Did’ja Ever Have A Date Like This?


Shit, little girl…

What would I do to you? Hmm…. Well, I guess that would depend on the amount of time in which I had to do it! But, since this is MY fantasy, you’re desires/wishes don’t really mean a darn thing, do they?

OK, it’s a dark and stormy night and we’re stranded in a big, deserted, old, Victorian mansion. There are no people within a hundred miles to disturb us. (And, no, this is not a Horror-movie script, either.)

Your perfume has been driving me wild all night, which is evident by the lump in my jeans, which has delighted you all night. You keep making fun of my plight; I’m not sure why, though… I think it’s just your way of expressing the fact that you’re nervous. I mean, this IS our first date and all, and my car really DID break down on that deserted road, a mile back. But that’s beside the point!

I just wish I wasn’t so nervous because I might be more able to enjoy the fact that I’m stranded with a really beautiful girl. Look at you: 5’7″ tall; with long, wavy brown hair and smouldering, sexy blue eyes! You look good enough to eat, wearing that sexy, black dress I asked you to wear! And while those 3-inch “fuck-me” pumps make you 2″ taller than me, they make your ass look oh-so-sexy! 38-28-36! Good God, I could cum, right now…

I look into your eyes, from across the front foyer, as the lightning creases the sky outside, behind us, and you can see the animal-lust seething in my green eyes. It’s a look you’ve never seen before and it scares you. You want to run, hide but you’re too scared to venture into the big, creepy, dark house alone. So you wait to see what I’m going to do, first! When I fumble around and find a light switch that works, I see some tension leave your shoulders as I hear you sigh with relief. At least that takes care of our lighting situation… Now, at least, we can see what kind of predicament we’ve found ourselves in.

I decide to walk through the rooms on the first floor, suggesting that you go upstairs and look around. When that idea is met with a resounding, “No way! There might be something UP there!” I suggest that you follow me, then. You stick to me like a scared child, clinging to its parent for protection. I find it kind of sweet/ cute, being able to comfort you in your moment of distress.

As we walked through the old mansion, turning on the lights, we realize that no one has lived here for weeks, maybe months. There’s a lot of dust— thick layers of damp, musty, old dust on the sheets covering the furniture. Very reminiscent of an old black and white movie.

As the rain beats down upon the slate-tiled roof, the lights inside flicker and then dim each time the lightning flashes outside. The air smells of ozone. Ozone, fear and impending lust. I can feel my penis grow, for each time the lightning flashes, you clutch at my shoulder, rubbing your wet shirt-covered breasts innovia escort across my back and I can feel your nipples poking through the thin cotton, like fingers, poking me, to tell me to wake-up and take notice of this beautiful girl who might just need something shoved between her legs to take her mind off the fear of our surroundings!

Just then, we open a door and find ourselves in the foyer, again. I tell you to follow me up the winding staircase. You do, closely, so as not to let me out of your range of comfort.

Once upstairs, we come upon a bedroom that overlooks the front yard, where we’d wandered in from the road. We can see my car, still there, a mile away so, that gives us some measure of relief, just knowing that we’ll still have a way to get home if/when this storm ceases.

You pull the dust cloth from off the bed in that room, there and spread out on the mattress. I find an old blanket in the closet to the right of the bed and throw it over you, covering you, completely. I quickly duck into the bathroom to the right of the closet and close the door, keeping the light off. You yell out to me, once you’ve pulled yourself out from under the blanket, “Chris? Chris, where ARE you?” I say nothing, trying to continue with my little game of hide-n-seek, until I hear your voice again, this time, more urgent. “CHRIS? CHRIS, THIS ISN’T FUNNY… I’M SCARED!”

Rather than give myself away with my voice, I turn on the bathroom light and start to relieve myself. AHHHH, but that feels good! Then I hear you ask me to hurry-up, because you, “hafta go, too!”

Once you’re out of the bathroom, I see the light go off and you run out, into the bedroom and dive under the blanket with me. Not until your bare leg brushes against my arm do I realize that, you’re completely naked under the blanket.

I sleep best when I’m nude but left my boxers and t-shirt on, because this WAS our first date, after-all… “OK, if that’s the way you wanna play it, I’ll strip into my ‘bare-nakeds,’ too,” I say, eliciting a giggle from you. (I love making beautiful girls giggle.)

As we both come to the realization that there’s no turning back from where we are now, we just accept whatever happens, will happen and we calm down. Whatever apprehension we might’ve had before, is now replaced with a calming, lust! Neither of us wants to fight our passions, any longer… It feels so right to give-in to it all!

I offer to give you a soft, sensual massage. You roll over, moaning your acceptance of my gift. I start at your shoulders and work my way down your back to your buttocks, thighs and calves. By this time, your body is very relaxed. I then tell you to roll over so I can work on your front. “Mmm-hmmmm…” you exhale a long ascension to my offer. Again, I start at your shoulders and work my way down your body, teasingly avoiding istanbul escort all the spots that you desire for me to stimulate. Your nipples, I can tell, must be as painful as my own erection is, at this point, so I decide to take matters into my own hands and attend to your more sensuous parts. I straddle your mid-torso and lay my hard on across your taut belly. You can feel the head poking your belly button, as if it’s trying to achieve insertion. Then you feel the assault on your nipples. This makes them feel like the lightning has come through the roof of the house and struck right into your nervous system! As you cry out, there is a tremendous clap of thunder, just outside the house! The beating in your chest is not as loud as the beating in your head as your body goes into the throes of your first orgasm of the night!

I let your body calm down a bit before I stretch down and insert my dick into your hot cunt! I arch my back to gain a greater depth then, grabbing onto your legs, throw your ankles over my shoulders and get the deepest angle possible. You are, literally, bent in half and I begin plunging my cock inside your tight, sopping wet pussy! You begin to mumble and sputter, trying to form a complete thought in your head but give-up, realizing the futility of such an effort! We just continue to thrust towards one-another, trying to get as physically close as two human beings can get!

Then, that thought sneaks into your brain and you blurt out, “Doggie-style!” I look at you, wondering if you’re trying to tell me of your favorite “rap music” or if it’s a request.

“Please, fuck me from behind and ride me!” You manage to utter, between gasps for air.

I pull out of your pussy and feel the cool air hit my hot, wet prick. I yelp in mild shock, briefly, until I see your creamy ass, staring me in the face. You’ve gotten up on all fours, in front of me. I just HAVE to get my mouth on that delicious looking snatch of yours. It looks/smells sooo inviting. Especially since you’ve shaved it, just for me… (How did you ever guess that I loooove a smooth pussy, huh? You MUST be psychic!)

Mmmmm, it tastes even better. This is truly Ambrosia: Food of the gods, my pet, truly. I could just eat you up for days! And, after 30 minutes of slurping on your cunt-flesh, like this, you’ve lost track of how many orgasms you’ve had. I feel the need between my own legs begin to throb with desire!

I get up, close behind your body and grab onto a handful of your long hair and plunge my rigid spear into the warmth of your deepest, darkest desires! I continue to pull on your hair but you don’t notice the pain, all you feel is my cock, slamming into the most electric parts of your being, threatening to knock you unconscious!

You scream-out again and, this time, there is no thunder loud enough to mask your passion! Your kadıköy escort very soul feels the impending explosion from deep within your cunt!

I can take no more, and I let loose a tremendous burst of molten lava that feels like it’s burning your very womb! We both scream-out as your orgasm begins as mine fades! The resulting tremors emanating from your pussy continue to massage my cock, keeping it from losing its rigidity!

I pull out of your stretched-out pussy and place the slick head of my cock at the opening of your asshole! Your sphincter is very unwilling to open to this invader so I reach around your body and start to massage your clitoris! In a matter of minutes, before my dick loses any of it’s hardness, I am able to make you forget my intentions for your anus and as you begin to orgasm again, I slip the head of my cock inside your anal cavity. I can now begin to insinuate more and more of myself inside your tight, fucking ass! Ohhh, baby, I do sooo love a hot, tight ass! Once I’m completely inside, I can then pay attention to the other parts of your body. And I do. With explosive results!

Grabbing on to your nipples and pulling, pulling harder and stretching them to their limit, causes you to forget the pain in your ass hole! But it also causes you to have a tremendous orgasm that rocks your brain like an avalanche!

Not wanting to let you come down so quickly, I move my right hand down to your clit, again and start to frig it like it’s a drum and my fingers are Buddy Rich’s drum sticks! Your poor, abused clitoris can’t take much more of this kind of treatment without causing you to lose your mind, you think to yourself, as you feel yourself slipping into another, even greater orgasm!

“OHHHH, SHHHHHIIIIT!!! Please, stop! I’m going to die,” you beg!

So as not to be cruel, any longer, I start fucking your anus with a more concentrated effort! I’m almost there as I hear you beg, “Please, fuck my ass! Rape me! Make me your whore!” This really sends my brain reeling and I blast your bowels with all the cum I have left in my nuts!

We both fall onto the bed as my cock withers and pops out of your thoroughly stretched anus, with an audible sound that makes us both laugh.

Then we fall asleep in each other’s arms, drifting off into the most restful slumber, either of us has had in months.

When we awaken, the sun is streaming through the big window. The storm has ended and we can now get our bearings as to where we ended-up spending the night! We realize that we can never go back to being “just friends.” We are now, “Lovers.” And, I think, we’re both grateful for the rain and the fear and the scary house that acted as the backdrop for our greatest sexual experience, ever!

I manage to find a phone as you’re in the shower and call for a tow truck. As we wait for it, we walk back to the car, and talk about our next move. I remind you that whatever brought us here, at this point in time, will probably give us more places/ events to practice something new and keep us alive/in love! Until our next adventure, I suggest we just take life/love as it comes and enjoy each other’s company.

xoxox, -BB

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