Dirty Dish Thoughts


I thought about you today …

I was standing at the sink washing dishes, my hands in the warm soapy water, and my thoughts drifted to your hands. I wanted you to be touching me. I closed my eyes as I imagined you coming into the room.

I hear your footsteps, and my breathing speeds up as I wait for you to come up behind and touch me. You know I love your touch; I crave it.

I feel your heat against my back as you lean in and put your lips on my neck and your hands go around my waist. I lean back into you and rotate my hips against yours, telling you without words what I need from you and sighing as you push back and I feel your dick getting hard against my ass. You always know what I want.

As we start to grind through our clothes, your hands slide up my tummy and onto my tits, covering what can fit in your palms. I love the way your hands fit my titties, cupping slightly, my nipples hard, so sensitive that the cloth of my shirt is almost too much, knowing you like the way they spill out around your fingers, too big for even your large hands to grasp fully. I imagine that I hear you chuckle as you reach around and put your hands in the sink, scooping up some water and bringing it back to wet my tanktop where it covers my nipples. I feel my pussy clench, the front of my panties damp now.

I beşiktaş türbanlı escort start grinding against you, harder than before, showing you how much I want your swollen cock inside of me. I want it so much. My tight little pussy is dripping for you. I have to get your dick out, I think to myself, as I reach back and put my hand on your jeans, rubbing your length through the denim. I know you love my mouth on you. That’s why you reach down and unbutton and slide your zipper down for me. I turn around, sliding down to my knees and spreading them wide, sitting back on my feet as I watch you take hold of your dick, pulling it out, oh so ready for me, as I take your cockhead into my hot, wet mouth while I look up at you.

I watch you, watching me, as I suck the head and press my tongue against your urethra. I know it feels good for you. Your eyes widen and your head falls back as you moan while I take all of you into my mouth, pushing against the back of my throat and sucking my cheeks in as I press my tongue flat against the underside of your rock hard dick and suck all the way back to the tip. I love having you in my mouth. The feel of you, hard and hot, your oh-so-soft skin against my tongue, the taste of precum, and the smell of our sex in the beşiktaş ucuz escort air around us – it gets my pretty pussy ready for you.

You put your hands on my head, wrapping my hair around your fingers, and guiding my face up and down on your shaft. You’re always so hard for me, pressing all the way in, holding me there, my throat clenching around you, breathing through my nose as I wait. It makes me feel so sexy, knowing you are always ready to be inside of me, my cunt clenching your hard cock.

You pull my head up off your dick and I catch my breath as I rise up with your hands, sliding my body up against you until you pull my mouth to yours and put your tongue inside to meet mine. I love the way you kiss me, baby – sucking on my tongue and always in control. I want you inside of me so much! I grind my hips against yours and play with my hard nipples while you squeeze my ass through my shorts and press me into you. I have to have your cock inside of me … now. Please!

I turn around, placing my hands on the counter and pushing my ass back against you. I don’t have to talk. You know what I need when I arch my back and turn my head to look at you, telling you with my eyes and my body that I’m so ready for you.

You smile that beautiful smile of beşiktaş üniversiteli escort yours as your left hand wraps around the waistband of my blue cotton shorts, grasping my panties along with them, and you pull, my shorts and panties coming down in one motion. You place one hand on my hip, and take your dick in the other and put it against my pussy lips, looking me in the eyes when you shove your whole cock in, hard and fast, making me gasp. I fucking love it when you push all the way into me, showing me how you own my pussy, how it’s only yours.

I’m so slippery and ready for you. You slide in and out with ease as you grasp my shoulders and fuck up into me, slamming your cock into my pussy, and rubbing my gspot as you go in. Oh, baby, I want to cum so hard on your dick. Tell me to cum for you, please!

You lean forward, still pounding me, pushing me into the counter, as I start to convulse on your cock, my pussy drenching it and squeezing you with every pump of your hips against mine. My legs start to give out and I lean forward onto the counter even farther, my tip toes touching the floor, my wet tanktop pressing against my rock hard nipples, as I hear you say, “Fuck, yes!” and feel you squirt your cum inside my still quivering pussy, moaning into my ear, our harsh breathing mingling as you fill me up.

I hear that little chuckle again, then the feel of your weight lifting and the sound of your zipper. I’m still clenching, trying to catch my breath, as you put your lips to the sensitive spot behind my right ear, your hand rubbing over my right ass cheek — a caress — then smacking it slightly — a reminder. And then, you’re gone.

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