhanced his natural cute boyish looks so that he could have stepped out of a magazine ad, or even a cover for that matter. It was getting late so we headed up to Idaho Falls and checked into an upper range motel with attached restraunt, had supper and fell out in our room. It was still too early for bed and the place had a pool so we decided to go for a swim. Dane had given Shannon a pair of board shorts so we donned them frolicked in the pool and Jacuzzi. Afterwards we headed to our own shower where the evening’s entertainment began. I seemed to have luck with large showers and this was no exception. It was free standing and there was room for three. Once there, the ritual soaping began, this time started by Shannon, on me. He lathered me down, taking care and time below my waist. Dane got into the act by doing my back at the same time. Between the ministrations of the two cute teenage boys, I was rock hard in no time at all and once rinsed, they used hands and tongues to their best advantage, rimming my hot ass, sucking and licking on my cock and balls. When they stood, both horny teens were sporting rampant cocks that jutted out of their firm young bodies like broken branches on a tree. I had the soap now and lathered my hands then took a boy bone in each hand and gently stroked them. The boys were side by side so leaned their heads together and kissed, fingers tweaking and hardened nipples. I ran my hands down to their balls, hanging low from the heat of the water, and massaged them running a finger underneath toward puckered holes, one still a virgin. The kissing grew more intense as I fondled them, moving to necks then back to lips, moans escaping when the lips were free. I made them break up, rinsed Shannon’s groin off, and proceeded to wash the rest of the front of his slender body, Dane again, taking the back. I was on my knees to do his belly and legs so drew his firm long cock into my mouth and suckled him while I washed. He cooperated by lifting each leg in turn so I could continue my cock sucking. I could tell that Dane was rimming the boy and it felt like he was massaging Shannon’s balls while he did it. Shannon’s breathing was coming faster accompanied by moans and then a gasp. I heard Dane say “relax” so knew that he had penetrated Shannon’s ass with a finger. I put my hands on his hips and started him going in and out of my mouth, fucking it with his throbbing dick. Dane’s hand had moved so I put one hand on Shannon’s balls and massaged them while continuing all the other motions. His moaning became louder, his thrusts into my mouth more aggressive and I felt his cock swell, both hands grabbed my head as he exploded, fucking his boy cream into my willing mouth. “Ooooooohhhhhhh” he moaned as his sperm changed bodies, splashing against the back of my throat, him pushing his cock into my mouth. Good thing I can deep throat. There is something about cumming in the shower that makes a guy weak in the knees, and Shannon was no exception. I felt his body sag and he struggled to keep his spewing boy pole in my mouth. He managed a lot of cum and I managed to drink every drop. I usually do. After a few minutes of cooling down, appendages were removed from bodies. “Gosh I wasn’t expecting that,” Shannon stated. “Wow it was intense, thanks guys”. Dane stood up and kissed the young teen and said with a smile, “Well. I didn’t want you to cum to soon when you fuck me later, this may allow you to work a little longer”. Shannon only smiled in response as he lathered Dane down, lifting arms, moving legs, turning Dane around like he was a little kid. “He he he a little kid with a big cock” I thought. Dane was washed and rinsed in record time due to the lack of extracurricular activity. We all vacated the shower, grabbed towels and began the drying process, everyone seeming to dry someone other than themselves. We headed into the bedroom and I pushed Dane onto one of the queen sized beds and sat on his back with my back to his head. Using hand motions, I directed Shannon to get between his legs and rim him, which didn’t take a lot of convincing. Nor did Dane really need to held down as he knew something sexy would happen. Dane has his legs spread and one leg bent at the knee, kind of like when you sleep on your tummy. His butt crack had nice form in between two firm creamy white boy buns that lifted up and away from the small of his back, their paleness contrasted by the dark skin created by the Hawaiian sun. The underneath side of his smooth, soft hairless balls were gently hanging there. God I love that pose. I don’t think there is anything more beautiful, more erotic or sexy than that view of a young teen boy when standing back and looking at it. I stopped Shannon with a hand motion and reaching forward, I let my fingers graze very lightly over the exposed ball sac. Dane shivered. I did it again, allowing my finger to lightly trail up the seam of skin from his ball sac to where it disappeared inside his cheeks, ending at his tight pink asshole. Dane shivered and moaned. I knew he loved this and I did that a couple of times then signaled Shannon to lick Dane’s balls and the trail I has just tickled without moving legs or anything. Shannon was a quick learner, knew what I meant and leaned in to do what I directed. I decided to get in on the action and leaned down and licked the magnificent bubble butt cheeks, and the cleft between them forcing my tongue to go where they met. I then peeled the cheeks apart, exposing his hole to the air and tickled a finger around the edges of it, and then the pink muscle itself. We had Dane shivered and moaning almost constantly. He started to grind into the bed a little, adding exquisite pressure to the rampant throbbing hard cock buried beneath his sexy young body. I had to taste him, I was compelled to taste his inner core and lowered my head and let my tongue flick out and hit his asshole, once, twice and the third time I left it there to explore the whole area. Dane moaned louder and I think I may have heard an “oh god” muffled by the pillows. I stopped and leaned back up and signaled Shannon to have a go at it. I kept the cheeks apart as Shannon put his face in and stuck his tongue out to taste and explore. It wasn’t long before he was fully into it, burying his face as far into Danes ass as possible, his tongue assaulting the area with power and confidence. He licked on the hole, forcing his tongue into it then slid, licking his way to Dane’s balls then moving back up again to assault the hole. Dane was trembling, moaning, almost whimpering with pleasure. I signaled Shannon to stop and to get the lube of the dresser where I had put it before going into the shower and to apply some to my extended finger. He did, and I signaled him to continue licking on Dane’s balls as soon as he went back to work, I slipped my finger into Dane’s asshole and slowly slid it in all the way, reaching his prostate and massaging it. He gasped and groaned, both surprised and pleased by the invasion. I began to slide the finger in and out, gently fucking him with it and making sure to hit his prostate on every dive. Dane was ready. I knew my lover and could tell by his breathing and moaning, he was ready for Shannon to plow his virgin cock into Dane’s ready and wanting asshole. I signaled him that it was time, to lube his swollen and throbbing cock. When he was ready, he got on the bed and got his cock almost next to my finger. I slipped the finger out, grabbed the end of the boy’s cock and brought him to the hole motioning him to push in just a little. I got off of Dane’s back as Shannon moved in past the ring of muscle, Dane gasping as the cock head went in. I put my hand at Dane’s waist and by lifting, gave him the message that he needed to raise up a little, which he did. Once he was a little higher, Shannon proceeded to feed his seven inch piece of wood into Dane almost to the end. I motioned him once more. To use Dane’s butt cheeks to steady himself and he got the idea. And then he fucked my teenage lover. It was quite beautiful to see, my baby boy face down and a cute young virgin boy driving his man sized hard cock into him. I felt like my dick was going to explode from the pressure it was so fuckin hard. I knelt on the bed and kissed Shannon as he slid his cock in and out. One hand reach behind and gripped the boy’s ass as he moved, felt his crack, the small of his back. I motioned Shannon to move his hand onto the bed beside Dane. This allowed him to drive all the way in until his sparse pubes touched Dane. I went forward to Dane’s head and began kissing his neck, his cheek. He turned his head up so I could kiss his lips and I did, engaging him in a tongue dancing mouth bruising passionate kiss. His eyes were almost closed, lidded by the lust flowing through his young body. I stopped and lubed my hand and reaching in under Dane’s belly wrapped it around his rock hard cock. The motion of his being fucked drove his cock in and out in a jacking motion. His eyes closed, he moaned louder and since Shannon’s face was now close to mine I started kissing him again. Dane’s moaning and breathing accelerated and I knew he was close so I moved my hand slightly so that all I had was the sensitive swollen head of his penis in my hand. And then Dane uttered the first words to be spoken since we showered. “Harder Shannon, fuck me harder, fuck me harder” he almost screamed and Shannon picked up speed, slamming his body into Dane’s which slammed Dane’s cock into my hand. And he came, and came, his cum drenching my hand. I slid off the head and gripped the shaft so he could ride the feelings out a little longer. I allowed Shannon to slow down and stop before removing my hand, wiped my hand down and got a hot washcloth. Shannon had pulled out and I gripped his cock with the cloth, wiping him down and cleaning him all up. I rinsed and brought it back to Dane who had rolled onto his back and was still breathing heavily. I wiped his cock down as well, then cleaned the bed up. “Jeeeeessssussss kaaa-rist that was so fuckin hot oh man oh man” Dane said. Since he rarely swears like that I took him at his word. I threw the washcloth into the bathroom and pulled Shannon to me, kissing him hard on the lips and grasping onto his still rock hard rod (he hadn’t cum) I began stroking him. His breathing was still fast from fucking Dane so he was still pretty hot. I told him to lie next to Dane who immediately rolled over and began kissing Shannon’s lips, neck, chest, lips and tongues dancing outside their mouths while a free hand explored Shannon’s nipples one at a time, engorging them to stiffness. I crawled down and began licking his smooth soft balls, and down further toward his hole, then back up. I sucked on his cock, could still smell escort izmit a little of Dane there, but that didn’t bother me. I was hot horny and ready to rock and roll. I lubed up a finger and began exploring around the boys hole as I licked his nuts, gently sneaking a fingernail into it then taking it out. Moving my finger all around the muscle then sliding the finger in to the first knuckle. He gasped a bit, but didn’t’ seem to mind. The next go around, the finger slid slowly in until it was as far as it could go. I felt around to his prostate and rubbed my finger back and forth across it. He moaned loudly, the violation more pleasure than discomfort. I continued to finger fuck him and suck his balls while Dane worked the top half, sometimes coming down to suck on Shannon’s throbbing dick. I got to my knees, slathered lube on my steel deal and got up close to Shannon’s door to paradise. He had raised his legs with Dane’s help and I place one hand on his upper thigh, opening him up a little more then with my other hand put the swollen fat head of my cock to his pink little hole and pushed gently until it went through. Shannon gasped, and winced a little so I didn’t’ move. I looked down. The sight was something else. The beautiful slender body of a cute young boy, just barely thirteen year old. His young body so smooth and soft, with a seven inch piece of flesh sticking up and laying on his flat belly, a small patch of light brown pubic hair, the only hair other than his head. His body was tanned from sun, his groin area white by contrast. Here was this boy. Young, cute, ready and willing, my cock braced with the head just inside his virgin body, trusting me to take him on a trip to places he had only dreamed of. And the trip began. I slowly pushed into him, inch by inch of my thick, blue veined eight inches of man cock buried itself into this young creature’s bowels. He took it with barely a sound, Dane continuing to work the boy’s nipples. I had moved my other hand to Shannon’s other leg, effectively spreading him farther open for me and also pushing him up a little more onto his back. I finally hit bottom. I asked him how he was feeling. “Full” he said, “but mostly ok”. Was I in him. I said that he had almost all eight inches of me inside of his body. He seemed surprised and pleased. I pulled out about half way then went back in, then did it again, building a rhythm. I loved looking down and seeing my cock move in and out of a young ass. It is so so hot for me. Pretty soon I was coming out almost all the way and driving back in almost all the way. I took his feet and placed them flat on my chest and leaned forward which caused his hole to be a little more straight up at me, giving me even more depth. He began grunting with each forward thrust and I began to fuck him faster. Dane had lubed a hand and grabbed onto Shannon’s bouncing cock so that while I fucked the boy, the motion shoved his cock in and out of Dane’s hand. “Ooooohhhhhhh ggggaaaawwwwdd” he moaned, “oh god oh god oh god” “MMMMMMMM” he finally managed to vocalize (if that is what you’d call it) his feelings of pleasure. I figured it would not take long for him to squirt, nor would it for me. I love having sex with boys, especially this age. They got so hot and the feelings are so new and intense for them that I couldn’t’ help picking up some of that energy and feelings they were experiencing. I fucked him faster and began fucking harder, pushing into him as far as I could with each down stroke. Soon I was experiencing “clouds & Rain”. I moaned loudly, “oh fuck, oh god, oh shit, oh fuck fuck fuck fuck” as I came, squirting blast after blast of hot cum into his virgin bowels. Shannon was cuming as well, thrashing his head back and forth and mumbling some sort of words I’m not sure what. His sperm was flying out of his cock onto his chest and belly and Dane’s fingers. I slowed to a stop, Dane stopped what he was doing and we allowed for things to get back to normal, whatever the fuck that is. I told Shannon to brace himself cause I was going to come out of him, and I slowly retreated until my meat broke loose, causing him to moan at being voided. I lowered his legs, then moved along side him and looking into his eyes asked, “How ya doing?”. “You feel ok”. He smiled back at me and nodded his head. . Dane lay down on Shannon’s other side and we processed what the experience was like since everyone got something new from it. Dane said that Shannon’s fucking him was pretty awesome, partially because of the way we went about the seduction. He said the boy’s cock felt good inside of him. Shannon said that is was great for him too and that he could hardly wait until he could fuck and cum inside. We told him it would be soon. He then said that being fucked was pretty cool too. It was hot for him, it didn’t hurt as much as he thought it might and cuming while getting fucked was a pretty darn good feeling. I told him that fucking him was a very delicious feeling and that I looked forward to going there again. Every body kissed each other and we got up and went in to the shower to clean up all retiring to one bed when we were done. It wasn’t all that late but it had been a long day and of course the boys had been up playing for a while after I went to sleep. We elected to turn out the lights and go to sleep. I was chosen to sleep in the middle, and drifted off to sleep with a very huggable sexy cute boy snuggled up on each side of me. I woke in the middle of the night and discovered Shannon sucking on my cock which had risen quite well without any brain input from me. I kind of got the idea that he might be practicing, to be able to take in more cock with out choking. On the other hand, he might just love sucking cock. I decided not to disturb him so drifted back to sleep which was kind of cool way to fall asleep. Chapter 2 We were awake bright and early the next morning, packed up and headed out, stopping at Marie Callender’s for breakfast, then going east on Highway 26 toward Wyoming, destination Jackson Hole and the Grant Teton’s. I wanted the boys to experience the tram ride up Grand Teton before we headed into Yellowstone. Just before crossing the border we came across an animal wandering on the side of the road. It was strange cause we hadn’t seen any farms or houses for a number of miles. I slowed down and as I got along side I saw that it was a great Dane, and a blue at that, one of the most expensive line in the breed. Having grown up around Dane’s and owned a couple I knew them to usually be pretty friendly so I stopped and got out. True to nature it wandered right up and said hello, the way a Dane usually does, licking a hand and leaning into your body for a pat. It was a he and a pup, probably no more than nine months old and though Great Dane’s are usually pretty thin in the belly and rear hips, it looked like this one hadn’t eaten for a while. The boys got out and petted him while I hauled out some sausage pieces and cooked meat from a past meal as well as some water which I put in a camping bowl. I don’t’ generally feed my animals people food buuuuuut this was an emergency. “What are we gonna do with him Cody, we can’t leave him here” Dane said pragmatically. He was right. About the best thing we could do is take him with us and notify the authorities as soon as we came across some. If that is, he would get in the Honda. I shouldn’t have concerned my self with that part. Like many dogs, Dane’s seem to love to ride. As soon as he finished eating, which was about 5 seconds, he walked over, climbed in like he owned the place and looked at us as if to say, “Ok, I’m ready, let’s go”. So we did. We got to Jackson Hole in early afternoon and I proceeded to contact the Humane Society. The lady sounded frazzled. She had no reports of a lost Dane and told me that people find animals in that stretch of road all the time. “People just drop em off and hope drive away”. I said this was a fairly expensive animal and she said “don’t’ seem to make no difference”. I asked if I should keep it. “Might as well” she said, “odds are no one will claim him, but give me a contact number just in case”. I did and asked directions for a pet store, found it and got the boy some proper vittles, leash & collar. I decided on a chest strap and twenty feet of chain with a stake for when we camped. Motels would be different adventure. We went up to Grant Teton National Park and did the tram ride at Jackson Hole Ski Resort then decided to camp on Jackson Lake somewhere. The plan was to start through Yellowstone and do the first part then head east on Highway 14 toward Cody, Sheridan, and Rapid City with an eventual goal of seeing Mt Rushmore, taking probably a couple of days. From there, we had no immediate plan. I got directions and we found a camping area and from there more directions led us to campsite that offered some semblance of privacy and room to stake out the dog. I had explained the situation to a park ranger and told him I had no idea if the dog would bark or what, so being away from people as much as possible was ideal. The spot he directed us to worked perfectly. Nestled to the back of the camping area, it was close to enough to restrooms with plenty of bushes and beautiful trees. It was very idyllic. We got the pup out and staked him out of the way while we set up camp. After we finished, I decided to put him on a leash and see how he responded. It seemed readily apparent that someone had done some work with him as he stayed fairly close to my right hip while we walked. The four of us took a little stroll to investigate our immediate surroundings. School had not let out for summer yet so the park was not jam packed. There might be too many people to pull off an outside three way like we had in Idaho, the boys being the ones that brought the subject up, but our spot was pretty ideal for such and adventure. We returned to our camp, it was still fairly early so we decided to shower and try to give the dog a bath, which can be a chore with a Great Dane. We grabbed the needed items and as we entered the shower area I started to say something about no sex play but Dane knew where I was headed and said “No worries sweet man, we won’t embarrass you in public” and he looked around before squeezing my ass. Shannon laughed. We no sooner and gotten stripped down and everyone wet including the dog when two boys came in. chattering in what sounded like Italian. They were about twelve and fifteen, medium brown skin and pitch black hair. Nice looking lads, they waved hello as they put their things down and began to undress, watching us bathe the dog, talking to each other and laughing, along with us, at the antics of the pup. Nice bodies they had, the younger boy just starting puberty it looked like, his balls had started to drop and his small uncircumcised cock starting to hang a little and not poke straight out as a young boy’s cock generally does. It looked like there might be a few hairs starting but it was hard to tell without closer examination. The older boy had a body of medium build, firm not filled out yet. His flat belly sloped to a thick patch of dark black hair and a medium sized cock, also uncut, and nice fat low hanging balls. We finished the dog, got him tied down and got to the business of washing ourselves. The younger boy watched my two with interest, unashamedly staring at times, at their cocks, and mine. He said something to the older boy who looked pointedly at mine, nodded his head and saying something back then looked at me and said in slow halting English “My little one say you have nice thing, big”. I heard Dane mutter “show time” under his breath. I answered, “well tell him he has a nice body and will grow into a nice man body”. The older boy said something and the little one seemed embarrassed but I saw a large grin before he turned his head away. It appeared that his little penis liked my body too as it had grown semi-erect which didn’t seem to bother him much. Dane meanwhile had begun to wash his lower extremities, taking his time in slow purposeful motions, in effect, putting on a show. Shannon caught his drift and began doing the same then Dane told him to turn around and he would wash his back. Shannon braced his hands against the brick wall as Dane slowly soaped down his back and legs, saving the boy’s cute slender ass for last. So much for no sex play in the shower I thought as Dane soaped and rubbed Shannon’s ass in clear view of the other boys, then actually slid his hand inside the crack and soaped his friend’s asshole. Once done, Shannon turned around to rinse, his young cock stretching out in front of him. Our two friends could not help but stare, the little boy chattering away, his boy cock now at a full three inch stand. The older boy was evidently turned on by the show as well. He had been soaping his own dark cock while he watched, sliding his foreskin back and forth over the head of his dick which was also firming up to full on hard. Dane looked him in the eye and while motioning asked if he would like his back washed as well. He seemed puzzled at first then grinned and said, “Oh, you wash me” and pointed first to Dane then his own back. Dane nodded his head and the boy said, “Si, I like that” and as Dane approached him, the boy turned to face the wall just as Shannon had done, and spread his legs a little. Dane repeated what he had done with Shannon and when it came to the boy’s brown bubble butt he took extra care. After softly kneading both cheeks with soapy hands, he slid his hand up and down the boys crack a few times before going for the gold, and soaping the boys asshole. I could hear the boy moan from ten feet away and prayed that no one else came in. Dane seemed to lean down just a bit and I could see that he had gone forward and soaped the low hanging balls from behind, taking more time than just a quick grazing. The younger boy had gotten close to watch and was absently stroking his cock. Dane turned the older boy around to reveal his raging hard cock, standing about five and a half, to six inches almost straight up. Dane’s hand, still lathered, gripped the boy’s pole and began washing it, stroking it. The boy moaned again, looking Dane straight in the eyes as he reached down and began stroking Dane. The younger boy stroked his little cock faster, then moaned and his body shuddered and a small drop shot out of his cock!!!. The little shit had cum right there in front of us. At that point there was not a soft cock in shower room. I was full on bone hard and when the little boy looked at me he chattered at the older boy who told me that the little one really liked my big cock. I told Dane, “Baby Boy, I really think we should end this right now before someone comes in here”. He nodded in agreement and said to the boy who he was exchanging cocks with and said, “We must stop, other people come in” trying to convey what he meant without sounding demeaning. The boy nodded in agreement and said, “I understand. Where you camp”. Dane gestured for him to come to entry to the shower, both cocks bobbing as they walked, and leaned around the corner and pointed to our camp site. The boy nodded his head and as he turned around he gripped Dane’s standing cock and said, “we come by later for visit, yes?” and the boy looked at me as well. I nodded yes, Dane said yes and we all went back to showering. Dane gestured to himself and each of us, and called our names by way of introduction. The older boy did the same, his name being Antonio or Tonio and the younger boy was Lucio. We all finished, dressed, then left together and before heading to his camp site Tonio said to Dane and Shannon “you come, see my family, meet them”. He wanted the boys to meet his family so they knew who their boys were going to go “play” with later, my boys went with them while doggie and I went back to our campsite. I looked our location over with an eye for security. It was well protected on three sides by heavy brush that prevented anyone from entering our site without making a lot of noise well as offering visual protection from outside. Even the entry part was narrow and my SUV blocked the site from view. There was no site on one side and the closest site on the other was fifty away, the closest other campers a hundred and fifty or two hundred feet farther up the camp ground. The design and color of the six man tent would prevent izmit rus escort any motion on the inside from being detected by observers on the outside. Confident that any activity at our site was practically unobservable unless someone was deliberately paying attention, I went about fixing supper. Dane and Shannon came back about ten minutes later full of information. Their two new friends were from Italy and were visiting their grandparents who lived in Seattle (fancy that) for the summer. The grandparents were taking them on a tour of the United States. Tonio has just turned fifteen and his brother Lucio was twelve, turning thirteen in November. Both boys were looking forward to visiting us after they had dinner and Lucio, who speaks very little english, was very excited to see Cody’s “huge thing” again according to Tonio. Antonio also seemed to be looking forward to visiting also and both my boys were some what animated at the prospect as well. I suggested that we wear clothing that was easy to get in and out of so we all adjourned to the tent and changed, me to loose fitting shorts as did the boys. All three of us chose to not wear underwear. We made sure the tent floor was padded with sleeping bags & pillows, having purchased some for Shannon, and made sure there were no other things to get in our way. We also made sure that the lube and cleaning towels were there, then exited to have supper and wait for our guests. Tonio and Lucio showed up about twenty minutes later, their presence announced by growling from the dog before they entered the camp site. HHmmmm so maybe he would make a decent watchdog. The boys said hello and sat at the picnic table, Lucio sitting next to me and Tonio sat next to him facing Dane and Shannon on the other side of the table. I asked how they were enjoying their trip so far and Tonio said they were having a good time. I then asked him if they usually had encounters in showers like they did today. He seemd to blush and with a large smile that showed brilliant white teeth he said no, this was the first time although at home in Rome, sometimes it happened. He thought though that it was a first time for his brother, and said something in Italian to Lucio. The little boy nodded his head, chattered back to tonio who said that it was his first time, he really liked it and was wanting to do some more. The boy had turned to look at me while his brother spoke and my smiling seemed to embolden him. Lucio pointed to my crotch and said “see, see” and Tonio translated it to mean that the little boy was anxious to see my cock again. I reached down and pulled the leg of my shorts up and to the side allowing my soft cock and balls to be totally exposed to the boy who smiled and reached over to touch me. The other boys were leaning over the table to watch, and Tonio was leaning around his brother to watch as well as the little guy put his hand on my hardening piece of flesh. His hand felt cool to the touch as he squeezed it’s length. “good, good” he said. My cock continued to grow in his hand which seemed to excite him a great deal. He began to stroke on it a little as well and put his other hand in to feel on my balls. He seemed enraptured. The table was at the side of our site and up against brush and all but invisible. I stood up and pulled my shorts down to my ankles and pulled one leg off and sat back down, my now fully hard dick standing out and my balls laying on the wood table bench. Lucio was all smiles as his hand poured all over my crotch, squeezing and pulling, stroking. He finally leaned forward and licked the head of my cock. The other boys were still watching but each had their hand at their crotches, rubbing and fondling their own cocks as they watched the little show in front of them. Dane finally said, “Tonio, come over here” and motioned for the dark skinned boy to sit between him and Shannon. The boys smiled and stood up, the front of his shorts tenting out in front of his body. When he sat down, both my boys put their hands up a pant leg of the boy’s shorts causing an immediate moan to escape his strong lips. Dane leaned in and gave tonio a fast kiss on the lips and when it was apparent that the boy didn’t mine, Dane kissed him again, this time with passion and the boy responded back. I made Lucio stop what he was doing and fondled at the front of his short, and he got the idea. He stood up and took them off, then straddled the seat bench as I gripped onto his small rampant boy dick and began stroking it. He murmured in pleasure and I got him to lay on the bench with me between his legs. I leaned in and looked closely at his little cock, his small ball sac that was beginning to drop and looking close I saw a few sparse black hairs at the base of his dick. With my lips, I gripped his boy cock and swallowed the whole thing. He arched his hips at the feeling. I suckled on his boy cock, slurping his foreskin with my lips, bringing it up over the head, then poking my tongue inside and licking at the head then closing the head off by bringing the foreskin closed over it with my lips. I didn’t have much experience with uncut cocks so the little boy’s soft foreskin was novel for me. He wiggled his little ass back forth with pleasure as he moaned. When I was done playing in that manner, I worked down to his hairless, crinkled little ball sac hanging between his smooth calves. I licked at it then suck it into my mouth as well, rolling the little marbles around in my mouth. Across the table, Shannon was laying on the bench with his head in tonio’s lap. He had pulled the older boy’s shorts open at the waist, freeing his raging teenage Italian sausage and doing his best to eat it down to the fat balls at it’s base. Tonio has a hand down the front of Dane’s shorts and appeared to be stroking my baby boy’s cock. I raised my head above the table where Dane was still kissing on the boy’s neck, both boy’s eyes closed in ecstasy. Dane stopped what he was doing and stood up. He glanced around making sure we were still safe from seeing eyes then dropped his shorts, his hard cock waving in the breeze. He sat on the table in front of Tonio, his feet planted on the seat on either side of the boy, one foot resting on Shannon’s back, offering his cock and balls up for the Italian’s next meal. Antonio needed no invitation. He leaned his head down and sucked on Danes fat teen dick, licking and rimming the head before sliding the shaft further down his throat. One hand cupped Dane’s balls, feeling their heaviness while the other one stroked on the cock that was sliding in and out of his mouth. Shannon finally sat up and removed his short, his long cock stretching out in front of his young slender body. Antonio looked over at the treat and beckoned the boy to switch places with Dane, who complied willingly with the request. I think he had been wanting to taste that dark foreign sausage himself. I sat back up as did Lucio, who leaned forward on the bench and put his face in my crotch, licking on my cock and cooing while he fondled my balls, admiring them with his little hand. I watched as Tonio leaned forward again and lapped at Shannon’s boy bone, taking it into his mouth just as he had Dane’s, while he fondled the balls laying on the table between Shannon’s smooth legs. I was getting so hot. I wanted to lay down with this dark little beauty who’s face was glued to my lap. I wanted to feel his weight on me as I licked at his asshole, I wanted his cum in my mouth, I wanted his soul. I stopped him and stood up, pulling my shorts on. I motioned him to stand and he did so with a puzzled expression on his dark face. I scanned the area quickly, saw it clear then reached down and scooped my young boy lover into my arms and headed for the tent. Everyone felt the movement and looked, smiling before we left. As I ducked down to set him inside he waved at his brother who motioned a kiss to him and we went inside. I opened a window in the tent so that I could monitor the outside activities of the boys and to reassure Lucio, although I think he felt more than safe. I stood up and started to take my shorts off but he stopped me and did it himself, kneeling in front of my. My big cock almost smacked him in the face when it popped free. He smiled and with both hands began to fondled it, look at it, get closer and nuzzle it next to his face, cooing and oooohhhh and ahhh ing as he went. The little boy was pretty well worshiping my cock and his small hands felt good on my body. He cupped my balls, inspecting them as well and looked up and smiled at me then taking my hand he pulled me to the ground. He made me lie back and began licking and sucking and slurping everything. He didn’t stay in on e place long or do the same thing very long. His smooth dark face and lips were all over my cock, my balls, almost down to my asshole. Then he stopped and moved up to lay in my arm and look at me. I moved my face closer to his and he watched me, his black eyes looking my face over as I got closer and lowered my lips to his. Clearly this is what he was expecting. As I touched my lips to his, he put and arm around my neck and pulled me to him, pressing his lips to mine, moving them with mine and sticking his tongue out to be explored by mine. This little beauty knew some stuff and I wondered where he learned it. I let my hand drift down to his lower back, then the mounds of his boy butt. God it felt so good, his skin so smooth. I rubbed them, let my finger trail in his crack, he lifting his leg a little to get closer and give me better access. I rolled him on his back, then turned to get into a sixty nine position with him, his twelve year old cock looking me in the eye. I licked at it once, then maneuvered him up onto my stomach. He got the idea and once into position had good access to my cock, which was long enough to reach him. I spread his legs, his little ball sac coming into view then I pulled his cheeks apart, revealing his tight little asshole. I blew air into it, then started licking all around it, darting to the muscle then quickly leaving it. He started wiggling his little ass and pushed back a little. I gripped onto his hips and pulled his asshole to me, burying my face in the cleft, taking in the odor of him and driving my tongue all over his hole. He moaned and groaned and wiggled, clearly in heaven, as all he was doing was stroking my cock, his head laying down on my lower belly. God, how I loved sucking on a young boy’s asshole. They are sooo tasty. I had pulled his cheeks wide open giving me total access to his hole and I was slathering it as best I could. I was hot hot and needed to cum. I stopped what I was doing and rolled him on his back again. I looked out the window and saw that the boys had Tonio on his back on the table and were both working him over, licking and sucking on cock, balls, nipples, asshole, lips, just about everything. I went back to what I had intended to do, suck the cum from this little spout and I put my mouth to the task. I had gotten the lube out and preparing my finger, I slipped it to Lucio’s ass while I sucked him. He moaned as I put my finger into his tight little ass, putting one hand down and gripping on a cheek to help open himself up to me. I sucked like mad on his dick and finger fucked him, rubbing his prostate with each stroke. He was moaning loudly and I felt his body stiffen, his prostate harden and his cock swell in my mouth as he shot his boy sperm into my throat, pushing his hips up as he squirted trying to get all of his cock into me. He dropped back to the ground as his orgasm subsided, breathing heavily. It was getting dark in the tent, still somewhat lighter outside as I sat up. Lucio sat up as well then crawled into my lap and kissed me, the lay his head on my shoulder. His hand reached down between us and gripped onto my cock and began stroking. I glanced out the window and the scene there stuck me as interesting so I motioned for Lucio and we went out. I pulled a towel around my waist for some cover, and grabbed the lube as I went. Tonio was bent over the table at one end. Shannon was rimming him, his face buried into the dark skinned boy’s ass. Dane was under the table sucking on the boy’s cock at the same time. Lucio went over to inspect the scene and I laid my head on the table, putting my lips close to Antonio’s and kissed him, his lips responding in kind. I asked Shannon if he was planning on fucking him and he nodded his head yes. I set the lube on the table for him and he stopped what he was doing, lubed a finger and slipped it into the dark asshole. Tonio gasped and then moaned as Shannon’s finger prepared him for what was next. Lucio watched carefully as Shannon got his long dong lubed up and placed it at Tonio’s opening. There was barely any light so anyone coming by would not see anything and our eyes had adjusted so we could see fine. Shannon put his cock on tonio’s muscle and pushed gently and the boy whimpered a little as the head went through. Shannon stopped for a moment until the boy muttered ok, and in Shannon slid, inch by inch his white skin disappeared inside dark skin. Fuck it was so hot to watch, I was sweating I was so hot and had not yet decided how I was going to cum but I knew it had to be soon. Shannon soon bottomed out and began the motion, slowly coming out then going back in. Lucio was right in there watching, his hand on his now hard cock stroking it and licking his lips. Shannon picked up speed, driving into the boy and forcing his cock into Dane’s mouth, who was still glued to it under the table. The Italian boy was moaning with pleasure, his hands at his cheeks pulling them open wide for Shannon’s cock. And Shannon came. He threw his head back and grunted as he drove squirt after squirt of his young cum into Tonio’s willing asshole. He slowed down then stopped and slowly removed his cock from it’s warm receptacle, a trail of cum keeping them connect until Shannon stepped away. Lucio was right there, looking to see what he could everything. Apparently Tonio had not come. Dane came out and pointed to Tonio’s cock then his own ass. Tonio got the idea and smiled, nodding his head. “Ok. The cute Italian boy was going to fuck my teenage lover” I thought as the boy took the lube and lathered his raging brown cock with it. Dane had dumped some on a finger and worked it into his own ass and was already bent over the table waiting. Tonio stepped up to him and, rock hard cock in one hand, touched it to Dane’s muscle and gently pushed in. Dane gasped slightly as the head passed through the ring of muscle but told Tonio to keep going and the Italian did, moving inch by inch until his thick black pubic bush was against Dane’s white skin. Lucio had moved close to see his brother’s cock buried into another boy and reached in between the two bodies and felt about as if to make sure Tonio’s cock was where he thought it was. He smiled at his big brother and said something to him, tonio spoke back to him. Tonio began fucking Dane in a slow easy motion. Holding Dane’s hips he pulled out and moved back it with a fluid motion, not stopping until his pubic hair touched Dane then moving out again. Dane began moaning quietly and Shannon had kissed him then, after putting lube in his hand, Shannon reached down and gripped Dane’s throbbing cock. Lucio came to me and motioned to me that he wanted me to fuck him. I was a little surprised at that. Not wanting to disturb Tonio to find out, I said to Lucio, “I don’t understand”. Tonio heard me and looked over with a smile. “He wants your big man cock inside his bottom Cody. My little one wants you to fuck him. Do not worry my friend, I have fucked him, he know what he is saying”. Lucio had taken the lube and was working some into his asshole and watching intently while his brother continue driving in and out of Dane, picking up speed a little and grinding his hips when he was all the way in. I was hot as hell. Watching Dane get fucked by this boy was really hot but having a twelve year old in front of me at the same time, wanting me to fuck him was too much. My heart was beating a hole in my chest and my cock was hard as steel, throbbing in anticipation. I signaled Lucio to come to me. I had him stand close to me and put a foot on the bench beside me, then reached in between his legs and touched finger to his asshole which made him flinch just a but. I slowly pushed kocaelide escort until it went in and he closed his eyes, feeling no pain, only pleasure. I slid my finger in and out of him priming his tight small hole for my large cock The moaning beside me got a little louder but then Dane’s head was practically right behind me. I pulled my finger out of Lucio then turned him around and taking his small hips pulled him to me and placed one hand on his back to push his upper body forward. He got the idea and reached around with both hands and pulled his butt cheeks open for me. I could see his small hole as he backed closer to my cock, then into it. I had him push, doing the work, taking me into his body in his time according to his pain. He winced as the head pressed against him, then uttered a sound as it passed through his anal muscle. The boy kept pushing backwards, taking more and more of my large cock into his small tight little asshole, the feeling of which, was fucking fantastic. He pushed until there was no more and I reached my hands around his chest and pulled him upright and to me, so that he was sitting on my lap with almost eight inches of man sized cock driven up his ass. His toes still touched the ground so he wiggled his butt a little bit, moaning as he did so. He leaned back into me, his head nuzzling into mine. I reached around and grasped his standing boy cock and rubbed it and the balls under it, my other hand on his slender boy-ish chest and soft belly. The little guy was all but purring. Next to me, Dane’s moaning indicated that he was about to cum. I could hear him mumbling under his breath “ohh yeah oh yeah, mmmmmm, oh god”. Similar sounds were coming from Tonio as he continued to pound his cock in and out of Dane’s asshole. Under the table I heard Shannon whispering “Squirt Dane, squirt your sperms out, come on gimme your hot cum”. Soon, the grunting and groaning sounds that accompany orgasm were coming from both hot teens and I could imagine Dane’s delicious boy sperms squirting out onto the ground while Tonio’s foreign cum blasted into the American receptacle his hot dark cock was buried in. It caused me to rub harder on the boy in my lap, which caused him to wiggle more, causing more intense feelings in my cock. I asked him to move off of me and when he did, I invited him back on only facing me. I wanted to see the expressions on his face while I fucked him. He understood what I wanted and immediately stood on the bench and squated, lowering himself back onto my cock. His eyes closed in pleasure and I re-entered his tight bottom, filling his bowels. I wrapped an arm around his waist and butt, pulling him to me, forcing me deeper into him, the other hand went behind his head, bringing his young lips to mine. I kissed him tenderly, savoring the feel of his small mouth. Shannon had come out from under the table and got on his knees in front of us and pushing my legs apart, was fondling my fat balls then put his lips to them, licking them and the rim of Lucio’s asshole where my rigid cock disappeared. The other two boys came over to watch and since darkness had fallen, had to be close. Someone reached between us and gripped Lucio’s young cock and stroked him as he moved his ass up and down on the hunk of flesh stuffed up inside his small body, holding us together. I gently pushed his upper body away from my body, opening a space between us, allowing the older boys to stroke him easier, to suckle his small dark nipples and kiss his lips, ears, neck. It allowed someone to kiss me as well and both boys took turns with me and Lucio as I encouraged him to move his butt on my lap. I put my hand between us, taking over on his cock, wanting to be the one who jerked him to orgasm and feel his young watery sperm in my hand. I was almost there as I felt his slender body shudder causing his anal muscle to contract on my cock two, three, four times. The feeling took me over the edge, my already swollen dick got thicker and I shot, blasting my own multiple squirts of hot man cum into the boy’s tight ass, my whole body shaking with the convulsions of orgasm. I thrust my hips while pulling at his butt forcing my cock to go even deeper into him, creating even more intense feeling for both of us. Our helpers, aware of our release, increased their contact on lips, nipples and balls. It felt like I kept cuming and cuming, like I had never cum before. Surely this much cum, put into a mouth, would have drowned the recipient. I moaned long in my release, Lucio doing the same thing, both of our heads thrown back with faces contorted with feeling. I pulled the hand with the boys’ sperm on it and put it to my mouth, licking the sweet nectar from my fingers. OH MY GOD are about the only words I can use to describe the total experience. The feelings died down for Lucio before mine did and he leaned his body back into mine, wrapping his arms around my neck and hugging me and I hugged back. The three older boys were all standing close to us, rubbing the boy’s back. I felt pain in mine and, realizing that I had been leaning on the edge of the table all this time, I sat forward. Shannon said that was the hottest scene he had seen yet in his young life and Dane had to agree that the whole thing was pretty hot and gave Tonio a long deep kiss in appreciation. Antonio told us that was the first time he had been with this many people, it was hot watching me fuck Lucio with my big cock. He said that Lucio was telling him that it was great fun, that my cock felt so good inside of him and he loved me. Tonio added that he hoped that I would honor him by fucking him as well. I told him it would be my honor but what about his grandparents. Antonio said that he would go over and tell them that he and Lucio were going to stay and tell ghost stories for a while now that it was dark. Shannon went with the brother’s leaving Dane and me alone. I huggled my baby boy and asked how he was doing. He said he was feeling great and glad that the brothers wanted to play with us. He said it was so hot seeing little Lucio sitting on my big dick and watching the boy cum like he did. I asked how he felt about tonio wanting me to fuck him as well. “I don’t mind Cody, really I don’t cause I know deep in my heart you are my lover and I am your baby boy” he wrapped his arms tight around me laying his head in the crook of my neck. “Besides it is hot watching you fuck other boys, I just hope you don’t mind when I do”. I allowed as how it was hot for me to watch someone fuck him too, although I don’t think I would like it if it were another man. “Never worry my sweetest man, you are the only man who will ever fuck me” and he kissed me long and hard. Chapter 3 The boys came back about ten minutes later, laughing and chatting, to find Dane cuddled up on me. Antonio looked at us and said “Ahhhh, true love, yes? One would be blind to not see it, I hope one day to have a true love as well.” Lucio had gone over to the pup who had started growling when the boys approached. Good dog. Lucio then spoke to his brother who said that the boy was thinking that perhaps another shower would be a good idea. Everyone agreed so we grabbed towels, I had extra’s, and we went to the shower where, once naked, everyone helped each other soap and rinse and generally play. I had a fully lathered Lucio in my arms at one point reminding me that there is nothing quite like having an arm full of wet squirming boy. We managed to get through the process fairly quickly, toweled off and went back to our campsite. Everyone was a little hungry so we had some snacks and soda’s, Antonio telling us about Rome, Dane telling everyone about Hawaii. After a bit some of the stories started getting sexual and the gallant reflex was becoming apparent in all of the boys. Someone suggested we go in the tent so I tossed some logs on the fire. I asked Dane to close the screen part of the door and when he did I stepped away from the tent. The light from the fire pretty much blocked any view of the interior and in any case a person would have to be inside our little compound in order to see inside the tent. Feeling secure I went over and unzipped the mesh and stuck my head inside to view what was practical an orgy. Every boy was naked, there was hard cock, dangling balls, and cute boy butt all over. Hands were rubbing anything that came within reach amid laughter and giggling. I stepped inside and turned to secure the screen and the second it was done I was tackled from all sides and pulled down onto my back. Hands tore at my clothes and in moments I was naked too, boy hands and mouths were all over me. I was being kissed, my now hard cock was being sucked as were my balls and nipples. As soon as my lips were vacated a cock was planted in front of them for me to suck. The fire outside provided the perfect amount of light for our play and I saw that it was Tonio’s cock in my mouth. I sucked him in, one hand cupping his balls and squeezing them while I deep throated his dark sausage. He got into the motion and began fucking my mouth, while his hands were busy on someone else’s boy boner. Then he moved and a different cock was in my mouth, Shannon’s long cock I recognized. My legs were spread apart and soon someone had their tongue inside my ass, licking and sucking on my hole then Lucio’s little ass was in my face and I was sucking and licking his tight puckered little hole. This went on for thirty minutes at least, the tumble of boy bodies, the exchange of body parts. At one point Lucio was on his back with all of us working him over, one on his rigid little cocklet, someone on his balls and asshole, another at nipples while someone else’s cock was at the boy’s lips. And then it was Shannon’s turn to be mauled, then Dane. It was always the same, total sexual sensory overload. Everybody had a turn at everything, nothing was left out. Pre-cum was leaking out all over the place, breathing was becoming rapid and the whole thing was covered by moaning, groaning, oh god’s, mmmm’s and just about everything else. If the body on it’s back was totally taken then there was always the body of one of the other’s, there was no shortage of sexual targets or things to do with them. Somehow it became time to go to the next level and Tonio was next to me with the lube which he applied to my finger and then my cock. While I fingered him in preparation for the onslaught of my large dick, he jagged my dick promoting and assuring maximum hardness. I noticed that Shannon was putting lube in his asshole while Dane put lube on Lucio’s cock so it seemed that the young boy was going to stuff his stiff little dick into an asshole. Shannon got on his knees in front of the boy as Tonio laid on his back in front of me, pulling his legs back to help allow me access to his hole muscle. Tonio saw me looking and said “Aahhh, the little one first time, yes”. He seemed pleased that his little brother was going to lose the rest of his virginity in America, then he looked at me and smiled saying, “put your big cock in me Cody, I am ready for fucking from you”. I complied, placing the swollen head to the bud of muscle and pushed slowly inward, passing through with ease. Tonio’s face grimaced a little and his breathing got a little faster. I told Shannon to move next to us before they started and he did. I was pushing in slowly as Lucio pushed his three inch boy cock into Shannon’s waiting ass. It was small enough that it caused no discomfort to Shannon and the little boy bottomed out fairly fast. I was all the way in now, my balls hitting Tonio’s bottom and I began the movement and Lucio, watching me, did the same. I smiled at him then leaned my head down to kiss him, one hand grabbing onto his cute boy ass and squeezing. Dane had slid under Shannon’s chest so that the young teen could suck on a cock while another one fucked him. I got down to the business of fucking the cute Italian boy underneath me. I placed my hands on the tent bottom next to him, allowing his legs to drape over my arms and I pushed, rolling him up and giving me total access to his hole. He groaned as I bottomed out, all eight inches of solid cock shoved into his tight bottom. And then I fucked him in long, slow, steady motions in and out, trying to go as far in as possible with each thrust and bringing his hotness level way up. Dane was pulling out from under Shannon so I changed my position with Tonio, going back onto my knees and placing my hand on his inner thighs just below his knees which kept his legs spread and ass higher for better penetration. Seeing that Tonio’s head was unobstructed, Dane moved over and kneeled, his body draped crossways across the boy’s face, placing his rampant cock in Tonio’s mouth and once there, began shallow fucking it. Tonio reached around Dane’s waist, using his hand to encourage Dane to continue fucking his mouth. If anyone had been walking by they would have wondered at the amount of loud breathing and moaning coming from the tent. To say that we were all covered in a fog of hotness was a mild statement. We were raging with unreleased hormones, with tons of sperms that needed to be freed from the confines of our balls. Lucio was first, groaning as he squirted into Shannon and ramming his slender hips into the boy as hard as he could. Shannon had not cum so as soon as Lucio pulled his shriveling cock out of his asshole, Shannon called out to Dane to hurry and put his hard boy cock into his ass. Dane moved over and entered Shannon, using his own pre-cum as lube and the boy grunted as the larger and longer cock drove into his hot ass. Not to be left out, Lucio crawled under Shannon and started sucking the boys bouncing hard dick, almost choking as the motion of Dane’s fucking made Shannon’s long cock drive into the younger boy’s throat. Tonio was moaning louder and grunting with each inward thrust of my cock, his face contorted in pleasure/pain. I reached between us and grabbed his cock. There was enough pre-cum that I didn’t really need lube. I jacked his cock as I fucked him and in a few moments he was almost growling. His body tensed, his uncut cock swelled in my hand and he shot a tremendous load past his head onto the pillow, a trail draping back to his shoulder where another jet of sperm had landed. More globs hit his nipple and belly with the last of it dribbling from his cock slit down onto my fingers. My release was right behind Tonio’s. I drove into the boy with wild abandon, ramming my cock into him and felt whole body seemingly break out in goose bumps as I tensed and shot, shoving a ton of sperm into the Italian boy’s accepting ass in multiple squirts. Almost in a whisper next to me I heard,” oh god Dane fuck me, ram your cock into me oh god ohhhhhhh god”. I reached over and grasped my baby’s ass as he slammed his bone into Shannon’s asshole, Shannon responding with “unhh unnhh unnhh” at each push as he squirted hot cum into Lucio’s mouth. The little boy tried to take it all but couldn’t and soon Shannon’s sperm was pouring out the sides of his small mouth and down his smooth baby faced cheek. I had pulled out of Tonio, who was now sitting up and reached forward to me. I leaned in to him and placing his hands on my shoulders kissed me, moving his lips expertly, tongue darting to and fro then stopped and looking me in the eyes whispered, “Thank you, Cody. I have only been passive a few times and it was not good. This was wonderful, exciting, without pain. You have made me want to do it more. I wish you lived in Rome so we could make love again.” “Thank you Tonio for sharing your wonderful young body with me. Perhaps you will be in Seattle for awhile before you leave and we could have you and Lucio out to the ranch. At this point Dane and Shannon had disengaged and joined in the conversation, Dane agreeing with me that perhaps we could get together in Seattle. Tonio agreed that would be nice but that for now he and Lucio needed to get back to their grandparents campsite and could we meet in the morning and exchange phone numbers. I said that would be great and our two Italian guests got dressed and reluctantly left. We three tossed on shorts and went out to check on the fire, grab a snack and spent some time with the pup who had stayed quietly by the SUV. I decided to take him for a walk and put him on the leash, which he handled very well. After a short stroll I headed back to our site, tied the pup down with water and food and crawled into the tent. The two boys were already there, laying naked on the sleeping bags and talking quietly. I stripped and joined them, hugging and kissing them both then lay back and fell promptly asleep.

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