Do You Want Larger Breasts? Ch. 01


It was the day that Karen Leasor looked forward to the least: her group swim at the rec center. Karen had a close group of friends who all went to the gym together, with each day focusing on a different workout. It was a great way to stay in shape for Karen, who had lost 10 pounds in the four months she had participated.

What was wrong with group swim? Karen was an excellent swimmer and a terrific body, but putting on a swimsuit exposed her least favorite part of her body: her completely flat chest.

Even though she was a successful woman, happily married and had three wonderful kids, Karen’s flat chest had always torn her up inside.

In fifth grade, when her friends had small plumbs underneath their blouses, Karen still looked like a boy. In seventh grade, when her friend Chelsea had attracted all the boys’ eyes (including Karen’s boyfriend) with her strapless dress, held up by her full breasts, Karen still had no need for a bra. In high school, when her friends giggled about being felt up by their dates, Karen knew that it was nearly impossible for a boy to find anything save for her small nipples underneath her sweater.

A flat chest didn’t keep Karen from being beautiful and blossoming in college, where her girlish looks attracted plenty of attention. Still, she felt so inadequate when the relationship turned physical. In her mind she could never measure up (literally) to other girls.

Nevertheless, Karen went to group swim that day (unlike other times) with her one-piece swimsuit in her gym bag.

“Hey shy girl, we missed you last night,” Karen heard her friend Brenda say from behind. The girls usually go for cocktails on Thursday night, but Karen hung back because her daughter Mandy was having trouble as a high school freshman.

“Oh yeah, sorry about that, I know I’ll make it next week,” Karen said.

“I hope to see you,” said Brenda. “And do you think you could slow down on the motorboat act in the pool today, you make the rest of us look like tugboats out there.”

Karen followed Brenda inside the rec center and to the locker room, where they had a locker near the other three women cosmic love france izle in their group. They arrived to see Erin, Megan and Liz laughing. Megan, a tall party girl with light brown hair, was naked and telling of how her new nipple rings infringed on her last date.

“So my bra was still stuck to my right tit and he’s trying to take it off . . .”

Karen stopped paying attention because she was once again reminded of how beautiful she could be with a large, full pair of breasts. She looked at Megan’s small C-cups, topped with light brown nipples which looked perfect against her light tan. Then turned to Erin, who was just pulling her swimsuit over her perky B-cups, with tiny pink nipples. As she put her bag inside her locker, she couldn’t help but notice Brenda to the right of her, who just shrugged off her 36C bra, exposing her full breasts, with medium-sized puffy nipples.

But it was Liz’s chest who always made her the most jealous. As she was untying her shoes, she looked to see a naked Liz getting her swimsuit out of her locker, as she turned toward Karen she revealed her perfect 38DD breasts. Karen always regarded them as perfect, they were so full, and had the most perfect, natural shape, topped with large, pale pink aereolas.

“So how about it, Karen, could you slow down some today, so you don’t make us look so bad?” Liz said while half-joking.

“I don’t know ladies, it’s hard when you’re so hydrodynamic like me,” Karen said while taking off her shirt, making a nod toward her braless non-breasts.

“You’re right Karen, we should probably get a head-start on you,” Erin said. “With these babies holding us back and all.”

It was all joking, but almost any mention of her chest was nearly enough to force Karen to tears, making fun of herself sometimes took the sting away.

Of course, she did beat her companions that day in the pool, like every other time, and she left the gym with yet another reminder of how beautiful large breasts are, seeing her friends again as they undressed.

But when she went out to her car, Karen’s life was changed dahmer monster the jeffrey dahmer story izle forever by a flier placed under her car’s wiperblade.


It was an offer to help test the drug for free. Nicknamed, “D-cup in a Capsule,” Bustexx seemed almost too good to be true, but she put the flier in her purse anyway.

That night, after another all-too-quiet family dinner, followed by another session with 17-year-old Mandy on how colleges won’t accept a person who flunks high school English, followed by another mediation between 15-year-old twins Leslie and Linsey about how they need to learn to share one room, capped off with another half-hearted attempt at cajoling husband Jack into their bi-weekly session of quiet sex.

Everyone in the house was now asleep except Karen, who wandered into the bathroom. Karen let her nightgown fall to the ground and took a rare glimpse at herself naked. Under her still-pretty face and shoulder-length auburn locks laid the chest that had bedeviled her for 37 years. It was disheartening to think that her bust had stayed the same since she was born.

Even more disturbing was that her daughters had better luck in this department. Mandy was slowly becoming a full C-cup, while the twins were quickly making up ground on their older sister. It was like it was some great cosmic joke.

Still, outside of her titular shortcomings, Karen had a body that most women her age would kill for, she also had a brain that helped her have a successful real estate career and the wits that landed her in the arms of Jack, who was still handsome after all these years.

But her eyes kept focusing on her two small, raspberry nipples, which lay on a chest maybe flatter than her husband’s. It was that damned flier that had kept her up so late tonight, and it might just keep her from getting any sleep at all.

“Of course it’s a hoax!”

“But goddamn, what if it isn’t?”

Those damned saint izle two thoughts were racing back and fourth in Karen’s mind as she stared and those two lonely raspberry nipples until finally she snapped.

“Okay, I’m calling them tomorrow.”

Karen navigated through the technology section of the city, about three miles from her house. She took a long lunch break after listening to the recording at the end of the phone number from the flier. As she showed homes and talked with sellers throughout the day, her mind was transfixed on what would transpire within the next few minutes.

Finally, she found the suite at the end of the large complex, titled “Breckenridge Urquhart Service Technologies.”

“BUST,” she thought to herself.

It was a small suite, maybe room for two offices, with an empty desk to greet her as Karen walked through the door. On a small table next to some chairs were pamphlets entitled “Your road toward larger breasts: Bustexx and you.” Before she could read inside, she heard a voice.

“Hello, can I answer any questions?”

Karen looked up to see a pretty Asian woman, with a chest much larger than most Asian women should have.

“Um, well, I’m just here, fo–“

“It’s okay miss, I can SEE why you’re here,” said the woman, eyeing Karen’s non-chest.

“Oh, well thank you, I can see that you have no need for Bustexx,” Karen replied, speaking to the woman’s bountiful chest.

“I did at one point, six months ago I was in the same position you were,” said the woman. “You can call me Kika, I’m the local representative with BUST.”

“You can’t be serious,” said Karen.

“Ma’am, I can show you pictures and charts and diagrams, but the main thing I can tell you is that Bustexx works. It worked on me and worked on thousands of similar women in Japan. You could be one of the first beneficiaries in the United States.”

Kika explained that Karen would be given a six-month supply of the drug, which is to be taken three times a day, and that at the end of the trial she is to come back to their office and report her progress, or else she would be charged the $600 for the supply.

“The only cost you will incurr is when you need to buy new bras!” Kika laughed.

Karen had not thought about that experience. She had not bought, or even worn a bra in years, usually opting for camisoles under her clothing to conceal her nipples.

“Where do I sign?”

Will Karen find her “D-cup in a capsule”? Find out in Chapter 2!

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