Dangerous Eyes


They say the eyes are the windows to our souls and if that’s the case he could see straight into the very depths of mine. I was rooted to the spot; unable to stop what I knew shouldn’t be happening, all because I didn’t want it to stop. The dark blue of his irises were barely visible as his pupils grew to capture enough light in the dimly lit bar. I don’t think I’ve ever been caught in such an intense, lustful stare in all my thirty years. Not a word passed between us. Time fooled us into thinking the seconds had been longer. How was I able to be so brazen and hold it? I don’t know, but it must have been something in his eyes that captured me and rendered me useless to fight the urges I knew I shouldn’t be having. How had I even got myself into that situation? I don’t know. Well, actually that’s a lie. It had started when he approached me. I’d been taking a deep drag on my cigarette, while I stood outside in the cool night air. The music from inside the pub was spilling out from the darkness through the open doors. I moved slightly to the beat. “I bet your boyfriend‘s good looking, isn’t he?” It took me a second to register the guy standing next to me was talking to me. In my inebriated state it took my brain even longer to form a response. “Yeah, he is. He’s alright.” Why did I add that last bit? He turned away and held his heart like he had just been shot, before he looked at me. It was the first time I locked eyes with him. He said, “Aww, that means you’re not single, but then I’m not surprised with a gorgeous girl like you. You have the most beautiful eyes and gorgeous figure.” I was a little taken back by his forwardness, but exceptionally flattered. My hands went to my long wavy hair to pull it off my neck, so I could feel the breeze of the night air. He turned away again. “Oh god, don’t do that. I’ve got a thing for women that play with their hair and that’s too much.” His voiced was pained. I giggled at his reaction, but was distracted by the drunken tramp that had started singing a song to one of my sisters, who also stood outside smoking. There was a pang of disappointment when my mystery admirer went back inside. I finished my smoke, whilst feeling amused by the tramp and his drunken attempt to perform a card trick. My sister and I eventually made our way back into the heat of the public house. I smiled when I walked past my catch. He was leaning against the table near the doorway drinking his pint. I made my way back to the rest of my sisters at our table across the small dance floor. I could feel his eyes on my body. I immediately gushed to my older sibling, “I’ve just been hit on by someone outside.” “Was it him?” she questioned, pointing towards the door and my handsome stranger. I was embarrassed by her blatant pointing and obvious indiscretion about what we were talking about. I just nodded my head and turned my back to him, so I didn’t have to see his reaction. “That doesn’t shock me. He followed you straight outside the second you walked past him. Bloody obvious what his intention were. Then when he came back in he was craning his neck around the door to see you while Pendik Escort you stood outside.” Lucky for me the heat of the room had everyone’s cheeks flushed, which hid that the revelation had lifted my esteem sky high. That information and the continuing stream of alcohol fuelled my desire to flirt. I put down my drink and turned to dance some more on the quiet dance floor. Checking from the corner of my eye to make sure he was watching I swayed my hips and played with my hair. I wasn’t being obvious, or at least I hope not as I was making a conscious effort to try and act aloof to his attentions. I picked up my drink from the table and made a show of catching the straw with my tongue, before taking a sip of the refreshing booze. I was enjoying myself. It was harmless enough. My man may have been at home, but I wasn’t in my city and I’d never see my stranger again, so why not have a bit of fun and enjoy his lustful roaming looks in my direction. My enjoyment was short lived though, as my older sister walked over and started talking to him. Fuck! What’s she saying to him? Oh god, maybe she’s warning him off and he’ll leave. But she wasn’t warning him off; as I got closer I heard her trying to coax him over to our side of the room. She picked up his half drank pint. “Come on, Simon. Come dance with us.” “No honestly, I’m fine over here. I don’t dance.” “If you don’t come and dance I’ll neck your drink.” My sister threatened him, holding the pint glass to her lips to empathize her point. I saw Simon’s expression turn to one of doubtful disbelief, but I know my sister and she has never been the type to say something without meaning it. He didn’t budge, so she downed his half drank pint in one. With that she turned and walked back over to our table, leaving a stunned Simon and me standing, not quite sure what to say to him. “Sorry about that,” was all I could muster up. “I hope she didn’t hassle you too much?” He smiled and my heart did a little flutter. He caught my eyes and a shared look of attraction passed between us. I should have walked away. I know that now, but at the time I was taken by the moment. “No, she didn’t hassle me too much. She was telling me that I should be a little less obvious and how I followed you out the door like a little puppy. It seems I’ve been caught.” I smiled and looked shyly down at my feet. “It does seem as though I need to get another drink,” he picked his empty glass up from the table and laughed. “Can I get you one?” “Yes, please.” The words came out, but inside a ball of guilt formed from letting him buy me a drink when my sister had stolen half of his. I just didn’t want to leave his company. I don’t remember walking over to the bar with him; my head slightly fuzzy from the drink, but mostly down to the unexpected turn of events. I leaned over the bar next to him and our hips brushed each other’s. There was a moment of stillness when we both registered the contact, before I moved away. “What you having?” he asked, turning and looking at me with those deep blue eyes again. “Vodka and coke, please,” I said, with a cheeky Pendik Escort Bayan grin on my face. “What will your sister have?” he asked. I turned and looked at our table around the large brick pillar that was between the bar and my families table. She had half a glass left and I felt bad enough that she’d down his drink. “No, it’s okay. She can share mine. She’s already had a drink off you.” “You sure?” he asked, as he got the money out his wallet to pay for the drinks. “I’m not tight.” “No really, it’s okay, but thanks.” The bar women was getting his change. I bent forward over the bar to take the straw in my mouth and take a sip of the drink he’d bought me. I turned my head and realized that from his leant position over the bar, our faces were next to each other’s. I bit my lip. “Fuck! You’re so gorgeous. Those eyes!” he inveigled. I was ensnared in that moment. Our eyes locked in a powerfully intense gaze. I had no control over the excitement and naughtiness that was lay bare in my expression. He broke away first declaring, “I can’t take anymore. Those eyes!” but like an addict I found his blues looking back deep into my hazel’s in a trice. Suddenly, as he held my stare in an ardent, lustful connection I panicked. Shit! What am I doing? I don’t know what to say. I’m getting myself into something I really shouldn’t here. I still didn’t look away. “You’re a naughty girl aren’t you? I can see it in those eyes. Your eyes are dangerous.” There was nothing but unfaltering lust in his tone. I couldn’t deny it, but the slight flickering and dilation of my pupils must have given me away, as his lascivious expression escalated. He didn’t have to say anything. I hadn’t been saying anything; some things are just clear without words. It’s a feeling you share, it’s a connection made. He could see me. He could see past the mask. It was the first time someone in real life had called me out and I was seduced. I watched the joyous movements of his face when he slid his hand across my waist and over my hips, taking in my curves and womanly shape. “Oh fuck! Your body! It’s fucking beautiful.” His hand continued to explore, never straying anywhere to inappropriate, but still exceptionally intimate. He pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arm around my waist. I couldn’t resist what was fast becoming a drug to me, so I peered back into his intense gaze. We shared our desire through an exchange of deep penetrating stares. “Seriously girl, your eyes are just the sexiest thing ever.” I licked my lips without thinking. He moaned slightly when his eyes followed my tongue. “God! Your lips as well! Give me a kiss.” “No! I can’t. I’m a good girl and I don’t do things like that. I’ve got a man. We’ve been together nearly ten years.” Who am I trying to convince? “You don’t mind me touching you though, do you?” As if to prove his point, he looked down at his hand that was rested on my waist, before sweeping it across my hips and onto my backside. I couldn’t deny it. It felt so good to have his hands on me in those places. I felt so good being treated like that. I didn’t Escort Pendik want it to stop. Even though my eyes and my mind betrayed me, my body pulled away. My conscience was pulling at me to do the right thing. “My family are over there.” I turned and checked on them. They were all dancing and having a good time. None of them paying any attention to what I was up to at the bar. He pulled me into him again. I didn’t pull away, but enjoyed the feel of his denim clad thighs pressing into my body. The thin material of the summer dress offered little restriction. My hand came to his chest. My palm rested on him, putting a barrier between us, but in the process I felt the heat and firmness of his body under his thin sweatshirt. As I pushed myself away my hand skimmed down his torso and I took pleasure in the feel of his body under my flirty touch. That didn’t correspond with my spouting a very feeble, “No.” “I just want one kiss to say thank you for the drink.” I don’t know if he could read me so well that he knew that that would pull at my subservient nature, or if he was chancing it, but I struggled with his logical explanation and command to have me do something. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to kiss him so much. I hadn’t been kissed properly in years, what with my boyfriend not being the sort for passionate kissing. My salacious devil and moral angel took up battle inside me. Blow by blow they fought it out. “I have a good man at home.” My eyes burned into his with a libidinous look, totally deifying the words that passed my lips. “My family will see.” “Come outside with me.” Fuck! What is he doing to me? I considered it. “No. I can’t. You’re going to get me into trouble and I can’t do it.” “You want to though don’t you?” Again, we shared the same unbreakable eye contact. He could read it in my eyes that my answer was. Yes! “I need to get back to my family. It’s a girl’s night out.” I went to pick up my drink, but he caught my hand before it reached its destination. “Just one small kiss. That’s all it is.” “It’s not though is it,” I said with a knowing look on my face. “What about a kiss here then,” he pointed to his cheek. I agonised with what to do for a moment. It can’t be unacceptable to give him a small peek on the cheek, can it? He answered the question for me, by bringing his lips to my cheek. The sensation of his warm, soft lips against my skin mesmerized me for an instant, but I knew his next move would be to go in for a second on the lips, so I pulled back. I had a knowing grin on my lips and a small amused shake of the head. Sharing another look which explained I knew exactly what he was up to, I gave him a small peek on the cheek. With the feel of his soft bristles against my lips, I hesitated before pulling away. I’m so close. I could just kiss him and… No! “Thank you for the drink, Simon. I think it’s time I went back to my family.” I reluctantly went back to my table, although I was glad of the small breather to focus myself and shake some of the lustful haze that had overcome my mind. I practically downed my drink and decided the best way to distract myself was by dancing. I had just relaxed back into dancing and laughing with my family, but part of me was still drawn to wanting to spend time with Simon. I knew what I was doing when I pulled my sister outside for another smoke. We made our way to the empty bench across the street, opposite the pub.

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