Devotion Ch. 1


DevotionAndrea was dressed for work and running late. She slipped a note and a small silver key into the already addressed envelope before licking it and sealing it shut.She stopped briefly in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom. She was born in Germany in the early nineties and met her now-fiancee over the internet. She admired her twenty-nine-year-old body in the mirror, as her thirtieth birthday was fast approaching. Her blondish hair accented her eyes and her beautiful face. Her green eyes sparkled in the mirror as her 34C breasts filled her blouse nicely as she loved how men would admire them from a distance. Turning slightly, she admired her ass in the mirror. Reaching back, she ran her hand across her skirt-covered cheeks and slapped them softly. She smiled as she really wanted to get undressed and be spanked right now, but she knew she was already running a bit behind for work.Andrea pulled herself away from the mirror and walked into the kitchen where her fiancee Allen was drinking a cup of coffee “Guten Morgan my dear” Andrea said as she walked up to him and kissed him softly.”Mmmmmm good morning to you too my dear,” Allen said softly as he kissed her back while squeezing her ass.Allen, American-born, stood about six feet two inches tall. He was thin, sporting a slight belly, but that’s what happens with age, as Anadolu Yakası Escort he was 28 years her senior. Allen had short brown hair with silver mixed in, blue eyes, and was an executive where he worked.Andrea wrapped her arms around him as she hugged him. She loved how safe he made her feel. Never before, has any other man touched her heart the way Allen has. As she nuzzled her cheek against his neck, she could feel the love and devotion that they shared, and that made her so very happy. Finally, Andrea pulled back because she didn’t want to be late for work.”Can you mail this today my dear?” Andrea asked as she held out a small envelope that was already addressed and stamped.Allen reached out, taking the envelope as he glanced at the recipient’s name. A slight smile crept across his face as he placed the envelope on the counter.Andrea could sense that he understood what the envelope was and how happy it would make him feel. She leaned into him once again, on tippy toes, as she kissed him, only this time with passion. Her tongue pushed against his as they shared one passionate kiss, setting each of their libidos in motion. She knew he grew hard from that kiss as she felt a bit of moisture develop between her legs.”I have to go my dear before I am late,” Andrea said as she pulled herself Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan from his arms. “I love you, my dear,” she said as she grabbed her purse and blew him a kiss before slipping out the door.”I love you too babe,” Allen yelled out as the door slammed shut.The next couple of days came and went. It was now Wednesday and Allen arrived home from work first. As he parked his car in front of the house, he noticed a package sitting on the front porch. Thinking that Andrea ordered something via the internet, he picked up the package and took it into the house. Quickly, he showered and dried off. While he was in the shower, his fiancee returned home from work.”Hunny, a package arrived for you, I placed it on the counter,” Allen yelled as he dressed casually in khaki shorts and a polo shirt.”I see it, thank you,” Andrea yelled back as she walked into the bedroom carrying the package as Allen walked out.”Can I ask you what you ordered?” Allen asked as Andrea stopped, stood up on her tippy toes, and kissed him.”You will see soon enough my dear,” she said as she broke their kiss and closed the bedroom door with Allen on the outside of the bedroom in the hallway.He shrugged his shoulders and went into the kitchen to make dinner. He figured that she bought new clothes or Escort Anadolu Yakası something which was nothing out of the ordinary. As Allen began to prepare dinner, he could hear the shower running.Around 15 minutes passed and Allen placed the casserole into the oven to bake for the next hour. He could hear the shower was no longer running and that was when Andrea called for him. Allen walked to the bedroom and turned the knob. Slowly he pushed the door open and walked inside. Instantly his pulse quickened as Andrea was sprawled out naked on the bed. Looking down on the floor, he could see the empty package that arrived today. He also saw his fiancee’s demeanor changed upon opening that package. What he didn’t see, was the contents in the package.Using her finger, Andrea motioned for him to join her on the bed. Fully clothed, he crawled onto the mattress and knelt before the woman he loved. He could see the needy look in her eyes so he reached down and took her beautiful soft foot into his hands and began to rub.”Did you have a good day today?” Allen asked as he caressed her soft sexy barefoot. Before Andrea answered, she lifted her foot higher. Allen began to not only massage her, he planted soft kisses along with her toes and arch.”Mmmm that feels good my dear, ask me about my day later,” Andrea said as she watched her fiancee pamper and worship her feet.Allen’s hands were trembling a bit as he squeezed and caressed her feet. As he continues kissing them, he occasionally slipped a toe into his mouth to suck on gently, causing her to moan slightly. He loved her feet, and he loved worshipping them. They were one of many assets that Andrea has that drive him insane.

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