Subject: Doctor Who, Jesse and Jeremy 157 Doctor Who, Jesse, and Jeremy 157 A HOLE TO KISS IN Dick Tufeld narrates, “Two young American celebrities, companions of the ancient Time Lord known only as Doctor Who are lost in the swirling maze of past and future ages during illegal and murderous experiments of America’s secret project, the third time tunnel. Jeremy Sumpter and Jesse McCartney now tumble helplessly toward a new, fantastic adventure somewhere along the infinite corridors of time…” Jeremy landed on his butt but stood up immediately. He checked himself. He looked around. It was night. Mostly clear but with some mist. He peered through some mist and saw a large truck of armed guards arriving. He ran toward a large wall. He wondered where and when he was. “Which side? Where and when?” Jeremy turned as he saw a large crowd coming at him! Men, women, and younger people. All holding some kind of weapons, picks, shovels, axes, chisels and hammers. The cacophony grew louder as they ran right at the wide eyed blond American! Not even I can take on this many people, Jeremy thought. As the mass of people, yelling, screaming, and shouting came at him, he put his arms up over his face to protect himself. Without him seeing, most of the crowd passed by him and ran toward the wall. Weapons were taken to wall, strong, successful attempts to get the wall down. Jeremy took his arms down. He was bewildered. Time travel without TARDIS will do that to you. Hell, he thought, time travel with TARDIS will do that to you. A large blond, blue eyed hunk of a man in a long sleeve sweater and carrying a hammer, came up to him. “Stupid American…” “American? Does everyone know right away I’m American? Does it show that much?” Jeremy lamented. “I love stupid Americans!” The man used his free hand to put behind Jeremy’s back and practically dragged the teen to him. Lips locked. Jeremy’s eyes went wide. He quite enjoyed it. The man broke the kiss, thought better of it, and then kissed again. A guard on a tower took off his glasses to better see this next kiss. The man broke off again and almost fell back, swooned. “They are so bravado. You caused this, didn’t you?” “Well…to be honest…” “Humble, too!” The man kissed Jeremy again. Jeremy pushed the man off gently. “I had a little help. From my friend.” The man laughed. “Beatles, no?” “Doctors and singers, more like.” Jeremy smiled. “Go to it, dude.” The man made an okay sign to him and shook hands the upside-down way with him. “Yes, du-de…I shall.” The man raised his hammer and Jeremy winced as hammer hit wall. It was coming down. On the other side of all the commotion, Jeremy could see a bobbing up and down figure. Through the hole in the wall, Jesse was hopping back and forth, trying to get a good look to the other side. “Jer!” “Here!” Jeremy ran toward the opening. People blocked him. “Here! Let me to my friend!” “American. We have family on the other side we have not seen in almost 29 years!” Jeremy looked at the woman. He backed up and thought about this. “You…you’re right. Go.” He nodded. The old woman put a bony hand to his face. She touched it. “I love Americans. For that, you go ahead of us.” She then made gestures and shouts to people around the area and with the man that had kissed Jeremy, helped make room for him to reunite with Jesse. Jesse was moving at them anyway and in the middle of the hole, East and West Wall, Jeremy and Jesse hugged each other tightly. Arms around each other, they looked at each other after cuddling their faces on each other’s respective shoulder. They kissed deeply in the hole made by the tunnel. A man passed by and murmured in German, which they understood. “We are not that free yet but I like it.” They ignored him and kept kissing in the illumination given off from the guards’ light, the torches brought by the citizens and the growing mist. Tongue kissed. “Shouldn’t we help tear down the Berlin Wall?” “Fuck the Berlin Wall.” “Lucky wall.” Smoke rose up around them from the deconstruction of the wall. Which did not stop. As people tore up the wall, the dust from the dirt and cement rose up. Smoke from the dirt enveloped them as they kissed some more and grew hard for each other. They kissed a long time and set some kind of record under the Berlin Wall. The first man that had encountered Jeremy returned and saw the smoke. He waved it off. In one hand he held the shovel. In the other, he held two beers. “You have a drink, you two, and take a break, no?” As he coughed from the mist, put his shovel down and waved the whiteness off some more. When it cleared somewhat under the hole, Jeremy and Jesse were gone. The man said something in German. He also made the sign of the cross with his free hand. Shrugging, he put gave one beer to a passing women, who opened it and moved on, thanking him. He then opened the other one and downed it. Jesse and Jeremy flew through the vortex. Naked. They turned toward each other in the vortex and their dicks mingled. They shook their heads. Both of them. They tried to hold onto each other. This gave off various heat and cum filled activities. When they landed, this time an easier landing but on man-made stone. They stood up quickly. Jesse rubbed his buttocks. “That landing was gentler than usual.” “Yeah, I noticed that, too,” Jeremy rubbed Jesse’s buttocks, too. “Maybe because of the stone floor.” “Or because a new side effect of the tunnel’s flaws is that we are as naked as a baby in his bath tub?” “Don’t you mean one of the flaws?” Jeremy asked as his eyes darted around and settled on Jesse’s ass. Jesse nodded to him as if he were stunned Jeremy would think that. “No. Love the naked.” Jeremy felt a bit colder and looked around. “We, ahh, have to find some clothes.” “Whatever for?” Jesse joked. “I quite love it this way.” He looked down at Jeremy and noted the dripping penis slit on his friend. “And apparently so do you.” Jeremy failed to curtail a laugh. “Have you taken a good look around?” “Yeah, we’re in the Red Square itself.” “Looks like the reign of the Soviet Union,” Jeremy said, “I just wish I knew which time.” Jesse squinted at the cobble stones. “Well, I don’t see any testicle juice.” “What the fuck, Jes?” “Didn’t know that a Russian performance artist…” He clicked his fingers as he spoke. “Now, what was that guy’s name…well, anyway, he nailed one testicle to the stones in protest of the Soviet’s return to a Police State.” “How’d you know that? Never mind. We have to steal…I mean borrow some clothes.” “Uhm, what’s the punishment in Soviet controlled Russia’s Police State for stealing clothes?” Jeremy shrugged. “Probably stricter and less lenient than being naked in public.” Even though it was early morning, there were a few citizen walking about. A woman rushed her young teen daughter away. The girl wanted to keep watching the naked boys. “Anyway, at least,” Jesse said, “We have to get off the streets of the Red Square…out of this open area…” “Glad you see my point.” “I saw your point in the vortex and loved it. Now, we can find an alley and I can love it some more…with me mouth.” Jeremy sighed. “Let’s try…” he pointed but two Soviet police were coming at them already. “Jesse, don’t try to run, all right?” Jesse looked around but hadn’t seen the police. A car had pulled up and they had emerged. Another car joined the first and two more men came out. These two carried long, pleated blankets which they wrapped around Jesse and Jeremy. Jesse asked, bursa yabancı escort “I hope those things are clean? Hey, you guys look heavy in the pants all of a sudden. You like us, doncha?” Jeremy sighed again. “And don’t go antagonizing the Russian Police, please.” “Too late but they’ve already gone dia/wiki/Gennadi_Gerasimov/media/File:RIAN_archive_89501_Gennady_Gerasimov,_journalist_and_diplomat.jpg “No, no, no, don’t kill them or jail them. Bring them to me. Remember, do not hurt them in any way. They’re Americans. We do not want a full scale war at this time.” Gerasimov asked, “Are you afraid of war, Mikhail?” “Am I not an intelligent man?” Gorbachev asked. He called into his intercom. “Are they here yet?” “I will come with you to interrogate them.” “No, my friend, I will go it alone.” He turned and put a hand up at further protest by his aide. “Alone.” Before he entered the room Jesse and Jeremy were in, he stopped at the door. He was held by the sound coming from within. Gerasimov had followed. “Strange tongue?” “You follow?” “Yes, it’s a pop song of some kind as they say in America.” “You do not have to…” Gerasimov put his hands up. “Old ways die hard. We are not old ways. We can die at any moment. What we do is dangerous, my friend. I will not go in with you but I will wait and listen…” “Very well. Maybe you along with me, will pick up a few ideas from such young ones…” The two men laughed and shook their heads. They heard, from inside the door, a young voice singing. “And now the end is near…” It was Jesse singing. “I did it my way!” He also sang this, “In my mind I see that I’m slippin’ But I still can’t seem to see the difference My heart is sayin’ yes to go Body’s sayin’ no to it I need to get a grip on this…” Mikhail opened the door. Jesse stopped singing. He knew who this man was. Jeremy stood up from the chair he was backwards-sitting in. “No, no. Keep singing. It is beautiful.” “Sir…” Jesse blushed. Jeremy looked at him. “My friend’s blushing, sir. He doesn’t blush.” “Nonsense. We all blush. I would like to blush because my country is sick and needs a change. My neighboring Warsaw Pact allies…” Jeremy raised his eyebrows. “…yes, I know. A term much misused. Please, return to seat…” Mikhail gestured. Jeremy obeyed. Jesse leaned on the desk. He then jumped up and sat on the desk. Jeremy’s eyes went side. “Jes…” “No, no, it is okay, as you Americans say. I take it you are Americans?” “We show, don’t we?” “Near naked as a baby in his bath tub.” “Ahh, we weren’t near naked.” Jesse corrected, “We WERE naked.” “So you were. My men really hadn’t noticed.” “That’s not what I saw,” Jesse corrected again. “How else did you notice we were Americans?” “Pop and classic songs. Blond hair, blue and green eyes. A much extroverted way of introducing yourselves. Free to be me attitude. Yes,” the older man laughed. “You show as Americans.” He turned to Jesse. “That was Frank Sinatra’s song, wasn’t it?” “Yeah. I mean yes,” Jesse said as he re-stood away from the desk. “Touched me. Both songs.” “Oh, the second one’s mine…” “Really? Perhaps you should…become a singer for profit sometime in the future.” “Perhaps I will, sir, and thank you for saying that,” Jesse retorted. “My heart says yes and yet in my mind, I feel my goal is slipping. My body is…” “You’re not that old, sir,” Jesse interjected. “Jesse!” “No, no. Taken as a compliment.” The man laughed. “My body aches for my country. It needs reform. My heart is saying yes to go and to get a grip on it.” “Excuse me for saying so, sir, but what you need is some publicity. It works in the free world. Your people want what others have. A good life. A comfortable life. A life without fear, with food, with love. Art, music, creativity, free thought and thinking. Literature. A kind of openness that you previously didn’t have. You know…openness…” “Publicity. Openness. Glasnost.” The man turned and thought about it, his back to the two. Jesse looked at Jeremy, who shrugged with his hands up, out to the sides of his shoulders. They dropped this look when Gorbachev turned back to them. “It makes sense.” Jesse frowned. “Yeah and a kind of …I don’t know…restructuring.” “Restructure?” Gorbachev turned back to the door and looked at it. “Perestroika.” Jesse looked at Jeremy, proud of himself. Jeremy looked down at the floor and smiled but couldn’t help but look back up at his lover and beam at him, too. Jesse smiled back. “So you’ll release us?” “Eventually.” Jeremy frowned. “Will you get us some…?” “Decent apparel? Of course…” “I was going to say some decent Russian food.” Jeremy smiled. “I’m not sure there is such a thing but both will be on your way and thank you.” “What for?” “You’ve given me and my friend who I am sure is listening at the door…” Outside, with his ear to the door, Gerasimov smiled and nodded agreement, then realized what was just said. He stood up, embarrassed and ashamed but also angry that they laughed at his expense. “…some wonderful ideas for the future of our great land.” Mikhail opened the door. “You will be brought clothes.” Jesse spoke up. “Will we see you again?” “I have much to do but rest assured, you shall not be harmed.” “Oh. I believe that,” Jesse said, “It’s…it’s just that we liked talking to you.” He looked at Jeremy, who nodded yes to both of them. The man just laughed and touched his own chin. He left. “I’m glad you didn’t…” Jeremy stood up off the chair. “Didn’t what?” “You know what I mean.” Jesse rounded on him. “I don’t know what you mean. Why, I have no idea what you mean, Jeremy.” “Come on, out with it. I know you’re dying to say it.” Jesse rolled his eyes. “As if…okay, okay. I’m so glad I didn’t get caught staring at that red thing on his head.” “That’s it.” Gerasimov returned with three men. The door opened abruptly but he seemed jovial enough to the two teens. In two of the men’s arms were clothes and jackets, which the boys quickly scooped up from them. The other had a tray of Russian food for them. The three guards had taken bets on how the sheltered American blond bimbo boys would not be able to eat Russian food. So, all three were amazed by the next scene. Jesse and Jeremy sat at the desk and ate all the food on the tray while Gerasimov laughed. “Yes,” he told the men as the four left the room, “I know of your bet.” “How?” “You forget, even in this new age of our land, the walls still have ears. It seems our two Americans are rather cultured and well-traveled…aye.” He shut the door. Jesse and Jeremy finished the food. Gerasimov forgot something. “Oh, I wanted to ask them if they needed transport back to…” he opened the door and found the tray empty of food, the glasses of wine finished, and the room…also empty. He ran inside and called to the three men in Russian. They ran in after him, guns drawn. “They…they are gone.” Then, he said something in Russian. http://www.history/topics/cold-war/perestroika-and-glasnost In the TARDIS in the console room, K9 was linked up the console. The Doctor and the Brig were sitting in seats nearby. “This unit has verified a large base operating beneath the abandoned Montauk base.” The Doctor jumped up and leaned toward K9, knelt on one knee. “Finally.” “This unit has done so before you.” “Oh, K9, this isn’t a race.” “The abduction of other two masters—younger masters—indicate it might be.” “You might be right about that. I mean Jeremy and Jesse aren’t easiest of guests.” The Brig stood up, too. “Then, we go in?” “Same plan. Just me. And then, if needed, you.” “What? Just the two of us?” “It’s bursa sınırsız escort our best bet. If you’re afraid, take K9 with you.” “This unit…” The Brig raised an eye brow. “Afraid, I?” K9 explained. “It is perfectly reasonable to be afraid given circumstances.” “Are you afraid, robot dog?” K9 was not offended but sounded as if he were. “This unit is more than just a robot.” “More than just a dog, too,” the Brig laughed. “This unit is not afraid. However, concern mounting for two young masters.” “I feel you, dog. I just hope they’re…” The Doctor broke in. “They are Brigadier. I’d know it if anything happened to them…now, look, you two get along. And, now, remember, Brigadier, I want just you. You go and get ready. I need you.” “Of course, Doctor. When have I not followed your plan?” “Brigadier, we haven’t all day for me to list them…” “Recently?” “Just give me one hour after I arrive. I’ll text you the moment I get there.” “Well, in that supped up super jalopy of yours, I imagine you’ll cut down the travel time by half…” “Yes, Bessie will get me there. Then, if I’m not in and out, come in under your admirable position in this venture.” “So admirable it got me kicked out, brainwashed, mind wiped…” The Doctor stopped at the door. He turned. “If I’m to save those teenagers I might save and my two…” “Teens, too?” The Brig nodded, “And you want me to bring the robot dog?” “Yes,” the Doctor screwed up his forehead in concern, “…but don’t call him that. K9 is working now on a way to immobilize the effect the base weapons have on him so that they won’t be able to put him and his weapons out of business.” The Brig looked at K9. “Can you really do all that? I mean he’s just a little dog.” K9 put his head down. “He’s already curtailed that very good cloaking device they had shielding our tracking and location devices from them.” “Admirable, K9,” the Brig noted. K9 raised his head and made coo-ing sounds. “Unfortunately, taking the TARDIS will be very dangerous from the readings he got.” “Master, if you will permit me, I might be able to…” “K9, just get on with the blockages… and let me finish what I was saying to the Brigadier.” “Yes,” the Brig laughed. “Before he forgets what it is he wanted to say.” “Affirmative. Master has often left words dangling in the air as the expression goes.” “All right,” the Doctor put his hands up, “All right, you two. Ganging up on me like that. There’s just too much going on in here.” He pointed both index fingers at his own head. “You were saying?” “I…I forgot.” The Brig sighed. Loudly. “Oh, yes!” The Doctor remembered and it excited him. “It must mean they’re operating a time travel device within. Taking the TARDIS might upset the field even more than they already have. It could make the whole area so unstable…that…well, it wouldn’t be good. Brigadier, I shall see you soon.” “Famous last words.” “You have no idea. Remem, one hour. Not before. Come alone.” The Doctor turned, tails of jacket flapping and left the TARDIS. The Brig thought of a moment. He took a cell phone out of his thin jacket. “Long distance.” In bed and on his side, a 70 something year old picked up the phone. “Hullo?” Next to him in the bed, was a larger man, facing the other way. “Reverse the charges? Yeah. Charge it to the account on this line. This house. Yes. A Mister…Doctor John Smith. Oh, and…hullo. Cor, it’s been a long time. Sorry, I’m a bit still asleep. This is Al…the Brigadier, innit? Tom? Oh, Tom’s fine. He’s asleep which is why I’m whispering.” “Captain Mike Yates. I need your help. We go to shape the destiny of the future and I need your help. Here’s what I want you to do. Call my Sergeant Yeats…” “You want Yates to phone Yeats…” “What is this Abbott and Costello? Don’t you start with that, too. Listen closely…” The Doctor drove Bessie toward the Montauk opening. The Doctor touched the view screen on Bessie’s console. The Brig saw him on the TARDIS console. He jumped up. “There already?” “Yes and oh, Brigadier, they must be getting desperate, Brigadier, they’ve put up a new gate. I mean if they wanted to keep their secrets safe, maybe, they shouldn’t have done that. I’ll be in touch.” The Brig asked via radio, “You’re not going to smash it, are you?” The Doctor had already signed off. “Of course, he is. K9, have you quite finished yet?” He was in the Doctor’s home and inside the TARDIS console room, watching K9 attached to the TARDIS console. “Negative.” “Then, I shall have to go without you.” “Negative. Doctor Master instructed I go with you and you go with me.” “Dratted rob…okay, I shall wait. It’s just that…” “You have called for backup. I have noted that.” “Now, how’d you know that?” “I was here. Plus, this unit has many ways of gathering knowledge and many connections via wireless.” “Should have known. Anyway, backup can’t hurt, can it?” “Random factors do not allow for computation of outcome of backup. Backup might complicate circumstances.” “Well, hurry or I’m going to have to leave without you.” “This unit can stop you.” The Brig raised his eyebrows. “…but it will not. I will not. I will follow if you leave.” “Good.” “…after I am finished with updates.” “I take it these updates will help guard against their interference?” “And more.” “And more. Good, good.” “Brigadier, are you there, old boy? C’mon, Lethbridge Stewart, I don’t have all day…well I do if I time travel…” “Here and hear, Doctor. I was accessing whether or not K9 and I can join you sooner.” “Never mind that. Hold onto your hat, Brigadier!” The Doctor floored the accelerator. The Brig put his hand on his head and then realized what he was doing. “Sensors indicate action unnecessary.” “I know that…Doctor?” The Doctor drove Bessie right through the outside gate, smashing a hole in it and causing the remnants to swing uselessly in the wind. “I must admit,” the Doctor seemed to lisp a bit, “…that gave me rather more satisfaction then it should have. I guess I haven’t outlived my childhood yet…” “Sir,” the monitoring station guard, far below, said. “I think we have a problem. I think you’d better get up here.” The Doctor drove up to a cement wall where a small round hole was. He looked in and raised both eyebrows. “Oh, I forgot, I’m not on the planet Delphon.” He frowned and hopped out of Bessie to look directly into the hole in the cement. He noticed it was ringed with a golden outskirt. “My good man, I know you can hear and see me. All right, all right, I suppose you want to see my pass? Yes, well, I haven’t got one. I don’t believe in them. And I’m not going to tell you my name, either. Now you just tell your man in charge, the Colonel, I’m guessing—- that I want to see him. Well, don’t just stand there arguing with me, man! Get on with it!” The Colonel was watching over the shoulder of the man monitoring the gateway. “He is insane. Even more than he was before.” “Do we let him in?” “We can use him. On the other hand. The Doctor’s reputation at overthrowing constructs such as our own…is unequaled. Send in the dogs.” “Yes sir.” The monitoring man turned to a console on the wall and pulled a lever. A cage door opened on the surface. It has a roof and a heater from the colder weather, not needed now, in this the summer. Four large Doberman canines ran out. The Doctor drove Bessie further…to a larger relay area. He hopped out of Bessie, over the door and saw the larger area of what seemed to be attached to a home that once housed a military man and his family. There were windows and a side door as well as a front door. Curtains of plastic hung on some of them and blew in the gentle summer breeze. “Very well, I’ll just have to find my own way in.” The Doctor made a move to push past görükle escort them but turned as he heard barking. “Dogs. Oh, so my favorite animals.” He took out the sonic screwdriver. “No. No. This calls for a nice touch, me think.” When the dogs reached him, he bent down, hands out, palms down. “We’re going to be friends, aren’t we?” He began to lightly hum the Venusian Lullaby. The four Doberman, almost as one, turned their heads in bafflement. They had stopped running and yet their fangs were still showing. “Come here. Come here, boys. You are all boys, aren’t you? Oh, and I have…” He reached into his pockets and took out some meat treats. “It may not be meat from a living thing but the TARDIS is partially living and it made this. You might like it.” He tossed some cubes of meat. “Now, now, don’t hog. There’s plenty for everyone, my canine companions.” He took some more out and passed them out among the dogs. “Now, now, there you go. There’s one for you and you, and one for you, and one for you, too.” Before he was done, the dogs sat down after licking his hands. “Now, then, after this I want you all to scatter out among the town people. Be kind, be polite, be nice, and you’ll find a good home with nice children to take care of you. None of this guard nonsense any longer, okay?” The dogs nodded their heads up and down. The Doctor walked among them and patted their heads. “Very well. It’s good to have met you. I trust we’ll meet again someday but go now and have a good life. Do that for me, have a fantastic life.” The gateman watched the screen. “He’s letting the dogs go.” The lead man took off his glasses in exasperation. “Let him down. I need to talk to him.” The Doctor entered the room. A closet door near the vestibule opened of its own accord. The lead man called via a microphone. “Come down, Doctor. I promise you shall remain unmolested. The Doctor turned to look around at the speaker. It was hidden. His boots slid on some leaves that had blown in over the years. “What a pity. I was hoping for a good molesting. Especially as Jeremy and Jesse are there and I was hoping they’d do those honors.” “I wonder if he remembers your name, sir.” “Thank you,” the Doctor said as the door that opened housed a very red elevator. The door slid shut STAR TREK style. “Colonel,” the Doctor said, unsure how he knew the man was a Colonel. “Telepathy?” The gateman asked. “No. Maybe. I think he’s starting to…keep me informed of his progress. I’ll go get some more men and get him.” As the Colonel turned to leave, the gateman called him back. “Sir, a message coming through from the main tunnel.” It was the woman. “Colonel, you’re needed here. I think we’re on the verge of returning the boys!” “I’ll be right there.” The Colonel turned to Jaws. “Think you can handle the Doctor?” For a moment, Jaws hesitated. Then he raised his eyebrows and nodded YES. “That inspires confidence. Get him. Do not kill him. Understood?” “But…” “No butts. Get him.” Jesse and Jeremy walked out of the time tunnel mouth, hands up. There were five guards pointing guns. The woman warned them, “No, you can’t fire those. You might kill us. Remember what happened?” Jeremy smiled, folded his arms over his bare chest and nodded. He turned to behind him. Jesse was there with his hands still in the air. Even though the guards lowered their hands. The Colonel ran in from the door way behind the tunnel consoles. “Get them!” The guard hesitated. “Did you hear me? Get them!” “We can’t shoot them!” “I didn’t say shoot them. I meant what I said, just get them!” As they spoke, Jesse followed Jeremy carefully. They moved slowly but kept moving toward the door behind the Colonel. The tunnel sounds were slowing to a dull hum. The Colonel looked at the boys and backed up to the console. “Ann, can’t you turn it off completely?” “It’ll take some time. Plus, even then, it’s not off completely, ever. You know that.” “Did you hear that woman?” Jeremy asked Jesse, who eyed the guards suspiciously. “Right now, I’m worried about getting shot.” Jesse said, arms still up. Jeremy pushed Jesse’s arms down and led him to the door. “Once we get past the threshold…we have to run because I think then they’ll be able to shoot us down.” Turning from the console the Colonel looked at his men. “Why don’t you get them?!!” “The boy’ll kick the shit out of us.” “Cowards! Cowards!” He snapped. “Once they get past the doorway shoot to kill!!!!” “But…” The Colonel moved to one of the men and took his gun and pointed it as the backs of Jesse and Jeremy as the two boys approached the door. The Doctor held up his psychic paper when he came out of the elevator. The big man Jaws had two men with him. Jaws motioned for the men to holster their guns. The Doctor put his hands up but Jaws motioned. “You can put them down.” The guards put their guns on the floor. Jaws turned to them. “Not you. Him.” “Thank you very much. At least I’ve met one head guard…is that the term? Head? Do you have the head?” The Doctor snickered. “You sound a bit like bit of blond of yours.” “I see you’ve met Jeremy and/or Jesse.” “Nice boys. Two man army.” In the tunnel complex room, Ann told the Colonel, “Colonel, one of them, probably that one…” she pointed to Jesse, “…has the stabilizer.” Jesse turned to her. “You destroyed it by trying to kill us, bitch.” “It wasn’t intentional.” She lied. “Fuck you. On second thought, no. I wouldn’t. With a ten foot pole. And mine…” Jeremy, ahead of him, snapped, “Jesse, shut up!” The Colonel said, “Stop or I fire!” The Doctor looked at his pocket. “I have a pass. I’m supposed to be here.” “Take it out but very, very slowly,” Jaws ordered. The Doctor showed him. Jaws looked and nodded. “We know you’re supposed to be here. Do you, mister?” “I run this place!” The Doctor yelled, “Stand at attention and call me sir when you address me!” Jaws obeyed. So did the two men who had picked up their guns. The Doctor nodded and circled them. “That’s better. Now, what is it the Colonel wants from me this time, aye?” Jaws turned. “We’re to bring you to him. Are you game?” “I’m game.” The Doctor leaned in to them, “C’m’here, though. I want to share a secret of mine…and I have lots of them. If the …” he realized he should be whispering so he put his finger to his mouth, “Shhhh!” The men leaned in and down as he was shorter than they. “The Colonel if he wants to…he will do away with all of you. Soon, he’ll have so much power that he won’t need guards…and one more thing…” “Yes, what is it? Can you help us against him if he does turn on us? Which is feasible.” “Yes, yes,” he said, “Lean in some more because he may have audios on the cameras watching and listening in on us. It’s just this…Do you know the old expression two heads are better than one?” The three guards were huddled near the Doctor as if in a football game. The Doctor hit his head into three guards’ heads. All three fall unconscious. “Well, I think one head is better than three.” The Colonel fired his gun and it hit the doorway behind a fleeing Jesse. Jesse followed Jeremy into the hallway. Ann looked around at the Colonel. “You’re not a very good shot, are you?” The Colonel, anger in his face, spun the gun around to her. “I suppose…” Ann started, “That’s why you’re no longer a military man.” He snarled at her. He grabbed a console microphone from in front of her, nearly smashing her face with it. She made a nasty face at him. “This is the Colonel, the two boys, Jeremy and Jesse are loose in the base. They are to be shot on sight! Shoot them dead on sight!” The Doctor looked at the three fallen guards. “Oh my. How could I be so stupid? I almost forgot…I did forget.” He put his hand in his pocket and pressed a button. “There now. Stupid guns.” Jesse and Jeremy ran around a corner. They ran right into two blue suited guards who had blue caps on. The guards pointed revolvers at them. Jesse’s feet were further out in front of his body and he almost fell back. Jesse shut his eyes. There were two, very loud, simultaneous bangs as the guns went ube/watch?v=RKbT8KYiEwI

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Innocence Lost Ch. 08

INNOCENCE LOST: Chapter 8INTRO: Tammy (18) went along with Harry (39) to surprise his son Rob (18) after her first…

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