DominationScissoring The Weak Boys For My PleasureBy BrittanyThe more they cry in my thighs the hotter I get.After my BFF Ashley showed me how easy it was for us girls to squeeze boysinto wimpering jelly with our thighs, I couldn’t believe how hot it made me todo it to my horny little neighbor boy Kyle as she watched.I didn’t realize how totally strong my legs are and how I can use them todestroy males. Ashley is ARE weak. Feeling their helpless littlebodies struggle to break free once I have them scissor locked between mythighs is like such a turn on. They get like SO hard when I hold them againstmy body while I’m squeezing them into dust with my legs.They beg, they wimper and cry in my scissors…so pathetic. I never even haveto squeeze half as hard as I can on them before I make them suffer..and ITOTALLY love to make them suffer. It’s such a turn on to look down into aboy’s red frightened face, running my long hair and large breasts softlyagainst his cheek as my sexy tanned thighs are caving in his defenseless gut.Then I love to wrap my arms around them and hold them against my body andwhisper sweet humiliating things in their ear. I tell them not to give up yetcuz it turns me on like SO much to feel them struggle. Eventually, they can’ttake the power of my thighs slowly crushing them and the resistance in theirlittle stomachs can’t fight my legs anymore.They start to moan helplessly as my thighs have their way with them..THIS isthe total turn on…mmm..they get so soft and weak when I crush them in myscissors. I start to tingle while my legs use their soft defeated bodies as asqueeze toy for my pleasure. I pull their pants down and start to stroke theirlittle hard ons which they always get when I do this to them…so pathetic -getting turned on while being squeezed defenceless between a girl’s thighs.I do this for a little while until I decide what to do with them. If the boyis really cute and I’m really turned on, I may decide to scissor-fuck him.This is very humiliating for the boy because they all think that they shouldbe in control when they are having sex with girls. I’ll remove my bra andpanties while I have him scissored. Sometimes he’ll start to struggle again ashe watches me do this, so I pressure my thighs on his soft body until he stopsresisting.Then I unlock my ankles and turn his body to face me as we lay on our sides. Inow have my thighs on either side of the boy and I re-lock my ankles. He feelsthe power of my legs digging into his sides and becomes very obedient.I reach down with my hand and guide his poor suffering little hard on I gavehim into me as I bend my crossed legs at the knee downward toward me, pushinghim in with the back of my calves…he moans in pleasure as I thrust my hipsforward while my legs push him in deeper.As we lay on our sides, I wrap my arms around his head, keeping his lower facein my breasts as he looks up into my smiling face. With the boy inside me andmy thighs on either side of him, I’ll straighten my legs again and put him ina painful scissor for a bit while my cunt muscles put pressure on his dick onand off. With the boy now locked in my thighs I can easily manipulate hislittle body. I like to move my thighs up towards me bringing his body up inthem until his face is directly facing mine. Then I love to lock him in a deepkiss….mmm…..and grandbetting yeni giriş keep squeezing him harder between my legs. I love to hearhim moan in pain as I do this…sigh.Then as my sexy thighs increase their painful pressure on his weakened body, Ibegin to fuck him. I squeeze him even harder in my legs and make him tell mehow weak he is as I gyrate my hips back and forth taking his little body withme. I scissor him until he submits to me over and over while I fuck him.Usually I won’t scissor the cute boy until he passes out and I’ll eventuallylet him cum.Other times I like to toy with them more. I like to lean back on my elbows andneck scissor a boy with his chin on my crotch and squeeze his face red betweenmy thighs as his pleading eyes look up into mine. I let him try to pull mystrong thighs off of him for a while and then I order him to jerk off as Isqueeze and make him beg for mercy in my scissors. Unfortunately for the boy,his begging against my crotch makes me really tingly and my thighs crush himto sleep as I use him as my squeeze toy.If I feel sorry for him and think he deserves to cum, I’ll let him feel alittle pleasure with his pain when he wakes up. I release his passed out headfrom my thighs for a moment and let him sleep on his back. I lay beside him onmy side facing his lower body.My hand reaches back and pulls his head up off the floor by the hair. I slidemy lower leg underneath and let the back of his neck fall on my inner thigh. Ismile as I rest my other thigh on his soft neck. I cross my ankles and gentlysqueeze as I bend my lower legs at the knee and tuck my calves into the backof his head, propping it up as his chin rests on my thigh.The boy wakes up and realizes that his head is like totally encased in mylegs. I massage his balls with one hand as I stroke him with my other hand. Ibring my face down to his poor leaking dick and slowly lick the tip as I stareinto his face. He moans in pleasure.I love to stare back into his eyes as I orally massage the boy’s hard on and Itighten my thighs on his neck slowly. As the pressure of my sexy powerful legsincrease on his helpless little neck, his eyes begin to bulge. I like totallystart verbally humiliating him while I stroke him faster with my hand andtighten my scissors, licking the very tip of his dick with my tongue. Hishands uselessly grope at my thighs as I crush him between my thighs.I stroke him faster and make him submit in a humiliating fashion; admittinghow weak and helpless he is in the grip of my thighs as I make him cum.If a boy is a total jerk, then I’ll SO break him in my legs. One night after adate, I invited a boy into my house. He turned into a total creep and grabbedmy arm, pulling me onto his lap and telling me what he was going to do to me.I fell backwards on the couch leaving one leg laying across his lap. I waswearing a mini skirt with black fishnets and I could feel his hardening dickon the back of my thigh.As I lay there, I shifted my other leg behind himand put him in a bodyscissors. I squeezed and he gasped. I raised my lowerbody as I scissored him and undid the zipper on the back of my mini skirt. Ipulled off my skirt and lay back on the couch with him still in my scissorswearing only my fishnets and thong. I pulled off my top as I lay there,exposing grandbetting giriş my lacy black bra covered large round breasts.Using my legs, I rolled us onto the floor and shifted my scissors so when welanded I was behind him with my thighs on either side of his body – locking myblack stilletoed shoed ankles in front of him. I grabbed his arms with myhands on his lower biceps and pulled them back behind him. I squeezed thesides of his little body with my sexy fishnet covered thighs as my legsextended in front of him…he began to like totally yell in pain as I squeezedhis pathetic little body between my strong sexy thighs.I released my right hand from his right bicep and grabbed his right forearm,pulling his whole arm behind him and trapping his wrist in the gap between mylacy thonged crotch and the small of his back, rendering his right armuseless. Then I did the same to his left arm except I pulled it way backbehind both of us and let it go. I quickly tucked my left arm under his chinand twisted my hips forcing us to fall left on our sides. The weight of myleft side pinning his pulled back arm to the ground behind us.Pulling his head back towards me with my arm, I rest my chin on his shoulderand softly licked his ear as I tightened my scissors on him. Slowly increasingthe pressure of my thighs on his sides I sighed sexily into his ear as hisyelps turned to moans in the pain of my leg scissors. I slowly squeezed himharder as he struggled helplessly to break free. Whispering in his ear, Itaunted him in a soft sexy voice. So sad for the boy, I guess the pain andhumiliation of being scissored in my thighs until I made him submit was likeway too embarrasing for him, and he started to cry…ooo that felt like SOgood.As the pathetic boy was sobbing, I reached down into his shorts with my righthand and started to slowly jerk him off. I guess having his little bodymanhandled in my thighs had made him like totally hard. He started to beg forme to let him go, telling me how sorry he was for being a macho jerk. Iwhispered softly in his ear as I continued to torment him in my powerfulbodyscissors, slowly stroking him:”Awww..this must be like so humiliating for you. Are my thighs hurting you?You seem to like it, you are very hard as I jerk you off naughty boy. I’mgoing to squeeze you between my legs until I break your little body..make yousuffer in my thighs until you pass out.”I re-positioned my scissors until my thighs were over his lower ribs on eachside. This boy was going to learn a lesson. I couldn’t believe how easy it wasfor my thighs to start caving his ribs in. As the boy started to feel his ribsbreak, he desperately started to struggle. With his left arm still pulled backand asleep, pinned underneath my left side, the boy was trying to free hisright arm that I had trapped behind his back with my crotch.Mmmmm…his wrist started rubbing me below as he attempted to free his arm. Ipushed my crotch into his back harder, leaving his arm less room to try toescape and increasing the intensity of his little struggle against my moistthonged crotch. I breathed heavy in his ear as he struggled, still strokinghis tortured dick and squeezing his ribs between my thighs until they startedto break, making him scream in pain.I came as his struggling stopped and put my hand over his grandbetting güvenilirmi mouth to silence hispathetic wails. Males are like SO pathetic. I couldn’t believe he was stillhard as I jerked him off despite having his poor little body crippled betweenmy thighs.Feeling satisfied, I loosened my scissors and laid him on his back as I stillhad his body between my thighs. I kept his right arm pinned, now against hisright side with my crotch. I pulled his left arm under his back and his weightrested on it.I now had his lower back laying on the inside of my left thigh, and my rightthigh rest on his stomach. I re-locked my ankles. This was like SO turning meon, and since he was a jerk I wanted to break him some more. As he lay theremoaning, I loved the feel of his soft weak body between my thighs in myscissors. I looked down at his broken lower ribs; his skin all purple and bluefrom being crushed between my legs.I could have had mercy on the jerk and just tightened my scissors on his bodyuntil he passed out, but I wanted to torture him more. I released my scissorsand kicked him off of my left lower leg by pushing my right legged stilleto onhis broken ribs.I stood up as he lay on his back sobbing. I stood over him with my high heelson either side of his head. He looked up through his teary eyes to see mypowerful body and large breasts. I lowered myself and sat on his upper chestwith my legs extending forward on the sides of his head.It would be so easy to squeeze him to sleep with a neck scissor, but I wantedto hurt him some more. I moved up on him until his chin rest on my crotch andadjusted his head by pulling it up by the hair and gripped the jaw area of hisface in my thighs. I locked my ankles and squeezed. I scissored the sides ofhis face until he screamed. I felt his jawbones crack between my thighs.I giggled and smiled down into his face as I kept the pressure of my sexypowerful thighs on him as he begged for mercy. Placing my hand over his mouthI playfully scolded him. “Shhhh..the neighbors might hear your patheticwhining.”In this painful and humiliating position I held him in, I reached my hand backand started to jerk him off again. I kept him like this for awhile, jerkinghim off until he was close, but never letting him cum.Finally, I released his neck from my thighs and lay on top of him. I fellsideways and wriggled my left leg underneath his back and placed my right legon his stomach – placing him in a nice tight bodyscissors. The poor boy wincedin pain as I squeezed him in my thighs.As I leaned over him, I grabbed his poor tortured dick in my hand once againand slowly jerked him off. I pulled his head to my face by hooking my lefthand under his neck. He was like so totally weak and didn’t even struggle. AsI compressed the boy between my thighs, I pulled him into a deep kiss. Isensually forced my tongue into his mouth as I caressed his lips with mine.I like SO tightened my scissors in spurts, squeezing what air he had left inhis little body out of him. As I did this, I inhaled while I kissed him;sucking the breath from him. I jerked him off faster until he trembled and wasabout to cum.I broke my kiss and licked his cheek as I stopped stroking him and squeezedthe base of his dick in my hand, preventing any pleasure for the rude boy.Looking down into his face I spoke softly..”No no little boy, you don’t get tocum. But I soooo have totally enjoyed crushing you into a wimpering littlebaby and breaking you between my legs.”I scissored him until he passed out, and left him laying there all busted upwith his sore swollen balls full of cum….like so sad for the little creep.

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