Demon’s Run Ch. 01


All characters who engage in a sexual situation are over 18. Enjoy!

To start with, I was provoked into raping my daughter, so don’t start with all that holier then thou shit. He who cast the first stone and all that, right back at you. I know what I did, and I know I will burn in hell for it, but it was worth it so see that little teasing, slutty, bitch, of a daughter of mines face as I raped her. Don’t get me wrong, if I could undo what I did, I would. I love my daughter despite what I think of her, or of myself.

Just so you know I never touch her in a sexual way before this week. I tried to be a good single parent. Her mother left us almost 10 years ago. She was never the same after that.

I never remarried because of my daughter, every time I had a date she wouldn’t talk to me for a month and stay in her room the whole time. She was and is my life. I do work too much, but I am trying to keep the house we are in, I am too close to loosing the house to do anything else.

She does not caring how she looks. Her personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired, she always says and does things that make me ground her for weeks on end with out the little allowance that I can afford to give her, on purpose. She has phone sex. She chats with her web cam mostly topless, and nude at times.

I always have to check to see if she was wearing panties, she purposely goes out without wearing panties and while wearing a short skirt that is not too short when she would leave, but would be much shorter when she got back home. I actually saw her once, after making sure she had panties on, walk to the end of our driveway, at the side walk reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties and just step out of them and walked a way leaving them right where they dropped for all to see. At no time did I see her look around, she just did it like nothing, its like she cares about no one and no thing.

At school, she was found having intercourse with a janitor in a closet during her lunch period. I got the call at work, on my office phone line, from school to come pick her up, she was suspended for the rest of the school year, 2 months. That was when all hell broke loose. After that she asked me to get her started on birth control. He was 32 and it was her first day back to school,I hear he did loose his job for it.

The moment I saw my daughter in the school offices I didn’t even realize it was her until she said, “Hey, Dad.” Reason being, I didn’t drop her off at school wearing that hooker outfit, I wouldn’t have even let her leave her room with that kind of outfit on,much less go out in public. Extreme high red heels, torn fishnet stockings, a mini skirt that was so short it did not cover the clips of the garter belt, and a top that covered her bra-less chest was so sheer she should just be topless, and such red lipstick it was a sin all its own. I wanted to slap her so hard across the face that her head would go around twice. I just stared into her eyes until she looked down, which thankfully didn’t take long for the school administrator was walking up to me asking if I was her father and demanding my ID while a female police officer stood nearby.

“I am sure you understand our reason for taking these precautions with your daughter. She has manipulated the system to misdirect our speaking to you. Twice in the last month two different men she says was her father have picked her up early from school, both times one or both of our front desk administrators was on there break. The voice mails we left to the only number we have on record for you went unanswered. Please come to my office I need to inform you of the current situation.” I followed, to my ever lasting horror.

Today they reported to me that today will be the last day she will be allowed on school grounds until summer school starts if she chooses to change her behavior for the better and adhere to school rules of conduct and the dress code. They admitted to me that after they left ten voice mails without a single response, and two different men posing as her father and her willingly and happily leaving with those men, they became very concerned and called the police to request their assistance in locating her real father.

From that office I was guided to a larger office where my daughter was waiting with the female police officer and a female officer of child protective services. I was asked why I would allow my 18 year old daughter to leave our home and walk in public in such reviling clothing. I admitted to having never seen any piece of the clothing she is wearing, I reported that when I dropped her off at school that morning she was wearing short blue jean pants and a long button up shirt with a almost too small a t-shirt underneath after having her change out of a too revealing tank top. The articles of clothing that I described were found in her hall locker, that is all now contained in a large duffel bag at the officers feet.

Its not that she hates school escort kağıthane its just she thinks the current system of public education in the United States is for shit and that it is basically worthless for a public student to graduate with a degree that is meaning less outside the United States. Even most private schools are like that. When she chooses to do the class work and homework she gets a perfect score other then that she is self taught all on her own.

A week after she ran away, after 3 months she came back home. I never searched her room after she ran away. I did report it to the police after 5 days she usually could be gone for 3 days at a time, drove all over town looking, I put fliers up. She just walk right through the door, walked in to the kitchen, where I was washing dishes, said her usual “Hey, Dad.” Got a soda from the fridge and went to her room. The day she left it was with a full back pack when she came back all she carried was a jacket in her hand. She went to her room like she never left. I never asked where she was during that time. Instead of really short skirts now she wears form fitting shorts more often then not, that really left nothing to the imagination. Bikini tops that showed her ample chest a C almost D cup.

She enrolled in the local community college to get her basics all done, well the credits that would transfer anyways.

I should have slapped her so many times or spanked her when she was younger. I never hit her. I regret it sometimes but I think she would have never come back to me, I would have lost her. The closest I ever came to physically punishing her was just a few months ago. She came out of her room completely nude like I would not say something or even do anything. I did start taking her web cam away the many times I caught her topless or nude while using it. She would always get another web cam after like two days never more then 5 days, I stopped counting after 15 web cams in the trash. She just walked around the house like she had clothes on I told her many time to go to her room if she wants to be naked she can’t be walking around the house like that. After so many times I was so mad I just jumped up from my chair in the living room as she passed it. I picked her up, while having to restrain her arms and leg and just took her to her room and half tossed, half laid her on her bed, and closed the door behind me. Now when tell her 3 times to get in her room, she does.

My daughter Tonya, still dressing like a more respectable slut, mainly because she is not a young teen dressing like a whore, but a young woman dressing like all the other girls that are on the music videos, and still having sexual activities with any guy or girl that winks at her. But now she is also having sex in the open with men my age. I am 42, not an ugly man but I’m no Harrison Ford, I am 5’10”, 200lbs, blond, I would say athletic, one of Tonya’s few female friends that still come over told me I look sexier then most of the men Tonya has sex with my age, an older Ryan Gosling, much older, I took it as a compliment. Tonya was upset that she spoke to me not really caring what she said but that she spoke to me in general. Only time Tonya speaks to me is when she needs or whats something from me. I sometimes wonder why she doesn’t just move in with one of the people she has sex with, I would have to guess they don’t share, don’t want to introduce her to the family. I am thankful she has a job. Its a cinema that I hear she will give almost any customer oral sex. Her mother was a mix of Native American and Black Irish, so sexy and intelligent.

I should have been more strict, and more loving, she started moving away from me on the couch after her mother died, she just move to the far end of the couch or to one of the other chairs. I wanted to respect her as a person, as an individual. Respect her space, her privacy. When ever she brings some one over I would stay in my room even tho they might get it on all over the house, the backyard, even the roof. A few times coming home I would walk through the front door I would see her and who ever she is with going at it in the common areas of the house. Tonya doesn’t care about me seeing anything, I don’t think she cares at all.

Its hard being a father of a young woman who doesn’t care about her self or others really. Only once in a while I might see the same girl or guy with her at most four times. I almost gave up on her as a father.

These past few days have been difficult for me. Tonya came by my work three days ago needing to borrow the car to go shopping. That’s not odd, she does that often, what happened this time was different. My co-workers all know about my daughter some have even had her, but they like me enough not to rub the fact in that they fucked my daughter like a cheap whore.

This is Tonya, 5’4″, 80 lbs., a she still looks like she is 14 in the face anyways, C+ cups firm, well rounded ass, leg that a blind man could get a hard on for, jet escort nişantaşı black hair, green eyes, lips that were made for kissing, voice always throaty like she just gave serious oral sex, and usually that’s true, if I was not her father and talking to another guy I would say she is the most fuckable girl I have ever seen.

She walks in to my office wearing a flower pattern dress that is just low enough to cover her ass. She says her usual “Hey, Dad!” She asks for the keys, I point to them on the desk, she bends over to reach for them as I go back to my typing when I hear.

“Hey, Jerry you got any…. Oh My Gosh!… Hey, Tonya!”

He got an eye full of Tonya’s bare bottom and pussy as she bent over to get the keys. Tonya stays bent over already getting the keys, just to give him a show.

“Hey, Mr. Wells…. Like what you see?”, as she wags her ass at him, as she turns her head to see him over her ass.

“Your always so pretty Tonya!” He says as he stops adjusting his hard on when she turns her head.

“I was going for, fuckable, what do you think? Am I fuckable?” She says spreading her legs and opening her always moist pussy with her empty hand, while rubbing it.

“I wouldn’t go that far!” unable to resist the urge to adjust his cock while she is looking at his crotch.

“I go all the way, I am what you would call, a sure thing.” she stands and turns and lets one of the straps on the dress fall to so him a bra less tit, and blows a kiss at him.

“Oh My Gosh…. your so cute.” he says his eyes glued to the tit as it disappears back in to the dress, as she slides the strap back in to place, walking toward him.

“Cute…. Let me guess you have never truly fucked a girl have you, poor Mr. Wells. Tell you what. Buy me dinner tonight and I will let you fuck me all night and as nasty as you can imagine.” she says as she lightly runs keys in her hand up and down his bulging cock, while sliding her bare shaved pussy down his leg, and grabbing his ass with the other hand.

‘Wow!…. um, okay dokey how about a dinner and a movie tonight I now just the movie its a great cartoon and the dinner is great a burger place.” he says shuddering under her touch.

“Okay Dokey?…. I give better blow jobs in a cinema so your in luck, I will also get my ass ready for anal, I like it when a stranger fucks me in the ass.” She says standing straight and puts her hand in his front pocket that has the bulge of his mobile to pull it out.

“Oh you don’t have to do all that I just want to have a pretty girl on my arm.” he says wondering why she has his mobile.

“I am putting my number under ‘Fuck Me’ and sending my self a text so that I can have your number and here is a special picture for you…. Here… I need both hands for these big tits of mine…. make it my profile picture…. so that when I call you my big tits will pop up. K.” She says typing quickly on his mobile then quickly sliding the two straps of her dress off her shoulders and grabbing both her big tits in her hands.

He was dumb founded at first then she nodded toward the mobile, then he took a picture of the most perfect tits ever.

“Bye, Dad!…. Bye, Mr. Wells, see you to night and you better measure up big boy!” she says not really caring if others see her tits as she walk out of her fathers office as she slowly slides each straps back up and slipping each tit back under the dress after slapping Mr. Wells’s ass.

“Ouch?” Mr Wells says from the slap to his ass cheek.

I have never yelled at my daughter. I have never cursed at her. I have never insulted her by using derogatory names for her. I love my daughter. I care about my daughter. I even respect my daughter. It is her life I try to help her as much as she will let me. She stopped letting me give her hugs when she was 14 the last time I tried she screamed at me never to touch her. I just don’t want her to leave, no telling what would happen to here out their, with drugs, with prostitution, with porn, with police. She is still my little baby. At least she still lets me call her “Luv”, or “Little T”.

She came home after her date that Friday night with Mr. Wells not at all happy about it.She slammed the front door as soon as she walked in started almost screaming, more talking loud then screaming.

“Dad, What The Fuck Is Up With That Fuck Head Mr. Wells. I Fucking Try To Get His Hard Cock Out And He Fucking Pushes Me Away. He Fucking Says, “Oh stop playing honey watch the movie its great you will love it, its got unicorns.” Fucking Unicorns Are You Fucking Shitting Me, I Wanted To Slap That Smile Right Off His Fucking Face. Oh My Fucking God!!” She says as I hear her walking around the house finally finding me in my home office, more of a study.

She curses more then any comedian you have ever heard, unless those are the kind you look for.

“Hey, Luv. So how was the movie. And the dinner.” I say without turning from my work at the desk with my back osmanbey escort to the door, as I hear her sit in the chair at the door.

“The bullshit movie was a fucking cartoon with idiot unicorns, and seeing the stupid horns on the fucking horses just made me want to fucking suck on one. After for fucking ever, I have to pull his big fucking hand over to my open legs and he tried to pull his fucking hand away as I touch it to my always wet pussy but I had a fucking grip on that assholes arm so the more he pull the more I liked it. But Fuck I Still Wanted A Fucking Cock In Me.

“After the movie I tried to fucking get some in the parking lot I fucking bend over with my hands on his car’s hood with my fucking dress at my ankles you would fucking think the fucker didn’t have a cock or something. I did get a few good offers to fuck me while I was bent over from a few guys, two slapped my ass the last guy fingered me for a few seconds. But no this fucking Mr. Wells guy just fucking walks up to me and pulls my fucking dress up. I was like are you shitting me here or what.

“Then I try to fucking get his cock out again and this fucker, get this, actually slaps my hand, can you believe that fucking shit right there, I mean Fuck, he was like I am driving, and I was like I want you to drive your cock in to me, fucker. He thought that was just so fucking cute. Asshole. I tried again at the restaurants parking lot. No Fucking Cock Again. I was like Fuck this I need cock. So when we got in the burger place I spied me some bus boy cock. I went to the restroom after I gave the bus boy a come fuck me look. Well long story short I suck the bus boy off and another guy fucked my pussy as I was sucked and he got off in me, that took care of me for a while. I walk to the table and kiss Mr. Wells on the lips with my ‘I just sucked off a bus boy lips’ he was like not here. I ate a salad. I had him drop me off at Mr. Greene’s house down the street, he recently got some Viagra, so he fucked me three times before I walked home. Is That Mr. Wells A Moron Or Want I Grab His Hard On Many Times So I Know He Wants To Fuck Me. What The Fuck Is His Deal.” At no time did I turn from my work to look at her I could clearly hear her masturbating or at the very least fingering her pussy.

“Hey my be a moron, but her is definitely a Mormon, that might be the reason he didn’t want to play with you.”

“Really A Fucking Mormon, a fucking Mormon, I never fucked one of those, had a Jehovah witness actually two they travel in pairs, a few Amish that was different, they didn’t know anything, nothing at all, never saw a girl naked, and they had to watch the first guy fuck me then they took turns all night and the next day, that was so nice, 5 Amish virgins fucking me over and over. I will make this a personal challenge to fuck Mr. Wells even if I have to rape him. Bye, Dad.” She says jumping up at first and letting her dress purposely fall to the floor then picking it up then walking to her room.

“Little T, would you please not touch yourself or masturbate around me anymore please its disrespectful. Thank You.” I say turning around and then turning back around after seeing her naked for like the hundred time this year and its only the third month.

“Oh Fuck You Dad, you already know its the only thing that gets me off, I am the only person that can get me off so, Fuck You And That Little Dog You Rode In On and kiss my sweet little ass while your at it, Dad.” She says as she walks to her room and slapping what I guess is her ass with the last comment.

“Goodnight, Luv.” I say as I start straighting up for the night and for more work at home tomorrow.

I am just glad she has a high intellect, because if she stays on her current path her body will not last another ten years, maybe if she slows down a little, 20 years, if she is lucky. Well to her credit, well to my knowledge and the few rumors that I hear, and her own admissions never had any sexual relations with any of her current or future teachers. She will and has admitted to having sex with a few knowing they will never be her teachers again. She did all the tests and all the homework that was asked of her. She just chose not to go to school everyday. She would even turn in weekly assignments on her own to prove to the teachers that she did not need them or be there every school day to learn. As long and the assignments she turned in exceeded the weeks daily work they would count it. Straight A’s, Honor Roll, Top 5 in her class, 100-150 above average on all academic tests, highest SAT score in school district history, IQ 100 points higher then any one at school even the staff, full academic scholarship to four different universities, one on the west coast, one in the mid-west, and two here on the east coast, and one of those just 20 miles away. Tho her disciplinary record did limit the choices from 10 to 4. She could have gone to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UC, all the top academic schools in the US, even Oxford and Cambridge sent letters of regret concerning only her disciplinary record. Odd how if she had been a boy, 8 of the schools would be offering her a scholarship instead of just four. Be promiscuous, but not a girl, but that is how the world is.

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