Derek , Angela


Derek had been asleep for maybe a few hours when the phone ringing jolted him awake. He rolled over and took a quick glance at the clock on his nightstand… 3:47am… it must be important he thought to himself. Still half asleep Derek answered the phone and heard a woman call his name. She sounded like she was crying.

“Angela?” he said, somewhat confused.

“Yes” was the response “It’s me, Derek. Oh god… it’s horrible. Richard’s dead.”

Derek sat straight up in bed, shocked, and turned on the lamp next to his alarm clock.

“Jesus, Ang, what happened?” he said, still half asleep.

Angie explained that her husband, Richard, had been driving home from a conference late at night when someone in the oncoming lane swerved and slammed into his car. The paramedics tried to save him, but he died shortly after arriving at the hospital. The police told Angela they suspect the other driver had been drinking.

“I don’t know what to do, Derek. I feel so all alone. The funeral is in three days, and I’m so lost. Can you come here, please? I need someone. I need your help.” Angela said between heaving sobs.

Derek ran his fingers through his hair and took in all he’d been told. His head was swimming.

“Of course. Of course I can, Ang.” Derek said in as comforting a tone as he could. “I’ll go see the dean tomorrow morning and explain what happened and that I need a little time off from my thesis work. It won’t be a problem.”

“Thank- you, Derek. Thank-you so much. I just don’t know what to do or who to turn to. I need you now more than ever.” Angela said, her voice sou nding a litle more like her usual self now.

“It’s no problem. I’ll be there tomorrow night, Ang. I love you.” Derek said.

After Derek hung up the phone he lit a cigarette and sat on the edge of his bed and tried to digest the news. It was only four years ago when his and Angela’s parents had been killed in a plane crash while on vacation in California. Shortly after that Angela married Richard and moved several hundreds of miles away, then Richard began his Masters thesis in biology. He was so was busy with school that he had neglected to keep in-touch with his sister. So much had happened in a short span of time, and Derek and his older sister had drifted apart somewhat. Derek was just a couple of months shy of his 22nd birthday a when their parents were killed, and Angela was 25. He had come to rely on her more in the absence of his parents, but her getting married and moving away had hurt what was once a very close relationship between them. Derek, like most teenage boys, was shy and awkward around girls so he often looked to his older sister for advice on dating and other things. She was always patient and never teased him and he always appreciated it.

Derek stamped out his cigarette, turned out the light, and got back into bed. As he lay staring at the ceiling in the darkness his mind wandered to how back when he was in his teenage years he would often sneak peeks down Angela’s top when she would bend over around him, or try to brush against her in hopes of feeling her breasts against his arm or back. Occasionally she would notice him staring, but would simply smile or occasionally say “Bad boy. You shouldn’t be looking at them, little brother.” That was always enough to make Derek feel embrassed and guilty, but as the years passed it occured to him that she never seemed to really mind him staring at her breasts because she never once got angry at him when she caught him looking at her. Derek had always found his sister very pretty. At 5’4″ she had always wished she was taller like models, and would often try different hair styles to make her jet black hair look like an actress or model she admired. She tried not to appear vain, but she was always secretly proud of her breasts. By the time she had reached 20 they had developed into at least a C-cup, and on her slim frame they looked disproportionate.

Derek’s mind jolted back to the present and the tragedy that he’d been told of tonight. He also realized that his memories of his younger years of staring at his big sister’s breasts had given him an erection. His hand slipped inside his boxers and he slowly stroked himself thinking of how Angela would sit on the couch next to him and lean over him to check out the TV Guide or magazine in his hands, therefore giving him a good look down her tanktop or blouse at her large breasts. There were so many times that he wished he just had the nerve to reach out and feel her breasts… just once. The sight of her large breasts swaying inside her loose tops had given him plenty of fuel for fantasy as a teen, and he had spent many nights in bed stroking his cock while he imagined what it would be like to feel his sister’s breasts, and more… Derek got up early the next morning and hurried over to the dean’s office to explain that his brother-in-law had been killed in an auto accident and that he would need to take a leave for berievement from his studies. Thankfully escort bursa his dean, Mr. Winchester, was very understanding and told Derek to take all the time he needed. Leaving Dean Winchester’s office Derek checked his watch and realized he had better hurry up and pack if he was going to make it to Angela’s house by nightfall since he had a 3 hour drive ahead of him. He hurriedly threw a suit and some clothes in a suitcase and set off for Angela’s.

By the time Derek arrived it was close to 5pm and Angela had seen his car pull in and was waiting for him at the door. Derek set his suitcase down at his sister’s feet and gave her a long hug, holding her tight against him. Angela buried her face in Derek’s neck and burst into tears.

“Thank-you for coming. I don’t know how I could get through this without you. You’re the only one I have now.” she said as she sobbed into his chest.

Derek pulled his sister closer to him and rubbed her back gently in an effort to comfort her. They stood there like that for a minute and Derek couldn’t help but notice how nice his sister’s breasts felt against his chest. He may have felt guilty, but his cock didn’t and he could feel himself getting hard as Angela pressed herself tighter against him. Derek slid his hands from his sister’s shoulders to the small of her back and gently pushed her away before she could feel his erection against her.

He cleared his throat and said “We should be getting inside. It’s cold out here.”

Angela loosened her grip on her brother and stepped away, then glanced down at her chest. Her nipples were obviously hard and poking through her t-shirt. She nervously crossed her arms over her chest and smiled.

“I’m not cold, I’m just happy to see you.” Angela said and smiled. “Come on. Let’s go in.” she said reaching for Derek’s hand and pulling him into the house. Derek sat down at the kitchen table and watched as Angela got out plates and bowls and set the table.

“You must be hungry. It’s getting late. I haven’t felt like eating all day, but if you have something I will too.” she said as she smiled at her younger brother who sat nervously trying not to stare at his sister’s obviously hard nipples poking out of her thin t-shirt.

While preparing supper Angela watched her brother sitting at the table. She found it somewhat hard to believe that he had gone from the geeky teenager he was to a handsome young man. At close to 6′ tall Derek often turned women’s heads. Either they noticed his wavy brown hair, piercing green eyes, or his muscular body — the result of several years of hard work on his part lifting weights at the local gym. Angela thought to herself that if he weren’t her brother she too would have been quite taken by him. The next few days passed by very quickly and were filled with Derek helping Angela to hastily make funeral arrangements and contact relatives. The day of the funeral was understandably hard for everyone and Angela seldom left Derek’s side — clinging to him for support and comfort throughout the day. Derek felt a sense of relief once it was all over, but was also worried about Angela. He wondered how she would manage to carry on, but he also knew that she’s always been strong and resouceful. Thankfully Richard had a sizable life insurance policy, so money was the least of Angela’s worries.

A few days after Richard’s funeral Derek was sitting on the sofa one evening watching tv when Angela returned from grocery shopping close to suppertime. She sat down next to him and smiled.

“What ya watching?” she said.

Derek shrugged and said “Just some stupid reality show. There’s else nothing on.”

The siblings sat in silence for close to an hour when Angela suddenly leaned over and kissed Derek’s cheek softly.

“What was that for?” he said surprised.

“Just to thank you for being such a great brother. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all this without you. I love you so much, Derek. Thank-you.” she said and gave him a hug.

His sister’s sudden outpouring of emotion caught Derek by surprise, but he returned her embrace and pulled her close to him. “I love you too, Ang. I’m glad I could be there for you. It’s got to be horrible for you I know.”

Angela leaned against her brother and wrapped her arms around him. As she laid her head on his chest Derek felt somewhat awkward because he couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling of his sister’s breasts pressing against him and the scent of her shamphoo, but the erection in his pants was also getting quite uncomfortable. He shifted in place and turned facing his sister. She was crying, and Derek reached up to wipe away the tears the were running down her cheeks. As he leaned back to break contact with her and reach up to her cheek she suddenly leaned into him, pressing her breast against his hand. For what seemed like an eternity Derek’s hand was sandwiched between his chest and his sister’s large, firm, left breast. Derek jumped back on the sofa bursa merkez eskort as if he’d received an electric shock and freed his hand. Angela too leaned back looking at her younger brother and began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Derek said, confused.

“You.” Angela said wiping the tears from her face “You won’t catch girl cooties from me you know. You don’t have to treat me like I’m a leper.”

She was smiling and Derek couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

“I know, it’s just that, well…” Derek’s voice trailed off and he stared at his lap and noticed the bulge in his pants.

Angela smiled at him reassuringly and placed her hand on his thigh. “It’s ok, little brother. It was an accident. I know I’ve got big tits, and sometimes they just get in the way. So you caught a feel of them — no harm done. I hope you enjoyed it.” Angela winked at him, then glanced down at his crotch and smirked.

Derek felt his face flush and chuckled nervously. Angela laid back against his chest and wrapped her arms around him. She felt Derek squirm and pull away from her some, but she held him tighter.

“It’s ok, Derek.” she said softly as she stroked his back “You don’t have to feel bad about it, ok. Just relax. Hold me, please.” she said softly as she caressed his back.

Derek slid has hands up his sister’s back, feeling the soft material of her blouse against his skin. He noticed he felt a bra strap and gave it a tug making it snap against her.

“Hey!” Angela said in mock anger and slapped his forearm, then rubbed it soothingly.

“You used to always snap my bra when we were younger. I see you haven’t changed.” she said.

Feeling more comfortable with the situation and a little bolder Derek said “You sure have though, Ang. What do you wear now, a C cup? You’re a big girl now.”

“Ya, usually a C, depending on the style. With some I need a D.” Angela said, glancing down at her chest.

Derek chuckled and raised his gaze up to his sister’s deep blue eyes. “You were always blessed as far as boobs go, Ang.” he said.

“So ya think they’re nice, do ya?” Angie said looking up at her brother and smiling.

Derek could feel himself blush, and stammered “I never said that.”

Angela pushed herself away from Derek and began unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it off her shoulders.

“What the hell are you doing?” Derek said, shocked.

“Helping you decide whether or not I have nice ones.” she said grinning.

Derek moved away from his sister trying not to stare at her breasts, yet feeling like a deer caught in car headlights. “Ang, no. You shouldn’t be doing this.” he said.

Now wearing just a thin white bra and a pair of jeans Angela reached out and touched her brother’s arm and gave it a squeeze.

“It’s ok, Derek. I have a bra on. It’s no different than the times you’ve seen me in a bikini, right?” she said as she leaned back and stuck her chest out.

“Ya, I guess so.” Derek said as he folded his hands over his lap in an effort to cover his erection. He looked up at his sister’s breasts and noticed that her nipples were once again hard, and he could faintly see her dark aerolas showing through her bra.

Angela reached out and held both of her brother’s hands and pulled them from his lap and glanced down at the bulge in his trousers.

“Besides, you don’t have to say anything. I can tell from what you’re trying to hide there that you like them. I’m flattered. But then again you always did like them, didn’t you? When we were younger you were always trying to look down my top and cop feels. You thought I nevered noticed, but I did.” his sister said.

Derek still had his head tilted towards his lap, trying not to stare at his sister’s semi-nakedness. Angela reached out and placed her hand under her brother’s chin and gently raised his head up.

“It’s ok, Derek. Look at me. You don’t have to sneak it anymore. We’re not kids. We’re not hurting anyone. There’s nothing wrong with you finding me attractive. In fact, I’m flattred. I’ve always found you handsome, and it’s been so long since a man has made me feel sexy. Richard was more concerned with his damn company than me.”

“Really?! You think I’m attractive?” Derek said surprised, and for the first time in minutes looked up at his sister.

“Of course I do.” Angela said and smiled at her brother “I used to watch you mowing the lawn without a shirt on and wondered how those muscles and those strong shoulders of yours would feel, but I never dared touch you.” Angela blushed and stared at her lap.

Derek nervously ran his hands through his hair and said “Wow, Ang. I never thought you looked at me that way.”

“I sure did, little brother! You don’t know how many times I’d look out at you in the yard from the livingroom window and wish I could run my hands over you; just to feel you. Haven’t you noticed how I’ve been touching you while you held me bursa sınırsız escort the past few days?”

“I guess. I just thought that I was the only one who was enjoying it though, and I felt guilty. Ang, you’re my sister. I shouldn’t have those feelings.” Derek said.

“I know, and neither should I, but I do. We do. We’re only human, and what’s the harm in it anyway?” Angela said, as she rubbed her thumb over the back of Derek’s hand.

There was a moment of silence as Derek stared at his sister’s breasts and realized that her nipples were poking out of her thin white bra even more obviously, but now he didn’t care if she knew he was staring.

“You look cold.” Derek said with a grin.

Angela looked down at her breasts and brushed a thumb over her right nipple. She flashed her brother a naughty smile and said “I am. Hold me, Derek. Keep me warm, please.” Derek reached out to his sister and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him, stroking the soft skin of her back. Angela’s hands slid down her brother’s chest to his stomach then under his t-shirt. She rubbed his chest then pulled away.

She said “You know, it’s not fair that you have a shirt on and I don’t.” as she tugged at the hem of his t-shirt.

Derek raised his arms over his head and helped his sister pull his t-shirt off then pulled her close to him again. For several minutes the siblings remained there holding one another and gently touching — exploring the body that each had wanted to for so long. Derek slid his hand up his sister’s back and once again snapped her bra strap and laughed.

Angela pulled away from him then gave him a teasing smile.

“I guess there’s just one way to make sure you don’t keep doing that.” she said then pulled the straps of the bra off her shoulders and reached behind to unhook it.

Derek sat in amazement as his sister’s breasts slowly were revealed to him for the first time as her bra slid down her arms. Suddenly the breasts he’d wanted to see for close to 10 years were suddenly there in front of him to stare at without having to sneak peeks at him. He hardly could believe it. Angela’s breasts were even nicer than he had imagined… firm and slightly turned up with pinkish-brown nipples that were now very hard.

“So?” Angela said as she straightened her back to thrust her chest out more “What do you think? Do you like ’em?”

Derek involuntarily bit his lower lip as he stared at his sister. He could actually feel his hard cock throbbing in his pants.

He inhaled deeply and said “Geez, Ang, they’re beautiful!”

Angela smiled proudly and cupped her breasts in her hands, feeling their weight.

“I’ve always thought they were nice but I was never sure if guys really liked them.” she said as her thumbs brushed over her nipples.

“They’re amazing, Ang.” Derek said with a smile “Seriously, they look better than any of the girlfriends I’ve had.”

Angela smiled at her brother and turned so her back was towards him. She leaned back against his chest then reached back to clasp his hands. She brought them around to her stomach and up to her chest and held her hands over her brother’s so they cupped her breasts. She held Derek’s hands firmly, causing him to squeeze her full breasts hard. Angela lifted her hips and slid down on the couch so the small of her back was resting firmly against her brother’s erection and gave a contented moan.

“That feels so nice, Derek.” she said, leaving him to decide whether she meant his hands, or his cock which was firmly pushing into her back.

Feeling all inhibition and nervousness fade away Derek squeezed his sister’s breasts and ran his hands over them, feeling her hard nipples pressing against his palms. He slid his hands up and pinched Angela’s hard nipples between his fingers, giving them a tug. His sister moaned louder and wiggled a bit against him, rubbing against his hard cock as she arched her back slightly. Derek continued squeezing and rubbing his sister’s breasts then slid his hand down her stomach until he felt the tops of her jeans, then back up over her chest, squeezing harder and pinching her nipples.

“I’ve wanted to do this to you for years, Ang.” he said in a throaty voice.

Angela continued writhing against her brother’s body and moaned slightly.

“I’ve wanted it too, Derek. I was just so nervous, and scared of getting in trouble. I was happy just teasing you like I did, but I always wanted more.” she said as her hands slid down her belly.

Derek continued caressing his sister’s breasts and watched as she continued to stroke her stomach with her fingertips as he played with her hard nipples. He was surprised by how hard they’d gotten and how their hue had changed to a darker colour, but he definately enjoyed it. He licked a finger then traced a circle around Angela’s right aerola he watched her caress her lower belly as she arched her back and grind her back against his hard cock. Then Angela reached to unbutton of her jeans and unzipped them. Her hand snaked into her panties and she began stroking her wet pussy, feeling her clit swell as she pressed down on it.

Derek was surprised by his sister’s sudden action and stopped playing with her breasts. He placed his hands on her shoulders.

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