Date at the museum


Date at the museum(The next story is just a translation from another story of mine already on this site)January 2017. I remember this like a photograph.I was 18 years old, I was texting on whatsapp with Esme, my former girlfriend, about our next date and the things we did on the previous one, and how I asked her to wear less tight pants for obvious reasons. We wanted to go fro pizza at 3PM and I asked her what else she had in mind:ME: After eating, what else would you like to do?ESME: We should go to the museum, it is close.YO: I like that, why do you want to go to the museum?Esme: I want to show you some history about the human body.I was already finding out what she wanted to say, so we stopped texting and went to sleep. Saturday morning arrived and she texted me some nice pics of her, I patiently waited for 3 PM and I found her on the bus stop, saw her from the back and said hi. There she was Esme, short height, thicc and chubby, clear blonde and long hair, wearing blue leopard print blouse, a pair of clear blue jeans that shaped her beautiful and a pair off black boots. We hugged and I felt how happy she was of being with me; We were on our way to eat pizza and both of us were saying jokes about what we were going to do that day:Esme: by the way, I did what you asked me last week, and today I’m wearing some old jeans, a little loose.I simply couldn’t know what to expect.Arriving to the pizza place, we couldn’t appart our eyes from each other.Esme: Right know I’m on princess mode sarıyer escort (that means we couldn’t do anysexual stuff)ME: Then I’m on gentleman mode.Esme: *Uses her leg to touch mine and my crotch down the table.ME: *Nervous I tell her to keep it cool*ME: *Holding her hands* I just want to remind you, there are moments were you are my princess, this is one of them, whatever we do today, we must take care, take our time, and remember you will always be mine. I saw in her eyes how she ctually listened to me, finding outmore about her plan.Finished dinner and have a frinedly walk. She started walking faster, so I followed her holding hands.Arriving at the museum, it was closing in an hour, she paid both entrances and took me to the most hidden place. Just some stairs up and she said “Here it is. Do not ask me who told me of this place.” Her hands on the botton of her pants and I don’t forget what she said to me: “you know why I brought you here, right?. Before I could answer anything, she dropped her pants to the level of her white asscheeks, laid against the wall, giving me the best view of her red thong that I had no idea she ever had. I was there jaw open, freezed. She always said about having a small ass, but that moment, it was inmense, I couldn’t keep my hands away from it.The first thing I did was grabbing her waist and get her ass close to me, taking my hand to her vagina and the other to her boob, putting esenyurt escort two fingers inside, she turned her head from the pleasure, I was jerking and kissing her, listening to a few moans.Then, she took her blouse, for my surprise she ws wearing my favorite bra, black with a circle on the middle, perect for my dick. Pulling up the bra, showing her boobs with dark and erect nipples, it was amazing. I unbottoned my pants and she dropped my underwear, my erection bounced on front of her face, proceed to masturbate me up anf foen looking at my eyes. I said “taste it a little, if you want. She gave a kiss to my dick, then another, and other, and she put it inside of her mouth. When it was outside, I cockslapped her a little, I could see she was a little awkward, but she liked it. Grabbed my phone and she said “all you want” and I took some pictures and a short video while she masturbated me, with her nasty smile.We heard a far noise, we dressed inmediately and went out without being seen. Still inside of the museum, I helped her to fix her blouse, she rimmed her ass against me with such a naughty smile. Nobody was around, looking at each other eyes we realized we wanted more. Quickly we went back to the hidden place, my dick and her asschecks and boobs outside, she keeped jerking me using my dick to touch her nipples. She stand up saying: “I’m all yours” I answered don’t say that…” She just repeated it louder. I couldn’t resist, my hand ALL over avrupa yakası escort her body, then I kissed her neck, her boobs, her belly and her pussy at last, while grabbing both of her boobs, I could feel how she liked it while closing my head between her legs, turning her to kiss and spank her ass.We were almost done, her vagina was wet and I said: “Do you want me to cum?” she said yes and I said “I need a little more…” Proceeded to put my dick between her boobs and give me a titjob, she knew how I like them. Looking those boobs up and down around my dick was beautiful, even more, when she dropped her bra nd there was I, my dick in my favorite bra and boobs in the world, my greatest fantasy was happening. Her naughty look, her body, everything was perfect for my orgasm. Pulled out my dick and there was my princess, on her knees, grabbing her boobs, waiting for my cum. I needed some minutes but I made it, told her get ready ’cause here it comes, three shots came from my dick, one to her belly and the other two to her boobs, even a little on her face. There was I, dripping on the floor and she with the biggest smile looking to the ceiling, knowing she made her guy cum like never on his life. Touched some of the cum and spread it on her boobs saying “it’s cold…” We were like that for some seconds and I cleaned her with some paper from my pocket, she got dressed and I spanked her a little.We went out of the museum just in time before it closed, talking about how we could get better at this and trying again because we were nervous, it was quite emotional, to be honest.For last, we saw the pics and I delete them for respect to the moment, besides they didn’t looked quite good.This is the story about one date, probably I’ll post more stories with here.Please comment what do you think and if you want more stories.

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