Did It For The Team Ch. 05


At the next day’s evening practice, the last one before the state meet, Coach Holmes walked along the pool deck and over to my lane. He had a stopwatch around his neck, which was nicely buoyed by his hard chest. Once again he was clad in another speedo, this time electric blue, with a bit of a sheen on it. It neatly encased his perfectly shaped ass and accentuated his generous bulge. He called me over to the side of the pool. I took in the breathtaking view as I looked up at this perfect specimen of masculinity for a few seconds. Coach Holmes snapped me back into reality.

“I want to work with you on perfecting your starts and anticipating the gun. I think you could shave a few tenths off your time with a more powerful start. Hop out of the water and get on the blocks.”

As I mounted the blocks, the coach noticed I didn’t have on my usual suit but rather a red one with one inch sides. I was inspired by the red one he had been sporting last week, plus this one really allowed me better leg movement. After checking myself out in the mirror that morning, I concluded that the higher cut suit looked pretty damn good on me.

“Where’s your lucky practice suit?”

“In the wash.”

Of course it was in the wash, it was covered in jizz from yesterday’s jizz buffet. If he only knew how it got soiled.

Well, that’s a great color for you, Mike. Unfortunately, for the meet we all have to wear the same suits, so you’ll have to stop by the office and pick up one of the orange and black ones.”

“Well, I liked your red one so I thought I would follow suit, literally.” I laughed. I couldn’t believe I had thrown that comment in, but I felt confident and stated it very matter of factly. “But I can swing by this afternoon and pick up one.”

“Fine, I have a few clinics to teach so stop by after 10:30 as I’ll be in my office making the roster for the meet tomorrow. Would you mind coming then?”

“Sure coach, of course, I’ll stop by after dinner.” My eyes began to drink in the sight of the coach, and I was dying to tell him that blue was a great color for him, but I merely hopped on the blocks.

“Lean forward and hold the blocks.”

I did, but apparently not well enough.

“Put back with your hips, and grab the bottom of the block.”

I did, but it still wasn’t right to him.

“Hang on,” he said. He pulled a stool behind the blocks, stood behind me, and pulled my hips back. I felt his bulge brush momentarily against my ass. It was getting a little hard.

“When I blow my whistle, I want you to push forward and then grab off the blocks with all you have to propel yourself forward.”

He blew his whistle and I flew off the blocks. With an added push from him, I hit the water further than usual and advanced a good 5 meters underwater. I came up and he smiled his approval.

“This is much better, see? When keep your upper body lower, and your hips raised and legs staggered, you get much better propulsion. I need you to do that in the meet tomorrow. Practice that a few times and then do your warm down. After a quick but obvious scan of my nearly naked body, he added, “And don’t forget to stop by my office later on.” He flashed his winning smile before he walked away to give a few of the other swimmers some last-minute pointers also. I finished my workout, showered without incident and grabbed a bite to eat in the Student Center.

At 10:30, I returned to the pool, which was now cast in darkness, except for the underwater lights which created a peaceful calm glow in the arena. I went through to the locker room and saw Coach Holmes at his desk. He had a pair of glasses on as he worked busily filling out paperwork. It gave him an intellectual look which enhanced his rugged handsomeness.

“Hello Mike, glad you stopped by. I was just putting the final touches on the team roster for tomorrow. I placed you and Kent as our two swimmers in the three breast stroke races. You have earned that

spot with your times and dedication. I’m impressed with what you’ve shown so far in the pool, Mike. Depending on how you guys do, I’ll decide which one of you two swims breast stroke in the Medley Relay.”

I was surprised and flattered. “Wow, that’s great. I’m really thankful for the opportunity and will not disappoint you.”

He smiled. “I know that Mike, I’m fully confident in your abilities. I know you would never let me down.” His smile grew bigger. “Now let’s get you suited up for tomorrow.” He took out a large box of suits, all with tags with different sizes.

He looked at me up and down as he rummaged through the box. He fished out a size 32 suit, and tossed it to me.

“You look like size 32 to me. I can pick a guy’s size every time. Go try this one on in the locker room and let’s check the fit. These suits sometimes run a little big, and we don’t want sliding down to your ankles when you dive into the pool.”

As I grabbed the suit and put down my backpack, I winced a little.

“Whoa, what’s that wince all about? You pull a hamstring? That’s not good.”

“No, my lower back hurts a little. Must be doeda from all that kicking from the hips.”

“You didn’t stretch enough. That’s a problem. I can’t afford to have an injured swimmer in this meet. Pop the suit on, we’ll resolve that first, and if we need to give you some quick PT now, we’ll do it here on the training table.”

“Okay coach, you got it.” I left the office and went to try on the suit.

I tried the suit in front of the mirror, and it fit like a glove. The orange band that went around the top all the way to the back provided a nice contrast. The built in line down the back center framed my ass perfectly. Size 32 was definitely the right size. The coach was a good judge of his athlete’s sizes. I walked back to his office where I noticed he was waiting at his desk for me.

“Nice, Mike. Front looks good, turn around and let’s see the back.”

I turned. It seemed a little odd that he was taking such an interest in my speedo, but I welcomed any attention this swim god wanted to bestow upon me.

“Looks like we got a perfect fit. Hop on there.” He pointed to the training table in the back part of his office.

He laid a towel on the table. I got on the towel he had laid out and stretched my body out on it. I watched with curious interest as the coach pulled out a machine with multiple wires and pads.

“This is an electrical muscle stim machine.” It will bring circulation to the affected area. I’m gonna put four pads on your lower back.”

He placed two on my lower back and then lifted up my suit and placed two more lower on the sides of glutes. He placed another towel over my ass, and lowered the suit a little. The coach had now clearly seen my ass. He turned on the electric current and placed a warm towel over my back and hips. It felt amazing- a steady current which relaxed my entire body. I felt myself drifting off a little. The coach walked over and began rubbing my shoulders as well. His strong hands kneaded at the knots in my upper traps and neck muscles.

“Let’s get these a little loose also.” The coach was now beside my head with his sweatpants clearly showing a definite tenting underneath, or was I seeing things? The relaxing massage, the heat, and the coach’s strong masculine hands had me drifting in and out of consciousness over the next fifteen minutes.

The coached turned off the machine and moved the towel to remove the pads off my back and hips. He also began kneading that area with his hands. “How does that feel, Mike, any better?”

“Mmm hmmm, much better,” I groaned in a sleepy and labored voice.

“Great, glad it’s working. Let’s get these glutes loosened up as they feel a little tight.” As he said that he pulled my speedo completely down under my cheeks. He applied some lotion to his hands and began kneading the glutes, the lower back and sides of the hips. My ass was completely exposed and the Coach was handling it like he was making a pizza. Every so often he would brush the side of his hand into my crack and swoop downward. It was an unfamiliar feeling and I wondered why the coach was massaging there. But he would quickly move to another side of my hips and back. It felt so good that I struggled to just stay awake but my raging hard on below me reminded me that something was awakening in me as the Coach touched me. I just sighed in relaxation as the tension and exhaustion of the day’s practice melted away.

The Coach moved up to my shoulders and leaned over to my ear and whispered in his sexy and mesmerizing voice. “Mike, I’m going to remove your suit to work a little more on your legs. You’re doing a great job of relaxing.”

I instinctively lifted my hips for him and within seconds my suit was on the floor beside the table. The coach moved to my inner thighs, hamstrings and within five minutes, they felt as loose as ever. His touch was strong, yet sensual, yet so relaxing. If it’s possible to fully relax with a now throbbing boner. His voice was almost hushed to a whisper. It was very calming to see this quiet side of the coach. I felt at ease, even with hands all over my bare ass.

“Open these a little,” he said as he pushed my legs slightly more open with his hands. I wondered what he could possibly massage down there . I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

I felt moist kisses on my lower back and legs. The coach moved his mouth over all those parts and then began kissing my glutes. He kissed each cheek and then then placed his tongue on my crack and licked downward. He spread my cheeks apart and suddenly passed his tongue over my puckered up asshole.

I caught my breath and gasped at this sudden change of events. I stirred a little and tried to get up, but the coach held my lower back down to the table and just licked harder and circled my hole with his tongue. I tried to close my legs to this invasion, but the coach quickly and strongly held them open and continued his intensified assault on my starfish. I tried to get the energy to get up as I felt this was not right, but I found myself disabled from the exquisite feeling of Coach eş değiştirmeli porno Holmes’ tongue teasing my hole. I moaned as the stubble of his goatee rubbed the inside of my cheeks. He moved both hands to open up access even more and effortlessly penetrated me with his talented tonguing. I grabbed the sides of the table as he darted his tongue in and out of my hole. All I could do was moan. I relented to his oral assault of my ass and resigned myself to letting him work my hole as long as he wanted. How did a tight lower back get me to the point of being buck naked in my coach’s office with his tongue plugged up my ass?

The coach began to moan himself as he hungrily devoured my ass. His goatee and moustache delivered a tantalizing friction down there. I had heard the term “rim job” and always laughed at it as some perverted sexual deviation. Whatever it was, the coach was an expert at it, and I was being reduced to a blubbering and moaning fool as he entered me over and over again with his strong and stabbing tongue. The coach pulled away for a few seconds and then I felt a wet finger against my well relaxed hole. His lubed up finger slipped right in and moved around me easily. It felt damn good! It was soon followed by a second finger. My tight ass was stretched as he moved both fingers in and out of me.

“I’m going to give you a prostate massage, Mike. It will help you relax. It will definitely help you tomorrow. You will enjoy this, I promise. Just stay nice and relaxed as you are now. “You’re doing great, Mike.”

I really didn’t know what a prostate was, but I could barely mumble out a response as my mind was reduced to mush by these fingers tapping what seemed like electrical receptors in my ass. He wiggled his fingers in there for a little bit, and then pulled out and lubed it up more with some lotion. When the coach’s finger hit the bulls eye of my magic button the second time, I nearly blacked out from the sensations. I had never felt anything…nothing at all…like this before. My entire body was now rigid and vibrating like I was holding bare electrical cords in each hand. My cock bounced and dribbled all on its own. My balls tingled as if I had applied a light layer of athletic balm to them. When he began using his fingers to stimulate my hot spot even more, I starting yelling, “Oh fuck, don’t stop, please!!”

The coach merely smiled and continued the pressure of his finger in my ass but then placed his hand under my stomach and pushed me upwards so I was on all fours. As he expertly played with my ass, he reached under me and touched my hard dick.

“Holy shit, I knew you were packing Mike, but this is huge.”

“Not as big as you, Coach,” I managed to get out. I suddenly realized that I was now divulging that I had seen his monster cock being serviced by Kent. I hope he didn’t catch on it to it. His large hand moved up and down my rigid tool with expert precision. He teased me for a little while like this which had me struggling to stay on the table, and then removed his hand from my cock and brought it back towards my ass to join his hand which now had three fingers buried in it. I felt so stretched out but the Coach alternated between two and three fingers, so I enjoyed the different sensations. I groaned as these new sensations felt so good. This continued for about a minute more when I began to feel a different sensation.

As the coach tapped his fingers on my prostate again and I felt my dick began to throb. It was dark red and harder than stone. It bounced and dribbled on its own without even being touched. In a panic, I realized that I was about to cum from nothing other than his finger stimulating my ass. I grunted that I was going to cum and the Coach pushed even harder. I gritted and moaned through my clenched teeth as I had the most earth shattering orgasm – different from anything I had ever experienced. I shot all over the towel and part of the table. I may have even glazed some other items in his office. When I finished, I collapsed on the table, exhausted. I felt like I had run a marathon. The coach withdrew his fingers and I winced as they slowly slid out my tight quivering hole. He had the most satisfied look on his face and said, “Now, that’s how you milk a stud.”

When my breathing returned to normal, the coach removed the towel from beneath me, wiped me down with a wet towel and placed me back on the table. He covered me with a sheet, and said,

“You just relax a little bit and recharge your battery, stud . Close your eyes and rest. He began stroking my hair, and within a minute or so, I fell asleep right there on the table.

* * * * *

On the bus ride to the meet the next day, my thoughts swirled about this incredible encounter with the coach. I felt very relaxed but at the same time, wished it had gone further. I also felt that I wanted to show my appreciation to the coach for that incredible massage the night before. When we arrived at the meet, a few hours away, we headed right to the arena to begin the competition. The meet included four genç porno colleges from the surrounding counties and would serve as a qualifier for the state championships.

Coach was all business during the day, motivating and directing the team members during all of their races. He came over to me and asked if I was loosened up for the race, with a bit of a smirk on his face. I told him yes but I was worried that I might tighten up later. I made it a point to glance down at his crotch as I said this.

“I want you to remember everything we practiced. Strong starts and strong finish. I’m counting on you to produce for us, Mike.” He gave me one of those teammate slaps on the ass, which caught me by surprise given the serious manner he acted around the team.

I was so motivated to deliver to the coach and wanted to please him so much that I swam personal bests in my events and qualified for two finals. I even finished a few places ahead of Kent in both races, something I had never envisioned happening. The races would be swum the next day, so we were afforded a mere half day rest.

Back at the hotel we turned in early after dinner. Dave, my roommate, was equally successful, and was on the bed watching TV as I took a shower. As the water spilled over my body, I fantasized about the many hot bulges I had seen at the meet today: great colored speedos with toned bodies and full packages. As I dried off, I heard some rustling and movement in the room and figured Dave was unpacking. As I exited the bathroom, I discovered that Dave was not unpacking at all.

I did a double take as I witnessed Dave bouncing up and down on the bed, impaled on Jason’s dick. Dave’s eyes were closed and he bit his lower lip as he rode Jason’s bone like he was in a rodeo. Jason was lying back on the bed with his eyes also closed. He had his hands around Dave’s ribs and used his hands to move Dave up and down on his huge pole. Dave’s engorged cock was flopping up and down and sideways as he was directed up and down Jason’s pole. Jason had not been kidding when he told me he had been fucking Dave. And from what I was seeing, Dave was both a willing and avid participant. Dave rode down all the way on Jason’s cock and took it all the way to the base. He then raised himself up to only slide right back down the massive length yet again. Up and down. Over and over. It was a brisk pace supported by Jason’s strong arms. Jason’s biceps flexed as he moved Dave up and down on his huge dick. I had already had Jason’s dick down my throat; I knew it was big and could not fathom how anyone could take that entire thing up their ass. Yet Dave appeared to have mastered the girth and length easily, as his ass seemed to go directly down to Jason’s pubes on each downward stroke, even wiggling it at the end to make sure he got every last inch inside him. Dave continued this amazing ride and tossed his head back as he completely submitted to Jason.

My towel had a huge protrusion in the front as I watched this hot scene. Suddenly Dave’s eyes caught me spying and his face showed a sudden surge of panic. He tried to get off the huge tube plugged up his ass, but Jason would have none of that. He sat up and pushed Dave forward, all the while keeping his huge dick in Dave’s ass. Dave was now on all fours with Jason kneeling behind him. He ran his hands on Dave’s back and put face down on the bed with his ass up in the air. He continued this intercourse with long sensual strokes. Jason rotated and grinded his hips as each new angle brought a groan from poor Dave.

Jason called me over and said, “What are you staring at? Dave’s mouth is empty; perhaps you can help him out.” Not needing to be prodded, I walked over to the edge of the bed where Dave’s face was. He pulled on the towel as it released my throbbing boner and let the towel fall to the ground. I glossed his lips with my cock just as had been done to me in the past and then pushed into his mouth. Dave positioned his tongue underneath my head and began to tickle the underside with each downstroke. This guy was an oral wizard. I pulled Dave forward and got my balls against his chin. He moaned in contentment as I got deep into this throat.

Jason resumed his reaming of Dave’s ass and established a tempo where I didn’t even need to thrust forward. Each thrust from Jason put Dave deep onto my dick. He then pulled Dave back where his mouth released except for the head, only to be pounded back down to the base. It was a hot watching Dave being used completely by us. He seemed very determined to make me cum and really started concentrating on my cock with his tightening mouth. He reached up and started gently squeezing my nipples. That sent me over the edge. Dave held the sides of my hips and got ready for the geyser he was about to receive. I groaned as I shot my first spurt. Dave blinked hard, caught a little unaware by the size and strength of that first shot. He recovered and gobbled up the other shots like a vacuum. After holding me for a few seconds, Dave let my cock plop out of his mouth and sighed, “Nectar of the gods.” He then let his head drop signaling to Jason that he was ready to again completely submit to him. It was quite a visual: Dave was face down, ass in the air, his back muscles all protruding as he tried to maintain his balance on the bed. He was in the process of digesting a load and was now about to get another load injected into him.

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