Dee and Jodi Ch. 01

Big Dick

Part 1

Dee Haley snuggled deep in the down comforter on the old canopy bed in her parents house in New Hampshire. It was a couple days after Christmas and she would have to head back to her apartment in Worcester in a few more days. Dee and her boyfriend Jay had come up to spend the holidays with her family and Jay had had to return to take care of some business, but Dee still had until Monday morning to be back to work at DSS. She looked forward to a few more days of skiing and sex with her lover in New Hampshire who Jay knew nothing about.

Dee had gotten home late last night after going out with Jim. The night had ended with her wrists bound with her bra to the headrest of his car and her panties stuffed in her mouth while she was fucked hard from behind on a lonely back road. She had snuck in smiling and sore with cum running down the inside of her thighs about 2 AM.

As she tiptoed past her older sister Jodi’s room she could hear the sounds of love making going on behind the closed door. Jodi was a lesbian and had brought her lover Mary home for Christmas Break from the college where they both attended graduate school. Dee smiled as she pictured her sister locked in a hot sixty-nine with her cute girlfriend. Dee had had a few lesbian experiences herself during college and could appreciate a beautiful female body, but the last couple of years had been all cock and lots of it from many different partners.

Dee curled up under the covers on this cold December morning still a little sore from the night before. She was twenty-four with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Her olive complexion showed off her dazzling smile to great effect. She had a small frame but what set her apart were the big 38D boobs attached to it. They were almost, but not quite, out of proportion to her otherwise slight build and were boy magnets for as long as she could remember. She had lost her virginity at fourteen and never looked back.

Her bedroom door silently opened and Jodi scooted barefoot across the cold floor wearing only a tee shirt that just covered her pussy. Jodi was twenty five and a few inched taller then her sister. She had dark blond hair cut short and the same slight frame but without the big breasts. Jodi was a 34B with long dark nipples. She slipped under the comforter and cuddled up next to her younger sister.

Dee and Jodi were their mother’s daughters from a short first marriage. Mary had divorced and a couple years later had married Bill and had another daughter and a son. The two sisters had an especially close but very competitive relationship, Jodi always the big sister taking care of her little sister, Dee always challenging Jodi.

“Out late last night, Chubby?” Jodi used her childhood nickname for her sister. Today Dee was taut with a runner’s body.

“You were, um, up late too.” Dee murmured back. Each knew exactly what the other one meant.

“Ummm, it was nice.” Jodi still had the faint odor of Mary’s pussy on her face. It brought back sexy memories of college for Dee and her thick nipples started to grow and harden. Jaime, lost in thought of the night before, absently started to gently caress her sister’s breasts. Dee had just worn her panties to bed and Jaime’s gentle caress startled her.

“JODI!! What are you doing?” Dee’s voice jolted Jodi back to the present and she realized where her hands were. She pulled them back like she had an electric shock.

“I’m so sorry, Dee. I was just thinking of last night and forgot where I was. Don’t be mad at me.”

The truth was, Dee had been aroused by Jodi’s caress of her big breasts. Although the girls had heard each other having sex over the years and had walked in on each other by mistake a few times during the act, they had never shared a sexual touch until this morning. The love they shared for each other had never been physically expressed before, but now that Jodi had inadvertently let it out of the bottle, Dee was suddenly hot for her older sister.

“It’s OK Jodi, I’m not mad.” Dee turned over to face her sister. “I love you so much, I could never really be mad at you.” She kissed Jaime on the cheek. “Besides, to be honest, it felt kind of good.” Dee’s pussy had started to moisten and the odor of her arousal along with her lover’s cum from last night drifted up from under the covers. She leaned over and kissed Jodi on the lips.

That kiss sent a jolt directly from Jodi’s lips to her pussy. She had left Mary exhausted in her bed after a long night of love making. The Haley sisters had always had a free and easy sexual lifestyle. Jodi suspected it was a reaction to their parents splitting when they were so young. While she had admired Dee’s body growing up, she had never had any overtly sexual thoughts about her sister. The kiss changed all that.

Jodi parted her lips and found her sister’s tongue diving into her mouth to find it’s mate. Dee reached down and placed Jodi’s hand back on her boob and moaned when her sister started to gently caress the big mound. Jodi expertly palmed her breast and played with bursa eskort bayan the thickening nipple. She had had a lot of experience.

Dee could not believe this was actually happening. She always thought Jodi was pretty and smart. She reached up under Jodi’s shirt and started to thumb her chocolate colored nipple. It sprang to life and stood off her sister’s smaller chest at least an inch. Jodi made a purring sound and pulled her lips back from her sister’s mouth.

“Dee, this is so wrong! But it feels so good! Are you okay with it?”

For an answer, Dee slid Jodi’s shirt up her chest and bent down to take one dark nipple into her mouth. Jodi squealed. Dee worked her big sister’s nipple for a minute and then pulled back looking up at her with her beautiful brown eyes.

“Jodi, I want this so much! I want to kiss you and love you and taste you! Am I a dirty girl because I want to make love to my sexy big sister? Do you want to be a dirty girl, too?”

Jodi answered by gently pushing her sister back on the bed. She started kissing Dee’s lips and face and whispering how sexy her little sister was. Jodi started to kiss down Dee’s neck to her chest and paused a second to stare at her magnificent breasts. They were large and firm with thick nipples that stood at attention on her chest. Jodi growled and slowly sucked her sister’s left nipple into her mouth.

Dee felt a jolt that rattled her whole body. She started to pant and groan with excitement. Nothing had ever felt so dirty and so good at the same time. Her lesbian experiences in college had been fun and satisfying, but having Jodi making love to her was so incredible. Her last shred of hesitation because of the taboo of incest vanished with Jodi’s tongue wrapped around her hard nipple.

Jodi lapped and sucked on Dee’s left nipple and then kissed and licked over to her right and did the same thing. Her sister was shaking with excitement and lust. Jodi had many hours of practice at bringing another woman to climax and she used all her experience on her little sister. Her right hand slid down her sister’s tight body until she felt the patch of pubic hair over Dee’s pussy. Slowly she slid a finger through the hair, which was still matted with her lover’s sperm from last night, and found her sister’s opening. Dee’s pussy was wet with passion and Jodi easily slid two fingers in. Dee gave a short scream and came, squirting moisture up her sister’s arm.

Jodi pulled her mouth off Dee’s nipple with a pop. “OOHH, I love a girl who squirts!” Jodi kissed down her sister’s still quivering stomach and licked her way to the soaked pussy. She kissed the inside of Dee’s thighs and across her pussy lips. Her sister started to moan and buck again. Jodi kissed her sister’s clit and then sucked it into her mouth and slid her fingers back inside. Dee came again.

Dee was a shaking, sopping mess. Her ejaculate, mixed with her lover’s cum from last night, was soaking the bed, her sister’s arm and was smeared over Jodi’s smiling face. She had another small orgasm and then pulled her sister up from her pussy and kissed her. She could taste herself on Jodi’s lips and tongue.

“I’m such a dirty girl. I got off so good from you eating my slutty little cunt! It’s so hot, having my sister make me cum! Now lay back and let your slutty little sister make you scream.”

Dee pushed her sister gently back onto her bed and slid Jodi’s panties down her long, toned legs. She stared for a minute at her naked body. Jodi had ridden horses all her life and her body was muscular and toned. Her breast rose gently off her chest to peaked cone shaped nipples that were chocolate brown. Her stomach was flat and ended in a thick bush of pubic hair. Jodi was squirming with excitement on her sister’s bed.

“Come on Deb, don’t tease me! Make me cum; make me scream and shake. You were so beautiful when you came, it made me so horny! Get down here!”

Dee smiled and bent down to kiss Jodi. Her tongue slid into her mouth and then traced a path to her ear.

“Just lay back, big sister. Dee is gonna make you feel so good.” She whispered in Jodi’s ear.

Dee kissed Jodi’s ear and then kissed along her long neck to her flushed chest. She kissed slowly down her upper chest and licked and sucked one of the long dark brown nipples into her mouth. She teased around the peak with her thick tongue. Jodi started to grunt and pant.

Dee’s right hand slid down her sister’s flat stomach and toyed with the top of her thick bush. She slid a finger down and into Jodi’s wet pussy. She slid another finger in and moved them around to play with the front wall of her sister’s cunt while her thumb gently rubbed Jaime’s clit.

Jodi writhed in ecstasy. Her girlfriend Mary was a skilled lover, gentle and animalistic in turns, but she had nothing on Dee. This incestuous tryst with her loving sister was turning Jodi on more then anything had in her life. She let out a loud grunt and a short scream and came on Dee’s probing fingers.

Dee popped her mouth off Jodi’s nipple when bursa merkez escort she felt her sister’s body shudder and heard her scream. She kissed Jodi deeply again and at the same time, reached over into the drawer of the table next to her bed and rummaged around until she found what she was searching for.

She pulled back her hand with a small lipstick vibrator in it. With a practiced movement she turned it on and as she kept kissing her sister and caressing her breasts, she slid her hand back down to Jodi’s very wet pussy. Palming the small vibrator in one hand, she gently slid it across the upper lips of Jodi’s cunt.

Jodi felt like a bolt of lightning had just gone off inside her body. She slammed her feet down onto the bed and arched her torso up off the mattress. She pulled her mouth away from her sister’s and opened it to let out a scream, but nothing came out. Her whole being was being emptied out through the quivering lips of her pussy. She started to weep.

Outside of Dee’s bedroom, Mary Stuart, Jodi’s girlfriend, stood shaking from her own orgasm. She held onto the doorframe to keep herself from sliding to the floor. She had a swimmers body, strong legs, a tight muscular abdomen leading up to broad shoulders. Her 36C boobs were still slightly shaking from her self induced orgasm and her hand was shoved down her tiny blue panties and deep into her crotch.

She had been walking down the hall from Jodi’s bedroom to use the shower and as she passed Dee’s room she had heard the sounds of an intense sexual session in progress. She stopped to listen for a minute and it slowly dawned on her that it was her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s sister engaged in an intense sexual encounter. She was stunned and then felt her panties start to get wet as she imagined the scene. One hand had crept up under her tank top and the other down into her panties. As she neared her orgasm, she had braced herself on the doorframe and let the sexual tension and emotions flow from her body as she rocked through a big climax. She knew she and Jodi were going to have to have a long talk. And much more.

Part 2

Later that afternoon, Jodi and Mary sat snuggling under an old comforter on the couch in the TV room watching an old holiday movie. Dee and Jim had gone skiing at Waterville Valley and the rest of the Haleys had left a little while ago to visit some family friends and would be home later that night.

Mary had been trying to think of a way to ask Jodi about what had gone on that morning. Jodi had seemed distracted, happy, but distracted, all day. Dee had gone off that morning with her friend Jim with her usual big smile on her face. Mary knew what put it there. She didn’t have a chance to be alone with Jodi until the rest of the family left and now she was trying to think of a way to begin. Jodi beat her to it.

“You wont believe what happened this morning!” Jodi started.

“I know exactly what happened this morning.” Mary shot back. “I was walking down the hall to take a shower and I heard you and Dee going at it. How long has that been going on?”

Jodi looked over at her girlfriend. She was worried that Mary would be angry or disgusted. That was why she had decided to come clean. Mary didn’t seem angry. Indeed, Jodi noticed that her face was flushed and she was breathing shallowly as if she was excited. Jodi had a flash of intuition.

“She’s turned on by it!” Jodi thought. “Hearing Deb and I made her excited! Maybe this will be OK.”

“That was the first time ever. I got under the covers with her and started daydreaming of you and I last night and I guess I started to caress her breasts and play with her nipples without even thinking about it. The next thing I knew, we were kissing and then one thing led to another. I have to be honest with you though, that was some of the best sex I ever had. My little sister really knows what she’s doing and I was so excited and horny, I must have cum ten times.”

“You sure sounded it. I’m not mad, just jealous I guess. You have such a high sex drive, I’m kind of surprised you never did it before.

“We practiced kissing when we were younger, you know, just to see how it was done. And I always thought she had a hot body, those great big boobies on that small frame. But we never did anything like that before.”

“Like I said, I’m just jealous. You know me, anything goes. But doing it with your sister, that was quite a surprise. She was pretty good, huh?”

“Oh, but I still love you. And that tight swimmer’s body that is completely shaved. And your beautiful eyes. And your soft lips” Jodi leaned over and started to kiss her girlfriend. She reached up under Mary’s sweatshirt and started to gently rub her thick nipples.

“Ummm. Tell me more. Tell me what it was like fucking your sister. Did you go down on her, finger her, rub her off?”

Jodi spoke softly in her ear and told her about licking and sucking Dee’s big boobs. Jodi worked Mary’s sweatshirt up and off her body and started to slowly bursa sınırsız escort bayan kiss down her neck and upper chest to suckle at her light brown nipples. Mary started to tremble and a low growl came from her throat. Jodi slid one hand down over Mary’s flat stomach and under the waist of her sweatpants and into her tiny blue panties which were by now soaked through. Jodi slipped two fingers into Mary’s drenched pussy and, with practiced ease, curved them up to play with the front inner wall of her lover’s cunt searching for her g-spot.

With two fingers rubbing Mary inside and her thumb gently brushing her clit Jodi took her mouth from her girlfriends thick nipple and told her how Dee had screamed and squirted from her pussy when she came. It was all too much for Mary who came hard crying and trembling. Jodi kissed her deeply and continued to gently stoke her pussy and nipples.

“Stop! Oh, please stop Jodi! It’s too sensitive! Oh my god, I’ve never come that hard!”

Mary lay still for a moment and then started to kiss Jodi on the back of her neck. She reached up the front of Jodi’s tee-shirt and started to play with her dark brown nipples. When Jodi started to breathe a little harder, Mary finished stripping off the rest of her own clothes and helped Jodi remove hers. Soon both young women were naked and locked in a tight embrace.

Mary slid around until she and Jodi were in the classic sixty-nine position and started to kiss the insides of Jodi’s thighs. Jodi’s hips started to twist in excitement and she started to kiss her way towards Mary’s dripping gash. Soon they were joined mouth to cunt, licking and sucking each other’s clits and lapping up their juices.

Dee Haley and her lover Jim stood in the doorway to the family room and took in the erotic sight. Dee could feel the moisture dripping out of her pussy and down her legs. She and Jim had gone skiing at Waterville Valley and had just got back to her parent’s house. She was a little buzzed from the bottle of apres-ski wine they had drunk on the way back. She and Jim had made out for awhile in the car before coming in and the bib of her ski pants was undone and hanging down. The sight of her sister and Mary naked with their mouths fastened to each other’s pussy drew a low moan from her throat.

Jim reached around and slid his hands up the inside of her sweater and under her bra to caress her big tits. Dee had told him of her sex session that morning with Jodi because she knew it would excite him. He had a particularly dirty mind and was open to anything. She knew the story of her and Jodi having lesbian sex would arouse him and lead to some great fucking. Now here before him he could see the two lovers lapping at each other and his cock instantly hardened. He gently thumbed Dee’s thick nipples to erection.

The combination of seeing Mary’s tanned, athlete’s body entwined with her older sister and Jim kissing the back of her neck and rubbing and pulling her thick nipples had Dee in a frenzy. She pushed her ski pants and underwear down her legs and pulled her sweater and bra off. She stood naked and proud as Jim’s hand slid down to her sopping pussy and inserted two fingers. She groaned and leaned forward.

The sound caused Mary to look up and she saw her girlfriend’s naked sister being finger fucked by her lover. She stared at the big titted girl as Dee began to moan and pant. Jodi was on the edge of a big orgasm when she felt Mary’s face lift off her clit. She looked around Mary’s thigh and saw her sister at the same time Mary did.

Mary thought quickly. Jodi’s story of lesbian sex with her sister had started a fire in her and she saw an opportunity to see another session first hand instead of just hearing about it

“Want some more?” she asked Dee, nodding towards Jodi’s wet gash. “Want to eat you big sister again? I want to watch you stick your tongue in her pretty pink cunt. I want to see you make her scream. Come here, you little slut, and finish what I started.”

Dee moved towards her sister. Mary slid off Jodi’s sweaty body and made room for Dee. Jodi was speechless with lust and the shock that Mary wanted to watch her with her sister. Dee sank to her knees and started to kiss Jodi’s inner thighs. In a minute she had her mouth buried in her sister’s cunt and was flicking her tongue against Jodi’s big clit.

Mary stared open mouth as the Haley sisters both began to moan. Her finger slid down to her shaved pussy and started to toy with her clit. Jim stepped out of his clothes and sat on the couch stroking his seven inch cock. Mary looked up at him with hooded eyes.

“Is Dee a hot fuck? Jodi’s the best I ever had, it must run in the family. Look at Dee’s big tits sway as she is eating her sister. This is so fucking hot!” Mary was jamming two fingers in and out of her pussy. “I think you should fuck Dee while she is eating my girlfriend! Pound her slutty little cunt while she has Jodi’s clit between he lips. Make her scream like the little bitch she is!”

Jim suited words to action and knelt down behind Dee’s upthrust ass. He swiped the head of his cock up and down her wet lips a few times and then slid home in one long thrust.. Dee let out a loud grunt and her face was driven down deeper into Jodi’s pussy. Jodi had been lost in erotic bliss and her eyes popped open when Dee’s mouth pushed deeper into her cunt.

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