Dan’s Birthday


Cheryl, Dan and I have been enjoying our new arrangement quite a bit. It took me a while to get used to seeing Dan with another woman, but I knew it was just sex, not love. Dan and I were closer then ever.

Plus, Cheryl never stepped over the boundaries of our relationship, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to be the cause of any friction between Dan and I.

Anyway, Dan’s birthday was coming up and we wanted to do something special for him, so we took a trip to the adult novelty store in town and started to browse.

We looked at a lot of things (and made a mental note to come back for some others.)

Dan and I had a couple of sex toys, but it was just a vibrating egg and a smooth purple vibrator.

Finally we decided on some bed sheets that had restraints attached to them, and a strap on harness.

Dan had asked me a couple of times in private if I would get one and fuck Cheryl with it. When I mentioned this to Cheryl, she got very excited, “I love it, let’s do it!!”

We made plans for Friday evening. Dan and I were going to catch an early movie, his choice, and then meet up with Cheryl for a late dinner. Then back to our place for dessert.

When we arrived at our house, I grabbed Dan as soon as we got inside and told him “Now for the best present….” And I leaned in and gave him a hot kiss. We had each had a couple drinks at dinner, so we were feeling good.

As we held our embrace, Cheryl moved up against Dan from behind, reached around him and slid her hand to the spot where I was grinding up against Dan’s thick member with my already wet vagina. Cheryl felt Dan’s hard dick and whispered in his ear, “We’re going to give you an evening to remember Danny!”

I pulled Dan by his tie towards the bedroom, and pushed him down on the bed.

Dan sat on the edge of the mattress as Cheryl turned on the stereo.

Cheryl and I started a sexy striptease for Dan, making sure to touch and kiss each other’s hot bodies a lot. We moved swiftly, as we wanted to get to main event, but we made no reservations about fingering each other a little first.

As soon as we were fully naked, we moved towards Dan. I gave him a quick kiss on the mouth, then grabbed my right tit and stuck my long, hard nipple into his mouth.

As Dan was sucking my tit, Cheryl removed Dan’s pants, socks, and underwear. Dan and I broke our embrace long enough for him to pull off his shirt so that now he was completely naked.

I told Dan to stand up so I could remove the duvet off the bed. This was a bit different then our normal routine, but Dan played along.

We had Dan lie down in the middle of the bed. We both went to the foot of the bed and crawled up towards him, meeting at his cock. (Dan had a great dick, and he knew how to use it!)

We took turns licking and sucking his swollen cock until it was gleaming with our spit.

I looked up at Dan and asked him “Dan, do you trust us?” He replied that he did, but there was a bit of wonder in his voice.

We have a great night planned, and part of it is that we want to tie you up. Is that ok?” I asked.

Dan trusted us, and he could see from the nasty look I was giving him that I would make it worth his while. He agreed, and laughed when he saw that we had already dressed the bed with the restraint sheets. We quickly fit Dan’s wrists and ankles into the restraints.

At this point, I moved off to the bathroom to put on my “gear”, leaving Dan and Cheryl alone together. As I left the room, Cheryl was crouching over Dan’s dick and was slowly massaging his balls as she held his cock deep in her throat.

I came back into the room wearing my new toy. The black straps of the harness matching the shiny black colour of the dildo that was attached to it.

We got a medium size one, Reasonably close in size to dan’s real dick actually.

I got a view of myself in the mirror as I made my way to the bed.

It was a sexy sight, my hard phallus protruding from my midsection, offset by my large firm hd porno breasts. I had gotten my hair styled earlier in the day, and I had to admit, I was looking good. I like to work out, so my body was in great shape.

I was more full bodied than Cheryl who was long and lean, with smallish, perky tits. The two of us made quite a sight.

Cheryl had straddled Dan’s face and was slowly jerking him off as he was licking her ass. “Mmm, yeah Dan, I love the way you tongue my asshole!”

I stood up on the bed and offered Cheryl my fake cock. She took it immediately and started simulating oral sex on me. As she pushed down on the head of the toy, it bumped up against my clit, sending quick little waves of pleasure through me.

I think now I know why guys love blow jobs so much. It is really sexy to have a woman sucking your dick.

Now that Cheryl had gotten the dildo nice and wet with her mouth, I moved behind her.

Dan hadn’t noticed the strap on yet, but now it was directly above his head. He was going to get a great view of the action. I kneeled down on the bed and placed the head of my cock at the opening of Cheryl’s vagina.

I rubbed the head along her wet crack. “Oh yeah,” cried Dan. ” This is going to be great.”

Slowly, I slid the shaft of the toy into Cheryl. It slid in pretty easily as she was nice and wet from playing with Dan. I went slow, both of us getting used to the experience.

I thrust into her, and as I did, again the toy bumped against my clit. I thrust it into her a few times slowly, before establishing a rhythm.

As I was doing this, she lowered her head around Dan’s cock and started sucking him off. She was matching my thrusts, pushing back to meet me as I pushed my black plastic dick into her.

I looked down and saw her tight pink asshole. I slowed my rhythm and spit into the dimple of her ass. As I resumed fucking her, I stuck my thumb into Cheryl’s ass.

Cheryl was the one to pick up the speed now. She took Dan’s penis from her mouth so she could moan her approval. “Uhhh, fuck yeah Lynda. You’re fucking me so hard.”

With this I told my husband “Dan, start licking her clit.”

This must have done the trick, as Cheryl started making the sounds of a woman having an orgasm. “Oh…oh…oooohhhhhhyyyeahh”.

When she finished her orgasm, Cheryl pulled away from me, turned around, and took the fake dick into her mouth. “Let me taste it” she said. “I want to taste my cum!”

I leaned forward to let her lick her juices from the dildo. As I did so, I was close enough to Dan’s face that he was able to lick at the bottom end of my pussy.

Once the fake cock was clean, Cheryl said she wanted to try it too. We stood up on the bed above Dan and exchanged the harness. I asked Dan if he was enjoying the show, he said that he was, but that he would love to get his hands free. “Not just yet, my love..” I wanted to keep him tied a bit longer. I was getting off a bit on the control.

We remained standing, poised above Dan so he could have a great view of what was happening.

Cheryl turned me towards the wall and slid the fake cock into me from behind. I was soaking wet from all the action so far, and it didn’t take long for my own orgasm to sweep through me. I had my hands up on the wall as Cheryl fucked me. As she got into a rhythm and started thrusting hard into me, the orgasm ripped through my body. I came quickly, dripping pussy juice onto Dan’s face as we stood above him.

As the orgasm subsided, Cheryl and I lay down on the bed, and started to clean my juices from Dan’s face.

Not wanting to leave Dan out, (it was HIS birthday after all) I took his rock-hard cock in my hand.. “Did you like the little show Dan?” I asked.

“Oh yeah” he replied, “but I’m dying for some action of my own.”

Cheryl took that as her cue to kicks things up a gear or two. “I’ve got some action for you Danny.” She said.

“Lynda…get on Dan reverse cowgirl.” I did as she said and straddled brazzers porno Dan backwards. I slid his cock up into my pussy, and leaned back. As I started rocking back and forth, Cheryl got between Dan’s legs and was alternating between licking my clit and sucking his balls. Cheryl knew what she was doing and made sure everything was well lubricated. We were both enjoying this quite a bit, but again Cheryl had other ideas.

“Ok, Lynda, now put his dick in your ass.” I pulled up off of Dan and leaned back. Cheryl leaned in and started licking my ass. She stuck a couple fingers in my ass to help stretch it out a bit and then directed Dan’s cock to the entrance of my ass. I pushed down slowly, allowing Dan to ease into my rectum. As soon as he was balls deep we started a nice smooth rocking motion. Dan was loving this. Anal sex was part of our regular routine, and Dan always seem to like it best.

As Dan and I got accustomed to our position, Cheryl did something I wasn’t expecting. She lined the dildo up to my vagina. I didn’t know if I could do this, but I decided to try.

I stopped assfucking Dan for a moment, so we could get into the right position. Cheryl slowly pushed the dick into me, making sure I was OK. It was a little painful at first, but this soon subsided and I was filled with a great sense of pleasure. I felt so stuffed.

“Oh fuck, that’s good!” I said.

Cheryl started fucking me, which caused Dan’s dick to piston in and out of my ass as well. It took a minute, but we finally found our rhythm and started pumping hard.

“I can feel the dildo in your pussy” Dan said.

“So can I!” I replied.

I wasn’t able to take too much and soon a huge orgasm was building inside me. “Oh…..oh…oh” I gasped.

“That’s it” Cheryl said, “Let me see you cum!”

I felt an intense wave of pleasure pulse through me. As this wave reached my vagina, I started to squirt. This happened when I had a particularly good orgasm, and this was good.

There was a pause in the action as my body twitched in the throes of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. When I came back to my senses. Dan’s cock was still in my ass, but Cheryl had slipped the strap on out of me. As I was cumming, she had slipped her head down to my squirting cunt and had captured as much of my squirt as she could. She moved up as if to kiss my neck, but then started to spray my juices all over me. She pressed my tits together and sprayed my cum all over them. When she was finished, she leaned forward, lovingly licking my nipples.

Dan, who was still tied down, still hadn’t cum yet. I turned to straddle him, and put his dick back into my ass. I started back into a slow rhythm with him.

“Do you want to cum Dan?” Cheryl asked from behind me.

“Fuck yeah, make me cum.” He replied.

Now Cheryl made a move that neither Dan nor I was expecting. “Now I’m going to give you my present.” she remarked.

I sensed her moving behind and felt her nipples against my back as she got into position.

I felt Dan clench up, but he didn’t say stop. “What are you doing?” he said.

“It’s ok Dan, just relax. Don’t you want to know what it feels like?” asked Cheryl. She started pushing again, and slowly the dildo started to disappear into Dan’s ass.

“Do you like that Dan?” she asked.

“I’m not sure…it’s ok I guess” he replied.

Now we all started to move. As Dan got used to Cheryl reaming him with our new strap on, he started to pick up the pace. Dan was thrusting his dick up into my ass, he felt bigger then ever. Cheryl was matching his thrusts, pushing her fake dick into his ass. The harder he fucked, the harder he got fucked.

After a few minutes Dan gasped out the words, “Oh fuck…I’m going to cum.”

I had anticipated this and quickly slipped his cock out of my ass and brought my mouth to the head of his cock. I started to jerk him off as Cheryl kept reaming my husband.

“Oh yeah, here it comes.” He said. As soon as seks filmi he said that I stuffed his dick into my mouth and felt his orgasm explode in my mouth.

He had a huge orgasm; seven or eight thick globs of cum filled my mouth. As soon as I was sure he had gotten it all out, I let his cock fall from my lips, making sure not to spill any of his creamy white sperm.

I straightened up and moved my face to Cheryl’s. She quickly accepted my invitation, and we French kissed and shared Dan’s birthday load.

We broke our embrace and as I released Dan from his bonds, Cheryl asked him if he enjoyed her present. “A lot more then I thought I would. It’s not something I would want to do a lot, but every now and then, it adds a little spice to the activites.”

Pleased that Dan wasn’t upset with her, Cheryl leaned in and gave Dan a quick kiss. “But, now I want to return the favour” he remarked.

Cheryl agreed that this was only fair and asked him what he had in mind.

“First of all, Lynda’s going to need to put that strap on back on!” he said.

Cheryl handed me the harness and I went to the bathroom to give it a quick cleaning. When I came back into the room, Cheryl was on her knees with her face pushed down on the bed, and Dan was licking her asshole.

I put the harness on and moved towards them.

“Help me out here honey” said Dan. I moved in beside him and the two of us started tongue wrestling as we licked Cheryl ass.

“Mmmm, that’s great” she said.

Dan then started to penetrate he ass with one, and then two fingers, stretching her out.

Quickly, Dan then grabbed some of the lube we had in the nightstand and spread it on Cheryl’s anus. He then stood up on the bed and positioned his dick at the entrance to her tight backdoor. He slipped his dick into her ass and started a nice slow, steady rhythm. I got behind Dan and spread his ass cheeks open. I leaned in and gave his ass a lick.

After a minute or two, Dan asked me to get up on the bed and stick the strap on into Cheryl’s tight cunt. I did as he asked and Cheryl started to moan right away. Dan paused so I could get the fake dick into her, but then we started fucking together. In and out together, giving Cheryl a nice hard pounding. “Oh…Oh…Oh yes, fuck me hard” exclaimed Cheryl. “Don’t stop.”

Dan and I kept it up for a couple minutes and then Dan instructed me “take off the harness, but leave it in her.”

I did as he said.

“Now go get the egg and your little vibrator.”

I got these items from the drawer in the nightstand.

Now Dan directed me to give the egg to Cheryl, who took it and quickly moved it to her clit. Now Dan asked me to “Take the purple one and slide it into her ass beside my cock!”

Cheryl seemed to enjoy the thought as she let out a loud moan and exclaimed “Do it Lynda, fill my ass.”

Dan stopped moving for a moment as I lubed the vibrator and carefully slid it in beside his cock. Cheryl’s ass was stretched tight. “Oh fuck, Dan, yes, fuck my dirty little ass. Fuck it hard.”

Dan started to fuck her hard now, pumping very fast. “Oh yeah, oh fuck, I’m so full. Lynda, your man is fucking me so hard.”

Dan asked me to turn the vibrator on. With this Cheryl started moaning. Dan was getting close to finishing as well. He increased his speed and his balls were slapping against Cheryl with each push.

Then I saw his balls draw up close to his body and he stopped short and let out a growl of sorts. “Uuuuhhhhhh”

Dan pulled out. He hadn’t come just yet. And he asked us to kneel on the floor in front of him. We did as he asked and he started to jerk off. As he came, trails of cum flew from his dick, landing on our tits. When he was done, we massaged his juices into each others chests. Then I leaned forward and cleaned Dan’s cock, coaxing the last few drops of cum out of his now softening cock.

We all quickly showered together; enjoying each others wet bodies, but not starting any more activities. Cheryl went to sleep in the guest room and Dan and I fell into bed. As we lay cuddling, Dan remarked, “Thanks baby, that was a great Birthday.”

“Your welcome lover. I’m glad you enjoyed it” I replied.

“Oh I did.” Dan said and then paused. “And I can’t wait for your birthday!”

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