Delivering what’s needed


Dedicated to Cat

You wake up to find yourself alone in the house. Your husband has already left for work despite the early hour. He’ll be home much later, because his boss demands unreasonable hours. You’ll never complain; one look around the luxurious house shows just how much he’s done to provide for you. You step into your kitchen, the one you wanted with the new appliances and marble countertops just like you’d requested when you were building the new house together.

Despite your comfort, you find yourself wanting. Your husband comes home exhausted everyday. Most nights he’s too tired to even take notice of you, much less give you the energetic and depraved fucking that you need and deserve. Marble countertops are a poor substitute for a hard cock in your pussy or ass. When you do get off, it’s from your own fingers or the vibrator that you ordered online without your husband knowing.

Today marks the 15th straight day that you haven’t had a cock inside of you, and you’ve had enough. Over the previous few days, you’ve noticed something. Me, on my route, in my FedEX truck delivering packages. I’m not Brad Pitt, but I’m young and keep myself in good shape. We first met when I delivered the vibrator that has since become your best friend.

Today though, you’d planned something. You’d ordered a package from the same company, a surprise that you can’t wait to open up and use. But that’s only a small part of your plan. You’re waiting by the door, totally starkers, ready to ambush me and my unsuspecting cock. You’re dripping in anticipation and have to resist the urge to finger yourself to an earth-shattering orgasm while you wait.

Finally, at 10:21, I ring the doorbell, as is company policy, and leave your package on the stoop. On the walk up your long driveway, I see the company logo on the box and read the receipt attached. I know what you ordered, and the thought of you playing with your toy has me rearranging my cock in my shorts. You’re a beautiful woman and the thought of you pleasuring yourself with a plastic phallus is both arousing and surprising. As beautiful as you are, your husband should be on his knees, ready to pleasure you on command.

You open the door as I ring the doorbell, revealing to me your amazing tits and beautiful shaved pussy. My brain struggles to comprehend what I’m seeing, and you don’t give me an opportunity to recover my equilibrium. Before I know it, you’ve dragged me into your exquisite kitchen and we’re kissing heavily as I crudely paw at your amazing tits.

After several minutes of this, I know what I need to do. I trail kisses down your jawline, to your neck and down your flat belly. I take Sex hikayeleri a few moments to play with your erect nipples, giving each a little nip as I circled them with my tongue. You seem to like the attention, because you let out an aroused moan as I play with your breasts. As distracting as they are, I know that my final destination lies lower however, and I soon end up on my knees.

My tongue finds your clit while I work a finger into your juicy pussy. You moan loudly as I wiggle that finger, searching for your G-Spot. Soon I add a second and a third finger. You have your first orgasm of the day with my fingers buried in your cunt. I give you no time to recover as I continue my oral assault on your clit.
While I eat your pussy, I’m undoing the button and zipper on my uniform shorts as I free my cock. The sounds of your aroused moans have me harder than I can stand, and only the knowledge that I’ll soon be buried to my balls in your pussy prevents me from rubbing out a load right there. Your second orgasm hits you soon after your first and I’m amazed at the sensuality of you achieving the peaks of pleasure.
Eventually, as guys are prone to doing, I lose patience. I reach around your waist and grab a firm hold of your firm ass. I lift you up and place you on your kitchen table. I don’t know it right now, but you know that your naked ass is resting on your husband’s seat at the table. The thought arouses you, and you urge me to fuck you hard.

There’s no way that I’m disobeying that command, and I line my cock up with your well lubricated entrance. I slide in slowly, enjoying every inch of your hot wet love tunnel. Soon, I’m all the way in with my balls resting against the star of your asshole. I want to stay in that position forever, but you’re impatient. I slide out slowly, so that just my head is still in your pussy, and then I slam back inside.

This rough fucking is exactly what you’ve needed for months now, and you’re letting the entire house know it. You’re squeezing my cock with your pussy as I fuck you. It goes on for close to 15 minutes, the roughest fucking of your life, but your pussy is so tight and your screams are turning me on. I slide one of my hands off of your breasts and begin rubbing your clit.

I will be cunning any second now, and I’d like us to orgasm together. You’re still a bit away, but the manual stimulation of your clit is getting your really hot. I have my first orgasm of the day while you have your third. You ordered me to dump my cum in your pussy and I’m happy to oblige. I can feel my pulse in my dick as I fill your pussy with my spunk.

My cock goes soft for now as I remove it from your well Sikiş hikayeleri used vagina. A bit of our combined juices escapes your pussy as I do, but you scoop it up and swallow it before it hits the fine wood of your kitchen table. This action makes me feel a twinge in my cock, and I know that it will be ready to go again in minutes.
“That was amazing,” you tell me between gasps of breath.

“We’re not even close to finished,” I inform you as my dick gradually begins to harden.
You groan, a sound that is a heavenly mix of exhaustion and aroused anticipation. You apparently aren’t willing to wait however, because you snag my dick and pull it towards your face. You run the juices remaining on my cock onto your face and it leaves your cheeks and forehead shiny. Not quite content with my progress, you slip my semi-erect cock past your lips.

I’m blown away by your oral skills. Even in an awkward position like the one you haven’t moved from, you still can make my dick feel amazing. You could suck a golf ball through a garden hose and that’s exactly what my dick is feeling at the moment. Your tongue flicks playfully along the mushroom shaped head of my cock and you pay extra attention to my pisshole, knowing that it’s a sensitive spot on a dick.

My breathing becomes strained as I’m about to cum, and just as I’m ready to achieve my second orgasm of the day, you harshly grip the base and remove my cock from your mouth. I’m distressed at losing my orgasm, but that doesn’t bother me when you say, “Put that thing in me. NOW.”

You roll over, so that you’re in a doggy position on your kitchen table. “Which hole?” I inquire as I rub the firm cheeks of your ass. “I don’t care. I just need a cock in me,” you beg while wiggling your gorgeous butt.
For the first time, I disobey your command. My fingers find my way into your sloppy pussy and onto your clit. Two fingers easily slip in, then a third, and finally a fourth which has you very stretched. My tongue goes right to your asshole, and starts rimming you with abandon. You moan as both holes are stimulated, inspiring me to stick my tongue as far into your ass as it will go. Your sphincter is tight, but eventually my tongue slips all the way in until I’m tasting your ass.

When it’s become clear that your ass is ready, I slowly push my cock in. My salive lubricates the tight passage, allowing my cock to slip in with only a little difficulty. The experience is one of the greatest of my life, and because I’d just recently cum, I wasn’t feeling anywhere near ready to stop. I slide in and out, and back again, building up steam with every thrust. In minutes, your ass loosens up and I’m able Erotik hikaye to slam in with everything that I have.

I am in heaven, and have no plans to do anything other than continue pillaging your ass, but you’re package catches my attention. I stop stimulating your clit for just long enough to tear open your box and pull out the toy inside.

For a second I stop thrusting and stare in shock at the piece of plastic in my hand. You heard the tearing of the packaging tape too, and are now looking curiously at the toy in my hand. From the look in your eyes, you’re not disappointed at all by the fifteen inch fake cock I’m holding. It’s thick, thick enough that I can’t grip all the way around in one hand, and looks realistic as though someone had taken my cock and doubled it in size.

You thrust your hips backwards onto my dick, waking me from my dazed state. I return to my previous motions before being struck by inspiration. I place the humongous toy at the entrance to your pussy and slowly slide it in. Your pussy expands lewdly as it accepts the plastic phallus. Our cum lubricates your pussy and allows the cock to slide more than half way in. Despite my efforts, it won’t go any farther. With excitement, I press the button on the back of the fake scrotum, causing the toy to vibrate.

The double penetration makes your ass so much tighter, and I can feel the vibrations coming from your cunt. The heavenly sensations are like nothing either of us have ever experienced and we’re both on the verge of cumming in seconds. You cum first, squeezing my cock with your tight ass. I manage to hold off, just long enough to walk around the table and unload my balls onto your face.

You lick off as much as possible before letting the rest drip down onto your tits. My cock twitches, but I know I need to get back to work. I’ll be lucky to avoid getting fired as it is. Before I go I bend down and kiss you once, tasting my own salty cum. This seems to turn you on once again, and I’m forced to leave while you fuck yourself with your massive new toy. I know that I’ll be walking around with a hard-on for the rest of the day.


The next morning, you hear the doorbell ring. You look out the peephole to see that it’s me, and you quickly strip out of the house clothes you’d been wearing. You open the door in all your naked glory.
“What’s going on baby?” you purr seductively.

“The company is investigating why I was 2 hours late on my rounds,” I explained sadly.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” you offer genuinely.

“You can get on your knees and show me exactly why he was two hours late,” my supervisor orders as he steps into your line of vision from where he was hiding next to the door. He takes his cock out and you’re delighted to have two dicks instead of one . . .

To be continued (maybe)

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