Defiled on the Sand


Author’s notes: This was first inspired by the Tumblr blog of a young black American girl who has thing about being exposed in public, and later adapted based on the young muslim woman who publishes on Literotica as TahrimaBegum. The beach is a real place that I’ve visited many times and no, it’s not Cap D’Agde.

WARNINGS: Contains racial stereotypes, objectivization of a woman, and a lot of bodily fluids.

I know a nude beach in France where you can walk for miles from the parking lot and see nothing but sand, sea, scrub-grass dunes, and (mostly) naked people. White people. There are very few south asians in France. There are lots of African and Arab immigrants here, but you won’t see them at a nude beach. We are exotic here. A big, very black African man and a small Pakistani woman are going to get a lot of stares. I insist you wear shalwar kameez and a hijab because I want everybody to know you are a muslimah and I want them to stare. I want to show off my muslimah slut.

We walk along the water’s edge with the waves lapping up to our ankles and carrying our sandals in our hands. I have a backpack with towels and books and water. The few hundred meters closest to the parking lot is the family section. It’s crowded with all kinds of people, mostly naked. Young and old, fat and skinny, dumpy and sexy, but all caucasian, and all staring at us. Especially at you. You stare back, fascinated and excited by the sight of all those bare tits, asses and pussies and cocks.

It is late in the afternoon. The sun is low in the sky, but the air is still hot and you are sweating as we walk. Eventually you notice there are no kids around any more, and we come to the unofficial gay area. Here we see mostly younger, athletic-looking men with shaven balls A few hundred meters farther and now we see mostly couples every 20 or 30 meters, and a trickle of men walking along the water or through the dunes.

I pick a spot between two couples and lay out a large beach towel. It only takes me a moment to strip off my boardshorts and t-shirt. Betturkey You see that my cock it already a little chubby with excitement, and that both embarrasses you and makes your pussy tingle. Your hands tremble with fear and shame as you start to undress. Everybody, including me, is watching as you strip naked in the sun. You feel their eyes on you and it makes you wet.

I make lay back with your knees up and feet wide apart. Wider. So anybody walking by can get a good, long look the pink inner lips of your sweaty, swollen, shaven pussy dripping onto the towel. I let you keep your sunglasses on so you can peer back at the men and couples that walk by. I keep a running commentary in a low voice.

“That guy took a really good look.”

“They can see the wet patch on the towel between your legs”

“I’m sure everybody thinks you’re a hooker I picked up in Marseilles.”

The sand is hot and soon your whole body shines with sweat. You want to go in the water but I won’t let you yet. I start playing with your pussy. Your hand moves over to my cock, which is fully hard now. You can’t believe you are lying naked and spread on a public beach holding a hard black cock, getting your pussy fingered. Your pussy is as wet as it has ever been.

I make sure the couple on your right can see when I push two fingers into your sloppy cunt, and then slide them in your mouth. The second time I do this, I tell you to turn your head to look at them. The woman has her hand on her man’s cock, stroking slowly, staring at us. She smiles when you look at her, and keeps looking right at you as she leans over to take her husband into her mouth. I start a quick circular motion on your clit and soon you have your first orgasm of the afternoon. You make an effort to be quiet, but everybody sees your head roll back, your body stiffen and your back arch off the towel.

There are now three guys watching from the dunes. I tell you it’s time to go for a short walk. No, you can’t go in the water yet, I like you all sweaty. I take the Betturkey Giriş towel and backpack with us. Everybody watching you walk into the dunes knows you are going to get fucked. You pretend you don’t notice the men that follow us.

I find a spot where I can sit comfortably with my back against one of the low pines that grow among the dunes. I don’t have to tell you what to do. As soon as I am seated with my legs open like that you know your place is on your knees sucking my cock. The low position puts your ass up in the air. There are three men staring at your naked pussy from 20 feet away, watching you fondle my balls and slobber over my cock. They keep that distance, hoping for an invite to come closer.

I reach into the backpack and pull out a strip of rubbers. The watchers know what that means. I gesture to the only one that has a hard-on, and he steps up to take a rubber. You keep sucking me. You know what’s coming. Within 10 minutes you are fucked by 2 different strangers while another half-dozen watch. Each comes fairly quickly. The second pulls out and strips off the rubber to cum over your ass. I give him the thumbs-up gesture. It’s all strangely quiet. Just your moans and whimpers, and an occasional grunt from the strangers.

I pull your mouth off my cock and point over to your right. There is the couple that were next to us earlier on the beach. They are older than us, maybe in their fifties. He’s pretty fat but she is still an elegant woman, slim, blond and high-breasted. Probably has had an expensive boob job. She’s standing a bit awkwardly, feet apart, hips tilted back, and he’s holding her hips slowly fucking her from behind. I tell you what you are going to do.

“You are gonna crawl over to them on your hands and knees and see if she’ll let you lick her. Yeah, I know you don’t like pussy, but I don’t care. I wanna see you your face between her legs and I want you to make her cum. If you do a good job, I’ll fuck you good so you get to cum too. But only if you do a good job.”

I call out to the french couple.

“Ca lui ferait plaisir vous lecher, si vous le permettez.”

The woman does not look at you, but she spreads her feet in invitation and leans back her head to kiss her husband deeply. When your mouth reaches her pussy she groans loudly and her husband’s thrusts become frantic. Your tongue reaches past the woman’s clit to feel the cock pumping into her. You reach between their legs to fell the man’s balls.

I move behind you and ram my cock into your cunt. It’s much bigger than the two guys that already fucked you, and your reaction is loud. You come almost immediately. I keep fucking. The Frenchwoman holds your head tight between her legs, muffling the senseless noise you are making.

“Oh yeah, take my big black cock you fucking slag. You love it, don’t you?”

“I love watching you lick pussy. You’re such a nasty bitch.”

“I’m gonna fill your married cunt with nigger sperm, you faithless whore.”

We all cum less than a minute later: I spurt into your cunt, the Frenchwoman squirts on your face, and the Frenchman fills his wife. The woman puts one foot on your shoulder, grabs your hair, and pulls your face even harder into her crotch. Nobody needs to tell you your task is to suck all her husband’s cum out of her cunt.

I nudge you with my foot, then push harder to roll you over onto your back. You lay there covered with sand, sweat, semen, and pussy juice. I pull a camera out of the backpack, and start taking shots.

“Spread your legs wide. Hold your pussy open to let me see my cum leaking out of you.”

“Now cup your tits for the camera”

“Open you mouth and stick out your tongue like you are expecting another load on your face.”

I take hold of my limp, sticky, cock, aim between your legs and let loose a stream of hot piss right between your legs. This time you scream long and loud, and you have your third orgasm of the day.

Now you can go in the water.

Now I’ll lead you by the hand back to the beachfront, keep holding your hand as we walk into the water together, help wash all the sand and mess off your skin, hold you in my arms and kiss you long and slow. I want everybody to see how I love my filthy, cheating, muslimah slut.

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