Do You Remember The Time …?


We decided to meet at the halfway point because it was only fair, just as we agreed to split the cost of the room. You brought Bill along as a safety net, and I was fine with that. We were, after all, strangers. Yes, even though we had been meeting almost daily on the computer over the course of the past year, our cybering had reached a point where we both agreed it was only logical to take things to the next step. We had become acquainted in between stints of cybering. Even so, I agreed that Bill’s presence must be a given. I still had my fears about full committal. Not on your part. I knew you were just as ready for this as was I. No, my concern lay in Bill. “Are you sure you can go through with watching your wife make love to another man? I ask simply because I don’t want to start something that we won’t be able to finish.”

“This is what Alicia wants, so this is what Alicia gets,” he told me.

“Besides,” you answered, “he gets his next week. But first, what would you like?”

“How about a nice, slow strip tease?” I ask.

You smile that devilish smile of yours as you agree. You grab a duffle bag and go into the bathroom. When you emerge, the only thing visible is the trench coat you are wearing. You planned for this. You ask Bill to queue up numbers seventeen, twenty-four, and thirty-six on his phone. “Wild Thing” by Tone Loc begins to play. You give me that coy look you are so famous for, then you crawl onto the bed and begin.

You slither around, moving this way and that. I notice you are wearing hosiery. They look dark in the dim lighting. You get on your knees and slowly, ever so slowly, begin unbuttoning the coat. Button by button, inch by inch. You turn your back to me. Then, getting back with the beat of the music, you rip the coat from your body to expose a satin bra, garter belt, satin panties, and stockings. In and of itself this is a sexy ensemble, but the fact that it is on you makes it even more so. Still, what takes it over the edge is, “You remembered!” Yes, you did. You remembered that my favorite color is lavender, and the entire ensemble is lavender in color. “You are so fucking sexy,” I tell you. Your smile of appreciation warms me.

You writhe on the bed, every part of your being exuding an ecstasy known, and an ecstasy promised. Your hands move to your bra. You caress your breasts through the satiny fabric and your nipples harden. You give a light, “Oh-h-h-h-h” as your passion builds. You find it highly erotic that two men are watching you. The bra is as such that the snap is in the front. You disengage it. Your breasts do not spill out as they are too firm, but this is okay as it allows you to seductively remove the bra. You make me want it. I crave it. You deny me the pleasure of looking upon your glorious breasts. Oh, hurts so good, baby.

You see the anticipation on my face, you know it has built, reached its limit, and with that coy smile, you slowly, ever-so-slowly, reveal your breasts to me. I stare in awe of your magnificence, for never have more perfect breasts with perfectly centered areola and nipples been known to humankind. You gently cup them with your hands, flicking the nipples with your thumbs. You pinch them lightly even as Tone Loc tells us that it’s okay to do the wild thing.

You are on your knees. A hand slowly descends, coming to rest between your legs. You lightly rub yourself. Your eyes go to the back of your head even as your head swivels. As you rub your pussy through your panties, you continue to lightly pinch your left nipple. You are in ecstasy. You lie back and slowly continue to masturbate through the satiny fabric of your panties. You have worked yourself into such a frenzy that you cum within minutes; your panties show a tiny wet spot that gets bigger and wetter by the second. You finally remove the panties, spread your legs wide, and allow me to view your holiest of treasures, your soft, blonde pussy. You are a real blonde, a true blonde, and it is so fucking hot! As you do this, “Wild Thing” ends and “Push It” by Salt and Pepa begins.

You continue to gently rub your clit with your right hand while plucking at your nipples with your left. Your next orgasm is instantaneous. You turn, facing away from me as you Escort bayan get on your hands and knees. Your hand once again finds its way between your legs. You insert two fingers into yourself, then remove them and rub your sticky sweetness all over the most intoxicatingly beautiful anus I have ever seen. I lightly gasp. I see you look back and smile just before you repeat the process. To make matters worse, you hold your hand between your pussy and ass and curl your finger toward me, a “Come on,” but I don’t, for I want to enjoy every second of this strip tease. You continue to gently rub your anus. I have to unbutton my pants to alleviate the pressure my hard cock is causing.

You twerk, you sit up on your knees and seductively gyrate your hips as if making love to a phantom … You move in ways that mortal men reserve for their fantasies because they never dared dream such could become reality. Finally, “Push It” comes to an end and “Atomic” by Blondie begins. This is your cool down period. Everything is in slow motion. You grab your silky blonde hair and let it fall as you shake it across your back. Your hands search out every inch of your body; you bring pleasure to yourself even as you dare to look me in the eye, into my soul. I tell you, “If you were a succubus, I would gladly give my life force to you.” You smile. Bill laughs.

You continue as “Atomic” dies, then there is silence. Finally, you ask, “So, how was it?” I tell you that whether you know it or not, you are getting two standing ovations. You smile. You slide off the bed and onto the floor, then you seductively crawl your way toward me. You position yourself between my open legs; I still have not removed my clothing. You rest your forearms on my quads as you lower yourself to a sitting position, then you say, “See that bed over there?”

“Yes.” My answer is a whisper.

“Every fantasy you have ever had about me is about to become reality. Before that happens, though, I am going to allow you to do one thing to me right here as you sit in this chair. So, what’s it going to be?”

I look deeply into your eyes, wishing I could fall in and drown in desire. I move my gaze to your lips, knowing that every promise you could ever make with them would be worth every sacrifice I would willfully make. Finally, my eyes move to your neck, so soft, so inviting. I say, “Rise up a bit.” You do. I gently move your luxurious hair from the side of your neck and place my lips against your warm flesh. I kiss you oh-so-gingerly. I lightly suck. Not enough to cause a hickey, though, for I would never blemish such pristine a site. As a breathy sigh escapes your lips, you lay your head to the right, granting me better access to you. My left palm rests against your face as my right takes a breast and I gently squeeze. You sigh again. This goes on for a couple of minutes, then I pull away. You look at me and smile, say, “Thank you,” then you slowly move up and kiss me gently on the lips, bringing a sigh to me as well.

You stand, then make your way to the bed. You lay in the middle on your right side. I stand, look at Bill, who nods his consent, then I remove my clothes and join you. As I lay on my left side in front of you, I ask, “May I kiss you?”

“Yes.” It is a near whisper.

I place a palm against your right cheek and slowly moved in, then gently place my lips against yours. There is a sudden exhalation of exhilaration on both our parts. My hand moves to your hip. I allow it to rest there as the kissing continues. The kissing begins slowly with our lips gingerly moving in accord with each other’s. At times, I place a kiss and hold it for fifteen, twenty seconds or more before pulling back and doing the same again. At others, we are so caught up in the rapture of the evening that the impassioned flailing of our tongues in each other’s mouths spur us on to deeper, more soulful exploration. This is how the first ten minutes go. There is no hurry.

I finally allow my hand to move from your hip to the small of your back. I slowly drag my fingertips up between your shoulder blades and onto the nape of your neck. A barely audible, “Oh-h-h-h-h-h” escapes your lips between kisses. I slowly drag the hand across your ribs and onto Bayan escort your hip once again before moving down further and onto your ass. I squeezed it lightly and you mew your pleasure. I drag it down your outer thigh, almost reaching your knee, and then back to your ass. I lingere there for a good minute before moving my hand to your left breast.

“Yes,” you whisper as your nipple hardens in my palm. I gently massage your breast as we continue to kiss, then I kiss your bottom lip more than the top, then I kiss your chin, your neck, down your chest, then I kiss my way to the breast itself. I kiss all of it in due time, but so slow and inexorably torturous is my pace that you actually beg me to take your nipple into my mouth, and once I do, “Oh, God!” You cradle my head, not wanting me to move. I eventually make my way to your right breast, and you continue to cradle me as I do so.

It is here that I begin to utilize my hand once more. I drag it along your hip to your outer thigh, then to your inner thigh. Slowly, ever so slowly, I drag it up. I bypass your pussy and come to your navel, then move it back down again to your right thigh. You open your legs a little wider to give me all the access I need. When I bring my hand up this time, I allow the fingertips to lightly graze your pussy. You shiver momentarily. I move them back down, and up once again. “That feels so good,” you coo.

I barely insert my index finger inside you, then slowly move it up toward your clit. Your legs jump. I stop short, though, then move it back down again before beginning the process anew. I slide my mouth back to your left breast and nipple. You sigh. You are wet, and I used your wetness as lube when I begin to gently rub your clit. Your whole body spasms, but I still have not yet given you an orgasm.

I remove my hand, then begin to kiss my way down your soft belly. I stop at your navel and kiss it, lick it, suck on it. Your stomach muscles harden spasmodically, then soften once again. I lay my head on your belly and lightly hug you. I find peace here. I would gladly live out the remainder of my days lying on you in this fashion, but I know I cannot as there are miles to go before I sleep. Finally, I kiss my way down further. I kiss your pubis, move around your pussy to your thighs and began to suck on them. I move closer and closer to your pussy, though, until I lightly insert my tongue inside you. I lick my way to your clit and once again your whole body jerks. I gingerly take your clit into my mouth and gently let my tongue bathe it with my saliva. Your legs are shaking. I continue on in this vein. I still am in no hurry. A few more minutes of this kind of attention and you finally cry out as your hands shoot to the back of my head. You hold me in place as wave after wave of pleasure washes over your body. You do finally let me go, and out of breath, you say, “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life.”

Bill clears his throat. You smile at him as you say, “Sorry, babe, but it’s the truth.”

“Would you like another?” I offer.

“Give me a minute,” you respond. “I’m still too sensitive.”

“Oh, well, we can do other things while we wait,” I say, and without another word I hike your legs up and affix my mouth to your sweet, beautiful anus.

“What-what are you doing?” you ask.

I say nothing as I treat your anus with all the respect and reverence I have shown your clit.

“Oh. OH! That does feel good,” you finally said.

I do this for about ten minutes. You are so very close to another orgasm that your pussy is secreting a thick drool of cum. I lick up your sticky sweet residue, then make my way back to your clit and begin sucking it once again, and after another five minutes you have your second orgasm of the night. I move up and kiss you. “So, how was it?”

Out of breath, you open your mouth to respond, but you look at your husband and then say to me, “I’ve had better.” I laugh. Bill rolls his eyes.

You gently push me onto my back, then you move up and kiss me. I hold you there as your mouth against mine sends shivers of anticipation throughout my body. You begin kissing your way down my chest. You stop at my left nipple and flick it Escort with your tongue before lightly sucking it even as you take my hard cock into your hand.

“Suck it harder,” I whisper. You do, but not to my satisfaction. “Harder,” I say again. “Harder,” and then you hit it, that point where pleasure and pain become one. “Oh, fuck yeah.” I place a hand on your head and hold you there. My cock throbs. You continue to suck my nipple a good minute longer, then begin your southbound journey once again, then I feel your mouth engulf my cock. I cry out. I honestly do not know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. Your mouth on me feels like my cock is being massaged with warm, wet silk. “Oh, if you keep that up, I’m not going to last long at all.”

“You can keep going, can’t you?” you ask.

“For you, of course.”

You smile and continue. I like the idea that you are one of those hands-free type of people as it allows for you to take the full measure of my cock into your mouth. Even still, I was not lying. About five minutes later and I announce my orgasm. You pull back, and now you begin to jerk me off. I shoot three good spurts onto my chest before my cum begins to puddle around your hand. I have to admit it: “That was one of the best blow jobs I have ever received.”

You smile and kiss me, then ask Bill to get you a washcloth from the bathroom. You wipe my chest off, then you mount my hips. We begin kissing again. I pull back and say, “You are so fucking beautiful. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this, but thank you.”

You kiss me again, then say, “You are you. That is enough for me.” We embrace and kiss again, then you lower your hot, wet pussy onto my still-rigid cock. Our twin moans fill the room.

“Oh, dear God!” I whisper. “Take your time, baby. Please? I want to feel every nuance of your pussy as you take me to the hilt and back up again.”

You do take your time. There will always be plenty of time to fuck later. You literally move at a snail’s pace. So excruciatingly slow and meticulous is your progress that my cock strains to keep from exploding once again so quickly. Five minutes in and you place a hand upon my chest as you whisper, “I’m close.” You ride me for another minute, then you glaze my cock with your sweet nectar as you cry out in purest ecstasy. You collapse onto my chest to catch your breath. I can feel your heartbeat even as your nipples harden against me. You eventually sit up and say, “Okay, Morgan, are you ready to fuck this pussy good for me?” Before I can even answer, you roll off me and onto your back. Your legs are spread wide and your head is hanging off the end of the mattress.

You and I both notice Bill, still sitting in his chair, and he is masturbating. “Uh, you want to get in on this?” I ask him.

“This is Alicia’s night,” he says once again.

“How about it, Alicia?” I ask as I take my place between your legs.

“Come fuck my mouth while he fucks my pussy, Babe,” you say to him.

Bill moves toward you. He slowly inserts his cock into your mouth and finds a rhythm that is acceptable to you both. I insert my cock into your hot, wet pussy even as you begin to masturbate. My pace is slow at first, but it quickens soon enough. In fact, I am fucking you with such force that I am driving your mouth further and further up Bill’s cock. Bill is moaning, you are moaning, and more so as you cum again, and I keep driving my cock deep inside of you. I think to myself that I am honored to be fucking a pussy that should be reserved for royalty only. I see your beautiful, perfect breasts bounce and jiggle with every thrust of my hips. I see your mouth as it engulfs your husband’s cock. I am aware of his moans of pleasure, yours, and my own. It is a perfect storm, and I can contain myself no longer. I pull out of you and spray my seed all over your soft belly even as Bill pulls himself from your mouth and covers you with cum from your lips to your breasts. Finally, you continue to masturbate until you have one final orgasm. I fall back onto the bed, Bill sits next to you, and you purr like a kitten, satisfied.

A few second’s silence, then you say, “I sure as hell have worked up an appetite. Who else is hungry?” Bill and I both agree that we could eat a little something. As you sit up, you kiss me and say, “Get that strength back up, Morgan, because we are nowhere near being through for the night.”

“Bring it on,” I say. “Bring it on.”

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