Don’t Stand So Close To Me Ch. 02


Naomi jumped out of bed the minute her alarm went off on Thursday morning without registering why she felt so nervous. As she walked over to the closet to pick out her clothes she remembered: today was her second “detention” with Mr. Alberts.

Should she wear those new jeans that showed off her ass? Or what about another skirt? “I wish I just knew what he liked,” she muttered to herself. “Maybe if he’d paid the least bit of attention to the outfit I wore to his class on Wednesday, I’d know what to do now.” Her thoughts continued in this same vein for some time until she finally settled on the trendy brown slacks, blue button up shirt, and brown boots.

By the time Naomi had driven to school, her hands were shaking so badly she almost dropped her keys. “Dammit,” she swore under her breath. “Get a hold of yourself. He’s just some asshole English teacher; don’t let him get to you.” And with that, she determined that she would not allow thoughts of detention with Mr. Alberts to rule her mind all day.

Naomi only managed to keep her resolve until third period when she actually had to attend creative writing. She made sure not to be late so that Alberts wouldn’t have yet another reason to hate her. Upon walking into the class, she glanced up at the front of the room, only to be disappointed when Mr. Alberts refused to meet her eyes. Sighing, she slid into her seat, frustrated when he barely glanced her way.

Mr. Alberts stood at the front of the room, listening to one of his student’s story ideas as Naomi walked into the room. He briefly looked in her direction before returning his attention to Michael, but his thoughts stayed with the beautiful young girl.

‘Blue is a great color on her,’ he thought and his cock twitched to life at the memory of how good she looked in nothing at all. With great effort, he forced his thoughts away from Naomi. He couldn’t afford to let anyone notice his excitement when she was around. He didn’t want to ruin this wonderful opportunity before it really heated up.

Over the last two days he had made sure to treat her with the usual disdain that he had shown her all year. She had come up to him on Wednesday to say hello and he saw the confusion in her eyes when he had snubbed her with a brief nod before turning away to rummage through a drawer. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but he just couldn’t risk anyone thinking…thoughts. The truth was that he had thought of little else for the last 48 hours. He hadn’t stared at the clock so many times since he himself was in High School. As far as he was concerned, the end of the day couldn’t come fast enough.

Naomi tried to pay attention during class, but all she could focus on was the sexy lilt in her teacher’s voice and the way the muscles in his back rippled every time he turned around to write on the chalkboard. Thankfully, he had shown some small mercies toward her and did not force her to answer questions or share her writing with the class.

As soon as the bell rang, Naomi nervously dug through her backpack and brought out the writing assignment that had earned her the detention in the first place. She had spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday evening trying to improve the piece in hopes that Mr. Alberts would let her out of her obligation. Naomi nervously approached the front of the classroom where Mr. Alberts was busy setting up for his next class. “Um, Sir?”

Mr. Alberts turned his attention to Naomi as she shuffled uncertainly from one foot to the other in front of his desk. She was the last student in the room so he allowed his eyes to travel the length of her firm, young body. When his gaze finally met her eyes she could see undisguised lust staring back.

“Yes, Naomi?” he said.

“Um, I… I re-wrote the assignment,” she stuttered nervously, handing over the paper.

Mr. Alberts gazed in confusion at the paper she was holding out to him. He hadn’t asked her to re-write it and his brow furrowed as he took it from her. As he thumbed through the pages it dawned on him where she was going with this.

“I’m glad to see that you are taking more of an interest in your studies,” he began. “We’ll go over your corrections this afternoon when you meet me for detention.”

She was nervous and trying to get out of ‘finishing’ her extra credit work, but Mr. Alberts had gone too far to let that happen. He wanted this girl and he was going to have her no matter how much she improved her study habits. ‘Win the Pulitzer prize for all I care,’ he thought, ‘you’ll still be here this afternoon sucking me dry.’

“But I thought if I did better, you would let me….” Naomi trailed off. One glance at the annoyed look on Mr. Alberts’ face told her that she was better off dropping the subject.

“I’ll see you after school, Mr. Alberts.”

“Yes you will, Naomi,” he replied. “I’m looking forward to it. Don’t be late.”

Naomi spun around to leave, shoving the paper back into her bag. ‘How dare he,’ she thought. ‘I even re-wrote Eskort the assignment. I can’t believe I still have detention. This is so unfair! Naomi continued to shoot venomous thoughts at Mr. Alberts throughout the day, unable to concentrate on her other classes.

Finally, she attended her last class of the day. As the final bell rang, Naomi’s heart lurched in her chest and her palms became sweaty and shaky. She slowly loaded all of her books into her pack and then stopped by her locker on her way to the English classroom. With limbs that felt like lead, she climbed the short flight of stairs to Mr. Alberts’ classroom where she knocked twice on the door.

Mr. Alberts swung the door open with a beaming smile and waved the girl into the room. She looked like a trapped animal; every muscle in her body was tense. Unfortunately for the nervous 18 year old, this only furthered her teacher’s desire.

As she stepped into the classroom he closed and locked the door. Like before, the blinds were closed and she jumped when he turned off all but one bank of lights, plunging the room into twilight. As he walked toward her, Naomi unconsciously backed away until her thighs bumped into his large desk, effectively halting her escape. He stopped inches from her, his hands taking her backpack off her shoulder and setting it on the floor.

“Hello there Naomi,” he said as he leaned down and gently kissed her lips while stroking her shoulders to ease some of her tension. He broke the kiss and took a step back. Naomi no longer felt pinned but she was aware that he was still dangerously close to her trembling body. “Now, you wanted to discuss improvements to your work?”

The terrified girl closed her eyes briefly and took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves. “Mr. Alberts, I spent a lot of time on that paper, I thought that if I fixed it up to your standards and you knew that I put a lot of effort into it, then maybe we could just forget this deal, ’cause my grades wouldn’t be so bad if you just gave me another chance.” She said all of this in one breath, as if afraid she wouldn’t be able to get it all out if she stopped.

“Interesting,” Mr. Alberts said as he started slowly pacing around the desk. It gave the girl the impression of being stalked by a predator. “And you think that you deserve a second chance to redo an assignment that you didn’t take seriously the first time.”

He stopped directly in front of her again. His eyebrows rose as he asked, “And why you? Others in my class have had bad assignments, papers that they actually put effort into and yet still fell short. I am sure they wanted a second chance too. They certainly were more deserving than a little girl who holds this whole class as a useless waste of her time.” He stepped close to her again. She had to look up to meet his gaze. “Tell me, Naomi. What have you done to deserve a second chance?”

Naomi felt her throat tighten but was determined not to cry. “I just thought….” She stopped and closed her eyes again. She could feel Mr. Alberts’ breath tickling her ear as she tried to formulate a response. “I guess I don’t deserve another chance, Mr. Alberts.”

He gently reached up and ran the backs of his fingers down her smooth cheek. “Do you want to earn your second chance? Are you ready to earn your A in my class?”

Naomi swore she felt her heart stop when he touched her skin. “I…. I…,” she couldn’t seem to formulate a coherent thought, let alone a verbal response. Looking up into her teacher’s eyes and seeing how much he wanted her was making it impossible to think.

Partly to save her the trouble of responding, and partly because he simply couldn’t wait to taste her again, Mr. Alberts leaned down and captured Naomi’s mouth with his. The girl’s mind had stopped working entirely. She tried to think of a reason why she was here or why she shouldn’t be, but nothing came to her. Sighing, she opened her mouth to allow access to her sweet tongue. After a couple of minutes of passionate kissing, Mr. Alberts pulled away and asked again, “Naomi, are you ready to do this?”

The teenager didn’t hesitate this time. “Yes, Sir, I think so.”

His cock twitched again at the sound of her soft voice acquiescing. Placing his strong arms around her, he pulled the tiny body towards him before continuing to devour her mouth. Naomi could feel her panties dampening. She squirmed a little, unconscious of how sensual she appeared. She began eagerly returning his kisses, and dragging her fingernails up and down his back. Sighing, she melted even further into his body as he kissed down her neck.

Mr. Alberts groaned into Naomi’s skin as her fingernails dragged up and down his back. He broke their kiss and took her hands in his. He looked into her hungry eyes and smiled devilishly as together they began to raise his polo. Naomi returned his smile as she got the hint and took over the process of removing his shirt. Then she wrapped her arms around his bare chest and locked her mouth against his once again.

All rational thought fled Naomi’s mind as she stood there, wrapped in Mr. Alberts’ arms, kissing him as though her life depended on it. She felt that she could stay there forever and moaned in protest as he pulled back after only a few minutes of kissing.

Mr. Albert’s gaze dropped to her lovely blue shirt and he quickly began unbuttoning it. “I’ve been daydreaming about these for two days,” he mumbled. He leaned in and kissed her while he pulled the shirt away from her body. Then he once again pulled backwards and reached between her breasts to unclasp her bra. He flattened his hands against her chest and swept aside the undergarment, dragging his palms across her breasts.

Naomi leaned back and sighed at the contact. How was Mr. Alberts able to make her feel so good just by touching her skin? She glanced down at his strong hands cupping her breasts and felt her nipples harden even further. She moaned again as he forcefully pulled her to his body, relishing the skin-on-skin contact. The girl cuddled even further into his naked chest, then returned his previous kisses, raining them all over his upper body.

He leaned her backwards until her back was against the cold wood of the desk. His weight pressed against her, mashing her breasts into him. He parted her legs with one of his own and ground his thigh hard against her cloth covered pussy. Naomi shuddered and let out a slight moan as she wrapped one of her legs up and around his waist. Their tongues fenced wildly as they both began losing themselves in their passions. Without removing his lips from hers, Mr. Alberts began undoing the young girl’s pants, sliding his fingers into her panties when he had them open. ‘He’s moving so fast,’ Naomi thought, and she briefly wondered if she should try to pull away. Then Mr. Alberts slipped two fingers into her already wet pussy and she forgot to care that she was lying half naked on her creative writing teacher’s desk. She moved against his fingers, wanting to be as close to him as possible. Tentatively, she reached up and began undoing his belt.

Mr. Alberts smiled against Naomi’s lips when he felt her hands at his belt. He gently lifted his hips off hers to give the girl more room. It thrilled him that she was giving in to her desire and letting herself enjoy these feelings.

Naomi fumbled with his belt for a moment; a combination of her nervous inexperience and the distraction of his fingers wiggling inside her. Mr. Alberts pressed the heel of his hand hard against Naomi’s clit as he slid his fingers around inside her soaking pussy. She broke their kiss with a load moan and arched her back against him. His balls twitched as she pulled his zipper down and snaked her own hand into his trousers.

Her fingertips traced the outline of his dick through his cotton boxers before clutching it. Naomi gently stroked him and she noticed that his shorts were getting wet from his precum. He was kissing her furiously now and he slid his fingers as deeply as they would go but the material of her pants was too restrictive for him to rotate his wrist properly. He was frustrated but to remove her pants he would have to pull away from the tiny hand that was currently driving him insane. As he was agonizing over the dilemma, Naomi slid her hand into the opening of his boxers and found his quivering member. It was his turn to groan aloud as the girl’s delicate hand began stroking up and down his shaft. Naomi hadn’t had a lot of practice with this sort of thing and she was always intrigued at how hard a boy’s penis could be while remaining soft and pliable on the surface.

Naomi drew her palm up and down while using her fingertips to draw light circles on his skin. Mr. Alberts moaned into Naomi’s mouth and she grinned to herself, so glad that she could finally have this effect on him!

She played with his head a bit more, and found herself wondering what he tasted like. ‘Should I do it?’ Naomi thought. ‘He did say I’d have to return the favor…’ The only problem was she didn’t want to move! Mr. Albert’s hands were dancing furiously inside her and she was loathe to make him stop.

Mr. Alberts barely managed to stay focused on the time, but he knew that he needed to move things along if he was going to get his blowjob. He grudgingly broke the kiss, looked Naomi in the eyes, and asked, “Do you like that my cock is hard for you, baby?”

Naomi shuddered as she lay underneath him, and made little mewling sounds as he pulled his fingers out of her. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help himself. This girl had him more turned on than he had been in years! He took his fingers and drew them along her cheek, leaving a trail of her scent behind. Naomi continued to play with Mr. Alberts’ cock, pulling more and more precum from the sensitive tip. Tentatively, she pulled her fingers to her mouth, tasting him.

Mr. Alberts watched as she licked him off her fingers. That was the last straw for him and he climbed off the desk. He pushed his pants and boxers to the floor and reached a hand out to Naomi who had propped herself up on her elbows. Nervous and excited at the same time, she accepted his hand and slid to her feet. His cock pressed against her exposed belly as he pulled her in for a kiss. Then with a gentle push on her shoulders, he directed her to her knees.

Naomi stared at his cock as it dangled in front of her nose. “I haven’t done this very much, Mr. Alberts.”

He reached down and stroked her cheek while replying, “Just take it slow and let yourself enjoy it. I promise I’ll enjoy those lips of yours, Naomi.”

Tentatively, Naomi licked the head of his cock, tasting the salty precum. She pulled back, giggling a little at the taste. She glanced up at Mr. Alberts, as if seeking approval before continuing. “Is this right?” she asked, a little uncertainly.

Mr. Alberts shuddered as this young beauty looked up at him, holding is cock and asking if she was doing it right. His eyes were boiling with passion and his voice was a throaty whisper, “Baby girl that feels so amazing. Please don’t stop. I need it.”

Naomi opened her mouth even wider, taking as much of him as she possibly could. In her zeal, she took far too much for her inexperience to handle and she started to choke. Mr. Alberts threw his head back in ecstasy as she took him to the back of her throat. He felt her throat muscles contract and wasn’t surprised when she gagged. His knees almost buckled when she ran her tongue around his head before trying again with the same results.

Naomi could feel tears spring up in her eyes. She pulled back then and sat back on her heels. “Mr. Alberts, it’s just too big! I can’t do it…”

He looked down at his sexy student. She was sitting there with tear filled eyes, half naked and telling him that he was too big! His cock twitched at the overwhelming sight and he knew that he was close. He desperately wanted to fill this girl’s mouth with cum, but he knew that they were too short on time and that he needed to take it slowly. He needed to mold her. “That’s all right baby. I’m so close. Just keep using your hand.” Naomi began gently stroking his hard cock again and he groaned, “Yeah just like that. It feels so good.”

As Naomi stroked up and down, she had an idea. “Is that how you like it, Mr. Alberts? Do you like it when I do this?”

“Aaahh!” he moaned. She was intentionally driving him crazy with her sensual voice. “Oh yes Naomi. I am so turned on. It all feels so good. Don’t stop baby. I’m so close.”

“Are you going to cum Mr. Alberts? Are my little hands enough to make you cum?” Naomi started stroking faster, wanting to drive him over the edge. She was enjoying her new found talents immensely.

Her words were too much for him, “Oh YES! I’m cumming!!!” Long white ropes of cum blasted from his penis and splashed against the girl’s lovely face.

Naomi gasped, shocked that she had actually made him cum. Not wanting to get more on her face, she angled him away from her, which only caused him to cum all over her exposed breasts. She looked down, amazed that she had actually done that to a man.

She looked up at Mr. Alberts, who was thrusting into her hand still, and in a moment of inspiration she grinned devilishly up at him, drug her fingers through the cum that soaked her breasts, and sucked it slowly off of her fingers. “Did I do a good job, Mr. Alberts?”

Mr. Alberts groaned as he watched her sensually scoop his cum off her breasts and lick it off her fingers. He couldn’t believe how much this girl turned him on. “Naomi you were amazing. I haven’t cum so hard in years! You are well on your way to earning that ‘A’.”

“On my way?” she squeaked. “But I thought…”

He kneeled down and savagely kissed the protesting girl, smearing his cum across both their faces. She quickly began kissing him back, her unsatisfied pussy flooding with her desire for him. “You are the hottest thing I have ever been with, Naomi. But you aren’t getting out of this with partial performances.” He leaned back and used his finger to clean the cum off both their faces, then he presented it to her like a lollipop. She hesitated for a moment before licking his finger clean. He asked, “Do you like the taste of my cum?”

She looked down, a little embarrassed. “Yes.”

“Good, because you aren’t going to secure that ‘A’ until you take a nice long drink from the source.”

“But I tried and I couldn’t do it!” She looked up at Mr. Alberts, her insecurity evident in those beautiful eyes.

Mr. Alberts was starting to like this girl and his smile reflected that. She was so sweet and eager to please and that vulnerability made him want to protect her. He pulled her into a tight embrace, heedless of the mess he was making as her cum covered chest connected with his own bare skin. He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips for a short eternity before reassuring her, “We will go as slow as you need to, Naomi. You can take your time getting comfortable with me and… IT.” He grinned down at his new favorite student.

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