Deviant Dr. – Red Door Pt. 02


Sienna stared at the text message on her phone screen. The sense of dread and anticipation mixed in her belly. She had known that her escape two years ago would not be permanent but she had hoped it would be a couple decades before she had to go back to Devante Dr. Covid was responsible for putting her back in that house. The damn virus was ruining her life.

“Your mom definitely had the bug, she recovered but there is some damage that may be permanent. If you can come back to help out I would recommend it. I do not think your dad is capable of providing the care she is going to need. Dr. John.”

The doctor had been texting her since her mom had been admitted to the hospital because travel was limited. She checked her email and saw a message from her boss.


From the way we have begun operating it seems that you could most assuredly work remotely from anywhere, so heading back home won’t be an issue. The way things are going we may downsize the office space and keep it permanent. Either way we will work it out. You have been invaluable to our team so we are happy to be able to afford you this opportunity to remain employed with our company.

Best of luck,

Jim Hanson.

VP Operations

Messinger Global

Sienna sighed. It seemed like everything was working out to push her back into that spider web she grew up in. There was certainly a large part of her that hated the thought of returning to Daddy’s controlling home. There was, however, a secret piece of her hidden deep in the dark of the night that she refused to acknowledge in the light of day that was eager to be Daddy’s slut again. Some scar inside her psyche that begged to be scratched and laid open again. She had tried for the last two years to find a guy that could give her that mix of rough, humiliating, demanding, pleasure that only came from being so low that every high seems stratospheric. She had not gotten lost in drink or drugs because she knew her euphoria came from cock. There was nothing out there that could blur that from her memory.

Mitch looked out the front window again for the ninetieth time in an hour. His slut was coming home. When she had left 26 months ago, he had been a bear, raging and angry all the time. There was a lot of truth to the fact that his wife had probably not wanted to fight to get better which is why she got so sick. He would never hurt her but for 6 years he had a target for his sexual aggression and because his wife interfered, that target had gotten a degree and escaped. But she was coming back. She was going to be quarantined with him in this house while his wife was mostly bed ridden. Sienna was going to be bed ridden, couch ridden, table ridden, floor ridden… everywhere he could get on her she would be in for a ride that was guaranteed.

Her car pulled into the drive and Mitch smiled with evil glee. The things he was going to do to her…

Sienna stared at the house from her driver’s seat. There was no help for it. She had given up her lease so if she didn’t live here she was going to be living in the car. She let out a resigned sigh and climbed out of the car. Her Dad threw open the door and sauntered out to greet her.

“Need help with your bags?”

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you.” It slipped out of her mouth before she could stop it. The feral look on his face said he not only heard it but was looking forward to hearing it more and louder.

“We will get your stuff inside then you can go see your mother. She is in the in-law suite.”

“Why the suite?”

“Because she cannot get it again. We need to keep her safe.”

Sienna realized that there were other reasons he was isolating her mother. She was going to text the doctor later to find out how much isolation was needed. Not that it really mattered. Dad was going to get his way.

Sharon lay in the soft bed surrounded by luxury and softness, enjoying the pampering. Sienna was coming back so Mitch was happier than he had been in the last 2 years and his joy brought peace and serenity. Her illness had kept her from being a vessel for Mitch’s lust.

She was happy in isolation. She was happy with the generous way that Mitch was treating her. She was grateful that Sienna was coming back. That made her feel guilty. She knew that she was staking her daughter like bait, but the last 2 years had been worse than ever before. She was not built for Mitch’s passion. His aggression was too much for her body and Sharon knew that she had gotten sick because she was so worn down.

Four years ago she had gone behind Mitch’s back to rescue Sienna and it had worked. She had escaped, but the cage had swung shut on Sharon. At times she had begrudged Sienna her freedom. When it was late at night and Mitch was his most aggressive, she would think about how much better Sienna was at taking his aggression, how much better she was designed for the ardor of his passion. She hated herself because she had known for a very long time what was happening in her home but she had turned a blind eye to it. When the guilt became too much she had helped Sienna genç gaziantep escort escape. But now she was bringing her back to this place, to endure this again. She as a mother was a failure, but as a human she was going to survive the best way she knew how.

Sienna looked at her mother from across the room. She looked to frail in that big bed surrounded by fluffy blankets and pillows. But when Sharon caught sight of her she glowed with happiness.

Sienna felt guilty for a moment that she was angry with her mom. Her mom was the one that told her to never come back yet here she was the one begging her to return. She knew what fate had instore for her daughter, and by fate she meant her father. “Hi Momma.” Sienna said trying not to show her anger. “How are you feeling?”

“I am weak but feel good. Thank you for coming.”

“How could I say no?” Sienna acknowledged tightly.

“I know this is hard for you. I am so sorry. I just couldn’t see any other way.” Sharon said with a sad sigh.

“Well, it is what it is.” Sienna nodded. “I have to go get settled. I am sure it will be a busy night for me.”

The unsubtle way she stated the elephant in the room made Sharon swallow guiltily. “Well, goodnight baby girl. Despite everything, I am happy to see you.”

“Me too mom, despite everything.”

Sienna made her way back to her room and waited, it would not be long before her father would arrive, demanding his pleasure, assuring her it was her fault that he treated her this way because she was so tempting. If she weren’t a slut he wouldn’t have to use her as an outlet for his desires.

She had heard it all for years, taken the blame for years and to some extent still did. She knew that she had some blame in this because she truly enjoyed it. Loved the way she felt when he spanked her and then fucked her. Loved how her body came alive with pain and pleasure. Loved the humiliation and shame that curled through her every time she reached orgasm because her Daddy forced her to. She didn’t want to want it but she did, she had escaped physically but mentally she was begging to be right back here enduring his will.

Sienna waited, she sat on the bed and waited for the door to open. She laid back and before she knew it morning light was streaming in the window and he had not come. Sienna puzzled through the game he was playing because it was a game, it always was. Some power play that had machinations that echoed through the fabric of time. Some mental game that ensnared her deeper in his desires, made her more eager to please. Sienna growled and grabbed her things before heading to the shower.

Mitch watched her exit her room and enter the bathroom. He had so desperately wanted to go to her room last night but he knew that the best way to keep her forever would be to make her beg for it. Make her crazy enough with the flame that she begged to be burned. He needed to abuse her softness but he wanted her to beg for the abuse. This was the only way to be in control. The only way to take back the power she stole when she left. He needed her to offer herself and beg for his particular brand of ownership. He needed her on her knees in his control for his pleasure.

He timed it out so the instant she was stepping out of the shower he entered the bathroom. He caught her full naked. “Oh, shit, Sienna. I am so sorry I was looking for razor blades.” He said averting his eyes quickly pretending that he did not want to drool, stare and cum all over that creamy skin. He stepped out of the room and pulled the door closed. He grinned at his genius and her confusion as he wandered back to his room.

Sienna stared at the closed door and the bizarre way he had acted. Normally he would have pinned her against something and taken advantage. Maybe something had changed since she had been gone. Sienna was equal parts relieved and irritated. She was looking forward to the lack of choice. She was looking forward to having no choice in the matter.

Seemed that little fantasy had gone. Then it hit Sienna, he wanted her to be the one to initiate the abuse. She had been right. It was a power play. Sienna grinned. Two could play at this game.

Sienna dressed with care but did not leave her room. She set up a work station in the corner on her old desk. Got out her Keurig and set it up. Made herself a makeshift office. She stayed busy most of the morning before hunger drove her out to the kitchen. Dressed in a short pleated skirt with no panties, a push up bra and a button down shirt 3 buttons away from being decent, she knew that she was a walking “Daddy’s girl” fantasy. She thought nothing of her father or where he might be lurking as she made her sandwich and headed back to her room.

Sienna enjoyed the rest of the afternoon working.

Mitch did not enjoy the afternoon. He grumbled and growled all afternoon that Sienna was dressed like a perfect slut and she was not parading it around, wasn’t trying to tempt him at all. She did not seem to care that she was his slut and she had gaziantep genç escort been gone too long. She didn’t seem to care if his cock was hard. Which it was. Her big ass in that short skirt was begging to be spanked and fucked and fucked some more.

When she wandered out around dinner time, Mitch’s libido was on thin ice. One small gesture from her was going to sink him. He was going to give up on the power play game and take her because he owned her and these games were not furthering his cause of getting his dick in every one of her holes.

“Should I make dinner?” Sienna asked politely. There was nothing in her demeanor that spoke of her flaunting herself. It was frustrating as all hell for Mitch, because if she were being a temptress he could accuse her and punish her. But wearing outfits like those he used to force her to wear could be a sign of respect


“Come here Sienna.” Mitch said from his recliner in the living room. She walked over to the side of the chair and waited patiently for him to proceed. “Are you being a brat?”

The soft spoken question caught Sienna right in the pussy causing her to quiver and liquify. She had taken on a lot of brat tendencies right before she had moved out because it was the surest way to get punished by Daddy. And at the time she had been carrying so much guilt at the thought of leaving that punishment was needed. It kept her sane to be spanked for her bad behavior.

“Be honest, baby girl. Are you being a brat?”

“Yes, sir.” Sienna hung her head ashamed of her behavior. She had known that dressing the way she did was to get a reaction from him. She had attempted to play the mind games but she knew it was wrong.

“What happens when you are a brat, baby girl?”

“I get punished.” Sienna held her breath for a moment. There was a good chance that Daddy would lose control and give them both what they need. He motioned toward the arm of the couch as he started to rise. Sienna went to the couch and bent over the arm as indicated, taking the position she knew so well and had missed so much.

Mitch took his place next to her and rubbed her thigh dragging her skirt up over her ass. Her pale rounded flesh in view for the first time in so long, he felt a shiver course through him. He raised his hand and brought it down with a satisfying swat on her ass. She melted under his hand, the tension that had been holding them both so tight was releasing.

As the swats rained down the both of them began to flow back into the rhythm of their shared history. Mitch felt the burn of his hand and the hard ache of his cock and breathed in the scent of her pussy heating. He could see the moisture coating her thighs and ran his fingers across her blooming core.

“I have missed you little slut.” Mitch said curling his fingers into her waiting heat. His finger pressed against the rough patch marking her g-spot. Sienna felt her whole body quiver with the oncoming orgasm. “Did you miss Daddy?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She whimpered as the orgasm flooded her body, crashing over her in a way that she had not felt since she left.

“Has anyone used you like you need to be used since you left?”

“No, Daddy.”

“No one has used you like the filthy slut you are, have they?”

“No, Daddy.” Sienna felt the tears rolling down her cheeks. They were a mix of shame, relief and acceptance. In that moment, she knew that whatever her father had set out to do when he had started all of this, he had accomplished. She was his. He owned her in a way no one else could. She realized that in the wake of that orgasm and the throb of the pain that she was home. This is who she was now and no matter how wrong it was, it was the only right for her. Her Daddy’s hand was still cupping her quivering cunt while his thumb gently traced one of the welts on her ass. In that moment she had never felt more loved or seen. The blocks clicked into place and she accepted fully her fate. She turned and lowered herself to her knees with her head bowed turned toward him. He ran his fingers through her hair petting her silently. They stayed like that for a moment savoring the moment, forging the bond.

Now that Sienna had accepted who she was, she was eager to reacquaint herself with her father’s body. She ran her hands slowly up the front of his pants savoring the quake in his muscles. When she reached his fly, she did not hesitate to open it. There was no need to tease, there was no need to play, it was time to do what she was made to do… Extract cum from her Daddy’s cock.

His rock hard cock pointed straight at her face as it fell from the confines of his pants. She gathered spit in her mouth, inhaled deeply, licked her lips for lubrication and swallowed half his cock immediately. She used micro thrusts and drool to help get the remaining cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Mitch groaned in ecstasy as the throat he had created, with both nature and nurture, was once again where he needed it to be. His masochistic slut daughter was his again. gaziantep genç escort bayan This time he was going to breed her to keep her forever. He knew about the pills her mother had gotten her and this time he had no one interfering in his use of her, no one to keep “secrets” from. Her mother knew and would not intrude on their play.

“Oh, fuck, Daddy has missed this. I am so glad my little whore is home. You were a very bad girl to leave Daddy, weren’t you?” Mitch said running his hand through her hair before gripping it tightly in his fist and forcing her on and off his cock like she was no more than a cock sleeve with breath. He rammed his cock into her throat hard and kept her pinned to him as he ground his balls against her chin.

“Baby girl, you are going to have to endure a lot to make up for leaving Daddy. But here is my cum to remind you what is important in your life.”

Sienna felt his cock expand and cum start shooting down her throat, she was in need of oxygen but it was better to pass out than tap out as she remembered. She relaxed into the dark and waited for it to take her, just as he pulled her off. The air she desperately needed sawed in and out of her lungs and the black faded. A little dazed she looked up at Mitch and smiled, a drop of cum on her lip, mascara streaked under her eyes from the tears. She had never looked more perfectly ruined.

Mitch grabbed her arm and helped her stand. Her breasts jiggled in the black bra visible under the white shirt and Mitch felt his mouth fill with water. He unbuttoned the few buttons that were done and exposed the soft warm flesh struggling to stay contained in the whisper of a bra she had on. He ran his fingers of both hands under the top of each bra cup until he found her nipples. He pinched the nipples tightly between his digits to lift the tits from the material.

“I have been looking at the internet a lot, since you left. I cannot tell you how many videos I watched of girls getting their breasts bound and then spanked, or caned, or clamped and thought of you.” Mitch said gruffly. “I wanted to chain you to the wall with your breasts, cane your ass, legs and pussy and show you how wrong you were to leave me. And do not mistake me, I may still do it, but for now I just want to savor a new beginning. No lies, no secrets, no running. Do you understand, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Sienna panted. The imagery of his words working to terrify, intrigue, and excite her.

“Daddy missed these big fucking tits, Sienna. Do not run again. I will listen to what you need but you are mine, is that understood?” All the while he was talking he was petting her hard nipples, delighting her body with the gentle touch. Sienna nodded obediently. She felt different this time. Instead of feeling like it was happening to her and she was just a victim, she was choosing to be there and accepting her role in where she was. It made her feel freer to accept the pleasure and revel in the pain.

“Daddy, would you fuck me, please?” Sienna asked. “I have so missed being filled by daddy cock.”

“Let me play with you for a little while, then I will fuck you all night long.” Mitch smiled. “Your mother may be my wife, but you are the lady of the house. As such you will be my partner, my homemaker, my lover and bare my children. Do you understand?”

“She has the title but I have the role.”

“Yes, and moving forward, she is just a guest in your home. You make the rules and she is privileged to be allowed to stay. If you would like to keep her in her quarters, that is your choice. If you want her to be your pet, or your slave, or the house keeper, you choose. I am no longer attached to her, because I am yours. I will not interfere with your relationship in anyway. She is a ghost of mistakes past to me.”

“Daddy, I am the lady of your house?”

“Yes, angel. Tomorrow, is Saturday, you are not working?”

Sienna nodded.

“We will go to the jewelry store and I shall buy you a collar, it is a symbol that you are mine, and I am yours. There will be no other woman by my side but you. I may have women under me, riding me or kneeling before me but you will be the only one wearing my ownership. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Sienna melted inside. She had always loved her Dad, but for the first time she understood she was in love with her Daddy.

She reached up secure in the knowledge that she was his partner and gently took his hand that was still playing softly with her breast. She steered him by the hand to sit on the couch, his hard cock still sticking out the open fly of his pants. She looked him in the eye as she straddled him and gently sank her soft heat onto his waiting cock. She took his hands and placed them on her tits as she began to rock on the hard heat of him. She leaned close and kissed his mouth, it was a soft kiss filled with all the love in her heart. Mitch felt the emotion clear to his toes. She kissed him, and kissed him, and kissed him. What started out gentle soon became frenzied. Her body rocked against his, trying to pull him deeper. She needed more of him, all of him and she was ready to devour him to get it. He felt her desperate need building but never reaching and knew that his woman, his slut, his baby girl needed more than emotion and motion to find her crest. He gripped both her nipples cruelly and drove his cock deep into her and the pain mixed with the emotion and the pleasure to catapult her into her bliss.

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