Daughter Mine Ch. 01


She wasn’t really my daughter – just a waif that we took in when my wife was alive. We gave her a home with the same care and understanding that we gave our own children when raising them.

Gabby had been away for some months now – having moved back to the Midwest where she got a good job and was putting her life back together after a horrendous time of life in the south.

It seems like just yesterday when she showed up at the front door – in tears – telling me how everyone hated her and picked on her so. So she had pulled up stakes and came to me – the only place she had ever known where she could just let go and be herself.

I had no sooner sat down when she crawled onto my lap – putting a strain on my recliner. Arms around my neck – her face was buried there as she sobbed and whispered her story to me.

I had one arm around her and the other hand draped gently on her bare thigh for Gabby was one who loved short skirts. This denim skirt of hers was shorter than short and quite easily rode up to her hips every time she sat. This time there was a neat white triangle peeking at me – her little white lacy thong. And my cock began stirring.

Gently, I stroked her naked thigh – caressing it from the knee to as far as I dared – slowly inching my way to her thong. Her ragged breath and the squirming of her naked butt cheeks against my cock told me the effect my fingers were having on her. And the moisture seeping from her pussy was beginning to run down her silky inner forming a pool – soaking her short skirt and my lap.

Gabby squirmed around on my lap and raising her head – she kissed me. Long and slow as lovers do. Her searching tongue pried my lips apart as it invaded my mouth. I sucked slowly on her tongue as my fingers found the lacy thong and traced the outline of her cunt lips as I pressed a finger home to her clit. Stroking her – slowly and deliberately – I could feel her heart beating rapidly – keeping time with her breath.

I pulled my mouth from hers. “Gabby, there’s more room on the loveseat,” I said. “You’ll have to get up so we can move over there.”

She Mecidiyeköy Escort rose – not even attempting to lower her skirt. I got up and sat on the loveseat and Gabby straddled my legs – one knee pressing on each of my hips as she faced me. Unzipping her denim skirt – she pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. Now there was only her skimpy top and her little white lacy thong between us.

She leaned forward and kissed me again. This time we both played a little duel with our tongues – each fighting for control – neither winning. Gabby squirmed on my lap – grinding her crotch into my cock. I was rock hard by now.

“Gabby, sit up,” I said. When she did – I took the hem of her top and raised it – slowly and deliberately over her head until it was off her. My breath caught in my throat at the loveliness of her. Her small 34b breasts were perfectly formed. No wonder she didn’t need or wear a bra. The left was pierced and had a small gold ring through it.

Leaning her back on the footrest of the loveseat – I leaned over and began sucking on her nipples. First the right – then more gently with the left. I was almost afraid I would break something, she seemed so delicate.

Pulling her up, I kissed her again. As I did, I slipped a finger past the elastic of her thong and gently nudged her cunt lips – swollen with desire and moist with her essence.

She drew away from me and rested her head in the hollow of my neck as I stroked her pussy – working her to a fever pitch – as she sucked on my neck – harder and harder. I should have a beauty of a hickey tomorrow. Who cares?

I inserted a finger inside her – searching for her “G” spot – that special little spongy spot that drives a woman wild when it is stroked just right. I found it and rubbed. Gabby ground her hips so hard against my cock that I was in pain.

She quit sucking on my neck. Raising up just a little, Gabby whispered in my ear, “I want to suck your cock, Daddy.” “Tell me I can suck your cock.” “I want to please you, Daddy.” “Teach me, please. Teach me how to suck your Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan cock the way you want it done.”

“Gabby – any way you sucked my cock would be just fine. Just suck it the same way you were just sucking on my neck and it’ll be fine.”

Gabby got up off me and said, “Come – let’s go into the bedroom where it’s more comfortable.” Looking at my cock tenting my shorts, she giggled. Turning on her heel, she sauntered toward the Master Bedroom – hips swinging and butt cheeks rolling. She always did have a pretty ass – soft and pliable and so active under those slinky dresses she wore.

I followed her into the bedroom, stripping off my shorts and T-shirt on the way. Gabby stopped at the foot of the bed and turned – enveloping me in her soft arms and we kissed again.

Leaning forward, I pushed her toward a seat on the foot of the bed as I peeled her soaked thongs from her. She was absolutely lovely. There wasn’t a trace of her coal black hair around her pussy. It was totally naked of any hair at all.

I placed a hand on her breastbone and forced her back – into a lying position with her feet still on the floor. Kneeling between her legs, I lifted one leg at a time and placed her heels on the bed – spreading her knees far apart so that I could drink in the beauty of her cunt. Her cunt lips were swollen and red – indicative of her desire. Her clit – hard and protruding – begging to be sucked.

I leaned over her. “Gabby, watch my eyes,” I instructed. And I took her clit in my mouth. Sucking on it gently – then hard – tonguing he sopping pussy as I reached down to her anus. She was leaking so much juice that it was an easy chore to insert on finger into her ass. Stroking it in and out as I sucked her clit and licked her juices from her pussy.

All this time Gabby was moaning. Finally she could stand it no more and she closed her eyes as she began thrashing – forcing her pussy hard against my mouth – reaching her first climax.

Standing, I took her hands and pulled her upright – into a sitting position. Inching forward, Escort Mecidiyeköy Gabby’s mouth opened and enveloped the huge mushroom head of my cock – sucking me slowly but deliberately inside her hot cavity until I reached the back of her throat.

Slowly she withdrew from my cock – then buried it deep inside her mouth again. Over and over – taking as much of my cock as she could until it hit the back of her throat. On one stroke, she paused – with my cock buried inside her mouth – then pushed – forcing more of it inside until I entered her throat. The bulge of my cock in her throat was almost obscene – yet, as she worked the muscles of her throat, milking me – I was almost on the verge of cumming. I pulled out.

Pushing her back down on the bed, I poised with my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Rubbing her pussy with the mushroom head of my cock – opening her up – I pressed it home. Her pussy was so tight even her copious juices didn’t allow me to be fully imbedded in her on the first stroke. So tight – so tight. I had to work my cock slowly in and out of her forcing one small inch at a time until I finally had my length inside her – pressing against the mouth of her womb – then finally slipping inside.

“Oh, Daddy,” Gabby cried. “You’re so big.” “Slow down and let me get used to you.”

Slowly I withdrew my cock until just the head was inside her – then pushing forward gently until I bottomed out again – then repeating the strokes. Soon, Gabby’s pussy was relaxed enough for some serious fucking. I began to hammer her. Hard and fast – working her pussy juices into a frothy mixture – as I slammed my cock deep inside her with each downward stroke.

“Gabby, I’m about to cum,” I said. “Let me pull out.”

With that, I pulled my cock out of her. Gabby sat up and immediately forced my cock deep into her throat and began milking me until I came. Spurt after spurt – my hot cum soaked the inside her mouth as she continued to stroke me as she began to swallow my cum.

I pulled out of her mouth and pulled her up to me. Kissing, we both moved around and lay on the bed – gently stroking each other and kissing in the afterglow until we fell asleep.

Hours later, we awoke and showered together – washing each others backs as well as a few other naughty items. A quick snack and we were back in bed – discussing our need for each other – wondering where all this would lead.

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