Domestic Arrangements Pt. 02


I finally manage to stagger back to my room and quickly fall into a deep sleep. When I wake up the next morning, I gaze blankly out of the covers and wonder if it was all a dream – my flatmate with his secret erotic audio account, fucking me raw across the kitchen counter. Then I shift my legs and – ah – I wince, a pang shoots up from my poor abused pussy, and I feel the dried cum still on my back.

Yeah. That wasn’t a dream.

I quickly shower, my mind wandering too often to what Tom said about wanting to fuck me here too, get ready for work, and am just heading into the hallway when he emerges from his room, and I stop dead.

I take a second to admire the sight. As well as his height, he’s slim, but toned, a faint line defining his abs and the most gorgeous v sloping into the waistband of his pyjama bottoms, the only thing he’s wearing. There’s a light dusting of hair across his chest, and his shoulders and arms are firm muscle. I’m so accustomed to seeing him swathed in sweats and hoodies that I’d never really considered what he was hiding underneath.

I try not to let my eyes stray to his crotch at that last thought. Hiding indeed. Down, girl. My pussy tenses at the mere memory.

“Morning.” I say lightly.

“Yeah, morning.” He seems distracted and distant and something in my chest sinks.

I touch his arm lightly and feel reassured when he leans into it instead of flinching. “Hey what’s wrong?”

He rubs the back of his neck absently. His dark, curly hair is even messier from sleep and I can’t help but think he looks so sexy in the mornings, eyes dark and the outline of a morning semi apparent against his clothing. “We, uh…I didn’t think to use a condom last night.” It comes out in a rush – he’s obviously been thinking about it. “But if you need to get anything, I’ll go with you, I can pay…”

Relief washes over me. “It’s okay.” I say quickly. “I’ve got the implant. And I’m clean.”

“I’m clean too.” He replies, a smile flooding back onto his face. “I can find the email for you with my results, if you want.”

“No, I…” I laugh awkwardly, “I trust you? I know that sounds crazy…”

“Not crazy.” He replies calmly. “I trust you too.” He gazes at me sleepily, “How are you feeling?”

I snicker, “Pretty good. Aside from not being able to walk straight.”

He smirks, head tilting back in satisfaction. “Mission accomplished.”

“And you?” I ask, holding my breath.

He trails his fingers slowly down my arm, leaving goosebumps in his wake; “Fucking amazing.” He says, with feeling.

“I thought that might be why you looked worried,” I admitted, “thought you had regrets.”

“Regrets?!” He says, “Now you do sound crazy.”

“It’s just…” I sigh, “things are probably going to change between us.”

“Yeah, they are.” Tom agreed. “But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. And by the sounds you were making last night, I don’t think you do either.” He pauses before adding; “I wanted to ask you as well… if you wouldn’t tell anyone else about my little sideline. I mean, I’m not embarrassed about the audios. I enjoy making them and making people feel good. It’s just…”

“Wouldn’t go down well with the general public?” I add. I understand where he’s coming from. Sir has his fans online, but I’m not sure it would translate to Tom’s daytime design clients.

“You get it.”

“Sure. I wouldn’t tell anyone anyway, that’s your business.” I suddenly look down, a blush heating my cheeks, “and if you could…not tell anyone…um…”

“What?” He asks, smirking.

“Well I mean, last night.” I start, still blushing violently at the memory. “I said some pretty…intense things-“

“By ‘intense’, do you mean kinky as fuck?” He retorted, grinning teasingly. “Honestly Steph, I had NO idea you were such a filthy little sub!”

“Oh my god, shut up!” I bury my face in my hands.

“Don’t be embarrassed!” He laughs, “I liked it. A lot. As a matter of fact,” he adds, stepping closer. “I’d be very interested in hearing you say some of those things again.”

Excitement sparks in my core, “You would?”

“I don’t see why not. We’re consenting, single adults and I think you’re gorgeous. I think we should give it a try. Besides…” He looks up and down my body, a lazy, seductive smile appearing on his face. “You’ve clearly got needs…”

I can’t resist – I reach out and trace a hand down his firm chest, “Well, I look forward to having them met.”

His smile deepens. “I’m doing a livestream tonight. Want to sit in? They’re pretty fun. Just audio, no visual. That could be our warm up for our next round, and then afterwards…well, there are still a hell of a lot of things I want to do to you.”

I feel my face heat at the thought. “…I need to get to work.” I stammer, “Otherwise I will never go.”

“Wouldn’t be a bad thing.” He rumbles, “Trust me Steph, the amount of research I do for my audios, I could keep you occupied for hours…”

“I’m going!” I squeak, making him laugh as I hoist my bag further isveçbahis yeni giriş onto my shoulder. I wonder whether I should kiss him on the lips – we’ve done most things but by this point.

He seems to read my mind and saves any awkwardness by grabbing my hand and pressing an over the top gallant kiss to my knuckles. “Until tonight, then.” He murmurs, then heads to the kitchen, leaving me grinning like an idiot in the hallway.

Eight hours can’t pass quickly enough, and I practically fall back through the front door that evening. I’ve spent the last hour of work replaying the events of the previous evening, plus speculating about what we might do tonight. My underwear is already soaking from the thoughts alone, and I find myself walking much faster than usual back to the flat.

I pace down the hall, heart already pounding expectantly. He’s going to fuck me again tonight. That fact alone has been bouncing around my head for the last four hours, causing serious jitters. He’s going to fuck me again and it’s going to be so. Good.

I turn at a noise and see him wandering across the hall in front of me, a jug of water in his hands. He’s wearing a black bathrobe and he’s shaved since this morning and styled his hair. Despite his near nakedness, he looks more put together than he has all week and I wonder if this effort is for the stream.

He smiles when he sees me. “Hi.”

I’m instantly aware of how unalluring I look. A full day at the office plus fighting with my commute has left my hair frizzy and skin shining, and not in a good way. “Hi.” I attempt to smooth my hair back, “So…what’s the plan?”

“Take a shower.” He says, firmly. “Wind down, chill out. Put on whatever makes you feel sexy, then come and join me in my room. Stream starts at nine, but there’s no rush. Just relax.”

He passes by me, taking the opportunity to slap my ass as he passes. Someone’s obviously feeling horny already and there’s a swagger in his step. Before yesterday I had never seen this level of confidence on him. Maybe that was the divide between everyday Tom and audio Tom. He wore it well.

Despite his instruction to relax, I can barely stand still, practically hopping from foot to foot as I strip off in the bathroom. I shower away the remains of the day, shave my legs and reapply my makeup. I know the stream won’t be a video, but I want to look good for Tom. He clearly takes these seriously and feels like they’re worth putting effort in for. I apply a smokey eye and put on plenty of mascara with the hope that it’ll smudge during whatever Tom has planned. I’ve always loved seeing myself ruined after sex – hair a mess and make up smeared. I brush my hair out and leave it down. Something for him to pull, the dirty part of my brain adds wickedly.

I pick out a black lace lingerie set – a skimpy bra that shows my nipples clearly through the lace cups and a barely-there thong that makes my ass look incredible. At the last second, I grab a pair of heels from the back of my wardrobe that I hardly ever wear now since a friend made a throwaway comment about them being ‘hooker heels.’ Stepping into them I saunter in front of the mirror and turn, taking in how I look from all angles.

I feel surprisingly good, confident and sexy. Maybe it’s the endorphins from last night, maybe it’s the anticipation I’ve been feeling all day. The nerves jump in my stomach – it’s been just over 24 hours since I learned about Tom’s double life as an erotic audio creator and even in that short time it feels like a lot has changed in our relationship. The nerves are good ones though, so I head up the hallway and knock tentatively on Tom’s bedroom door.

There’s a laugh in his voice as he calls back; “You know you don’t have to knock, right?”

I open the door and sidle in. “Yeah, well,” I remark, “After yesterday I’m going to be much more careful about which doors I just march through without checking.”

The room is tidy. On Tom’s desk his top of the range computer and audio recording equipment are set out neatly and ready to go. On his bedside table sits the jug of water and two glasses. He’s taken off the robe and sits in nothing but a tight pair of black boxers. The lights are low and the room feels intimate and private as I close the door and sit on the edge of his bed.

“Fuck, you look incredible.” He sighs, “Maybe I should make this a video stream.” He laughs when he sees my expression. “Joking! You know, I’m not sure now if I want to share you anymore. Maybe I should just cancel completely and fuck you all night instead.”

I wrinkle my nose in confusion, “Share me?”

He chuckles, looking down. “Thought I might ask you to guest star. Start the foreplay on air. Your moans as well as mine. What do you think?”

The idea appeals, but uncertainty edges in. “I don’t know if they’d want to hear me…”

“I know some others who’ve done it.” Tom replies. “It’s hot as fuck. Kind of voyeuristic. Want to give it a try?”

I sit up, feeling emboldened by his confidence isveçbahis giriş in me. After all, if anyone knows what people find arousing, it’s Sir. “Sure, okay.”

He looks me over again. “You do look absolutely stunning, Steph. I mean it.”

I smile. “Well, you’d obviously made an effort, so I thought it was only fair.”

He smiles back and I know I’ve made the right move. He reaches across the desk and hands me a glass of wine readied for me. I can see he’s got himself something too – not his usual beer but something colourless and undoubtedly much stronger.

“Here.” He presses my glass, cool with condensation, into my hand, “Hope you don’t mind, this is yours from the fridge.”

“Not at all. I think I’ll need it.”

“Dutch courage?” We clink glasses and I watch him wince as he swallows a sip of his drink.

“Something like that.” I take a big mouthful and sigh as it slips down my throat. “Tom, what if I do something wrong?”

“You won’t.” He replies, staring intently at me. “There’s nothing to do wrong. Just try not to say my name, just Sir, that’s my only request. I like keeping my identity secret.”

I chuckle. “Okay Clark Kent, I can do that.”

“I won’t say your name either.” He looks at me curiously, “What are you comfortable with me calling you during sex?”

I shift a little, half horny, half a little self-conscious. I know exactly what I like, it’s just…

“Come on baby…” He says, voice dropping low as he leans closer, “We’ll make this good for you.”

“I…quite like being called a slut.” I stammer out the confession, “Baby is fine too. Or, um…”

He sits back and watches me with a grin. “Go on.”

“I…” I take a deep breath. I rarely admit this to my partners and my inner feminist is horrifed, “I’d be into being called a whore.”

He claps a hand to his forehead and grins even wider. “Holy shit,” He groans happily, “where have you been all my life?!”

“Oh, shut up.” I smirk into my wine and take another long sip.

“They’re probably going to ask you to do things to me, and vice versa. Any limits?”

My mind races with possibilities, “I’m not into anal.” I admit.

“No problem.” He says at once.

“Nothing illegal. Or watersports, and anything toilet related. Or blood.”

He grimaces. “Agreed. That stuff’s fucked up.” He huffs a laugh when he sees my expression. “I’m a dirty fucker Steph, but even I’ve got standards. Anything else?”

I wince. “Just one, but you won’t like it.”

He tilts his head, intrigued, “Try me.”

“I can’t call you ‘daddy’. I’m sorry, I tried it with an ex, but I just couldn’t say it with a straight face.”

Thankfully, Tom laughs out loud again. “Okay, that’s fair enough.” He reaches over and strokes up my thigh. “It’s good to tell me these things, Steph, I mean it. I want us both to enjoy what we do. Now, if you want to stop at any time, for any reason at all, just pat my leg three times, okay? And I’ll stop the stream. No questions asked. Anyone says anything, I’ll just tell them the wi-fi cut out.”

“Do I have to speak at all?”

“Not if you don’t want to. Those moans are more than sexy enough. But if you wanted to…”

I bite my lip, considering it. I don’t have the world’s most distinctive voice, but I’m still nervous. “Maybe I could change my voice, like you do?”

“Sure, try it. But only if you want to, okay?”

We talk and drink for a little while longer before it’s time to start the stream. I’d never listened to one of Sir’s streams live before and now I realise why – he’d always arrange them for when I was out of the flat, so I, his oblivious flatmate, wouldn’t overhear. I lie back on his bed and watch with amusement as he signs on and greets the first few listeners with that seductive, rumbling tone he used for his audios.

Things start casually, welcoming more and more people as they log on and their names appear in the chat. I read a few messages over his shoulder and feel positively vanilla compared to what some people are saying to him.

Tom answers some questions about upcoming audios and past favourites, before glancing back at me with a grin.

“Alright everyone, we’re doing something a little different today, because I’ve got a guest here. My roommate. My very sexy female roommate.” He sighs in relish, “You should have seen what we got up to last night, in fact one day I might tell you what we got up to. Because, fuck me, it was good…”

I smile, thinking back to the night’s activities, Tom bending me over the counter and pummelling my pussy like it had never been before.

He chuckles seductively into the microphone. “So…what should I do, what should I do with a gorgeous, sensual woman who is currently lying on my bed in nothing but her underwear and high heels?”

That excited feeling heats again in my chest and I take another drink, hoping it’ll settle my nerves.


I look up. Tom’s beckoning to me with two fingers. “Come here.”

He pulls me onto isveçbahis güvenilirmi his lap and leans near the microphone, and kisses my neck noisily, swiping his tongue up the hollow at the base and grazing his teeth across my skin. The feeling sets my skin on fire and sends my heart racing and I tilt my head to grant him full access. He describes my body to the listeners, heaping praise on my skin, my breasts, my long legs, my thighs…

He massages said thigh as he leans over to reads the chat. “They want you to suck my dick, slut.” He orders, “Kneel.”

Heart pounding, I sink to the floor. Tom rolls his chair back so I can kneel in front of him, the wooden floorboards pressing hard into my knees. He opens his legs, erection straining hard at his black boxers, a small wet patch already visible, crowning the head.

“She’s down on her knees…” He continues to narrate. “It’s a beautiful sight. So obedient. So willing…”

I keep my eyes fixed on his, noting his rapidly rising and falling chest as I stroke his thighs – he’s as excited as I am, I realise. I slowly take the waistband of his boxers and pull it over and down. He’s rock hard already, his cock curving up towards his subtly defined abs. Last night I only felt it, so to see it up close, even in the low light, takes my breath away. It’s as thick as I remember, with well-groomed hair around the base. A vein stands out clear on my right and I make a mental note to run my tongue along it before the evening is through.

Fuck. He is gorgeous.

I wrap my hand around the shaft and take a deep breath. As my hand begins to gently stroke I look up to see Tom starting to groan softly into the mic.

I start at the swollen head, wrapping my lips around it and wetting it with my tongue. As I work my way down, every grunt and moan from Tom encourages me on, running my tongue all over his shaft before I begin the task of fitting him down my throat.

I breathe through my nose and relax my mouth. I want to do this, I think to myself, as his fingers comb through my hair. I want to hear him come apart and I want all his listeners to hear that too and know that I did it, that I have this effect on him. Inch by inch I take him, ignoring the ebbing ache in my jaw as I make myself relax and feed him down my throat, working through the slight gag.

Through all this, Tom is talking, encouraging me, cursing in pleasure and narrating my actions to his listeners.

“She’s so fucking good…” I hear him purr into the mic as I start to move. “Got a mouth like velvet…these pretty little ‘fuck me’ eyes…the tightest pussy…”

Something about him talking about me is somehow even hotter than when he talks to me. In my skimpy underwear and hooker shoes, my flatmates cock pumping into my mouth, I feel the sluttiest I’ve ever been and I love it. The crotch of my thong is soaked and I long to rub at my clit, but at the same time I want to focus on Tom. On Sir.

He gathers my hair in his hands and flexes his hips as I bob up and down, saliva spilling from my lips. Another long, pleasurable groan issues from his throat as I reach up and cup his heavy balls in my palm.

“That’s it, baby…” He croons, “Take it. Stroke my balls. Doing such a good job…knew you’d be amazing…you were made to suck my cock…”

He adjusts the microphone so it picks up the sounds of my sucking and gagging as well as his moans. I take his cock out of my mouth and pump it with my hand a few times, taking the chance to catch my breath and glance up at the chat, which is moving faster and faster. I can’t read the messages from here, but I glance up at Tom, who nods encouragingly.

Now, now I lick right up that vein, pressing firmly with the flat on my tongue. Tom gasps, the air in his throat catching in a strangled choke; “Ohhh, fuck! Ohh, fuck, do that again baby, that was so hot…”

I oblige, looking up through my lashes as I trace my tip of my tongue up from his balls to the tip. His face is flushed, eyes dark and sparkling as he stares panting down at me.

I idle, teasing his cockhead, tasting the salty fluid there and making sure to remember that particular move for next time.

Tom swallows hard. “I’m gonna come.” He growls, but there’s a tremble in his voice. “Put me back down your throat slut, I want you to swallow all of me…”

I nod and obey, wrapping my lips around him and taking him in again.

He grabs my head again and starts moving it for me, lightly thrusting up to meet me. My eyes start to water as he fucks my mouth, his head falling back in the chair and mumbling praise. It’s so good, I don’t know how long I can last as I start to choke on it, but it’s so, so good…

“Oh, fuck.” He suddenly moans, grabbing at the chair arms until his knuckles turn white, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

I feel his balls tighten in my hand and his cum floods into my mouth. I clamp my thighs together and wiggle in hopes of some relief as I swallow, swallow again, taking everything he spills into me. He’s shaking underneath me, his whole body wracked with pleasure from what I’ve just done to him.

His cock leaves my mouth with a pop and he slumps back, panting, chest heaving. I discreetly wipe my mouth as he eases his eyes open, looking down at me as he audibly recovers.

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