Donny’s Lessons from Mom


Donny’s Lessons from MomDonny’s Lessons from MomEver since he had returned from the farm, Donny had watchedhis mother for signs of sexuality. Until that point, Donnyhadn’t even thought about her having a sex life. She wassimply his mother, a person who was always there. As far ashe had been concerned, she might as well have been asexual.Of course, he knew that she and his father must have engagedin sex to conceive him, but beyond that he hadn’t thoughtabout it. That his mother might have a sex life, that shemight, in fact, be having a sexual relationship with some maneven that point, was now very much of interest to him.Heretofore, Donny hadn’t paid much attention to how hismother looked. Now, though, he did. He realized that shewas very pretty and that she had a voluptuous figure. Hestarted paying attention to how she dressed, whether herclothes showed her figure, whether her skirt was shortenough for him to catch a glimpse of her thigh, whether herblouse was low-cut enough for him to see down and get a viewof those well-shaped breasts that filled her tops so well.Donny thought that her body was made for loving, and helonged to be the one who provided it. If she would make loveto her brother, maybe she would extend the same favors to herson.Now that Donny had developed more interest in his mother, hefound that she was more caring for him. She seemed to bemore solicitous of his needs and to ask his opinions moreoften than she had. It seemed that she was seeing him in adifferent light that she had before. Maybe she realized thathe was getting older, that he wasn’t a k** any longer, thathe was becoming a mature young man rather than just a boy.Maybe it was the realization that now that he was no longer avirgin, he and she had much more in common. Whatever it was,Donny liked it.With school out, Donny had the house all to himself duringthe day. His mom fixed lunch for him before she went to workand got home in time to fix them dinner. In between, Donnywatched TV, went to movies, and read a lot. Another thing hedid was to explore the house for evidence that his mothermight be engaging in sexual activities. Now that he saw hismother as a sexually attractive woman, he wanted to see ifshe had anything in the house that might show she wascurrently sexually active.The first thing he did, of course, was go through herlingerie drawers. There he found all sort of wispy under-things–high cut panties, teddies, and even a small, frillyG-string. He didn’t recognize the G-string for what it wasat first, but then he remembered seeing one on a mannikin inthe window of Fredericks of Hollywood. In his mind’s eye, hecould picture his mother dressed in that G-string, standingbefore him, revealing her feminine charms. Seeing that smallpatch of fabric and knowing that it had been next to hersecret sexual places, aroused him immensely. As he handledthe G-string, his cock grew and filled his pants, swellingout their entire front. The G-string was so sexually provoc-ative he couldn’t resist dropping his pants and wrapping hiscock in its soft fabric. It felt so good that he stroked itup and down his rigid staff, pulling the foreskin back andforth. Waves of pleasure flowed over him, and he increasedthe tempo of the stroking. As he did, the picture of hismom, nude except for that G-string, etched into his mind.The fabric was so thin that her dark pubic hair showedthrough and her feminine cleft was clearly visible. The twinpeaks of her breasts stood proudly, each one tipped with acrinkly ring of brownish flesh centered with a firm, erectnipple. That mental image coupled with the pleasurablefeelings of silken fabric stroking up and down his swollenpenis soon had him spurting huge jets of white, thick sperm.They flowed into the silken fabric and completely soaked it.After the pleasure had faded, Donny wadded the G-string andput it back into the drawer, hiding it under the otherpanties.Encouraged by the discovery of sexy undergarments, Donnycontinued his search for evidence that his mother might havea secret sexual life. It didn’t take much more searching tostrike gold. Hidden away in a box at the very back of one ofher dresser drawers, Donny found a vibrator. Not a vibratorlike one might use to massage sore back muscles, but aspecial kind–one shaped just like a penis. Donny pushed thebutton on its base and it hummed and vibrated in his hand.He wrapped his hand around it and imagined that the vibratorwas buried in his mom’s vagina. He could see her sprawled inher bed, legs up in the air and wide-spread, thrusting thatvibrator in and out of the wetness between her thighs.Despite his having just come into the G-string, Donny grewaroused at the image and his cock once again grew rigid. Herubbed the vibrator up and down the length of his shaft,maintaining long contact with the sensitive area just underits head. His cock jerked in response to the pleasurablevibrations and soon his masculine fountain was erupting itsecstatic flow, shooting out on the floor and spattering thecarpet. Donny put the vibrator away and cleaned up his mess.He didn’t know how his mom might react to finding splotchesof what was obviously come on the carpet of her bedroom.Besides, it was almost time for her to get home and he wantedto be sure all evidence of his explorations were removed.That evening, after he and his mom had dinner, she complainedof her feet hurting. She relaxed in a chair and lifted ahose-covered foot and massaged it. With the leg lifted likethat, Donny could see half way up her thigh. Even though theleg was covered in panty hose, Donny could tell that it was avery shapely thigh, smooth and firm. Wanting to get closerso that he could see more, maybe even see all the way up tothe spot he had already pictured in his mind, Donny asked ifshe would like for him to massage her feet. She smiled andresponded, “Oh, Baby, would you? It would feel so much nicerfor someone else to do it. Wait just a second, though. Letme get rid of these panty hose so that they won’t be in theway.”Donny’s mother left the room for a few minutes and then cameback in and sat in the recliner. Donny could see her feetwere bare and that she had removed her hose. She leaned backin the recliner and laid it all the way back so that she wasalmost flat on her back. As she did so, she moved her feetin little circles, inviting Donny to start his massage. Asshe lay her head back and closed her eyes, she said, “Ohthank you, sweetheart. It’s so nice of you to do this forme.”Donny sat down at the foot of the recliner and took one ofher feet into his hands. As he kneaded and massaged it, hismom sighed and relaxed even more. Donny realized from theway his mother had relaxed, with her legs apart and slightlyelevated by the recliner, that if he lowered his head alittle he could see up her dress. It was already pulled upto above her knees, and if Donny lifted her feet whilerubbing them, he might be able to get the skirt even higher.Then all he would have to do is take a peek.Donny’s mother must have been really relaxed, because shelifted the leg he wasn’t working on and bent it at the knee.As she did, her skirt fell away and revealed even more of herlegs. With her in that position, Donny was presented with anunobstructed view of almost all her legs, including thecreamy white skin of her inner thighs. Seeing her legs inalmost their entirety, Donny was pleased that they were justas he had imagined they would be–shapely, firm, and aboveall else, sexy. His cock slowly swelled and stiffened inreaction to the sight. Touching her warm skin like he wasmade it even better for him. As he rubbed her feet, heimagined that it was her soft, inner-thigh skin that hishands and fingers were massaging.Although he was seeing some of the parts of his mother thanhe had been dreaming of seeing, he realized that there mightbe more available for viewing. If he ducked his head just aninch, he could see up the few remaining inches of skirt thatstill covered her upper thighs. If he were lucky, he mightbe able to see some of those panties he had explored in herlingerie drawer. “Oh, God,” Donny thought, “she might evenhave on a G-string!”Seeing that his mother still had her eyes closed, Donnylowered his head so that he could see her panties, see wherethey covered her pussy. When he did so, all he saw wasdarkness. When he looked closer, though, he realized thatwhat he saw wasn’t darkness, it was hair. There weren’t anypanties to see–only pussy. Donny almost gasped, and thenthought, “She didn’t put anything on when she took off herpantie hose. There’s nothing covering her pussy, and I’mgetting to look at it.”And look he did, being careful to keep up the pace of rubbingso his mother wouldn’t open her eyes to find out what wasdifferent. Donny could see that her sex had a covering offine, dark hair. Where Sue’s pubic hair had been stiff andkinky, his mother’s lay flat against her skin, molding to thecontours of her pubis, giving it a greyish-flesh color.The contours that he saw included the furrow that divided herlegs with its cleft of Venus. The crease was slightly poutedopen and showed a hint of moist flesh just a little deeper.Donny pulled her leg a little to the side and the channelgaped open even more, the labial lips clearly showing as theyspread apart. Her womanly furrow was now even more evident,and Donny could see down into its depths, down deep betweenher legs to where the entrance of her most secret part was.At this time, Donny’s mother lowered the leg she had liftedand moved her foot toward him. She said, “You did that sonice. Now do this one, please.” As she said this, shelifted the leg Donny had just worked on even higher than theone before. This caused even the little bit of skirt thathad been on her thigh to fall away, all the way down to herwaist. She way she was now reclining, Donny was exposed to acomplete view of all the area between her legs. He gazed inrapture at her pussy and ass. As far as he was concerned,they were the most perfect he had ever seen, better even thanSue’s.Donny would have stayed there and rubbed her feet until hisarms fell off for the opportunity to keep looking at what hismother was displaying to him. Finally, though, she stirredand opened her eyes. “Oh, Darling, thank you. You have noidea how much better that made me feel.” She rocked forwardon the recliner causing it to come forward. As she did, herskirt fell down a little ways and covered the top quarter ofher thighs. She looked down at herself and said, “Oops,excuse me. I didn’t realize so much of me showed. I’msorry, Baby, I probably embarrassed you.”Donny wasn’t embarrassed. He was just maddeningly horny.The front of his trousers were bulged out and even had asmall damp spot where pre-come had leaked out of his rigid,throbbing cock. He tried to stoop over as he stood up sothat his mother wouldn’t see his condition, but he knew itwas to no avail. He could see her glance at the evidence ofarousal, but she didn’t stare, and most important of all, shedidn’t comment about it. Donny immediately went to thebathroom and jerked himself off, his mind full of the wet,gaping pussy he had just seen. While he was doing this heheard a soft humming sound. He couldn’t tell for sure, buthe thought it sounded a lot like the vibrator he had found inhis mother’s drawer.The next day, elated by what he had already discovered, Donnycontinued the exploration of his mother’s belongings. Havingalready searched her dresser, he now concentrated hisattention on her closet. It held some suitcases and severalcardboard boxes were stacked on its shelves–maybe theycontained some more items his mother might use in a secretsex life.He checked the suitcases first and found them all to beempty. Pulling up a chair, he took down the boxes from theshelf and spread them on the bed. The first box held onlyold costume jewelry. “Mom always has been a pack rat,” Donnythought. The next box, though, was a little moreinteresting. It was full of old, loose photographs. Therewere pictures of Grandpa and Grandma before she died, some ofMom and Dad before they got divorced, and some of herbrothers and sisters–Ned, Will, and Sue. Donny hadn’t seenUncle Ned or Uncle Will in years. They had moved out to theWest Coast and never came back to the home place. Sue wasthe only one, other than Mom, who had remained in the area.The next picture was very interesting to Donny. It was apicture of the whole family–Mom, Uncle Ned, Uncle Will, AuntSue, and Grandpa and Grandma. It had been taken down at theswimming hole on Grandpa’s farm, and it must have been takenduring the time the k**s skinny-dipped because all the k**swere naked as jaybirds. It must have been taken a long timeago, because Uncle Ned, the oldest of the k**s, didn’t lookto be over twelve years of age. Mom was just a year younger,but she was showing more signs of physical maturity than anyof the others. Her breasts were beginning to bud out andthere was evidence of a slight dusting of pubic hair acrossher Mount of Venus. Donny thought, “God, but she was pretty.Even back then when she was just a k**, Mom was sexy looking.No wonder Uncle Ned got the hots for her. What I wouldn’tgive to have been in his shoes.” Seeing that picture andthinking those thoughts brought Donny’s cock to fullerection.Even though the box of pictures had been especially inter-esting to Donny, the last box proved to be a treasure trove.Inside, Donny found a collection of small magazines. If hiscock had not already been hard, the titles of the magazineswould have immediately brought it to full attention. Printedon the covers of the magazines were such provocative titlesas “Taboo Relations,” “Letters from Loving family Members,””family Lovers,” and “Siblings in Love.” There must havebeen two dozen of the magazines, all dog-eared from havingbeen read over and over again.Donny thumbed through the magazines and found story afterstory about family loving and letters describing sexual rela-tions between close relatives–page after page detailingi****tuous love affairs. One of the magazines opened up to astory of a young brother and sister who discovered the thrillof sexual relations with each other, who received from eachother the gift of virginity lovingly surrendered. The pagesof this story were well-worn and Donny could tell it had beenread many times. He pictured his mother reading the storyand reliving the time that she and her brother had beenteenage lovers.Another story was about an aunt and her nephew. The storywas so similar to the experiences he and Sue had had that itsent cold shivers up his spine. The story that really gotDonny’s attention, though, was titled, “Teaching Sonny AboutLove.” The first page of the story was turned down and themagazine had been handled so much ısparta rus escort that it was almost fallingapart. Donny knew from its appearance that his mother musthave read the story often. As he read the story, his facebecame flushed and he started breathing faster. In thestory, a lonely divorced mother turned to her teenage son indesperation for love. She taught him how to perform all thevarious acts of love and turned him into an accomplishedlover. How they performed them together was described inthrilling paragraph after paragraph.Donny had long since loosened his belt and dropped histrousers so that his rigid throbbing cock could be free ofits confinement. It jerked and throbbed as he turned thepages and pre-come dribbled out of its eye and ran down itshot shaft. As Donny read about how the son plunged his cockinto his mother’s quivering flesh, his cock spurted a gusherof hot cream. Knowing he was so hot from reading the story,Donny had been afraid to touch his cock for fear of animmediate orgasm. Despite that, without so much as a singletouch or stroke, the excitement of reading about the mother-son love affair spontaneously brought about one of the mostintense orgasms of Donny’s life.The implication of the magazines, particularly the way somestories had been read more than others, was very clear toDonny–his mother did, indeed, have sexual urges and needs.It was just as clear that she harbored secret sexual desiresfor him–desires as strong as the ones he felt for her. Howto go about bringing her desires together with his wasn’tnearly so clear, however. He couldn’t walk up to his motherand say, “Hey, let’s fuck.” Maybe she expected him to makethe first move. If so, his inexperience left him without aclue as to how to proceed. Frustrated, he cleaned up theleavings of his orgasm, carefully put the magazines back inplace, and decided to give it more time. He would continueto watch for signs and hoped he would recognize them whenthey came.That night after supper, Donny decided to try to explore hismother’s feelings, to perhaps get some insight into what shewas thinking and experiencing. “Mom, how come you never goout with men? You’re still young and pretty, but I can’tever recall you’re going on a date.”Donny’s mother laughed and said, “Thank you for thecompliment, sweetheart. Well, the truth is, I don’t reallyknow the answer to that question myself. One problem is thatmost of the men I work with are married, so they don’tcount.” He smiled wryly and continued, “Not that some ofthem haven’t asked me out. When a married man asked a singlewoman out, he has only one thing in mind, and there’s nofuture at all in a relationship like that. As for the singlemen I meet, well, the reason they’re not married is usuallyevident. Most of them are mama’s boys, wimps, or nerds. Ijust haven’t met any that I care to date.” She got a wistfulexpression on her face and continued, “And I guess a lot ofit is my fault. I just don’t go out of the way to try toattract men. Maybe I ought to, but it just doesn’t seem likeit’s worth the effort. Besides, there are so many diseasesout there that the risk of establishing a close relationshipis pretty great nowdays. There’s just too much risk ingetting involved to that degree with someone you don’t knowvery well.” She laughed and added, “I guess I’m justdestined to be married to my job.””But don’t you sometimes get lonely?” Donny asked. Ofcourse, what he really meant was `don’t you get horny?’ andshe didn’t fail to catch the implication.Her expression got very serious and she said in a soft,almost sad, voice, “Yes, Donny. Oh, yes, I do get lonelysometimes. Very lonely.”Her expression brightened quickly, though, and she turned thetables on him, quizzing him about his romantic interests.”How about you, buster? You’ve been hanging around the houseever since you got back from the farm. Not a single datesince then. Gone into seclusion or something?”A little uneasy about her probing, Donny answered, “Well, Ijust haven’t been much interested in going out with the girlsin my class. They sometimes seem silly and giggly.”His mother smiled and said, “Gotten yourself hooked on anolder woman, huh? Maybe one named Sue?”Now Donny really became uneasy. Mom was treading into anarea he didn’t want to discuss. He had promised Sue hewouldn’t talk about it, and he sure didn’t want to violateher confidence. Donny planned many trips to the farm andmany more loving sessions with Sue. If he blabbed abouttheir relationship, it might put an end to any chance for arenewal of pleasures he and Sue had enjoyed. As he usuallydid when confronted with a situation where he might have tolie, he just stayed quiet.When she saw he wasn’t going to answer, Donny’s momcontinued, “Why don’t you tell me about you and Sue?””Oh, Mom, don’t make me talk about it. I made a promise toSue.”Donny’s mother laughed and said, “Oh, Donny, Donny. There’snot anything you have to tell. From the minute I walked inthat day, I knew. Sue’s face was still flushed fromexcitement, and she had the distinctive odor about her of awoman who has just been completely sexually satisfied.There wasn’t any mistaking that she was…how would you menput it? Freshly fucked? I knew that Grandpa hadn’t done it,so it only left one other person.”Donny was a little shocked at his mother’s use of such acrude expression–he had never heard her use language likethat before. He was even more shocked at the way she hadfigured out the situation between him and Sue. He realizedthat she was a whole lot shrewder than he had given hercredit for.She wasn’t through yet, though. “To cap it off, when you andI were in the car coming home and the car got warm, it wasobvious what you had been doing. Donny, dear, the only wayyou can get rid of the smell of sex is to take a bath. Youcertainly hadn’t done that. After a little while, the insideof the car was smelling like a cat house.”Donny sat there red-faced, embarrassed that his mother couldfigure things out so easily, that he and Sue had been sotransparent. He looked down at the floor and just stayedquiet.”How did it happen anyway? Who seduced who?”Donny stammered a little, not sure how to answer thequestion. His mother laughed again, not laughing at him butat the humor of his being embarrassed about the matter. “Letme guess. You and Sue went skinny-dipping together, and onething led to another, and you ended up in the sack together.””How did you know? Have you been talking with Sue?””No, but you have to remember that Sue and I are sisters. WeEdwards girls are a lot alike, and I know what I would havedone if I were in her place.” She came over and huggedDonny, continuing, “Oh, Donny, I’m not angry. I’m happyabout it. I trust you took precautions, though. I’d surehate to think of Sue getting pregnant by her own nephew.”Donny, nodded his head, and said, “Yeah, we made sure.”Donny’s mother laughed and said, “Well, I guess I can’t callSue your maiden aunt anymore, can I?”Donny, finally recognizing that his mother wasn’t at allupset about the matter, lightened up himself, smiling andsaying, “That’s for sure. I took care of that matter threetimes over.”Donny’s mother arched her eyebrow and said, “Three times,huh? I guess you ARE growing up.” She stood up andstretched, displaying her breasts as the thin fabric of herrobe pulled tightly across them. “Well, it’s getting closeto beddy-bye. Time for my bath.” With that, his motherheaded for her bedroom. Donny couldn’t help but notice theway she swayed her hips when she walked away from him. Shehad never done that to him before, and he liked it.As Donny sat there, half-way watching television, he heardhis mother’s voice calling to him. He went to the door ofher bathroom and asked, “Were you calling me?””Yeah, I forgot a towel. Will you get one from the top ofthe dryer and bring it into me please?””Sure, just a second,” Donny answered. “My God,” Donnythought, “she wants me to take a towel INTO her. Maybe she’snaked and I’ll get to see her. She really DID ask me to takethe towel INTO the bathroom. Maybe she wants me to see hernaked. Maybe this is the sign I’ve been looking for.”Donny got the towel and went back to the bathroom door. Hewasn’t sure how to proceed. Should he knock or just walkright in? Finally resolving the issue in his mind, he saidto himself, “Well, she did tell me to go into the bathroom,so that’s what I’ll do.”Donny opened the door and walked right in. His mother wassitting in the bathtub and looked up at him and smiled.”Thank you, dear. Just put it here on the edge of the tub.I guess I’m getting forgetful in my old age.”Donny couldn’t tear his eyes away. His mom’s breasts wereplainly visible, standing so firm and upright on her chest.They were rounded and so smooth looking, like they were madeof Jello molds poured full of cream. Each one was tipped bya little upright nubbin of nipple, like a little fingertippoking out from the center. As his eyes worked lower, hecould see a hint of black just under the surface of the soapywater right at the juncture of her thighs. “Oh, God,” Donnythought, “she is a vision. Her breasts are absolutelyperfect and I can almost see her pussy.” There wasn’t anywayhe could avoid reacting to the sight–his cock grew almostinstantly hard and made a obvious bulge in the front of histrousers.A slight smile was the only notice his mother gave to Donny’svery visible discomfiture. She looked up at him and said,”I haven’t had my back washed since your dad and I gotdivorced, and I really miss it. While you’re here, would youmind washing my back for me?”Donny could hardly believe the good fortune fate wasbestowing on him. “She’s asking me to wash her back, totouch that smooth skin and beautiful nude body,” he thought.”Oh, God, will I ever!” Donny got down on his knees next tothe tub and said in the most blatant understatement of hislife, “Sure, I’ll be glad to.”She handed him a sponge and bar of soap and Donny took themin trembling hands. She said, “Here, use these.” Andnoticing the way his hands were shaking, added, “Donny,sweetheart, you don’t have to be nervous. I’m not going tobreak.”Donny soaped up her back with the bar of soap, rubbing thesmooth lather all over the white expanse of her back. Hecould see that she was thinner than Sue, that her ribs showedon her back and her spine was plainly evident. Her skin feltso smooth and soft that Donny could have kept rubbingforever, so caught up in the pleasure the contact of hishands with her body was giving him. He worked his hands upto the top of her shoulders and gently kneaded them, givingher a massage as well as back wash. She threw her shouldersback against his hands, a shrugging motion, and said, “Oh,that’s so nice. I didn’t realize how tight my muscles were.”Emboldened by what had happened thus far, Donny decided togo even further, to risk even more. “It would be even betterif I rubbed you all over. Would you like for me to do that?”There were a few moments of silence and Donny thought he hadcompletely blown it, that he had gone too far, too fast.Then she turned toward him and their eyes met and locked. Ina little, soft voice she said, “Yes, I think I would likethat.” She put her hand on his and continued, “Why don’t yourinse me off and then we can use my bed for the massage.”Donny took the sponge and squeezed water over her shoulders,rinsing off the soap he had applied. After he had finishedwith her back and shoulders, she said, “Do the front, too.”Dipping the sponge back into the water, Donny squeezed waterover her breasts, rivulets that flowed over and around them.He moved the sponge down and gently rinsed each of the creamymounds, rubbing around, over, and under them. As he did, hecould see the nipples lengthen and stand erect, like twolittle soldiers standing at attention. He was completelyenraptured. This was the stuff of his imagination, of hismost erotic dreams, and now he was getting to act out thosefantasies in real life.Donny’s mother then put her hands on the sides of the tub andsaid, “Now do the rest.” Slowly, she stood up, waterdripping from her, to where she stood facing him. He wasstill on his knees, and her vagina came to just the samelevel as his eyes, wet and sleek and only inches away. For afew moments, Donny just gazed, the slightly pouted lips ofher vagina drawing his eyes with an irresistible attraction.The dark hair on the surface of the little mounds on eachside of the cleft was long and clung to her wet skin andcurled under into the space between her legs. Some of thewet hairs had even flowed into the cleft, as if they, too,sought the same goal Donny was seeking.Donny suddenly remembered what he was supposed to be doingand brought the wet sponge up to the softly rounded flesh ofher belly, squeezing water over its surface. It flowed downinto the vaginal furrow and into the creases at the placeswhere her legs met the furry space between them. He strokedthe sponge across the soft belly and then down to her darktriangle, pressing softly and rubbing in small circles. Ashis hand touched the surface of her vagina, she spread herlegs apart, giving him room to move and wash between them.He moved his whole hand into the area and felt the softnessof her inner thighs press against it. Using his fingers,Donny pushed the sponge into her feminine crevice, causing itto gape open. He could see the little nubbin of her clitorisright at the top of the furrow and moved the sponge up tolave the spot he knew would bring her pleasure. As hestroked the soft, wet sponge across its sensitive surface, asoft moan escaped his mother’s lips. Not daring to riskmore, he moved the sponge over her legs and rinsed them.After he finished with her front, she turned around,presenting her backside, and said, “Now this side.”With the sight of his mother’s outthrust buttocks before him,all he really wanted to do was to reach out and caress them,to knead them gently with his hands. He could hardly believehow beautifully shaped her buttocks were–firm, small globes,each little more than a handful. Sue’s hips had been wideand her ass full and lush, but his mother’s hips were narrow,almost boyish, and her buttocks complemented them perfectly.He stroked across their surfaces with the sponge and pushedit into the deep cleft between them. She leaned over andspread her legs apart again, giving him access to the area.With her like that, he could see the little crinkled rosebudof her anus, and he stroked the sponge across it, gentlyrinsing it. She straightened up and turned back around,facing him again. “This is the best bath I’ve had in a longtime. Thank you for washing my back, sweetheart.” Then shesmiled and added, “And all the rest, too.”She took up the towel and started drying herself. ısparta rus escort bayan Donnywould have been glad to help with that, too, but she said,”Why don’t you go take a quick shower while I finish gettingready. By the time you get back, I’ll have a massage parlorall set up.”After rushing back to his room, Donny shaved and took one ofthe quickest showers of his life. He wasn’t sure how he wassupposed to dress to go to a “massage parlor,” so he justslipped on a pair of pajama bottoms. They weren’t nearly sotight as Jockey shorts and allowed his rigidly standing cocka little more room for comfort.Even though Donny had already been aroused by seeing andtouching his mother in her bath, his excitement rose severaldegrees higher from what he saw and smelled as he entered herbedroom. All the lights had been turned off and sitting onthe dresser and the nightstand were several brightly flamingcandles. Also on the dresser was an incense burner, withtendrils of exotically perfumed smoke rising from it. Thesheer sensuality of the room would have been arousing byitself, but what Donny saw in the center of the pool ofcandlelight made him catch his breath. His mother had turneddown the bedspread, leaving only a sheet, and she lay in themiddle of it, on her stomach, totally nude, except for awispy bra and a G-string.”How’s this for a massage parlor?” she asked.”This is wonderful. It’s absolutely beautiful.” Donnywalked over and stood by the bed, gazing down lovingly at hisbeautiful mother. “And you’re the most beautiful thing inthe room,” he said softly.”Thank you, kind sir.”Donny sat down on the bed next to her and rubbed his handsoftly across the fabric of the G-string. “A G-string isabout the sexiest thing a woman can wear. I love it.”She smiled and said, “Somehow or other I knew you would likemy G-string.””You found it, huh?” Donny asked.”Yes, and it was still wet when I discovered it. I was soflattered by the gift you left in it that I wore it that wayall day long.”The thought of her having that come-soaked G-string coveringher pussy aroused Donny to even greater heights, and his cockjerked and throbbed in response. He was now practicallypanting from arousal and aching to reach out and caress thatbeautiful body that lay exposed to his eyes. Barely able toget the words out, Donny said, “You ready for that rub-downnow?””I mean. There’s a bottle of lotion on the dresser, whydon’t you use it?”Donny got the bottle and opened its spout, pouring a generousportion of lotion into his palm. He sat the bottle on thenightstand and lowered his hands to her shoulders. Thelotion was creamy and smooth and added immeasurably to thesensuality of his touching her skin. He rubbed the lotioninto her shoulders and across her back and then startedmassaging, slowly and deeply kneading her shoulders and neck.He could feel the tension go out of her muscles as he workedhis fingertips into the tightness across her neck and back.She sighed and murmured, “That feels so nice. Oh, Baby, youdo that so well.”Donny moved his attention to her back and massaged the areabetween her shoulders and waist. Every time he stroked upand down, though, her bra strap got in the way. “Undo theclasp and take it off. That way it won’t be in the way,” hismother said softly.With the bra out of the way, Donny completed massaging theback area and then moved down lower, to the tight, littlebuttocks he had fallen in love with. Taking the lotionbottle, Donny squirted some out on each cheek, and then intothe cleft that divided them. Using both palms, he thenkneaded and massaged those firm globes, squeezing and makinglove to them with his hands. As he did so, he extendedseveral fingers into the deep furrow that went down themiddle of her ass. The skin in this area was almostunbelievably soft and warm. Using just his fingertips, hestroked the inner portion of her cleft, moving from itsbeginning at the base of her spine down into the depthshidden between her thighs. As he did, he could feel thebeginning of her G-string. It barely covered her mostprivate parts, concealing but revealing at the same time.Moving his fingertips under the edge of the G-string, Donnyfound wetness–wetness far more creamy and smooth than thelotion he had been using. Exploring further, he foundanother furrow, one that was wide and gaping and slick withjuices. Donny knew what it was, and his hands trembled fromthe knowledge. He knew that last he had his hands on hismother’s pussy and that his most erotic of dreams were nowcoming true. His mother buttocks quivered a little as hisfingers delved into those most secret parts of her body andher hips moved up and down just slightly. Donny detected asoft sigh escaping from her lips.Reluctantly leaving that part of his mother’s body, Donnyfilled his palms with lotion and rubbed her feet and calves,kneading and massaging just as he had done her shoulders. Heslowly worked his hands up her legs until they reached herupper thighs. As they did, she spread her legs apart, givinghim more access to their inner portions. As his handsapproached the juncture point of her legs and buttocks, Donnycould detect a musky odor arising from between his mothersthighs. He knew that odor from Sue, from when she had beenso aroused. He knew then how right his mother had been whenshe said sex had a distinctive odor. It was an odor thatDonny loved, though. From it, he knew that his mother wassexually aroused. As aroused, perhaps, as he was.Once again, Donny fingers found his mother’s G-string. Itwas now soaking wet, though. He had not applied lotion toit, so Donny knew that it was sexual secretions coming frombetween his mother’s legs that had sopped it. His fingersstroked across the fabric and detected the furrow that wasjust under its surface, the furrow that he wanted to see andexplore to its fullest. He believed that she shared thatdesire because her hips were moving in little circles as hisfingers stroked the area between her thighs.His mother murmured, “Umm, that’s so good, Donny. Now, howabout the front?””Oh, God, yes, the front!” Donny almost shouted to himself.He had been waiting to massage her front–her front with itscreamy breasts and, down lower, her now-sopping-wet pussy.His mother turned over slowly, exposing the almost nude frontto him. As she did, her loosened bra fell away, leaving herbreasts entirely bare, standing upright and firm.Her breasts weren’t the only things bare. As his mothershifted sides, Donny had moved, too. As he did so, his cock,long confined within the fabric of his pajamas, worked itsway out his fly and extended in front of him. As she turned,his mother saw his rigid, throbbing cock, and her hand made atentative move for it, but then pulled back. Donny wasalmost relieved by her action. He was afraid that all shehad to do was touch him and he would erupt in orgasm. Seeingand touching his mother’s body had brought him to the verylimits of his young sensuality, and it would take very littlemore to bring him surging upwards to the explosion stage.Her touch would have ignited his fuse and taken him beyondany control he might have been able to summon.Donny dribbled lotion on each of her breasts, aiming thespout so that the lotion fell on her nipples and flowed downthe sides of her breasts. Setting the bottle aside, Donnytook the lotion and spread it in circles, covering all herbreasts and nipples. He rubbed and massaged the littlenubbins of her nipples and they seemed to increase in size.Soon, they were rigid and hard, extending a quarter of aninch from the circles of her areolas. Taking a breast ineach hand, he kneaded and squeezed them, using a gentle, slowstroking motion. Donny could tell his mother liked itbecause she arched her back off the bed, pushing her breastsinto his hands. As she did, she muttered, “Oh, yes. Ohhh,yessss. That’s the way. That’s just right.”As much as Donny liked fondling his mother’s breasts, he evenmore wanted to fondle the area down below, to touch andexplore her wet pussy. Ever since he had seen her furrow andthe whole of her pussy the night he rubbed her feet, Donnyhad longed to put his hands on that flesh, to delve hisfingers into her womanness.Donny spread lotion on his mother’s smooth belly and rubbedit in circles, working lower and lower with each stroke.Soon his hands reached and were frustrated by the G-stringthat covered her pussy. Donny had loved it when he first sawit, but now it was in the way, preventing him from examiningand exploring the depths of his mother’s sex. He rememberedthat she had told him to remove her bra so he didn’t wait foran invitation about her G-string. He saw it was held inplace by ties on each of her hips, so he undid the ties andloosened the fabric. As he did so, his mother murmured,”Yes, Baby, take it off.”Emboldened by her encouragement, Donny lifted the G-stringand laid it back so that her pussy was completely exposed.As he did so, the odor of her arousal wafted up and acted asan aphrodisiac, inflaming Donny’s lust to even higher levels.As her pussy came before his eyes, Donny once again picturedUncle Ned pounding his cock into it, those many years ago.Then he remembered how the picture had changed in his mind sothat it was he, not Uncle Ned, who was on top of his mother,and it was his cock, not Uncle Ned’s, thrusting in and out ofthe wet flesh that was now revealed to his hungry, lustingeyes. Donny’s cock throbbed in reaction. “Oh, God!” Donnythought, “What I wouldn’t give to bury my cock in here.”Almost without volition, Donny’s hands reached out andtouched the flesh of his mother’s vagina. He lightly strokedthe soft, fine fur that grew so abundantly just above thepouting lips, touching with just the softest of touches.Then they came to the cleft that separated those poutinglips, and he delved a finger into it, seeking to touch theinnermost parts of his mother’s body. Donny could hardlybelieve how hot and moist the cleft was. It was slick withher feminine lubrication and the wet, labial lips clung tohis finger as it penetrated deeper and deeper.Soon his finger came to the swollen node that he knew to beher clitoris. He ran his fingertip in circles, lightlycaressing that little nubbin. He could hear his mother gasp,a deeply drawn intake of air, as he fondled the very centerof her pleasure zone. Her hips jerked upward in response,and her gasp turned into a moan. Her hips worked in smallcircles as she ground herself against his hand, and her moanbecame even louder. She had her head thrown back and hereyes were tightly closed as she experienced the pleasure ofDonny’s hands exploring, caressing, probing, and making loveto the wet flesh of her woman’s sex.But Donny wanted to delve even deeper, delve into depths ofher belly. His finger probed until it found what it wasseeking–the entrance to her cavern. He worked his fingerinto it, probing deeper and deeper. He joined that fingerwith another, and soon he had two fingers pushing into andout of her sheath. It was hot and so slick from her juicesthat he soon was working his fingers as fast as they couldgo.By this time, his mother was moaning and thrusting her hipsup against his hand, matching each of the inward strokes ofhis fingers with an upward thrust of her hips. She spreadher legs even further apart and lifted them so they were bentat the knees. “Oh, Donny, Donny,” she moaned. Then shesurprised him by stopping her hips movements. She opened hereyes and lifted her head saying, “Oh, Donny, stop please.”Donny’s mother sat up and reached for the top of his pajamasand undid the drawstring. After it was loose, she said, “Oh,God, Donny, I need you. I need you so bad.” She pulled himso that he was between her legs and then reached down andpushed his pajamas down. As she did, his cock sprung out,rigid and wet from his abundant flow of pre-come. Shewrapped her hand around it and fondled it. “This is what Ineed. I need this inside me.” She pulled him toward her,guiding his cock so that it’s head buried itself in hervagina. “Oh, Donny, make love to me. Please make love tome.”With one long stroke, Donny drove his cock into his mother’shot, wet channel. He was amazed at how good it felt to havea woman’s hot pussy grasp his cock without a rubber in theway. He thought that making love to Aunt Sue was great, butit was nothing compared to what he was now feeling. Thesensations of moisture and heat could be felt to theirfullest, and he revelled in those sensations. As his pubicmound crushed against hers, he cried out, “Oh, God, Mom! Oh,God, it’s so good, s-o g-o-o-d.”Donny’s mother pulled his face down to hers and lightlykissed him on the lips. Then she whispered, “Donny, forgetI’m your mother. Just pretend I’m another woman and makelove to me. Love me hard. It’s been so long since I’ve beenloved.” She emphasized her desires by thrusting her hips upto Donny and grinding her pubis against his.Needing no other encouragement, he pulled his cock all theway out and shoved it in as hard as it could go. Thefriction of the tight ring around the entrance of her pussywas so pleasurable that he almost came immediately. Donnywanted his mother to receive the pleasure she craved, sousing all his will power, he fought off orgasm and continuedto thrust in and out with long, hard strokes. As he did so,he recalled his fantasy of pounding his cock in and out ofher pussy and exulted in the realization that his fantasy wasnow reality. She had asked him to forget that she was hismother, but he didn’t want to. Knowing that it was hisbeautiful mother he was making love to only made theexperience that much more pleasurable. Donny had seen herbody as made for loving, and he was now doing his utmost topay love-homage to that body.Donny’s mother humped her hips up to his, matching each ofhis strokes with her own. Her buttocks were almostcompletely off the bed, her back arched upwards, as shepushed her pussy up to be filled by Donny’s hard-drivingcock. With each of her thrusts, she muttered an “Uh!,” half-moan and half-grunt. Soon that was not enough for her, andshe wrapped her legs around his hips, giving herself evengreater leverage to thrust and hunch against him.Even though her eyes were still closed, tears welled out ofthem and streaked her cheeks. Her mouth hung open as shegasped and panted, the pleasure sensations mounting higherand higher. “Oh, God, Donny! It’s been so long. Oh, God,so long,” she softly wailed. The wails turned into a chantof “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,” with thrust and counterthrust accentedby her cry of pleasure.Suddenly her eyes opened wide and an expression of wonderspread across her face. Donny could feel her stomach musclesquiver and spasm, the sensations rippling across his deeplythrusting cock. She spread her legs even rus escort ısparta wider, wrappingthem up around his waist, and pushed a hard thrust againsthim, seeking even deeper penetration. She reached out herarms and wrapped them around his neck pulling him tightlyagainst her. Their eyes were locked with the others as theystared deeply into each other’s souls. She opened her mouthand pulled his mouth hard against it. Their lips tried todevour each other’s mouth and their tongues swirled againsteach other. She was moaning constantly and gasping andpanting around her swirling tongue into his mouth.She pulled her mouth away and screamed, “Oh, God, Donny!Donny! Donny!” As she did, her whole pelvis shuddered,spasm-wracked, and pushed up against his. She was lockedinto place, her pussy hard against his pubis, legs wrappedaround his waist and locked, and arms holding him hardagainst her breasts.Donny knew that his mother was at last having an orgasm. Notjust a little orgasm, but one that wracked her whole body,that caused her to shudder, jerk, and spasm. It was too muchfor him and his cock jerked and expanded, swelling even morethan it had been. He could feel the flow of his sperm as iterupted from his cock, spurting shot after shot of hot juicesinto the liquid, warm flesh that surrounded it. He felt thathe would fill her cavity with the abundance of his flow. Hehad never come that much before, not even when he lost hisvirginity to his Aunt Sue.She pulled his mouth back against her own and they kissedsoftly and gently now, less frantic and hungry than before.Each of their tongues made soft love to the others,pleasuring each other through their mouths just as they weredoing below. Even though his come had quit flowing, Donny’scock still jerked in little spasms, the pressure of hismother’s pussy clasping it and the after effects of orgasmstill bringing pleasure.Without breaking their connection, Donny’s mother gentlyturned them over until they were laying on their sides. Sheput one leg over his hip and pressed her groin up to his,assuring that his cock remained firmly in place. She kissedhim gently on the lips and said, “Thank you, sweetheart.That’s the first time I’ve had a man since your father and Igot divorced. I haven’t come that hard in a long time.Would you believe that I had almost forgotten how good sexis. That was so good, in fact, that I don’t know whetherI’ll be able to do without it now.”Donny whispered, “It’s me that should be thanking you. Ithought that making love to Sue was good, but it doesn’tbegin to compare with being here with you. I had dreamed ofmaking love to you, but the real thing was far better thanthe dream.”She smiled and kissed him quickly on the lips again. “Oh,Donny, you are a real sweetheart.” She pecked him again andcontinued, “And you’re a good lover, too.” She pushedherself up firmly against his groin and said, “Oh, you’restill so nice and hard. Would you mind if we did it again?I know it makes me sound like a whore, but I’m still horny,and since you’re already in place, can we take advantage ofit?” She pulled her hips back from his, unsheathing his cockuntil only the head remained in place, and then thrustforward, burying him again to the hilt. “Umnnn, yes. Stillso good.”Being so close to his mother’s nude body, feeling the warmthof her flesh and inhaling the musky odor of their couplinghad kept Donny aroused despite having such an intense orgasm.He had already thought about their doing it again, but wasn’tsure how to initiate the action. Her taking the lead solvedthat problem. He answered her question by placing his handson her buttocks and pulling her pussy down hard on his cock.He pulled it out and then repeated the motion. Even thoughwith her pussy full of his sperm there wasn’t as muchfriction as before, the pleasure of the stroking was stillalmost more than he could bear. Donny repeated her wordsback to her, “Yes, it is still good. Loving you is so good.”Donny’s mother smiled at him and said, “Wanna do it doggyfashion?”Donny smiled back and said, “Yeah!”She disengaged herself from him and got up on her hands andknees, turning her ass toward him. She spread her legs alittle apart and reached up and stroked her slick, gapingfurrow. “This is one of my favorite ways to do it. Itallows deep penetration, and I like that. Put it right herein this spot, lover.”Donny had admired his mother’s ass when he rinsed her off inthe bath and when he had given her a massage, but seeing itturned toward him, with legs spread apart and pussy lipsgaping and gleaming moistly, he was filled with a feeling ofconcupiscence such he had never before experienced. He hadthought his mother beautiful, but right now she was beautifulbeyond compare.He got on his knees behind his mother and pressed his cockagainst her wet slit. She guided it into the right place andpushed back against him, signaling that he could commence.With each passing second, Donny was growing more and morearoused, overcoming the effects of his recent orgasm. “Oh,God,” he thought, “what a sweet ass.” As he drove his cockhome, driving it in until it completely embedded in hismother’s hot hole, he thought, “As long as I live I’llprobably never have another piece of pussy as good as this isright now.” He pistoned his hard shaft in and out of herslick cavern and said, “Oh, God, Mom. This is so good. Idon’t know how it could ever be better than this.”She turned her head toward him and said, “That’s just whatyou think now. Believe me, it just gets better and better.”Donny quit talking and concentrated on fucking his mother ina way that would completely satisfy her. He could hardlybelieve how hot she was, asking him to fuck her again justminutes after the first time. He wanted to fuck her untilshe had enough, until she could only smile in satisfaction.He wasn’t sure what it would take, but he was going to try tobe the best lover she had ever had. He wanted her to end upwith that “freshly fucked” look she said Aunt Sue had.He could see why his mother liked the doggy position so much.He was able to penetrate deeper into her than he had from thefront and the pressure from the walls of her pussy bore downon his cock in such a way that it produced waves of pleasurewith each stroke. A lot of the pleasure was visual. Heenjoyed seeing his cock, wet and slick from their combinedjuices, pushing in and out of her grasping, sucking pussy.Donny could see that she was rubbing her clitoris as hestroked, so he reached around and put his hand in place ofhers, lightly stroking her clitoris, moving his finger up anddown with each of his in-and-out motions. He placed theother hand on one her breast and kneaded it and rolled thenipple between his fingers. She was practically throwing herass back at each of his thrusts, her movements becomingfaster and faster, spurring him on to even greater action.She muttered, “Yeah, lover. Oh, yes, Baby. That’s justright. You’re doing just right.”Once again, Donny felt the stirrings deep within his mother’sbelly, the beginning shudders and spasms of orgasm. Hespeeded up his thrusts, pushing hard to drive her over theedge and into another orgasm as intense as her first.Suddenly she shouted, “Oh, God, Baby, I’m coming! Oh, I’mcoming again. Don’t stop. Keep giving it to me. Oh, Baby,fuck me. Keep fucking me hard.”Donny started thrusting so hard that he drove her forwardwith each of the strokes. Deeply in and then all the wayout, thrust in, pull out, time after time. Her whole pelviswas shaking and she was wailing in ecstasy, “Oh, Donny. Yes,yes, yes! Oh, God, it’s so good. Coming, coming,cominngggg.”Donny was coming, too, his jerking cock spewing out a freshsupply of hot sperm, coating and filling her pussy to over-flowing. He could see it form a frothy ring where his cockwas going in and out of her flesh, and little streams of comewere beginning to dribble down the insides of her thighs.She fell face forward on the bed, pulling Donny with her.His cock was lodged between and held tight in the nowsqueezed cleft of her ass. She was completely relaxed andmade little, soft “oh” sounds of relaxation and satiation.Donny, too, was completely spent, exhausted from loving hismother so hard and long. His cock slowly softened and thenlay there between her ass cheeks, held tight in their wet,slick grip. Finally, his cock shrunk up completely and fellout of it lodging place to lay flat against her ass. Shestirred a little, so he moved to lay beside her, nestlingagainst her naked body.She turned on her side and whispered, “Do I have that freshlyfucked look? I ought to. I feel freshly fucked. Oh, boy,do I ever feel freshly fucked.” She kissed him lightly onthe lips and said, “Thank you, sweetheart. That was so good.Stay here with me. sleep with me tonight. I need to becuddled, to have someone with me.”Donny loved the thought of sharing a bed with his mother allnight. Even though he was drowsy, sleeping with his motherhad an exotic appeal that brought new stirrings to his groin.His mother, though, blew out the remaining candle that wasburning and pulled the covers up over them. She cuddledherself against him and said, “Good loving makes for goodsleeping. Good night, sweetheart.” Despite the stirrings hehad felt, Donny fell asleep almost instantly.* * * *Donny didn’t know what time it was when he awakened. Theroom was pitch dark, so it must have been in the middle ofthe night. What woke him was a feeling of intense pleasure.His cock was rock hard and it was engulfed by something warmand wet. He could feel a slithery, stroking up and down hisshaft and each stroke brought a wave of pleasure. Donnyfinally realized what was happening–his mother was suckingon his cock. “My God!” Donny thought, “my mother is givingme a blow job. All my life I’ve wanted a girl to suck on mycock and now it’s finally happening. And from my mother, noless.” His mother didn’t say anything. The only sound wasthe slurping noises her mouth and tongue made as they suckedand stroked his now-throbbing cock.To Donny’s disappointment, her mouth left his cock and hecould feel her shifting on the bed. He could feel one of herlegs move across her body and then he could sense that shewas straddling him, her body right above his pulsating cock.Her hand took hold of his cock and held it up straight. Thenonce again he could feel it being engulfed with wetness andheat. He realized that she was sitting on him, her pussycompletely surrounding his cock. He couldn’t help but thrustup against the source of pleasure, humping his hips upagainst her pussy. “You awake, Donny?” she whispered.Donny whispered back, “Am I ever! Whatever you’re doing,keep it up. Umm, that’s so nice.””Just lay back and enjoy, darling. Let me do all the work.”Donny’s mother rose up and down with slow, languid motions,each one engulfing his cock in the hot grasp of her flesh.He had heard of this position before, but now saw why it wasso good. His mother was in the dominant position, givingpleasure, working his cock in and out of her body. He wasobedient to her command and let her do the work, let her givethe pleasure.And pleasure it was. Even though he had had two ball-emptying orgasms earlier, he felt himself rising up theladder of passion, pleasure building up to ecstasy, ecstasyto rapture. He couldn’t help but moan, the feeling was sointensely pleasurable. His mother must have reacted to hisaural signals because she increased the speed of her strokes,moving up and down with rapid movements of her thighs andlegs. She was obviously enjoying it, too, because shestarted to mutter, “Oh, yes, fuck. Oh, yes, fuck. Oh, yes.Yes, fuck. Fuck it hard.”His mother uttering obscenities of that type increased thesensation of lewdness that making love in that positionengendered. Soon he could feel his seed again stirring inhis groin, pushing to burst out again in a volcano of whitefluid. Suddenly his mother pushed down hard and ground herpubis against his, crying, “Oh, coming. Coming again.Coming again, yes. Ohhhhhhh……..”Her orgasm triggered his and his cock erupted in a flow ofthick, creamy come. He could feel it flow inside of her hotinsides and then drip down and cover his groin and balls.Soon he was soaking from the flow their loving was producing.He was soon coated with the hot, wet, and sticky juices, andthey felt voluptuous as they covered their groins. Hismother collapsed against him, falling down with her breastsagainst his chest. She whispered, “I’m sorry about wakingyou up, but I waked up with an urge that I just couldn’tcontrol. I hope you don’t mind.””You can wake me up any time you want to if you do that way,”Donny whispered.Donny’s mother giggled and rolled off him, back to his sideon the bed. “Now maybe I can sleep the rest of the night,”she murmured, falling asleep almost instantly.* * * *The next morning when Donny awoke, his mother was already up.He went into the kitchen and found her making coffee, dressedin a thin robe. He walked up behind her and wrapped his armsaround her waist, hugging her tightly. “You look beautifulin the morning, Mom.” His cock stirred and moved against herbuttock as it rose.She turned around and kissed his lightly on the lips.Grinning, she said, “There’s nothing beats a fifteen-year-oldboy. Always horny.””I didn’t hear any complaints last night.””And none now, either,” she said. “You’re the answer to alonely mother’s dreams.” Laughing, she added, “And a maidenaunt’s dream, too.”Donny said, “What you did to me last night, when you waked meup. I sure did like that.””You mean you and Sue didn’t get into oral sex?””No, we just did it straight. Nothing kinky.”She laughed and said, “Kinky? If you think that’s kinky, youhave a lot to learn. And I know just who’s going to be yourteacher.”Donny’s mom called in sick that day and she and Donny stayedhome together. And together, they explored the world ofsixty-nine and backdoor dirt. By the end of the day, Donnywas well versed in the “kinky” arts.Donny and his mother slept together every night. Sometimesthey used his bed and sometimes her. Where ever they slept,sleep was always preceded by love-making. Day or night,Donny’s mother always had that freshly-fucked look about her.Eventually, though, Donny’s mother had to leave town again.As she drove him out to stay to Sue and Grandpa, she reacheddown and patted his cock. “You have fun with Sue while I’mgone. Go ahead and teach her the things we’ve learned,she’ll enjoy them, too.” She laughed and continued, “As Itold you, we Edwards girls are a lot alike.””She can’t be as good as you, Mom. It’ll be like gettingsecond-best.””Well, you may be interested to know she’s on the pill now,so you at least won’t have to use rubbers like you didbefore.””Maybe so, but I’ll still miss you.””And I’m going to miss you, sweetheart. I’ll tell you what,though, when I get back, maybe all three of us can go down tothe creek and go skinny-dipping. What do you think of that?”Donny liked the idea so much, he made his mother stop andpark in a secluded spot to say good-bye in a special way.Afterwards, on the way to Sue’s, the car once again smelledlike a cat house.

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