Discovering My Foot Fetish


Linda and I met in college and in my algebra class. She was 21 years old, only 17 days younger than me. She was 5’5″ and quite fit. I helped her a few times with her algebra homework. Since then we became good friends and we hung out every now and then.

Last Friday she came over to my house for a mellow movie night. She is usually a punctual girl, but she came half hour late and looked tired. “I had a long day,” she said “I walked for several hours around the campus today and my feet are so tired.” She laid down and I poured some wine for both of us. We talked and drank our wine and she seemed to feel a bit more relax and she asked me “Can you do me a big favor? I can definitely use a little foot massage. Can you do it for me?” I thought for a second or two and replied “Well if you really need it, okay.”

I have always had a mixed feeling about feet. It was not in my list of top favorite body parts. I was not into touching peoples’ feet . However, I also found girls’ feet sexy, which felt contradictory to me. That was why I was not sure if I wanted to give Linda a foot massage. But as a friend I decided to give her what she requested.

I got some lotion and started by taking her socks off. She had nice plain blue pedicure. I applied a little bit of lotion to each of her feet and started rubbing them. Massaging is something I do well and I was following a very gentle but firm motion on her soles, pulling each of her toes slowly and rubbing between her toes. She moaned from time to time and I could read her signals that she liked it and she was feeling much better.

After 10 minutes I was about done. As I stopped touching her feet, she raised her head and asked “oh, no. Are you done already? I was just getting into it.”

“Yeah, well what else do you want? I think I did everything I could.”

“Well, not everything. I liked it when you rubbed between my toes, but I wonder how it feels if you use your tongue,” she said with a seductive smile on her face.

My mouth opened in surprise, “What are you talking about? There is no way I am doing that,” I replied. But she kept saying please, begging me to try. But I did not agree to it. She finally said “Okay no tongue, but can you give my toes a kiss at least?”

“Linda, why do you insist on my mouth touching your feet? I like you, but I don’t think I want to do that.”

“Okay then just one toe. Please.”

“Well, okay. Just one kiss and that is it,” I finally caved.

“Okay, but I want to watch you do it.”

“Okay, fine,” I said, still hesitant. I was looking at her feet and they really looked nice and sexy. She had the perfect toes. Her big toe in each foot was the biggest one, and each toe was slightly smaller than the previous one. Her toe nails, nicely painted blue and they all had square-ish shapes.

So I decided I should just do it and get it over with. Slowly, I leaned forward and put my lips on her left big toe for a second or two. That was it and I was done.

“That felt nice. Will you do it again, this time on my right big toe?” she asked while looking into my eyes.

“You çorum seks hikayeleri already got me to do something I had never done.”

“Yeah this was my first time too, and I liked it. What about you?”

“It was not as bad as I thought.”

“Well, then why not try it one more time and we stop, if you don’t like it? Look at my feet, they are cute and pretty. I know you like them,” she said with a naughty smile on her face which was hard to ignore.

“Well, okay let’s do it one more time. I admit you do have nice feet,” I replied.

Again she wanted to watch me do it. I stared at her eyes and brought my head closer to her right foot. My lips touched her right toe this time and I held them there while looking into her eyes. I felt a wave of electricity just passing through me this time. I had two very opposite feelings at the same time. On the one hand this felt wrong and odd. Up until now, Linda and I were just two friends hanging out, but I felt at that moment that our friendship changed into something else. On the other hand, I could not help but feel turned on by kissing her toe, and by her bossy attitude. It was very erotic, many people might have seen her sexy feet, but only one person in the world got to kiss her foot and that person was me. I had to take a deep breathe.

The second kiss was much longer. After I finished the kiss, she gently asked me “So? How was it?”

“Actually I liked it, but I don’t know. What about you?”

“Yeah I liked it too, it was so hot…”, she replied. We stared at eachother for a few seconds.

“I think you should kiss all my toes now,” she said in a gentle but firm manner “come on, let’s see where this is going”

“You and your requests tonight, but okay. What do you want?” I nodded hesitantly.

“Just go ahead and give each of my toes a nice gentle kiss, and look at me while you are doing it.”

“This is happening,” I thought “It is weird, and yet I want to do it too.”

“Okay, I do it, but I can’t do it and look at you at the same time.” I said.

“Okay, fine. But I want you to take your time and kiss each toe nicely. Think about how much I am enjoying it when you are doing it. I want you to enjoy it just like I do.”

“Okay, here we go.” I replied with a smile.

I started by her left pinkie. My first few kiss were mostly my lips touching her toes and nothing more. By the 4th one, I actually did kiss her toe. The 5th toe, also got a touch of my tongue. It tasted a bit salty, which was nice, like it was the taste of her body. I then moved to the other foot starting with her pinkie. Each toe received a warm welcome from my lips. When I got to her big toe, I ended it with a small lick of her toe.

“Damn, I am liking it more and more now,” she murmured “What about you?”

“Yeah, this time I also liked it more.”

“Awesome. Let’s play more. come on, this is fun…I think you should now use more of your tongue,” she commanded.

“Can’t we just stick to kissing for tonight?”

“No, I want more. Let’s try your tongue between my toes” she said, totally ignoring my objection. She brought her left foot near my face and pointed her toes and slowly forced them between my lips. My mouth remained close for a second or two, but her foot did not back down. Instead, she moved her toes very slowly around my lips and tried to get her big toe between my two lips. So, I opened my mouth a bit more, allowing a little space between my two lips. She slowly shoved her big toe into my mouth. My lips closed around her toe.

“I can’t believe someone has her toe inside my mouth,” I thought.

I sucked her toe gently and I could tell she absolutely loved it too. A few seconds later, she pushed another toe inside my mouth, and then another. I had three of her toes in my mouth sucking and licking them. A minute later I had my tongue between her toes as she had initially asked for.

I was trying to figure out in my mind how the night turned into this unusual moment with her toes in my mouth. She started gently and seductively at first, and then she became more bossy and more demanding. The more I did for her and pleased her feet, the more she expected from me.

Her other foot received the same treatment. “I had never been so turned on like I am now, you have a magical tongue. Good job. Now I want that tongue to massage my soles, come on. Let’s try that too,” she ordered. My will power seemed to have been vanished.

“Okay I will do it if you want,” I just nodded.

“I do want it, but I want to hear you say that you want it too.”

“You want me to ask you to let me me lick your feet?”

“Yes, exactly. Tell me you want to lick my feet. Say it.”

“Linda, I want to lick your feet. Can you please let me do that?”

“Okay, I will let you do it, since you asked for it nicely.”

“What the heck was that? How did she get me to beg her to let me lick her feet?” I thought, though I had to admit, after I asked for her permission, I really wanted to lick her feet and her soles. It was like the movie Inception. She implanted the idea in my head like it was my own.

I started licking her soles. I could sense the faint smell of her feet and also the salty taste of her soles, surprisingly enough they only enhanced my erotic experience and I got turned on even more.

“Lie down on your back. I want to stand over your head now,” she commanded.

“Why? What do you want to do?”

“I want to see how much of my foot can you take in your mouth. Here, lie down here on the floor.”

I followed her order and laid down. She walked over and stood above my head with one hand on the wall.

“Open your mouth, stick your tongue out,” she ordered.

As my tongue came out of my mouth, she gently put her soul on my tongue and rubbed it around slowly until my tongue met her toes. She then got my tongue between her toes one by one. All this time we stared at each other while the foot licking was going on. Then she made her toes pointing down and slowly inserting her foot into my mouth.

“Holy cow, all her 5 toes and half of her left foot is completely inside my mouth. I wish I could see it,” I thought.

“You should have seen what I am seeing,” she said.

“That was exactly what I was thinking now,” I replied after taking her foot out of my mouth.

“Well, if you want to see I can take a picture of it and show you.”

I agreed and she grabbed her iPhone. We started again and she took one picture, and then another.

“This is fun. Now I can always remember this moment when I look at these pictures,” she said “Stay there, let me put this chair over you. I want to sit and put both my feet on your face.”

“Linda, I like all this, but don’t you think that is a bit too much? This is getting a little humiliating,” I complained knowing well she was not going to stop.

“Come on, a little humiliation won’t kill you. This will be our little secret. So far you liked it all. Just lie down and do what I say. Why resist it?” she said and put the chair over me. She then sat on it and slowly placed both her feet over my face. My face was fully covered by her feet and I heard the camera took a few more pictures.

“Open your mouth again. Lick my toes. I love it when your tongue is between my toes.”

I started licking her toes one after the other, without having much choice since I was not able to move much. But as soon as my mind got over the feeling of being humiliated, I started to enjoy it as well.

“Okay, I think that is enough experimentation for one night. You helped me find a whole new kinky side of me,” she said looking happy “I can tell you liked it too. Tell me what you thought of it.”

“Well, to be honest I was not into it in the beginning, but I could not say no to you. However, as we kept doing it, I started to enjoy it too. I was turned on, It was intimate and I felt so close to you. We shared a very unique experience just between the two of us, and nobody else, not to mention you have very sexy feet which helped a lot.”

“Great. I am happy you like my feet. I like them too. It definitely felt intimate to me too. This has been something I have been wanting to try for a while now, but I did not know of anyone to do it with. So, I had to persuade and convince you a bit at first just for one kiss on my toe. But when I noticed you are also enjoying it, I felt more demanding. I realized you were not going to say no to me. I enjoyed the foot play, but I equally liked to be dominating,” she said.

“I admit I liked your dominating side as well, it was hot,” I replied “Great. What should we do now?”

“Well, I am in such a nice mood right now that I do not want to do anything else. I want to go home and relax, but I have a feeling we are going to hang out very soon,” she said with a smile.

“Well I can’t wait to hang out with you again. Send me the pictures tonight when you get home.”

“I definitely will. Well have a good night then,” she said and kissed me on the cheek “Now kiss both my feet before I leave.”

I smiled and went down to kiss her feet, and she left.

An hour later I checked my email. She emailed me the pictures. “Damn, look at these photos. I feel a bit embarrassed now, but these pictures are so hot,” I thought “Well, I guess I too learned something new about my kinky side tonight.”

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