Dipped In Honey and Wine


Sam is waiting for Lucy to come for dinner. Sam’s wife is away at her parents for the weekend, triggering naughty thoughts. How often he had pined for sex in various ways, positions? Honeymoon days had extended to years of experimentation. Now after five years, their sex life is dull and without inspiration. If at all there was sex, it was boring like their conversation.

Now about Lucy. She had joined the advertisement agency where he worked three weeks ago. She must be 26 or 28, he thought. He had found himself watching her shapely read and her breasts.

Lying next to his sleeping wife, he had imagined Lucy’s nude body by his side. And the immediate erection pleased him and he stroked himself imagining what he would do to her. Lucy too had cast glances at him and the sexual feelings were mutual, he felt.

He was the creative man, coming up with words and photographs for the product and Lucy’s job was the liaise with the clients. They often teamed up and went to parties with their other colleagues, but he had never plucked up enough courage to ask her out to dine together. But he finally asked her and she accepted without hesitation. Did she have a man? That hardly mattered now as he wanted her badly.

He wondered whether Lucy would consent to sex. How he pined for a warm slit? His sacs were heavy and aching to empty their contents into a tight cup of pink flesh. şirinevler escort He yearned to be between her thighs and boobs and empty his tanked up desire.

There she came, smiling at him, wearing a red skirt and sat in front of him. Didn’t her boobs look smaller at work?

“Shall we order?” she asked.

He nodded dumbly and wondered how to seduce her.

“So how was work? I was busy with a client at his place,” she said after ordering.

“Nothing special,” he said, sipping the whiskey brought by the waiter.

“How is your wife?” she asked.

“Hmmm, she has gone to meet her relatives and won’t be back for two days,” he smiled, wondering whether the invitation was too obvious.

She smiled and touched her hair. He took his kerchief out to wipe his forehead; the heat was up. He was too nervous, he told himself, and ended up dropping his kerchief. He bent down to pick it up and saw her parted thighs. Oh god!, she was not wearing panties! He could almost smell her clean shaven pussy.

“See anything interesting?” she asked with a naughty smile as he came up.

“Ya, what I have seen from a different angle.”

“Like it? How long have you been waiting to see it?”

“Quite some time… three weeks. Did you prepare it for the occasion?”

“No. I had been keeping it ready for a week now. You were şirinevler elit escort nervous and so was I. How would you like to eat it?”

“With honey and wine. My place is ready and we can have dessert there.”

They finished dinner hurriedly and left, not talking much.

In his house, he took her to the balcony and seated her in a chair. Returning with a bottle of honey and wine, he placed it on the table. Wasting no time, he knelt between her thighs and placed her legs on his shoulder and ate her slit, parting it slowly with his lips.

“You taste and smell divine,” he sighed.

He applied honey between her exposed petals and slurped her, juices mixing in a tasty concoction. Wine followed honey and she was aroused beyond comprehension. He stood up, let down his pants, revealing his throbbing erection which was bigger than she imagined. She applied honey on his engorged flesh and licked him, holding the base with her hand. Smearing honey on his sacs, she tasted them, smacking her lips.

Now both were nude and he feared someone might see them and tell his wife of his little adventure. But lust took the lead, and opening the wine bottle he took a sip and poured a little on her eager twitching petals. He slurped her petite mound and engorged lips and the twin taste of wine and pussy went to his head.

He spiked şirinevler escort her with his tool and she moaned and begged to suck him but he plunged into her deeper and hoisted her, balancing her on his protuberance. She bobbed on his monster and kissed him: never had anyone done this before to her. Holding her ass, he took her inside the house in that position, fearing some nosy neighbor might see them.

Lucy had grabbed the wine bottle in her hand wanting to taste him dipped in wine. Placing her on the table, he rammed her in a lust that had been gathering like a desert storm. She pleaded to suck him and he relented. He stood at the end of the table and she smeared wine on his untamed flesh and sucked him, gagging herself on the offering of meat. He took the wine and poured it into her open cup, wanting to eat her. climbing on the table they locked themselves in a lovely 69, both getting to taste each other, their organs dipped in wine. Now she sat on his erection and rode him, rocking, bobbing and gyrating herself on his pivot. He raised himself into her and the symphony of sex went on, rocking the table. Sweat pouring on both the bodies, they edged towards the peak. She moaned and grunted as he called her sweet names and slapped her rear.

In a sudden convulsion, both reached the zenith of orgasm; she rubbing her pubis on his manliness and he shooting up into her inviting cavern all his stored love juice. For many minutes they hug and kiss each other.

“I don’t want this to end,” she mumbled.

“There are two more days,” he reminded her, trying to push back thoughts of his wife returning and looking with her prying eyes and finding some telltale remains of his naughty escapade.

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