DateEach day she would awaken with the hope to feel his touch. She’d shower in the mornings and carefully shave her pussy the way he had requested. Her silk panties rubbing lightly against her barren flesh would cause her juices to flow. She was in a constant state of arousal. A sexual frenzy from which there was no escape. Masturbation was now a twice-daily event. The first Friday evening finally arrived and she found herself literally on the edge of her seat. She felt certain that he would repeat the previous pattern and make contact with her at some point that evening. Again she refused an outing with the gang, complaining of a migraine and a desire to go to bed early. Anticipation mounted as the evening progress; but as midnight approached, she gave up all hopes of hearing from him. She went to bed feeling empty and rejected. Tossing and turning all night, she awoke tired and irritated. As was routine, she headed downstairs to shower and shave, all the while wondering why she bothered to maintain herself in this way. But as she reached the foot of the stairs, there was a knock at the door. Closing her bathrobe, she opened the front door to find a cheerful young delivery boy holding a package addressed to her. It was wrapped carefully in black high gloss paper and tied with a black silk ribbon. Signing for the parcel she offered to tip the lad, but he refused, stating that he had already been well compensated for his efforts. He politely tipped his hat and started off. Closing the door she turned the meticulously wrapped parcel over and over in her hands. Then unable to stand the suspense any further, she tore into it. Inside she found a lovely summer sweater, a stylish silk skirt, stockings and a garter… all black. Along with the garments was a note. Dinner/9:00 tonight. She knew right away whom it was from. He was always so cryptic in his requests. The rest of the day was a total loss.8:45. She was ready and sitting in her living room, counting the minutes. At exactly 9:00 he pulled into her driveway. She waited for him to knock, then hesitated a moment before opening the door. She did not want to appear to eager. He seemed pleased that she was wearing the gifts that he had sent her and pulled her close into a warm embrace. Running his hand down her back he crossed over the strap of her bra and pulled her away in dismay.”Why do you insist on offending me in this way?” he announced with an annoyed tone.”What do you mean?” she asked confused. He reached down the front of her sweater and grabbed her bra roughly in his right hand.”What is this?” he asked as his left hand made its way up her thigh to her crotch and grabbed at her panties. “And this here” he added. “These were not a part of my gifts… take them off” he ordered.”Yes Sir” she responded quite shocked. She turned to head upstairs and he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.”Here” he stated firmly, “I like to watch you undress”. She followed his command and removed the garments, placing them in his outstretched hand. He deposited queenbet güvenilirmi both items in his breast pocket after she had finished dressing, then led her out the door.”Wait, it is quite cool this evening. I need to grab a jacket” she pleaded.”No you don’t” he smiled and led her to a truck that he had borrowed from a friend. “Rule number four, You never touch a door handle” he stated as he opened the door and moved her toward it. Then he pulled her skirt up over her ass for the whole neighborhood to see and instructed her to get in. Embarrassed, she sat her bare ass on the cold vinyl seat. She nervously looked about to see if anyone had noticed. He secured the door, walked around to the drivers’ side and climbed behind the wheel. They drove to the restaurant in silence. He neither spoke to her nor did he touch her in any way. It was as if she was not there at all. Upon parking the truck he went around and opened the door for her as any gentleman would. He reached towards her in what she thought was a gesture to help her out of the high vehicle, but instead he raised her sweater and began kneading her breasts with cold fingertips. while continuing to play with her, moving his attention to her now hard buds… “Their nipples” he stated as he turned to look her in the eyes. “They are so hard and firm. Able to withstand the powerful suckling of their young and still stand up proud and eager to provide on demand” he announced as he watched carefully for her response. He smiled, pulled down her sweater and marveled at his accomplishments. Her little buds stood up hard and pert, straining at the fabric of his gift. “Now that’s the way I like to see them,” he insisted as he ran a finger over her yearning little buttons of lust. “Dinner is waiting, come” he beckoned as he led her out of the truck. He had called ahead and reserved a table in the more secluded area of the VIP lounge. As they were seated, a waitress arrived to take their order. He, off course, ordered for both of them, not caring to ask if she approved. They made small talk till the food arrived. As soon as the waitress left however, he told her to move to the front edge of her chair. Then he slid his foot out of his shoe and removed his sock, and placed the ball of his foot against her pussy. “Spread your lips so I can feel your clit” he whispered across the table to her. She complied and he began to massage her while she ate. “Now remember, no orgasm without consent” he reminded her as he felt her growing wetter and more engorged. It was maddening! She could barely sit still. He stomach was so tied in knots that she could hardly swallow. She was sure that someone would notice but he did not seem at all concerned. The waitress returned with a dessert menu in hand and asked if he would like to order anything further. “No thank you, just some coffee please and perhaps the check” he responded. “I seem to have all the dessert I need with me right here,” he added as he drove his big toe deep into her hot vagina. queenbet yeni giriş She jumped slightly and the waitress gave her a strange look. Her embarrassment grew. The check was paid for and he withdrew his toe; replacing his sock and shoe in a most obvious fashion. He escorted her out of the restaurant, leaving her bra and panties on the floor beneath the table. Approaching the truck he opened the door for her as before, but held her back for a moment. He reached into the glove box and extracted a small bottle of scented oil, and dumped its’ contents onto the vinyl seat. Then he pulled up her skirt and motioned her to get in. He climbed in behind the wheel and drove off. Her hot snatch slid slightly on the cold wet vinyl, stimulating her and pushing her lust higher. He ordered her to spread her pussy open to allow her clit to fully contact the seat.He watched her raise the front of her skirt and slide her fingers under her pubic bone in compliance. He took the skirt hem from her hand and tucked it into the waistband. “Spread your legs so I can see your beautiful cunt”, he instructed her. As she did, he cautioned her again about orgasms, then started to alternate between accelerating and decelerating in quick jerking motions. She slid mercilessly back and forth along the vinyl seat. Within a few moments she was begging for permission to cum. He simply laughed at her. She tried to focus on something other than the ragging want that was building inside of her, but it was hopeless.Before long she began to explode as a torrent of sexual desire ripped through her. She grabbed the dash for support, moaning loud and repeatedly as he slammed the truck to a halt at the side of the road. He got out and walked around to her side of the truck, flung open the door and demanded she get out. She was so weak that she could barely stand. Her legs collapsed underneath her and she fell to the ground. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her to her feet, demanding that she undress immediately.”Undress, here.”She pleaded, “No please!””You have been disobedient and do not deserve the gifts that I offered you, now return them to me at once” he said sternly with his hand outstretched. Trembling and crying she stripped as he surveyed her every move. He tore the clothing from her hands and led her into the back of the truck. Inside the cap, attached to the cab, hung two leather straps. He secured both her wrists and snapped the hatch back shut; leaving her naked on the cold steel box bed. He drove for about fifteen minutes before parking in front of a small pub just off of the main drive. He locked the truck and went inside, leaving her bound in the back. Terrified and freezing she sat quietly hoping for his return; praying not to be discovered in that way. It was a good 30 minutes before she saw him again. He went straight into the cab and proceeded to pull away without a word. He drove the vehicle onto a small deserted road, then turned the engine off. She started to tremble lightly. He flew queenbet giriş open the tailgate and stared at her sternly. “Why do you do this? Why do you disobey me and force me to have to punish you?” he asked her. Her mind raced. She was beginning to think that she had gotten herself mixed up into something that she could not handle. Yet she was so incredibly horny. More so than she had ever remembered in her entire life. He moved up into the back and pulled down his zipper, shoving his hardened cock into her face. He forced his tool into her mouth and ordered her to suck him, holding tight to her hair so she could not pull away. Scared and vulnerable, she slid her hot mouth along his shaft with increasing intensity as his rage was slowly replaced by lust. His hips were jerking wildly as she was sucking his long hard tool, stroking him with her warm tongue. He gave in to the pressure building within and shot his load into her mouth. “Now swallow it!” he ordered as he watched to make sure that she complied. He shoved two fingers inside her cunt and started to work her from within. God she loved this. She was no longer afraid. He brought her to the edge of orgasm then stopped and stepped back from her. “You have already had your orgasm for this evening whore” he instructed her. He undid the straps and threw her clothing down beside her, then went back to the cab and got in behind the wheel. Quickly she dressed and walked to the passenger side of the vehicle. He reached over and swung the door open. She climbed in and they drove off. Barely saying a word to each other.Arriving at her home he pulled into the drive and walked around to open her door. He escorted inside and lifted her sweater once again. He examined her breasts for a moment. “A woman’s’ breasts are an expertly designed gift from God, meant for two purposes. One is the nurturing of the young and the other is for the delight of the male of the species” he went on.”I enjoy the site of your erect nipples and from now on I want to see them at all times” he demanded. He took two small black ribbons from his front pocket and presented them to her. Then he pinched both her nipples, pulling them forward into hard little knobs. He tied a ribbon around each one, snugging it down around their base. “This is my color and with this ribbon I claim these nipples as my own” he announced.”From now on I want you to have them bound with ribbon whenever you are in my company” he commanded firmly. He kissed her on the cheek and left. She watched him drive away then started towards the shower as the phone rang. She answered it and was surprised to hear his voice again so soon. “Leave the ribbon on till morning” he requested firmly from his cell phone. “I want you to feel the tightness of its grasp and how your body submits to my will. I want you to imagine that it is my fingers squeezing them into an alert position” he insisted. “But I was going to take a shower” she replied. “Are you questioning me?” he shot back. “No Sir, of course you are right,” she said obediently. Screw the shower! She was still so excited that she went directly to her bed. She masturbated herself to orgasm two times before she was too tired to move any longer. She rolled over in exhaustion and tried to sleep. The sheets on her bed caressing her erect nipples.

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