Doin’ the Boss Ch. 16


Thanks Molly for the help with this. Thanks to the readers for motivating me to act and write.


Sometimes I wonder why I’ve allowed myself to do the things I’ve done. Chosen to do the things I’ve done. Life brings for a whole lot of challenges and opportunities.

For example, I have dated a lot of guys, been intimate with some. But I didn’t have to take up with a married man, I didn’t have to fall in love with him and live an almost parallel life, but I did. No excuses. I just did it.

K. Linford Little is very special to me, and I treasure the time we have together. It’s been years that he’s been seeing my on the sly, and we’ve had to lie to cheat, we’ve had to sneak around, but in retrospect it’s been a very satisfying relationship. The thing is, I really adore his wife, and I know he loves her. But we still do the things we do.

Several people, men and women, have written that I’m nothing but a slut, a whore a loose woman who deserves the worst. Okay, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I never threatened Lin with exposure, never pretended to be knocked up, never did anything to concern him. I just didn’t stop things when they continued to get out of hand.

It was just so damned hot being with him, doing the naughty things we do, pushing the envelope of sexual escapades and ecstasy in ways only dreamed about. Still, while I am in love with Lin am not some hussy sitting and waiting for him to call. When he does, I’m generally there. But by the same token I live my own life. I’ve been gainfully employed, have had several relationships good and bad.

Still Lin was the special one. We’ve been together more than a decade, and have lived through many situations and problems. I’ve babysat their kids, I’ve done terribly naughty things with him in his house. But never in he and his wife’s bed. Oh, we did cavort on their pool table, but that story has already been written.

As mentioned in previous stories, Lin has a penchant for car sex, outdoor sex and for that matter having his dick sucked off in places where there was danger. Several train engineers have seen me bobbing my head on his cock, and we’ve been caught in the act by walkers and boaters over the years. Embarrassing, yes, dangerous too. Still it popped his cork more than once in spite of all the honks and train whistles!

In retrospect I’ve spent a lot of time on my knees with the man, and enjoyed every minute of it. I know his wife abhors giving head, and I am willing, so it’s satisfying to me and him. Maybe even a little more for both of us as it’s so wrong, as both of us understand oral sex is indeed cheating no matter what a former President might have thought. The fact that Lin had called while I was dressing…”I can’t talk now honey, on a date”….made it more exciting.

As he’s gotten older Lin has gotten hornier, but does have some problems “down there.” Most was cured by the little blue pill, but he did still have some problems actually completing the act, cumming, as easily as his younger days. This meant that I’d willingly do extra special things to get him off. Most recently a little vibrating cock ring did the trick.

So it was no surprise when Lin would come up with some venue, some action, and some different thing to do that not only got him off but had me going crazy as well. I actually looked forward to such activities. Still, I had my own life, and there were times when Lin would get me going and my fingers, or maybe even a boyfriend, would finish the job.

I’d been dating Sebastian for several months, and we’ve had a nice relationship that included intimacy. Since Lin and I mostly satisfied each other orally, the nice things about Sebastian were that we were doing the whole magilla of things a couple can do, including the old hiding of the salami. We weren’t exclusive — I know I had Lin and Sebastian was dating a couple girls — but we would from time to time get it on and satisfy our erotic needs.

Last Wednesday night we had an early dinner after work and I invited Sebastian to my apartment. As we opened my door Molly, my next door neighbor, followed down the hall and we exchanged pleasantries. She mentioned for us to “enjoy the night” and winked. I think she had an idea of what might occur.

We shared a bottle of wine before I excused myself to get comfortable —- off came my clothing and on came my light blue baby doll nightie, Karaköy escort bayan the one with the snaps for stockings. It took a few minutes to maneuver into everything correctly (those snaps can be a bear to secure) but the look on Sebastian’s face when I returned to the living room was worth it.

“You look beautiful, simply beautiful,” he said, taking me into his arms.

We kissed for a bit, and soon his hands were fondling my ass cheeks as his mouth worked on mine. We held each other tightly and I thought of how nice this felt. Moving to my bedroom, he pushed me down onto my back and slipped his head between my legs.

If there’s one thing Sebastian can do, it’s take care of things down below. He has a way of licking and nibbling that sends my pussy into shivering mode. He kicked up, down and all around and soon I was lost in the sensations of his mouth. It was a wonderful entry and I had to suck his dick. Switching places, it was now my turn to be the oral surgeon.

The guy had told me he hated 69 (just too many sensations to handle) so he preferred we worked each other separately. No problem there, although I really did enjoy sixty nine but understood how sometimes the pleasures one was feeling took away from the ones we should be giving. Oops!

I licked his cock up from the bottom to the top, reversing my normal order, and then concentrated on the tip. He absolutely loved it when I sucked the tip while jerking the base, something I learned to do well with Lin over the years. Nice to know I was a good learner.

The moans escaping him let me know he loved my actions, but he wanted something more. He wanted to bang me, but with me staring the action and him finishing. Yes, it had become our routine, but it was a satisfying routine.

Lifting my head, I reached over and grabbed a condom, opening the wrapper and slowly slipping it on his bulging cock. We practiced safe sex, especially because I knew he was seeing others. Once secure, Sebastian moved me over on top and I grasp his dick, rubbing it up and down my hot wet hole.

“Oh girl stop teasing me, put it in,” begged the man. I did, slipping in just inside with my hand before pushing my ass down and enveloping the hard cock. Up and down I rocked, slowly at first, but after a bit of screwing and helped by his fingers on my clit, the sensations became overwhelming. I rocked the cock pushing my thighs and ass like pistons in an engine.

The man moaned, I moaned, and soon my body reacted to the licking, kissing and fucking and I was shaking as my orgasm took over my body.

“That’s it, that’s it, fuck me,” said my boyfriend. “Do it girl, rock me, and rock my cock.”

I did, coming down from my high, enjoying the sensations of the coupling. While I could barely move, I took the effort to continue to slowly rock on the man as he directed. Opening my eyes, I saw a huge smile on his lips. “I think you liked that,” was all he said.

Oh boy did I!

But a woman’s job is never done. As quickly as I came down from my high Sebastian took matters into his own hands, flipping me over and lifting my legs high. It was our usual routine. He took care of me, and then I took care of him.

Rubbing his dick up and down my slit, he stared into my eyes and told me how beautiful I looked and how great I felt. After a bit he slid that dick fully inside me, and, while holding my legs high, began rutting me like to tomorrow. At this point I couldn’t do much, I merely laid there and grunted at his firm entry. He banged me hard, all the while talking about how hot I felt and how good I was and how I was such a slut.

“Damn you are hot, Robyn, your pussy is eating me up. Oh my you are tight and hot. You are wonderful,” said the man, continuing his rutting with me along for the ride. “Fuck me you slut, oh yes.”

I felt his ass pummeling and propelling his dick into me, and with my legs up he really got deep. Although I’d just cum minutes before another one soon was on its way and I went into erotic land while he humped me hard. Basing in my second orgasm, I heard him say he was cumming.

“Oh yes, Robyn, oh yes. I’m coming,” yelled the man as he blasted his seed. “Damn, yes, wonderful. You are amazing.

It was quite the coupling! We both were shaking after and we held each other while coming down from our highs. Surprisingly, Sebastian Escort Kayaşehir was quite talkative afterward while I was basking in the buzz of aftersex. It was nice cuddling, and he opened up about this and that, making me feel really great.

Each of us had to work in the morning, though, so Sebastian rose to get dressed. But as he did he pushed me over on my stomach. Caressing my behind, he said something about my bottom feeling a little dry. Soon I felt him moving around and all of a sudden he was dumping the contents of his condom on my ass.

“There you go, that’s just some special cream to make your ass feel better,” said the guy with a laugh. Oh, that sticky mess need not get on my bed, so I simply lie there watching him dress before carefully getting up without spilling any of the drying sauce. Kissing him goodbye at the door, I called him a bad boy.

The next day I saw Molly and she congratulated me on my performance. Mortified, I asked what she meant.

“Damn, girl, it was like I was in the room with you. The two of you were really going at it. I had to get out my extra-large vibrator to take care of myself after listening to you,” said my neighbor with an ear-to-ear smile.

Oh my, I wasn’t sure what was more embarrassing. Her hearing our lovemaking or her telling about doing herself with a vibe.

# # # # # # # #

It’s funny, as close as my former boss Lin and I are, it’s not like we are cheating when we have sex with others. I mean, I’ve known forever that he still does his wife regularly, so the fact I was “on a date” when he had called wasn’t a real problem with him. Why, he actually asked if I’d had a good time when he called me mid-morning.

“Hope you didn’t stay out late, or that you actually got some sleep,” joked my former boss. “I trust you had a good night.”

Saying I did, and that I’d tell him about it soon, we moved the talk to other places. The thing is, Lin and I really liked each other and our company and companionship. In a different time, in different situations, we’d have been a great partnership. But given his marital status, and the true fact that it wasn’t going to change, made things different. We led our own lives, sharing where we can. It was good!

Lin had a busy week, but his wife was going shopping right after work, so he wondered if we could get together. He said “see each other” but I knew that really meant he wanted to have me suck his dick, and I had no problem with that. It had been nearly four days since I’d munched on that salami so I was ready if he was.

We made a date for 5:30 at one of our favorite places. We met at a parking lot deep in a state park far enough away from the gate to generally only see a couple cars. If none were there we’d stay in our car, but if others around we had to be a little more careful. We’d walk toward a lake, and there were several paths we’d take. One went to a picnic area, and we’d never seen anyone there.

Traffic was heavy and I was a little late, with Lin having arrived on time and eager He smiled and we embraced, kissing like long-lost lovers. We kissed for a bit before hearing someone nearby, an older guy who was leaving the nearby trail for his car. He smiled at us, maybe a knowing smile, but let’s just say mysterious. Once the man left there was only one other car in the lot besides ours, so we sat and talked for a bit hoping the other(s) came back and left.

Soon, they did, so we were alone in the parking lot with a perfect view down the road where oncomers could be detected early if you know what I mean. Perfect!

We kissed a little more and Lin’s hand made its way to my breasts, sampling both over my sweater. All the while we were talking about this and that, nothing important, just making conversation as our hands roamed each other’s bodies.

If there is one thing I love about Lin, it’s his adventurous spirit. Oh, not just in sexual situations, but adult ice hockey games or running. He’s always after the goal, and in the car with nobody around, the goal was my favors. The make out session lasted a few minutes, leading to the main event.

Slipping a hand down, I caressed his cock through his trousers, rubbing, stroking and playing with his meaty dick. Of course that brought groans of anticipation from the older man, and he begged me to do more. Who was I to deny. Looking around, the coast Küçükçekmece escort was still clear, and I unzipped those trousers and slipped my hand into his boxers, grasping hold of his manhood. Stroking inside his pants led to slipping that dick out into the open, where more stroking occurred.

Lin’s dick was perfect for me. Munchable, I liked to say. Kneeling on the passenger seat, I bent over and slipped his cock around my lips, licking the horny monster. Then I moved down to the base, licking straight up slowly for good measure.

“Oh Robyn, that’s so hot, you are amazing. Suck my dick, suck my dick please,” begged my former boss. “You have to suck my dick. Come on girl, go down on me.”

I had an idea of what he wanted, so locking my lips to the tip I began to really get into the business of satisfying my guy. I could tell by the way he was moving, his little moans and groans that he liked my mouth action. Forgetting the tip, I moved the dick deep into my mouths and worked an inch or so of in up and down tightly in my mouth.

Spit slid out of my mouth, down to the tip of his shaft and who knows where else, probably the seat of the car and I concentrated on the lower half of his dick. I couldn’t really deep throat him, he was somewhat too big or I just didn’t have the gag reflex, but I was working four and five inches down the shaft. Lin liked it, I liked it, and the action continued.

At one point Lin pulled back a bit and I immediately thought a tooth had nipped his sensitive cock, but there was a different reason. “Keep sucking Robin, suck my dick. Oh yes,” he said, me getting back to the job in hand in earnest. “A guy walked past, walking his dog. He saw you sucking me. I think it shocked him, but after a few seconds he kept going.”

What? What!

Pulling my head off his lollipop I pulled back, and short enough about 30 yards away was a guy walking his dog. He looked back and out eyes met, and he gave me the thumbs up sign.

“How did that happen, Lin, you were supposed to be watching,” I challenged. “You are going to get us really in trouble one of these days.”

“He just appeared, I don’t know where he came from,” said my former boss. “But he was cool about it. He liked what you were doing, but he did give me a little smirk after watching.”

“How long was he watching?”

Lin had a bit of puzzled look on his face. “I can’t be sure. I only caught movement right next to the car, nothing before. I really don’t know where he came from. Maybe another parking lot and just walking the paths? In any event, he was cool….er, uh, now about this,” said Lin, looking down. “How about fixing my problem before someone else comes past.”

If nothing else, Lin is incorrigible. A guy with a one track mind apparently. We had just been caught in the act, but, now in the clear, he wanted his dick sucked. Assuming my position — first looking all over while stroking him — I took my favorite fall back onto my knees and jerked his dick.

“Make it quick,” was my only instruction. “I don’t want any more eyes watching us.”

This time when I lowered my head I moved my hands away and allowed him to bone my mouth without help. This was going to be all mouth action, like it or not. I maneuvered up and down the shaft, slowly, and then slipped his dick out and kissed down at the junction of balls and shaft. Lin loved that action, and I felt his throbbing manhood while I nibbled down below.

Then it was back to cocksucking, taking my time at first but as he built up and directed me to go faster I knew there was going to be a massive explosion coming. Oh yes, it was cumming.

“Damn, Robyn, suck my cock. Oh yes, suck it you cocksucker. Oh!” groaned the man from above as his dick began to spew its slimy sauce into my mouth. I kept sucking and swallowing as Lin slowed his movement. Holding the dick tightly between my lips, I milked it as much as I could, savoring his man sauce.

I’ve never tired of his slimy stuff, loving it, savoring it, swallowing it, and sometime coating my face with it. All depended on the mood and situation. Hell, once we drove down a park road with cum on my face, and three bike riders, two guys and a girl, got an eyeful. Wore it like a necklace of distinction. But most of the time the stuff made its way to my hungry stomach.

Smiling at my former boss, I asked if enjoyed himself.

“Incredible, just incredible,” he said, zipping up and making himself presentable.

We made small talk for a few minutes before starting out of the parking lot. As we did we passed the dog walking guy, who gave the thumbs up. Something tells me he remained in the area to watch the action. Hope he didn’t have a camera.

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