Dianne Ch. 02


We tend to forget what it is like to be young as we grow up. I think the thing we really forget is how people we regard as kids really are quite grown up. Dianne and Hugh certainly discovered this the hard but pleasurable way.

Hugh’s business had finally taken off and his affair with Dianne, which started while he was broke, remained intact through the roller-coaster of the business boom he rode. Dianne was able to give up her job as a legal secretary and join the business to take over administration – something Hugh was not good at.

Despite the long busy hours their sex lives remained as exciting and fulfilling as the first night they spent together. Both being in their forties they let a lot of the hang ups of youth drop. Dianne, for such a ladylike woman, was quite uninhibited once she walked through the door at home. Her quiet frankness is what often got Hugh harder than he had been as a teenager. Dianne had the body of a woman in her twenties which didn’t hurt either.

Good genes and taking care of herself saw to her youthful body and looks. Even at 43 people assumed she was many years Hugh’s junior until they met her children the youngest of whom was 17

As he fucked Dianne slowly from behind she would quietly ask if the view was pleasant, did she look clean and inviting were there any stray hairs she should take care of. She would casually masturbate if he felt too tired for sex and if he got hard she would suck his cock after she came not letting him exert himself. On the other hand Hugh who was very fit could give Dianne ‘a fucking that makes my eyeballs spin’ to use her colourful phrase.

Dianne understood that some men liked a little change in the bedroom and so one year for a birthday treat she hired a girl for Hugh for the evening. As Hugh spent an energetic couple of hours with a woman twenty years his junior Dianne parked up in the bedroom in a comfortable chair, watched and masturbated for the whole two hours. Dianne was wearing the little skirt and blouse she had used to drive her former boss mad in. She wore no panties so could just lift her legs over each arm of the chair and finger herself. It became a regular part of their life together. Dianne enjoyed masturbating in front of a stranger and a no strings sexual encounter every month or so suited Hugh just fine. About three times a year they used the same girl and had become friendly with her, providing dinner and drinks along with a bed for the evening on a couple of occasions. Money still changed hands but that was because Debbie, the girl, needed it, however that is another story for later.

Both thought all of this would suffer terribly after Dianne got a phone call from her daughter. Rebecca was overseas studying to be a chef. She was a carbon copy of her mother. The call wasn’t about her. It was on behalf of a friend at her school. Amanda had, to use the very old fashioned phrase, “disgraced herself”, she was pregnant and had been disowned by her family who lived in a curious moral universe. The baby was due in week and while she could stay with Rebecca while pregnant the arrival of a child would make life impossible in a student flat.

The question was could Amanda and her baby use the small house at the bottom of Hugh and Dianne’s property.

Amanda was Rebecca’s best friend and both Hugh and Dianne had got to know her well over the last year or two. They were not surprised at her parents’ reaction and felt that they should help even if it put a cramp upon things at home.

Amanda got on the phone and thanked them tearfully. In the intervening ten days Amanda had her baby and flew back home to be met at the airport not by her family but Dianne and Hugh. Her baby was a healthy little boy and she had come through the birth well. Dianne had had children herself but being tall, 6 feet in stockings her babies had not stretched her skin and her pussy was as tight and beautiful as any teenager. Amanda had not been quite so fortunate and had some stretch marks and flab on her stomach. Many of the little incidents of tears that followed in the next six months could be traced to this.

Amanda thought that no man would look at her ever again and that at 18 years old months she was washed up. None of this came out until summer when Dianne was wandering around with just a piece of silk tied around her hips and a pair of panties. Amanda wore a one piece when she used the pool and even then her pubic hair would escape from the confines of her suit.

Her consolation appeared to be her little boy. Dianne had however begun to really worry about her. She noticed how she was letting herself go and talked to Hugh about it. They both felt she was too young to cope with everything and of course had forgotten how grown up they felt at her age. Dianne had even been pregnant at 18 herself.

In many respects they viewed Amanda as a child and both would be jarred back to reality when the baby cried.

One day by the pool Dianne was sitting at the edge dangling her feet with her breasts, which were not big, free Karaköy escort and just a little bottom on mostly to accommodate Amanda’s presence. Amanda swam up and told Dianne how she envied her her figure. The conversation progressed and finally Dianne’s fears for Amanda were confirmed. Amanda told Dianne all about her stretch marks and how she felt ruined and ugly and then the tears began again. Dianne decided that action was called for. She and Hugh were now very wealthy and she knew Hugh wouldn’t mind her blowing a little money to help this poor girl.

The next afternoon in the office she contacted a nanny agency to find a live-in nanny to help Amanda and give her enough free time to take herself in hand and get into shape. The hunt took about 20 interviews but eventually a suitable candidate about Amanda’s age was found. She moved into the little house at the bottom of the garden and then Dianne went to work on Amanda.

One day a week she took her to work with her and Hugh. After about a month she mentioned to Amanda that she was going for a wax and asked her along. It was a revelation.

The little spa that Dianne patronised was very luxurious and quite an indulgence. Dianne worked hard and used this as an escape from the pressure of work every few weeks. It was an entry to another world for Amanda. She was quite the lost little girl. She was also very shy and used a towel to wrap herself in whereas Dianne simply shed her clothes and taking Amanda’s hand led her off to their beds opposite each other. Finally Amanda’s body was revealed. Her marks were there but nowhere near as bad as she made out. Her stomach was a little flabby but her pubic hair was just a jungle. Dianne caught her looking at her own little dark patch of hair. Looking up Amanda blushed and said how she wanted hers to look like Dianne’s but it never would. Dianne confessed that only a constant beauty regime kept her lips clear of hair and that with a little discomfort she too could have that look. She went on to tell Amanda all about how hair had covered her lips and back around her rear hole until she started tidying herself up to try and save her first marriage. She made the point that the people at the spa did a much better and more pleasurable job.

The attendants lifted their legs into stirrups and went to work on both of them. Other than the boy who knocked her up and her doctor nobody had ever seen between Amanda’s legs. She blushed as Dianne chatted away about stray hairs and how Hugh loved to lick her nether lips.

Amanda’s pussy had not suffered as a result of her baby’s birth but it was just covered in hair and this extended back around her arsehole and onto the top of her thighs. An hour or two later and she was smooth and fresh with not a hair below her now distended clit. She had become terribly aroused not by the hair removal procedure that had stung so much that her eyes watered. The soothing balm applied by hand to her pussy lips and the careful cleaning especially around her rear had started her leaking uncontrollably. She was wide open and her interior pinkness just, like Dianne’s, was on display.

Dianne’s assistant whispered something in her ear and Dianne shook her head. As they were changing back into their clothes Amanda asked Dianne about what had been said. Dianne explained that Jenny, her assistant, had asked whether she wanted some oral pleasure. Standing in her plain white cotton panties Amanda gaped. Dianne smiled,

“It’s alright, Hugh knows.”

“Really, and he doesn’t mind?”

“Mind! I’m sure he’d love to watch!”

“Come on get dressed and pick your jaw off the floor. We need to do something about your underwear and how about a bikini now you’re all so nice and trimmed.”

Amanda got dressed in a daze. This was another universe. Her mother hadn’t even prepared her for straight forward sex and when she’d discovered it, it came as a painful unfulfilling shock – yet here, a woman her mother’s age revelled in her sexuality, talking casually about committing acts she was certain she was supposed to burn in Hell for.

Dianne bought Amanda a range of underwear, some girlish and some out-rightly sensual and sexual in the messages they sent. Amanda felt most comfortable in the cotton slightly athletic underwear Dianne bought her. She also liked the briefs that weren’t too skimpy. They bought three bikini’s despite Amanda’s objections. There was one that had full briefs like a 1950’s model and the other two more skimpy.

The following weekend around the pool Amanda showed up looking nervous with her little boy and his nanny in tow. The nanny, Jane, had a tight slender, little body but didn’t want to show too much with her male employer present. Hugh wore shorts in deference to Amanda and Jane’s likely sensitivities. Amanda removed her towel and showed herself in her new modest bikini. She still had a little tummy and her marks showed slightly above her waistband. The most striking thing was the size of her nursing breasts they were monsters and must Kayaşehir escort bayan have been a real nuisance.

Hugh couldn’t help but feel a little throb in his cock. Dianne was the only one naked as she lounged beneath a big umbrella. She wasn’t at all shy with her right leg lifted to support the book she was reading. Her little tuft of pubic hair glistened with oil above her semi open slit and her nipples were erect in the slight breeze. They all had a happy afternoon.

Dianne asked Amanda to join them for dinner as Jane was ‘on duty’ that weekend. About 6 pm they trailed up to the big house while Jane headed back to settle the baby down. Dianne remained naked but Hugh changed and Amanda borrowed a T-shirt which was more like a night shirt on her. Dianne suggested she remove her damp bikini. Amanda said she was worried about her breasts leaking. Dianne insisted that she need feel no embarrassment about something so natural. Reaching under her t-shirt she undid the bra and let Amanda’s breasts swing free. With the same supple movement she pulled her bikini bottoms down.

“There that feels nice doesn’t it. I promise Hugh won’t look up your shirt.” Dianne giggled.

Amanda blushed and then turned dark red as Dianne told Hugh how Amanda had had her pussy trimmed and waxed a few days before. The evening went well and about 11pm Amanda feel asleep on the sofa watching a film. Rather than disturb her they put a blanket over her and tucked her in. Her legs had been drawn up and a little bit of her nubility was displayed as she dozed. She looked like the little girl she was in so many ways.

Hugh and Dianne headed to bed for some late night sexual gymnastics….In reality it was pretty staid. They had had a relaxing day and after sucking each other they lay back with Dianne on top for a comfortable 40 minute fuck.

A sound alerted Dianne to something unusual and she caught a shadow through the open doorway when she glanced in her mirror. She knew what was happening and made an effort to show off as much intimate flesh as she could. Hugh’s hard cock would disappear and re-appear from within her. In time she had a satisfying if small orgasm and climbing off Hugh sucked him until the last drops of his abundant essence were consumed. Using the softness of her tongue she cleaned the head of the penis she so loved. Smiling up at him as she worked her hands massaging his stomach encouraging him to relax and drift in a post orgasmic slumber.

Releasing his spent cock she kissed her way up to his face and bathed him in kisses. She whispered about their audience and they both listened to a rhythmic rustling

The next morning Amanda was woken by her aching breasts and rushed off to feed her baby. Returning around lunchtime she thanked Dianne for the lovely day she and Hugh had given her.

“Did you enjoy the show?” Dianne asked casually as Amanda reached the door. She stood rooted to the spot.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry….” And the sobs began.

Dianne took her and cuddled her. Kissing the top of her head she told her not to worry and that she especially enjoyed having an audience.

“You can watch anytime you want. We’re used to it.”

Amanda gasped.

“I think we should have a little talk about sex. You don’t know very much, do you? I saw you touch yourself – did it work?”

Amanda bit her lip and shook her head. Here was a girl in a woman’s body. Dianne took Amanda’s hand and led her to the bedroom. Once there she opened her bedside drawer and offered the startled girl a slender vibrator telling her just where and how to apply it.

Amanda took the vibrator back to her little house with her. That night Jane smiled to herself as she heard the hours of gentle buzzing and stifled moans as Amanda’s first self-induced orgasms overwhelmed her. They were in fact her first orgasms. Now she understood why Dianne liked sex.

Listening, Jane felt sufficiently excited to put her own hand in her panties and relieve some tension. She had no trouble with masturbation and having a thing for older fatherly figures she regularly stroked herself to mental images of Hugh. Tonight she felt a little confused fingering herself and thinking of Amanda’s sounds.

Amanda was a willing student but still she worried about her body. She was sure that her marks would be a huge turn off especially for men her own age. She would often confide this to Dianne who felt that if only a caring skilled man could get Amanda into bed she’d regain her shattered confidence. She would accompany Dianne to each of her spa visits but just wouldn’t allow her pussy to be licked. One day in frustration Dianne decided that she would not turn down the offer when it was made. After her pussy was wiped clean from its trim she nodded her assent to the proffered tongue bath.

Beckoning Amanda over she held out her hand and holding Amanda to her side she had her legs pushed back and open as far as was comfortable. The assistant knelt down and licked up along Escort Küçükçekmece Dianne’s slit opening her little folds even further and zeroing in on her clit. Amanda just looked on moving from foot to foot. Her eyes never left the moist crevice between Dianne’s spread legs.

On the drive home Dianne made her move. The baby was now 8 months old and Amanda was 19. She had had no sex since she fell pregnant. It was time to act.

“We’d like you to have dinner with us tonight.”

“Great I’d love it.”

“We don’t want you to go home tonight. Hugh and I want you to spend the night in bed with us.”

Amanda stammered a non-committal response. Dianne was having no part of it. She told Amanda bluntly that she had to stop living like a nun that she didn’t have to participate but that she and Hugh were going to have a nice dinner and go to bed to make love. She could watch but would have to do so openly or if she wished she could participate.

Amanda voiced a worry about Hugh’s sperm, the first sign she was wavering. Dianne sensing a small victory told her that he was happily sterile but added he was oh so tasty therefore he would be nice to swallow and safe against pregnancy. She also told Amanda that he knew what he was doing when it came to women.

Dinner went well and Amanda began to look about nervously. Hugh broke the ice this time by saying that he and Dianne were off to bed and he hoped Amanda would join them if only to watch. Amanda blushed.

“We’ll take that as a ‘yes’!” and bounding up he gathered the startled Amanda into his arms and with Dianne behind him made for their bedroom. The still stunned Amanda was deposited gently in a chair and Hugh sat on the edge of the bed while Dianne knelt and opening the zip of his trousers buried her face in his crotch. A minute or two later her head began to bob up and down along his rigid cock.

“Have you ever done this?” Hugh asked.

Amanda shook her head. She swallowed. ” I’ve only had sex once and I never saw his thing. He pushed me over a chair and was very rough….” She sobbed.

Dianne got up and walked over to her leaving Hugh’s cock pulsing and rigid. “We didn’t know or we mightn’t have been so forward with you. Would you rather go home?”

Amanda could smell the faint scent of Hugh on Dianne’s breath.

“No I’ll be fine. May I look at you Hugh?” she whispered.

“Be my guest.”

Amanda got up and crossed the floor to Hugh’s open trousers. Dianne stripped off and reached out to stroke Hugh. Taking her time Amanda examined the penis she had seen at a distance once before. She wanted to touch but felt shy. Dianne took her hand and had her grip Hugh. She told her just to stroke him gently while she continued to suck his cock-head.

“I think poor Hugh will be on a bit of a hair trigger tonight so I’m going to make him come and then he’ll keep me and perhaps you happy for hours.

Despite her nerves Amanda was wet. The cotton of her panties would be hard pressed not to give her away should anyone look. Today she had worn grey cotton athletic looking bra and matching panties. With her hair drawn back she looked so young. Something not lost on Hugh as he began to breathe harder. With Amanda still stroking him Dianne looked up for a minute to warn Amanda that Hugh was about to come. Her mouth back over the head of his cock he began to empty into her mouth. Amanda didn’t know what to do and let go of him as he fell back on the bed. Dianne sucked him gently till his cock went soft.

Amanda felt a hand under her skirt on her bottom. Dianne was stroking her cotton covered rear. It was nice!

Amanda gave little whimper as the hand moved to her moist crotch where it began to exert some pressure. Dianne had never gone down on a woman. She’s had plenty go down on her but while she hadn’t shied away from doing it places such as the spa were for receiving not giving.

Tonight, when she hoped Amanda would finally be fucked by a man who cared about her pleasure, she would taste their little friend in a most intimate way. The immediate problem was to get Amanda naked in such a way that she didn’t worry too much about her stomach.

Her finger traced the seam of Amanda’s panties and ran up under them across her rear. From there it traced her rear around to the soft lips of her sex which had swollen, moistened and opened. Dianne’s finger slipped along the slick little crevice. Amanda howled as her clit was touched. The jump Amanda gave sent Dianne’s finger right up inside her. She bore down upon it. Her clothes had to go.

Hugh reached for her top and gently removed it as Dianne began to steadily finger her. Soon her bra was gone and she was topless in a small pleated skirt with a woman’s finger in her panties slowly fucking her to the first orgasm anyone had ever given her.

Her position was comfortable if undignified. She was on her knees facing forward, legs wide open skirt bunched and her face now resting on Hugh’s thigh. His penis was growing again right beside her face.

Dare she? As her orgasm hit she kissed his cock and began somewhat inexpertly to suck him. The finger withdrew from her and she felt an emptiness. The absence was soon forgotten. Dianne had rolled over and lying beneath Amanda’s spread open crotch pulled her panties aside to begin licking her first pussy.

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