Danger fuck in the early morning light

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My ex Laura and I had been together about a year but things with us had not been good recently. We’d were realising that we wanted different things and that we were at different stages in life. We both knew deep down that the end of the relationship was approaching but the passion was still there and amazing sex we’d always had. She was living with her parents but was due to move in with her friend Rosie in a few weeks time. That was a part of the next stage of her life, and I knew our relationship wouldn’t survive her sharing a house with her best mate, where they’d be drinking, taking drugs and partying every weekend, so I was resigned to it being over. Rosie’s existing house lease was already finished so she was couch surfing around different friends, until they found a place to move into. One night when they were out and Laura was coming back to mine, she asked if Rosie could stay on my sofa rather than go back to another friend’s after a very late night. That was fine with me. I’d met her a few times but didn’t know her too well. Laura had keys to my apartment so I went to bed around 12 and expected them to come in about 3 or 4 a.m.

I wasn’t sure what time it was when they came in but Laura was pretty wrecked as she usually was if she came to mine at that time of night. I barely stirred as she stumbled around taking her clothes off and collapsed next to me in bed. She was passed out almost instantly, so I went back to sleep pretty quickly.

Waking up an hour or 2 later it was just beginning to get light, and I saw it was still only 6:30. I got up to go for a pee and get some water. Walking along my hallway I had a piss first and then walked into the lounge/kitchen to get a bottle of water from the fridge.

It was only when I saw another small pile of clothes and handbag in the open doorway to the lounge I remembered Rosie was there, but I figured she’d be crashed out too, and it was still almost dark so she wouldn’t see me naked, so I carried on.

I crept in quietly, got a bottle from the fridge and had a mouthful of cold water, screwed the lid back on and went to leave. I hadn’t heard anything from the sofa so I definitely hadn’t disturbed Rosie.

About halfway back to the open doorway, I saw a flash of light in an arc, a few feet away from,  the sofa. It took me a second to work out it was Rosie’s mobile phone screen, and she was waving the light at me to get my attention. Surprised, i instinctively cupped my manhood with my left hand, and as I peered in the half-light I could make out she wasn’t laying down, but sitting almost upright against the far arm of the sofa, obviously playing with her phone rather than sleeping.

As I approached I whispered ‘hi’, and I saw that my thick winter bed cover was chucked over the sofa like a throw, and Rosa just had a thin cotton sheet over her. It was pulled up to just cover her boobs, and ran down between her legs. Her right leg, nearest to me, was outside the sheet, so i could make out the whole unbroken length of her leg, hip, and body, telling me that she was naked underneath.

” you’re not sleeping?” i whispered as I got close.

“nah, I never sleep much” she whispered back. That made sense. From everything I’d heard of Rosie she a liked and good time and would be up partying all night, so it was no surprise to find out she was someone who didn’t sleep much.

As I got within 2 feet of her, she reached out instantly and grabbed hold of my left wrist. She pulled me towards her, and said almost silently “you don’t need to cover yourself, I’ve just seen your cock when you walked in anyway”, and she tugged at my arm, to get me to release the hand covering my manhood.

I did so, and my dick and balls bounced free, my cock instantly twitching, reacting to being exposed to another girl, only one foot away.

I stood there now, fully naked in front of my girlfriend’s best friend, who was also as good as naked on my sofa. She still had hold of my wrist, and she pulled me in close and whispered “I’ve heard about you”.

I raised a silent eyebrow at her and then a quizzical look. I quickly realised that was probably lost on her in the dark anyway, so I whispered back into her ear “oh, what have you heard?”

Raising herself up and twisting towards me to get right into my ear, this made the sheet fall down slightly , exposing Rosie’s breasts. I immediately saw the nipple bar piercing which was sometimes visible through her tops, but I never thought I’d be seeing it up this close.

“Laura’s told me about you. What you do with your tongue”.

“oh okay, has she?” I said, not moving my head from my position where I had a full close up view of Rosie’s perky little tits.

“I wanna see how good it is. I want a go” she said into my ear, tugging on my wrist.

Wow. I always suspected Rosie was a bit naughty, with her nipple piercing and her hard partying, but here she was now, asking me to lick her pussy, while my girlfriend (and her best mate) slept in the next room!

I stood up, just to get a grip of the situation, but also to give Rosie a full view of my hardening cock. It had swelled into a semi and as I stood by Rosie’s  head, her face was no more than 20cm from my twitching cock. She could probably smell it.

I didn’t really know what to do. I mean, Rosie had a super hot body and ordinarily I would have jumped at the chance to lick her young little pussy. However, it was wrong and I really didn’t want the fallout of being caught doing that. It also flashed across my mind if Rosie was doing this because Laura had told her it was more or less over between us, or if she would have done this anyway. Probably the alcohol and whatever drugs they’d been taking were a factor!

Without really knowing what I was doing, I signalled to Rosie with a finger over my lips to keep quiet, and I walked silently back to the doorway, and peered down the hall into my bedroom to check if Laura was asleep. She was rolled over in the same position as before, and from the sound of her breathing she was definitely fast asleep.

There I was, in the doorway between my lounge and my bedroom. Down the hallway to my right was my naked girlfriend who was crashed out drunk and would definitely want fucking in the morning. To my left was her naked best mate who wanted to have her pussy licked right now.

In that moment I most definitely thought with my twitching semi-erect cock. I turned left.

Walking back round to my house guest on the sofa and putting my water bottle on the floor, I leant right into her and pulled her in close and agreed to her request, as long as she was absolutely fucking quiet, and Laura was never to find out about this. She nodded silently. Of course, it occurred to me she had more to lose than me. She wouldn’t want to lose her best mate forever, whereas I was resigned to not being with my girlfriend any more whatever happened. I figured as long as we were quiet i was on safe ground and i might aswell take advantage of a once in a lifetime danger-fuck.

” Where’s this pussy then?” I whispered into Rosie’s ear, as I looked over her body again, her perky young tits sitting proud on her slim body. The sheet had dropped to just around her belly button, and still between her legs. Instead of responding or moving to remove the sheet herself, Rosie reached both arms up over her head as if to stretch and relax, and slightly opened her legs, ready to give herself to me.

I knelt on the floor next to her, as she stretched herself out in readiness to be pleasured. I took the sheet with my right hand and pulled it slowly down, letting it tickle lightly across her lower tummy and inner thighs as I dragged it lightly off her, to expose her young pussy mound in the half-light.

I immediately leaned in to take her nearest pierced nipple in my mouth, and in the same instant my right hand dropped hold of the sheet, and cupped her pussy mound. She was silent as promised, but arched her back to thrust her chest up towards me, and dropped her knees wider to give me full access and open up her little pussy for me. I don’t know if she’d been laying here playing with herself before I’d come into the room, but she was soaking wet. Her fine hairs which felt trimmed quite short, her soft lips and the tops of her thighs and now my right hand, were all covered with slippery pussy juice. My face was going to be a wet mess in a minute! That first touch of her lips made me swell instantly into a full erection, and my dick throbbed in anticipation at tasting Rosie.

I rolled my 2 middle fingers around her pussy opening, applying some pressure to her clit at the same time. I continued to suck and lick the plump nipple in my mouth and as I did so it occurred to me I had never been with a girl before with pierced nipples. Without delving any deeper with my fingers just yet, she felt very tight. I guess this was an advantage of having a much younger girlfriend…the perky tits and tight pussies her and and her friends had!

There was no time or reason to kiss Rosie or hint at any tenderness. This was a naughty fuck and we both wanted to get on with it.

I stood up and my cock bounced up to level with Rosie’s face once again. Fully hard now, I wanted to see her with it in her mouth. She had to earn her pussy licking. I leaned my hips forward and gently pulled Sex hikaye Rosie towards me, but she didn’t need much encouragement. She looked down almost cross-eyed at my dick as she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to run it around the shiny head of my penis, which twitched with each touch. It was still pretty dark but I was sure I could make out a piercing in her tongue aswell. Strange how I’d spotted her nipple bar through her clothes, but never noticed her tongue was pierced..!

I had my right hand full of her pussy juice, and I wanted to taste it. I brought my hand up but then decided to make myself wait for the real thing, and instead I reached across her and cupped her left breast with my slimy hand. I squeezed and played with her boob and more or less covered it with her juices. I’d be coming back for that later on…

Rosie was not as pretty as Laura, but in my half sleep state, and in the early morning light, she sure looked good with my cock in her mouth. I brought my right hand up to her face and held her still as I leaned further in and squeezed my meat into her mouth carefully. I didn’t want to make her cough or gag noisily and risk waking up Laura. She knew the game, and wilfully wrapped her lips hard around my dick and sucked me deep into her hot young mouth.

I didn’t want to take too long over it, so after just half a minute or so, I pulled my dick out slowly, all sloppy and wet with her spit. It was time to give her what she wanted…

Without a word, I pulled the sheet right away from her, clear of her legs, and took hold of her thighs and gently pulled her round almost 90 degrees so her bum was just about on the seat of the sofa, as she laid back. Her legs draped lazily open, her beautiful young pink pussy pointing up at me expectantly.

With my girlfriend’s mate in position for her pussy licking, I thought i’d better check the the coast was still clear, so took the couple of paces to the doorway and popped my head around to check on her again. Still no movement…

I returned and kneeled down in front of Rosie, ready to service her. Her arms were back above her head again and her eyes followed my face expectantly as I knelt in between her legs and got closer.

As i leaned in i could smell the beautiful aroma of her pussy as it dribbled its juice and i couldn’t wait to taste her. As much as i wanted to, I didn’t delve straight in however, I wanted to tease her, and also show her who was in charge of this pussy licking. I grabbed hold of her ankles with each hand, and gripped them tight and pushed her bent knees slightly up towards her shoulders. This changed the angle of her fanny in my face. Now, still rather than diving in with my mouth, I leaned in as close as possible without touching her, and took a deep sniff. My nose just brushed up against her soft inner lips as I took my time time savouring the amazing smell of a new pussy, and the aroma of the sweat and lubrication drizzling out of her. Still without touching, I ran my nose up to the mound of her vagina, and took in the scent of the fine little hairs, then with one long deep sniff I moved down the whole length of her pussy, until my nose was all but resting on her bum hole.

I suppose I could’ve stopped right there, walked out and back into my bedroom and there was nothing she could’ve done about it. I may have been cheating on my girlfriend, but I’m not a total bastard…

Still with a firm grip on her ankles, I poked out my tongue and dipped my head down. The very first contact I made was not with Rosie’s pussy but with her puckered little bum. From there I lightly ran my tongue up from her bum hole, across the dribbling opening of her slit, over the folds of her lips and the nub of her clit, and up onto her mound of blonde hairs. Neither did I stop there, as in one continuous lick I went from her bum to her belly button.

On reaching her tummy I slowly worked my mouth back down until my mouth found its juicy target. I swirled my tongue around to precisely locate her clitoris, sucking and licking her soft pussy lips apart. I ran my tongue down to the opening of her beautiful little pussy, and lapped at the juices which had been oozing out now for quite some time. Rosie tasted amazing, and the excitement of getting a new vagina in my mouth mixed with the naughtiness of licking her with Laura asleep just in the next room,  was mind-blowing. My cock raged between my legs, and I thought if Laura got out of bed right now we could probably rearrange ourselves quickly to look innocent, but I’d have a difficult job explaining my throbbing boner.

I looked up to gauge Rosie’s reactions, as she was totally silent as agreed. Her hands were cupped behind her head almost in a sit-up position, her stomach pulled tight as she craned forward and her eyes were wide and fixed on my mouth as she watched me munching on her vagina. It was super hot knowing Laura had told her about me licking pussy and how much I love doing it. Obviously Lauren enjoyed it to the extent of telling Rosie, which was a huge turn-on.

Knowing that Rosie was watching closely, I gave her a show.

I repeated my path from her arse to her pubes again, this time with my full tongue, slow enough for her to get the full view as I dragged my tongue and her pussy cream up over every bit of her. I repeated this over and over, flicking across her clit each time I passed across it.

I deliberately didn’t swallow, letting my saliva build up, and after a minute or so of this my mouth was full of spit and Rosie’s juices. I ran my tongue up again once more from the folds of her back door up to her clit, where I pulled my tongue slowly off her. Sure enough, just as I planned, there was a thin string of spit and pussy juice which draped itself from my lips and tongue to Rosie’s muff.

I kept still to let it hang there, and after a few seconds it broke under its own weight, splashing a little string of juice down the inside of one thigh. Her little pink slit was fully opened up to me now, engorged and throbbing and begging for more. Rosie’s eyes flicked up from her own mound to my face, waiting for my next move.

I hadn’t finished with my mouth, not by a long way, but I needed to fuck Rosie. We’d gone this far, and I wasn’t going to die wondering what her lovely young pussy would feel like. I still had a grip on Rosa’s ankles, and I stood up, straddling her so that I stood either side of where her bum slightly hung off the edge of the sofa. Without letting go of her legs, I bent my knees slightly and dipped down until my balls and the base of my meat rested on her pussy mound. I lightly ground my balls into her wet slit, circling my hips and rubbing them all over her, soaking my ball sack in her juices. My cock pointed straight up at Rosie’s face and throbbed, as hard as I could ever remember being.

I watched her face closely in the half-light as I now started to rub the length of my piece along her slit. Her eyes were fixed on her pussy and I looked down too, to see the folds of her cunt splayed wide as I ground the underside of my thick cock into her.

I had to get inside her and see how tight she really was.

I pushed my feet a little wider and angled my hips so that my pole slipped down to the entrance of Rosie’s pussy. Still holding her legs as before, I adjusted myself so that my cock head rested into the folds of her muff, and lined myself up.

With one slow, firm shunt I stretched Rosie’s pink slit as I squeezed into her, until my balls came to rest on the rim of her outer lips. Like a good girl she didn’t make a sound, just silent intake of breath with each inch that squeezed into her. I struggled to control my breathing and not make a sound…in fact it was more a case of remembering exactly what situation I was in and not losing myself in the pleasure of Rosie’s tight little hole. I wished I could’ve shagged that tight muff for hours but I knew I couldn’t stay inside her for long. I needed to get back to her pussy with my mouth and make her cum, and I also couldn’t get too carried away or I don’t know if I could’ve stopped myself from exploding.

I squeezed the full thickness of my cock into Rosie for about 10 slow lengths, stretching her lips open. I then pulled out, and repeated the motion of squashing the underside of my meat into her folds and running my dick along her length of her pussy until my balls massaged themselves into her wet slit.

It was time to bring her off now, make her see why Laura enjoyed it so much.

I dropped back to my knees in front of Rosie and returned to pussy-in-mouth.

I took Rosie’s hands from behind her head, and replaced my grip on her ankles with her own hands, hooked behind her knees, keeping her bent double and maintaining her close-up view of my pussy eating. My hands were now free to tease her tight little bum as it hung off the sofa, and her young little muff as I explored it once again with my tongue.

Rosie was good to her promise about being quiet – the only noise was her just-audible breathing, and the quiet squelch of my tongue and lips on the folds of her beautiful pussy. I focused my attention onto her clit now, alternating between sucking it into my mouth and flicking my tongue all over it, quickly but lightly. That was Laura’s favourite.

I cupped her bum Erotik hikaye cheek in my left hand, and with my other hand I teased my middle finger around the entrance to her pussy, dipping it in just a little way and back out again as I continued with my mouth. I did the same with her bum hole, taking my wet finger down and flicking it lightly across the tight wrinkles of her arse. I wanted to taste her back door again, so i dropped down and spread her bum cheeks wide with my hands. Rosie pulled her knees up even higher towards her shoulders, giving me perfect access, and I fixed my lips around the wrinkled little ring and sucked and flicked my tongue all over it.

I decided it was time to make her finish now, as i was a bit worried about Laura waking up and realising i had been gone for a while.

Releasing my mouth-on-bum kiss, i slipped back up and clamped my whole mouth around Rosie’s neat little muff.   I sucked hard now, and every 5 seconds or so released and flicked my tongue quickly across her hard little clit  before sucking again.

After around 2 minutes of this repeated action, Rosie’s breathing changed, like she was struggling to control herself, and was clearly nearing orgasm. She let go of her legs, letting them drop out sideways, and one hand went to her pierced nipple, and the other to her face, where she covered her mouth to stop any uncontrollable noises which could have popped out.

I watched her closely for her reaction as i continued my rhythm between clit-flicking and sucking hard on her whole pussy mound. She mindlessly tweaked her nipple piercing in her right fingers and was now almost chewing on her left hand as she bucked her hips up against my face and neared her orgasm. Ten more seconds and she hit the point of no return. she took her right hand up to cover the left which was over her mouth, and her tummy muscles contracted tight as she pushed her pussy into my mouth. I flicked light and quickly with my tongue across her clit as she fell into a hard orgasm, her muff twitching and throbbing into me in a kind of pumping motion. I held still now, just sucking lightly and let her rub herself into me at her own pace, bringing herself down off the peak of her orgasm. She dropped one hand down on to her tummy and the other fell out sideways onto the sofa as she circled her hips and fed me her girly cream as her waves of pleasure subsided.

I stood up, aware i should get back to bed, I realised I was sweating hard, both my face and my body. Looking down at Rosie in the afterglow of cumming, I had one last move before I had to go.

I was still rock hard, and wanted one last taste of being inside her. I put my hand over Rosie’s mouth because I knew her cunt would be feeling really sensitive just now, and with my other hand I grabbed my dick and lined it up with her tight little tunnel. I slipped straight in, right up to the hilt and shunted my piece into her slowly 6 or 7 times. For my own pleasure of course, but i guess it was also a control thing. ‘Yes, I might have just serviced your pussy with my mouth, but I can also fuck you and walk off back to bed with my naked girlfriend’.

That was enough. I pulled out of Rosie and without saying a word, picked up my water bottle and crept back to the doorway. I peered round to find Laura still unmoved, splayed out in my bed, her hot juicy arse upwards in the morning light. I slipped quietly into the bathroom to sort myself out and let my throbbing boner subside. I flushed as if i’d gone to the toilet, and slipped out down the hallway back to bed.

The noise of the flush and me getting back into bed roused Laura slightly, and she rolled over and into me and wrapping her arm around me and cuddling into me in her half-sleep.

I thought I would feel terrible about what i’d done, but honestly I didn’t at all. Of course it was wrong, but the sheer excitement of what we had done and knowing that Laura would wake up hungover and horny and would need to be fucked, was incredible.

I dozed off to sleep with my cock twitching against Laura and couldn’t wait til the morning to get inside her and to empty my aching balls.

I didn’t get too much sleep with the extreme heat and the excitement running through my body.

I wasn’t really aware what time it was but as the morning light had filled the room, Laura roused all groggy from her drunken sleep.

She was always cute crashed out in bed when she was hungover, and always horny. This morning was no exception, and she cuddled into me, her hot body pressed clammy against me. My cock lay relaxed and heavy between my legs and we had no sheets as it was so warm.

As she roused, I pulled her up level with me and began to kiss her deeply.

She tasted of alcohol and as soon as we kissed my cock stirred immediately. I knew how horny she always was when she was hungover, and I knew I’d be inside her very soon. I was fully hard within about 10 seconds, thinking about what happened during the night and what was about to happen. I wondered if Laura could taste Rosie’s pussy on my face. As we sucked each other’s tongues I pictured mine running all over her best friend’s pussy and bum just a couple of hours before.

I reached down to Laura’s bum and grabbed one handful of her hot juicy cheek and pulled her into me. I felt her wetness on my thigh as she raised her leg up to half-straddle me. 

Almost as soon as she had raised her leg onto me, she pulled herself up and straddled me completely, her perfect boobs coming up to my eyeline as her pussy rested on my hard cock. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in her right nipple into my eager mouth as she ground down on me. I could feel the throbbing hardness of my cock and I knew i wasn’t going to last long when I finally got inside Laura’s pussy.

I reached behind her with my other hand and grabbed both her bum cheeks as i sucked her tits into my mouth. I grabbed them hard and pulled them apart and with one hand I rubbed my fingers onto her bum hole and pushed her down harder onto me. Laura loved all bum action, and I couldn’t ever go down on her without also running my tongue all over her bum and often wriggling my tongue into her as far as possible. It was even better in the morning when she wasn’t freshly showered, and I could taste her even better.

As Laura ground her sweaty pussy into me I pulled her face back down to me and kissed her deep and hard.   Neither of us could wait any longer and no more foreplay was needed as Laura reached down with one hand and lifted my dick up and lined it up with her hungry pussy hole. She gripped my shoulders and sunk down onto me, taking my length in one go and landing her pubic bone onto my hairy bush. Laura’s eyes half closed and her head fell forward as my dick swelled and throbbed in her. Her beautiful hair fell into my face and I held her close as she devoured my meat inside her. She raised up and paused a second then sank back down harder into me, letting out a moan. It was definitely loud enough for Rosie to hear, so either she’d forgotten she was there, or didn’t care. Either way, Rosie now knew that just a couple of hours after stretching her pussy and seeing her off to a hot orgasm, I was now balls deep inside her mate.  I wanted Rosie to hear, it added to the excitement of the hottest few hours of my life, I imagined her laying on the sofa hearing us fucking, maybe even playing with herself as she listened to us shagging just a couple of metres away.

Laura always liked it when I was rough with her, so I grabbed and handful of her hair and pulled her into me so I could kiss her hard as she rode me. With this hand I controlled her rhythm, guiding her up and down by the hair as her sloppy pussy ate me up. With my other hand I reached up and grabbed lightly onto Laura’s neck and in this way I had her in a kind of 2 hand grip where I controlled her pace and she knew I was in charge which she loved.

A few minutes like this and I was getting close to exploding.

I wanted to make her cum on my mouth like I had with Rosie during the night.

I pulled Laura up off me, my cock sliding out of her and slapping flat against my tummy. I pulled her up so that she was straddling me and buried my face into her.

She gripped the headboard behind me and tipped her head back in pleasure as I rubbed my face all over her dribbling pussy hole and lips, covering my cheeks, lips, nose and chin with her cream. I loved doing this, getting smothered in her beautiful juices. I sucked and nibbled on her hard clit and grabbed her bum cheeks to pull her down into me.

My dick twitched and throbbed on me as I flicked and sucked on Laura’s lovely smooth fanny. A few minutes into this and Laura was now fixed looking down and watching as I explored her folds and teased her towards orgasm.

As I sensed she was getting closer, I tapped her on her legs and indicated to shift her feet up. She knew what that meant, and she obliged by moving her feet up to either side of my head where her knees had been, and squatting over me as if she was peeing. She knew I loved the naughtiness of this and it also allowed better access to her bum which we both enjoyed. In this position she was now in control and she was going to get herself off on me.

Still holding the headboard tight, she ground her pussy down onto Porno hikayeleri my mouth, opening up her lips wide on me and allowing me to suck out as much cream as I could from her. I wriggled my tongue into her slit as far as I could to try and tease some more out.

Since Laura was now in control I didn’t need my hands so I stroked my throbbing boner slowly, careful not to go too far as I still wanted to get back inside her after she had cum.

Laura was now grinding harder and faster on my face, her moans and panting telling me she was nearing orgasm. Knowing she was in complete control and she could do anything she liked, Laura reached down behind her and pulled one arse cheek aside to open up her little bum hole to me. As it happened she knew I loved it, but whether I wanted it or not, my mouth was now filled with her pink wrinkled star as she squatted over me and fed me her beautiful tight back entrance.

I just opened wide and let her grind down on me with whatever hole she wanted sucked, sliding between her pussy and the tight little ring of her bum and I licked up whatever mix of wonderful tastes I was given. As I sucked and feasted on Laura’s dripping holes she was soon on the brink and her both hands went back to grip the headboard and she sunk herself down hard into me. I sucked and flicked on her clit and grabbed 2 handfuls of her bum as she shuddered and ground into me as her orgasm overtook her.

I looked up past her pussy mound and up her flat tummy and perfect boobs and watched as she lost herself in waves of pleasure for 20 seconds or so.

I was desperate to get my cock back in a pussy and I badly needed to empty my balls. When Laura had come down off her peak, I arranged her on her knees towards the edge of the bed facing away from the bedroom door, and I stood behind her for a standing doggy-fuck.

I got her juicy bum in my hands and lined up the head of my cock with her red slit, and gently squeezed her bum apart and I eased into her.

It felt amazing to be back inside her and feel her hot pussy around me… I knew I wouldn’t last long like this.

I had my back to the open door and after a few seconds I was aware of movement in the morning light behind me. Continuing with my slow pumping in Laura’s fanny, I looked over my left shoulder to see Rosie half out of the living room door, watching us intently.

I had no idea how long she had been watching, but seeing Rosie there gave me an idea.

I looked back over my shoulder and she had now come a little further out into the hallway, I could see she now had a black thong on, but nothing else.

I put my finger to my lips instructing Rosie once again to be silent, and then beckoned her to come closer.

I now had hold of Laura’s hips and was pumping her hard, my balls slapping noisily against her pussy lips. Without breaking my rhythm I checked over my shoulder again and saw Rosie creeping quietly along the hallway wall, no more than 5 feet away now.

I wanted to give her a close-up show without Laura knowing. To make sure she wouldn’t spot what was happening, I reached forward with my left hand and grabbed a handful of Laura’s beautiful silky hair, twisting it in my hand and gripping it tight, I pulled her head up but made sure she couldn’t turn left or right to see behind her.

Rosie was now standing behind my right shoulder, and she steadied herself with her  hand around me on my left hip as she leaned around me to get a good look.

Her hair dropped dangerously close to Laura’s hip as she peered around me to watch my cock disappearing repeatedly into her sloppy pussy.

This was the ultimate thrill… a danger fuck during the night with my girlfriend’s best mate, followed by morning sex with my girlfriend and then sneaking her friend in for a close up view of me slotting her from behind.

My right hand was on Laura’s juicy arse cheek and I massaged it and squeezed it wide so that Rosie could peek down and see her pink bumhole winking up at us as I stretched her pussy with the full girth of my throbbing dick.

Rosie looked up at me with a smile of excitement and amazement but quickly looked back to see me pull my dick out to the edge of Laura’s cunt. I paused for a few seconds to tease Laura and to let Rosie have a look at the slimy juice, covering the length of my meat. I wanted to spread Laura’s bum cheeks with both hands but I dare not let go of her hair. Instead, I gave her a controlling shove with the hand in her hair and drove my shaft back into her as deep as I could with one slow shunt which had her moaning.

I slowly wriggled my dick in a circular grinding motion inside Laura without pulling out atall, and I don’t think I’d ever been that deep inside her. My right hand back on her bum cheek, I pulled it open again to give Rosie another clear view of her mate’s lovely anus and my pubes as they were pressed up against her puckered hole. This time, however, I gathered a mouth of saliva and carefully took aim directly above Laura’s arse hole. Still massaging her bum cheek open wide, my saliva dropped down in a long string and splashed directly onto her ring. Rosie looked up and me and cupped her mouth over her hand in surprise and excitement at this but again switched her gaze quickly back to see me rubbing my thumb slow and hard over Laura’s sticky bum hole. I still hadn’t pulled out from my full depth in her pussy and I focused now on teasing her 2nd hole with my thumb. Every now and then I pulled my thumb up to my mouth so I could taste her and jokingly waved my thumb under Rosie’s nose which made her cover her mouth again to stifle a giggle.

I realised at one point I could have reached back behind me and played with Rosie’s pussy but I was more focused on Laura and holding off from my own orgasm.

I was getting close and only had a minute or so left before I would have to empty myself. If I was going to cum with Rosie there, the only option was to spunk over Laura’s bum and keep a tight grip of her hair so she couldn’t turn round.

After a few more pumps with increasing speed, I was at the point of no return and felt my balls tighten as my cum swelled up.

Rosie was still in position half-behind me and I pulled out of Laura’s sloppy pussy with a pop and pulled back a few inches as I grabbed hold of my pulsing meat. I kept a firm hold on Laura’s hair and told her I was about to cum.

“Oh yehhh” she groaned “cum on my bum, spunk on me!”

I furiously pumped at my slippery length for a last 10 secs before I swelled and started spurting thick blobs of creamy spunk over Laura’s bum. Rosie’s head was resting on my left hip as she peered around me, just a few inches from my exploding dick, and she stared unblinking as I delivered my load onto Laura’s arse and halfway up her back. I grunted like some kind of animal as I emptied my balls over her.

As my orgasm subsided I pulled Laura’s bum cheek open again and rested my still throbbing dick on her sticky bumhole as a last portion of jizz drizzled out.

At this point I came to my senses and realised Rosie had to get out quickly and as quietly as she came in. I nodded my head at her indicating she had to go, and as she backed silently out of the room along the corridor I released Laura’s hair. She didn’t immediately turn round, but buried her head down into the bed and I finally had both hands to grab her bum as I loved doing.

Squeezing her cheeks wide, my cock still rested on her arsehole and had dribbled a blob of semen on her opening.

“You want some spunk?” I asked her. She often wanted some in her mouth after I had splashed my cum somewhere on her body. I think she expected me to feed her my fingers, but I had another idea. It was a shame Rosie was no longer there to watch as I went down on my haunches and leant into Laura’s bum. I reached out my tongue and delicately licked up the blob of cum which sat on her wrinkled bum ring. Keeping it on my tongue I walked round the bed and bent down to kiss her and feed her my sperm. She hungrily sucked the tip of my tongue and moaned as we kissed open-mouthed. I had one final thing to finish, and I stood up straight, bringing my semi-stiff penis up to her face.

“Clean me” I instructed her. She loved it when I bossed her so there was no refusing. I held her head with both hands and pushed my hips forward and wiped my cock around her lips and chin. When I said “clean” what I really meant was I would wipe my slimy, juice-covered meat around her face and she would end up dirtier than before. She knew this and never refused. With no hands involved, I dipped my semi into her mouth for a second and then dragged it across her cheek and up to her nose and forehead, leaving a trail of spit and sperm. I moved my hips to gently slap my meat on the side her face and then took hold of her hair again as I had before. I pulled her face in to me and squashed it hard in against my dick and balls. With my other hand I opened her mouth and guided her to take my balls in one by one. She insisted I never shaved my balls, so they were hairier than ever and she looked perfect as she sucked on them one at a time. My semi hard prick was draped up across her nose and her left eye as she chewed my balls and sucked them clean. As I watched her I thought of the mix of pussy juices there were on my balls, having squashed them hard down onto Rosie’s dribbling wet slit just 2 hours ago. Finally both satisfied, Laura was now smothered in sperm and she disappeared off to the bathroom to get a shower.

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