Do Your Duty – part one


What we were about to do was definitely taboo. Against all of the regulations. Shit, I was about to throw the regs out the window. I wondered how many other non-coms or officers had done the same thing over the years. When it happened it was because of sweet, tempting little tarts like Lovall.  It had started about a week ago. I was a training sergeant in my Military Occupational Specialty. We were here at Fort Meade, which was the only base for Advanced Individual Training in this MOS. I was teaching recruits and others in the MOS of 25V, for Combat Photographers. Oh well, the official title was Combat Documentation/Production, but what these troops would do was record what happened out in the field, during combat, and any other things that their commanders wanted recorded. For history and for showing the world what we did as soldiers. They were allowing females into the MOS now, and, as always, we had some good recruits. Both intelligent and, often enough, nice looking. I didn’t look. Not as a rule. It was not done, and one could be drummed out of the service if you did, and were caught. We were now in the last weeks of the final phase of AIT. This was Phase V. Lovall was doing fine. She had learned how to use all of the equipment. She had obviously had some experience with still photography. She was still learning to use the kinds of filming equipment we used in the Army. We were often behind times in our technology, but what we had was perfectly adequate for the mission. Just as I found her quite adequate for stirring my manhood during some classes. The trainees had individual rooms here now. The barracks had been upgraded in the last few years. The old, rickety, out of date housing was being replaced. Our students had a room alone, but shared a latrine with another recruit. And the sexes were segregated. I understood that Lovall shared a latrine with another troop named Donahue. I had overheard them mentioning they were together for Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson. Both female recruits had kept their hair long, which they kept up off of their necks, within regs. Lovall had black hair, while Donahue was a red head. Both were sweet looking. Lovall sometimes wore glasses, and sometimes she was without them, with contacts istanbul travesti I suppose. Both were allowed in Phase V. During different phases the students had different regs to follow. During this phase they could sign out of the living quarters in the evening, as long as they were back at a given time. They could not drink, either in the housing or outside. And they all were not allowed to fraternize sexually, with anyone. That was completely against all regs. Unless it was a spouse, of course. I was to learn how much the two of them had ignored those regs. And would again. One day, after a class, Lovall stopped by my desk after all the other students had left. She dropped a slip of paper on the dais, and then quickly exited, to join Donahue at the door. They were giggling as they went off to their next training session. I picked up the note. It said simply: “I’m a slut. My cunt needs cock. Please, Sgt. Can I have it?” I was not inclined to allow myself to get involved with a lower enlisted person, especially not a recruit in AIT. It would be madness. The service would destroy me, and my girlfriend would kill me. Damn! Why was I even contemplating it? Because Lovall was a fine piece of ass. That is the simple answer. Shit. I should just report her ass, and let Command take care of it. She had printed the note. Unsigned, of course. I could report it. She would deny it. My word against hers. They would believe me, but it would still be in my record. Damn. And you know, I could feel my prick getting hard. I had students coming in for the next class. The little tramp was affecting me. I would have to think about it. The next day I slipped a note into her study guide. It was simple. It said: “Meet me at PX. 1900 hours. Tonight.” I was waiting in the Post Exchange that evening, after dinner. I told my girlfriend I had some paperwork to do at the training facility. I couldn’t see her that night. Sitting at a table in the dining area I glanced around, waiting for Lovall to appear. I didn’t really know if I wanted her to do so, or not. I was fucking conflicted, dammit! Then she was standing by the table. She slowly lowered herself into the seat opposite mine, with a sweet grin on her face, and istanbul travesti her dark eyes twinkling with glee. She knew she had me hooked, the little slut. “So Sergeant, I have a little story to tell you. Last night, after I left my note for you, I was in my room. You know what I was doing? I was completely naked, and my tits were aching with the need for someone to suck my nipples. My cunt was already dripping onto the bunk, and my fingers were tickling my clit. I came quickly, thinking about you, and then I started fucking my cunt with my fingers.” “I was pinching my tits, and my nipples were hard as little rubies. My cunt was leaking more and more, as I finger fucked my cunt. I kept thinking it was your cock fucking me, deep and hard. You would want to take me hard and rough, I know that. I want it than way. I kept thinking of you and moaning your name. Sergeant Bentley, yes, fuck me Sergeant, please, fill my cunt with cock. Oh shit, I was cumming so much. So much. God, it was good Sergeant. You made me cum hard and you weren’t even there.” “You fucking little slut. You want to ruin me? Shit, Private, you don’t know what you’re getting into.” “I know, Sergeant. You know too. You want my cunt. I know you do. Most men do. It’s sweet, and hot, and always wet. I need cock, Sergeant. I need it badly. You have it. Let’s just realize we both want it, and fuck. Roger that, Sergeant?” “Dammit, Private… Okay, meet me on the Marines’ obstacle course. Not the Army one. You know which one I mean? I am going to make you run your ass off for a hunk of my prick. You get out there, and I will follow you. I want to see you out in the moonlight tonight. Got it, soldier?” She stood up, grinning, and moved out the nearest exit. I was going to tear up some cunt tonight. Believe it. About fifteen minutes later I was out beside the beginning of the new obstacle course. The Marines knew how to train. And my sweet Lovall was standing at attention, waiting for me. She was a good little troop, and she was going to be a good piece of ass. I gave her my best command voice. “Get your ass running recruit. Now! Move out, and get back here in ten minutes or your ass will be ripped up. Do it troop!” She was off and running, istanbul travesti and I could see that she was eager to prove herself to me. Yes, she was a good little troop. And a fine piece too. I waited, rubbing a hard on in my BDUs. It seemed only a minute or two before she was rounding the last obstacle and approaching me. She sank to her knees, panting, but grinning too. The moonlight showed me that she was quite happy to be there. I was too. “Get your ass up and lean against that post Lovall. You need some disciplining. Don’t you, little tramp? You want me to show you who is the leader, don’t you? I understand you now, Lovall. Lean there little girl.” I reached around and released her belt, and allowed her BDU bottoms to drop down around her knees. The slut was not wearing underwear. That told me exactly what she needed. Yeah, I had what she needed. “You want some hard cock, right little private? Want to be fucked? I can do that, slut.” “Please Sergeant, slap my cunt with your cock. Please, I need that. I love a stiff prick spanking my cunt. Please, please I need it.” That was not a problem. I had plenty of dick to slap that slut’s twat with. I did that, and she moaned and begged for more, so I slapped her cunt more and more, over and over. I reached down and felt all of the cunt juices leaking out, and it was time to slip her the big one. I rammed my cock into her cunt, and was rewarded by a howl from her sweet lips. She was getting what she wanted, and what I wanted, a great fuck, as I give her the stiff prick deep and rough. She kept begging for me to fuck her harder. She wanted it to rip up that cunt, and I did, jamming all of the long, fat prick I had into her juicy, wet cunt. More and more, to take her as she took all of me. I was cock deep in that cunt, with my balls slapping against her cooze, and her cumming and groaning with joy, pleased with my fucking. I was pleased with the cunt I was tasting with my cock. I needed to fill it now, and I did, yelling out to the little bitch that I was cumming, cumming in her snatch, her cunt, my sweet pussy. My spunk was shooting out now in stringy threads, filling that cunt, and I kept humping as I came. I was feeling that tight cunt, and filling it with my milk. Shit, she was a good fuck. I kept fucking until I could give her no more of my sperm. I pulled out, and she twisted around so fast, taking my prick in her hand, and licking it clean. That slut loved cum, I now could see, as she tasted my fruits. I moaned and pushed the tramp down into the sawdust.

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