Dare Chain Pt. 01


The day was drawing to a close, Professor Myers was gathering up her materials after her last class of the day. It had been a long day, her body was stiff, her voice strained and she was looking forward to heading home for the weekend. As she packed away her things, her mind wandered to some of her previous Friday night routines in a different season of life. The anticipation of seeing her partner Lynn, meeting for a drink, going to see some live music, a night brimming with the potential for intimacy.

It had been over a year since she lost her, but not enough time for the notion of being alone in a world without her to feel more like anything than a bad dream. She knew the night that awaited her now was going to probably involve immersing herself in erotic fiction, grazing for amateur lesbian porn and hopefully finding release for the unsatisfied carnal urges that still churned inside her. Stephanie while a stoic academic by day, had always been an intensely sexual being. Her appetites had only grown more demanding as she had matured. Her partner Linda had played a large part in this growth, breaking down barriers and challenging preconceptions on what was possible in the realm of sexual exploration.

While these evenings alone were not as connective, she was looking forward to stirring her mind and body and finding satisfaction in a fashion that had become her new normal. She had actually found that her drive was becoming more un-caged, her thoughts drifting more during the day where as in the past she had been able to separate her worlds with a greater degree of control. She could even now feel a warmth building between her legs. She enjoyed the sensation, squeezing her thighs together she could feel the moist ripeness of her sex waiting to be attended to.

A voice pierced her thoughts, startling her a bit.

“Professor Myers, do you have a moment?”

One of her students was standing in the doorway. The face took a few seconds to register, Alyssa was not one of her more outgoing students, usually sitting in the back of the room, attentive, but reserved. She was attractive in a wholesome, unpretentious way. A slightly rounded face, freckles and understated make up further illustrated her desire to avoid attention.

“Of course Alyssa, how can I help you?” Forcing herself to quickly shift back into her professional persona.

“I was hoping to talk to you about our upcoming assignment, do you have a moment?”

Stephanie sensed a tension in the young woman, but in the moment she chalked it up to shyness.

“Uh yeah, I was just heading back to my office bursa escort for a bit before leaving for the day, would you like to join me?”

She was not thrilled with the prospect of extending her day, but she tried to be available for her students and there was an unspoken urgency in the young woman’s face.

“That would be great Professor.”

As they walked the campus heading back to her office, making small talk along the way, Stephanie could feel the cool autumn air licking at the moisture from her sex. She could smell Alyssa’s perfume in the breeze and she begin to enjoy what she imagined would be her last taste of socialization before a weekend of solitude.

As they arrived at the hallway leading to Professor Myer’s corner office she noticed Alyssa’s responses were becoming increasingly short, as if she was pre-occupied or distracted. She opened the door, clicked on the light and closed the door behind them.

“Please have a seat.” Stephanie said as she moved toward the coat hanger next to the door.

Alyssa stood motionless, as if she was lost in a world of her own.

Professor Myer hung her coat and turned towards the girl.

“Alyssa are you ok?”

Abruptly the girl turned and without making any eye contact, she took a step toward the Professor and dropped to her knees. In a quick motion she lifted Stephanie’s dress up and buried her face at the apex of her legs.

To say that Stephanie was shocked would not do justice to the reality bending wave that washed over her at that moment. It was like being frozen in place, looking down at the top of the girls sandy brown hair as her face disappeared under her skirt. In that moment it was as if this was all happening to someone else and she was observing it from some higher vantage point.

In any other point in Stephanie’s life the risk management portion of her brain would of rushed into action and called a stop to this unexpected advance, but the ground work had been laid inside her nature, the field had been tilled for a sensual adventure and her subconscious wanted this more than she even knew.

So seconds turned to minutes, not a word said, her back leaning against the cold, hard wall. The only sound that disturbed the quiet office late on a Friday afternoon when most had left for the weekend was the suckling and murmuring sounds rising up from beneath her. While her legs had gradually parted, she had resisted the temptation to extend her hand down to caress Alyssa’s hair. Some portion of her viewed the touching as the official line of consent, as if altıparmak escort just standing there accepting having her crotch lapped through her now sodden panties by a first year student wasn’t condemnable on it’s own.

This false barrier was breached, however, when Alyssa pulled the Professor’s panties to the side and applied the roughness of her tongue to the hot flesh of her outer lips. Stephanie gasped, almost overcome by the sensation, her legs beginning to shake, both hands reaching down to cup the back of her students head. She took the bunched up edges of her dress from the girl’s hands and raised them even higher, wanting to see fully what she was now feeling in her core. The young freckled face student’s face buried between her parting folds, her neck crooked upwards at an unnatural angle. It was a surreal sight almost as erotic as the feelings of moist devotion she was receiving from the eager woman’s mouth.

They finally locked eyes and the intimacy unleashed the restrained sexual rawness of Stephanie’s nature.

“Oh god yes, eat me…fuck yes, eat my pussy.”

Alyssa seemed to quicken her efforts, lapping up and down, off set by nuzzling her lips and chin from side to side creating a wonderful blend of soaked friction and visual depravity.

Stephanie was now fully lost in the moment, her entire being was existing in the now, unfettered by ethical concerns or potential consequences.

“Stick your tongue out, fuck me…fuck my hole Alyssa.”

Hearing the girl’s name slip from her own mouth was almost enough to shock her back to her senses, but just then she felt the narrowed tongue of her young lover pierce her inner lips, delving wildly into her molten hot sex.

“Fuuuuuck, oh god.” Stephanie cried out, loud enough for someone who was in the hallway to have heard if they had been walking by.

Stephanie’s eyes became transfixed on her students face, flushed red, sweat beading on her forehead and dampening her hair. A look of glazed resolve beaming from her green eyes. A single stream of pussy juice running down the side of her neck. She could take no more, craning her neck upwards to the ceiling she closed her eyes and allowed the tactile sensations of fucking wash over her. She felt Alyssa’s hands cup her own clammy ass cheeks, squeezing with purpose as her tongue drove into her rhythmically, over and over and over again.

The thick smell of feminine sex mixed with perspiration filled the small room. Stephanie loved this smell, she loved the memories it evoked, the freedom it suggested and base görükle escort instincts it tapped into.

Stephanie felt alive again, she felt powerful again, a withering sense of self blossomed new growth, introducing her senses to the full range of emotions that she was capable of experiencing.

She moved one hand to the back of her devoted students head and clinched a ball of hair, tugging her back. Alyssa looked surprised, as if pulled from a deep dream. Stephanie let the moment breathe, as she surveyed the young woman from above, slick with cum, a question slowly forming in her expression.

Stephanie loved these moments, when the veils between civility and primal drives are ripped away. She gazed down at the girl’s attractive and expressive face. A face belonging to an intelligent, conscientious young woman, but at this moment transformed with consent into a tool of sexual gratification. A tool not unlike a hardened dick or a lubricated dildo meant for one purpose. Stephanie found liberation in the transforming powers of lust, wiping clean the illusions of self, until nothing is left, but unprocessed need.

She wiped the creamy residue from Alyssa’s chin, collecting a strand in one of her fingers bringing it to her own mouth. She wrapped her lips around her fingers and let out a guttural moan of satisfaction, savoring the tangy flavor of her own essence. It was enough to trigger the cascading motion of her own orgasm.

“Suck my clit Alyssa, I’m cumming.”

The suction of the girls soft, ample lips wrapped around her engorged bud sent her body into a deep, convulsing release. She grabbed the base of Alyssa’s neck under her hair and held her mouth to her pulsing, seeping pussy.

Her orgasm rolled over her hard and deep, finally running it’s course. Stephanie bucked her hips a few last times, as if adding the last few brush strokes to a canvas already wet with paint.

Stephanie staggered back to her chair almost collapsing on the way, resting her head back and closing her eyes. She soon sat up quickly when she heard the door close shut. She was now alone in her office, as her mind begin to wrestle with implications of the last half hour.

She rose to her feet and then noticed a white envelope left on the floor next to the door. She reached down and opened it as her heart beginning pounding against her chest as she read it’s contents. It appeared to be a pre-fab template with hand written portions added in.

“Welcome to the Dare Chain,

We thank you for being our most recent link and invite you to continue our chain at your earliest convenience.

While we expect your participation to be voluntary, we feel obligated to inform you that a recording of your experience will be forwarded to your employers, family and friends if this chain is broken.

Please read below for your next link experience.”


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