Dante’s Inferno


Dante’ had a habit of lingering in the college library, although no one really knew why. He wasn’t a scholar and wasn’t very fond of books to begin with. But Elsbeth the librarian, was the reason he stayed. She had a generous beauty about her. Cloaked beneath her prim and proper dress. Dante’ saw beyond all that, her bewitching eyes that twinkled when he would catch her innocently looking at him, the expression of her full pink lips when she was concentrating. The tight bun carefully formed at the back of her head hiding her long auburn hair. All he could think about was what her luscious little body with her voluptuous curves and swells would feel like squirming beneath him.

He watched her everyday memorizing her delicate features, the gentle sway of her hips when he watched her skirts sweep across the hardwood floor. Yes she was perfect, maybe even too perfect. And maybe she was too good for him, although he did not care. All that mattered was the stir she created in his loins and he had to have her.

Elsbeth was born into a devout catholic society. Brought up by Nuns and forced into a life of servitude, to become a bride of the higher being. Remain pure, no thoughts of wicked lust. She was told that boys were the spawns of Satan, they were born bad and forced by their own nature to corrupt innocent girls with their poisonous words.

Dante’ seemed the very condensation of everything she’d been taught about boys, with his brown hair framing a pair of gleaming green eyes set in a strong, square jawed face. His body was hard, with corded muscles that were easily seen beneath his tightly fitted T-shirt and blue jeans. His mouth seemed set in a perpetual smile, whenever she dare glance at him out of the corner of her eye.

For his part, Dante’ had no understanding of her inhibitions… nor did he care, beyond the breaking of them. He would shed her of such limitations as he did her prim little dress. He burned with the very nature that Elsbeth had been warned about.

One Friday afternoon, as the rest of the library customers finished their business and departed, Dante’ made his way to the second story attic, where Elsbeth habitually returned to, filing the older tomes. Propping himself up in a chair, he relaxed while he waited for his prey.

Elsbeth finished closing up the rest of the library shortly thereafter. Dante’ listened as she began locking the main entrances. She sashayed up the stairs to the second floor, as she did every night. Though the building had an elevator as required by law, she preferred to take the stairs. It was by constantly walking and moving during the day, that she maintained a healthy physique. Her soft ass swayed underneath her skirt as she moved, her hips moving in a gentle, almost dance-like motion.

She reached the top of the stairs, grateful this night was over and she could go home to a nice warm bath and a Dickens novel. Something beyond the corridor stirred and she called out. “Shamus is that you? Hello…is someone there?”

Slowly she stepped, inching her way closer, a book in her hand using it as a shield and ready to strike. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The deep baritone voice spoke as he removed the book from her hand in one easy motion.

Elsbeth turned quickly, her glasses flew off of her face as she bumped into something akin to a brick wall.

The force made her stumble backward falling to the floor her skirts bunched up her stocking covered thighs. What a beautiful mess she made Dante’ thought as he chivalrously extended his hand. She slid her soft hand in his as he gently lifted her to her feet. “I’m sorry, are you all right? He questioned although fully amused. He held her there Bayan Eskort for a brief moment staring into her face. Her hair tumbling carelessly down her back, and just what he had been dreaming about all those empty nights. And for the first time he realized just how beautiful she did look without those old maid glasses…

“Old maid…indeed,” he whispered softly raising his free hand to touch a loose tendril.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” her voice shaking more from the heat of his large hand holding her small one and his fingers gingerly playing with her hair. Dante’ dared to pull her closer. Elsbeth tried to loosen her hand from his strong grip, but he held it firm, then tempted to lay it on his beating heart. After all, Dante’ was a rule breaker when it came to women. She felt his hard chest breathing a bit heavy. A large pit began to form in her belly as she felt the blood draining from her face.

This man was real, the closest she would ever get to one in her thirty years. Never did she ever think upon a man with lust in her mind. No that was not what the nuns taught her. She would repent if she allowed this to go further. She could feel the fires of hell casting a stone in her direction and what a cruel punishment it would be! And here she was…alone with the big bad wolf.

Blasphemous! Her mind repeated over and over.

Dante’ began to laugh almost as if he read her thoughts. His rich deep voice filling the dim of the silent room. He knew what she wanted. He knew the little witch was watching him for weeks and wondered what that bulge was in his jeans. Shy kitten indeed…bewitching is what she was and he would have her, every delicious inch of her.

“Come with me…Elsbeth,” he prodded softly. “I want to show you something.”

Elsbeth gasped, as she started to pull away. His strength was incredible- her hand didn’t budge! Instead, he pulled her closer yet. Her eyes widened as his head drew down, towards her own. Her face raised of it’s own accord, as her lips parted.

“Please…” she whispered, just before his mouth touched her lips, as he kissed her, gently. She moaned unconsciously, as her other hand came up to his chest, pushing feebly, but to no avail. His other hand reached around, cupped her luscious ass, and she found herself melting into him, her hands fondling his chest through his tight shirt.

Dante’ pushed his tongue in past her lips, and touched hers with the tip. She was shocked and inexperienced… he now noticed, but what a delectable student she would make. He raped her willing mouth with his hot tongue, and she moaned into his mouth. His other hand released hers, as he cupped both ass cheeks and squeezed. Her hands slid around his massive chest, holding him tightly. All she felt at the moment was this new and invading thrill and she became almost helpless to prevent it.

Elsbeth felt dizzy. His touch was like fire… it burned wherever he touched her. Her knees felt weak, and a word kept running through her mind. Damned… damned… damned… the fires of hell were licking at her. They burned! It was damnation! It was the Inferno. It was… incredible…It was Dante’.

Dante’s hands began to slide up, lifting her bulky sweater. She felt the cool air on her bared flesh, and shivered. He reached the zenith of her breasts. As their lips parted for air, her head leaned back as she tried to catch her breath. He unfastened her bra; it fell to the ground with a soft flutter, yet to her ears it sounded like the hammering of a gavel. Judgment, damnation, and hellfire her lot…

Elsbeth started to softly cry. This shouldn’t be happening! This was wrong! But somehow this felt so right. His hands caressing her, his mouth devouring her heated flesh, in one minute she was just getting ready to leave, and the next she found herself in the arms of a man, but not just any man! Oh why did this have to be?

Dante’ saw her tears, and felt something other than lust. Concern. She should not be weeping. This incredible woman should never be brought to tears! She should have smiles and laughter every moment! His mouth moved up to her eyes, and licked away the salty drops. She gave a soft moan and held herself still. His tongue felt so good! It traced it’s way down her cheeks, then painted lines of fire across her neck, down to her throat. Her head thrown back, she felt him kiss and lick her, the predator at her throat….”Elsbeth,” he breathed, “Let me love you.”

Dante’ nibbled the aching pulse at the base of her throat bringing himself lower, he took one soft peaked nipple and began to suckle, gently. Elsbeth could no longer contain her innocence feeling this warmth begin to form between her thighs as she slightly opened them and slid one leg up to his hip. He held it there.

This incredible man awakened the fire that dwelled deep within her and she was beyond all logic. Everything she had been taught was finally reaching an end. This meant no stopping. She felt his hand slip between her legs nudging them open beneath her skirt. He raised her up onto the desk and laid her back, pausing once more for any sign of rejection, but then he was rewarded with a moan as his fingers brushed the folds of her moist pussy.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered. She ran her hands through her long hair feeling his words stimulate her as he held her. Dante’ unbuttoned her skirt and slid it down, allowing it to drop to the floor. She was naked save for the white lace panties and cream colored stockings held by a garter. He wasted no time in removing them. He sucked in a deep breath when he was finally able to see her fully naked before him. Then removed his T-shirt leaving only his jeans. He did not want to frighten her but wanted her ready to accept him when the time came.

He grabbed the chair and placed it in front of her opened thighs then sat down. Dante’ raised her legs over his shoulders. “Elsbeth…I promise you will enjoy this.”

Her eyes widened like saucers as his slick experienced tongue began to circle her pussy lips. His hands rested on her soft ass while he held her close. She closed her eyes and began to grind her hips against him, her moans became cries as he licked and sucked on her soft flesh. Her legs began to shake and Dante’ slid his thumb into her pussy, enough to make her cry out from the new intrusion. But she was so far into oblivion at this point all she began to feel was this strong ache for something she couldn’t understand but knew she had to have.

“Dante’ please.” She moaned loud.

“Please what baby?” he paused, then returned to his mission.

“I need…I neeeeed!”

Elsbeth shook uncontrollably as this euphoria took over her body. She couldn’t stop it, nor did she want to. He knew exactly what she needed just as he brought her to her core. He licked at her tortured skin faster watching her hot little body twist and turn against him. His cock bulged heavily against the zipper of his jeans threatening to explode at any given moment. He closed his eyes tight against the urge her moans and his mouth on her virgin skin was enough to send him falling deep over the edge of his own abyss.

He made her cum once more knowing this one final time that she would be ready for him.

He unleashed himself and Elsbeth suddenly felt it’s hard sleek surface against her wet folds. “Dante’!” she screamed as he pressed against her virgin passageway. He held his breath; she was so unbelievably tight, so pure. He felt her maidenhead then paused.

“Elsbeth, trust me. This will hurt briefly but will soon go away. Do you trust me?”

His eyes were pleading. She nodded her head, he said something incoherent and shoved.

She raised her hips in pain, “Take it out! You’re too big!” she screamed and twisted. Blood spilled on him. The pressure hurt him a bit too, but she was so wonderfully tight. Dante’ didn’t dare move. He felt the need to cum in one instant but he knew he couldn’t. She felt so good wrapped around his cock. The warmth spread over him like a rushing wave. He barely heard her cries the echo was so loud in his ears. He wanted her for months, and now he had her. She was finally his.

Suddenly aware of her nails biting his skin he opened his eyes. She looked so beautiful. He wiped her tears then kissed her coaxing her mouth open. He slid his tongue inside, playing with hers. She did not yield yet, so he continued. Dante’ began kneading her ass in his hands and she responded, pressing himself a little deeper into her. Then her sobs became soft moans at first as she became accustomed to his size, although the pain was still there. He moved within her gently but he couldn’t abstain very long. All he could do to keep her there was kiss her. He felt the blood on his back from her nails and growled against her body. That pushed him over the edge just as he was reaching into his own oblivion.

He moved a bit harder, his thrusts beginning to pound deeper. Elsbeth finally yelled out his name and he was undone, his seed building for an uncontrollable explosion. Desperate to ensure her own pleasure, he reached down with his fingers, and seized hold of her rigid clitoris.

Elsbeth shrieked at the sudden burst of sensation. Her nails drew more blood from his back, pulling a hoarse howl of his own. He stared down into her beautiful face, glistening with tears, contorted with an expression of utter delight and despair as she screamed for the sake of her forever damned soul, but then didn’t care as she reached a point of no return and poured her creamy juices.

Dante’s seed burst forth from him in hard, streaming jets. Elsbeth groaned in wanton delight at the sensation, wrapping her legs around him, milking him with her tight passage. Her nails raked his back, leaving the bloody streaks as she joined him in rapturous climax.

When Dante’s rigid form finally slumped over her, Elsbeth’s face had undergone a remarkable transformation. A lazy, sate smile flirted about her lips, as she gazed up at him lovingly. Dante’ grinned back at her, then kissed her, softly. The two lovers held each other, savoring the afterglow, as in her womb, a tiny miracle occurred.

Six months later, Elsbeth hummed happily to herself, as she finished filing away the last of the returned books. Her ass swayed invitingly beneath her maternity dress, as she bent down to put away the last book on the bottom shelf.

Quietly positioning himself behind her, Dante’ gripped her hips and pushed his groin into her, letting her feel his hardness through their clothes. Elsbeth gasped, then looked over her shoulder at him, smiling wickedly. She stripped herself down to bare skin in a flash, as he did likewise.

Elsbeth groaned in satisfaction, as Dante’ entered her in one hard thrust. His hands reached around her pregnant belly then cupped her swollen breasts, heavy with milk. As she was being taken in brutal, swift motions, Elsbeth purred like a kitten, moving her hips with him like a wanton slut, the golden band on her finger glinting as she clutched the shelves for support. For Dante’ was all she would ever want, all she would ever need, and the promise of a lifetime of golden promises.

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