Double Heart Tattoo Ch. 1


“She was smiling?”

“Man, I’m telling you she was beaming at me. I was steaming – I wanted to wipe that smile off her face so bad. Then I woke up and I still wanted to strangle her. Every night the same dream – over and over. Sometimes I’d dream it a couple of times a night. After a while though I found I wasn’t getting as pissed as I watched her – I mean, we’ve been having some problems and I was starting to enjoy the fact that at least one of us was getting some. Kind of weird huh?”

“Shit, I’m not married, what the fuck do I know.”

“SO the other night after the dream I get up to pee and I had this massive morning woody…”

“Hey man more than I need to know.”

“I go to pee – come back out and the wood is still standing tall, and I realize that I want to fuck Lisa so bad. I don’t want to make love to her – I want to fuck her, to dominate her. And I feel this heat build up inside of me. I looking at her and its like I’m thinking ‘ me need woman, there woman, me take woman’ and so I strip naked.”

“So I’m standing at the foot of the bed and I slowly pull the comforter down. Lisa is trying to stop it by grabbing at it as I pull it off the bed. Finally its off her completely and there she is with her tank top and panties. She rolls onto to her back and opens her eyes. She zeros in on my nakedness and I put my finger to my lips for no talking.”

“She starts to spread her lags and force them back together – she’s a little confused I think. I climb onto the bed on all four and crawl up over her. My feet are pressing her knees together, my knees have her hips locked down. She reaches up and I grab her wrists and pin her arms overhead. beşiktaş türbanlı escort I’m staring into her eyes and I’m thinking ‘I am going to do with you what ever I want to.’ She’s mad dogging me right back. Just eye to eye no words just intense vibe.”

“I cross her wrists reach down and pull her top up over her tits. I start squeezing them pretty hard really mashing them around. I can feel her nipples getting hard so I start on them with a lot of twisting and pulling. I know it’s getting to her because she is just setting her jaw tighter and tighter.”

“I pull her tank top up higher and it goes inside out and I somehow I got it so the it was covering her face and binding her upper arms. I want to town on her tits. I sucked and nipped and lip bit her nipples until they were two little red strawberries atop her milky white breasts. They I reached down and ripped the crotch out of her panties.”

“I climb between her thighs and start licking on her. She’s digging it and when she gets good and wet I slither up and slide in. I just go to town – hard and fast. I don’t last long at all before I just emptying into her. When I pull out she starts to leak (usually she tries to plug up quickly) and I prevent her from doing anything about it. A trickle of cum drips across her asshole and I massage it in with my finger. I just circle around her ass and slowly increase the pressure as I get closer to the hole. She’s squirming a bit and biting her lower lip. I reach the center and my finger slips in to the first knuckle…second knuckle. I’m sawing back and forth on her sphincter and she’s definitely enjoying beşiktaş ucuz escort it.”

“I pull the finger out and I then lift one leg up and hook part of her tank top over her ankle – then I do the other.”

“Wait a second – are you telling me you have Lisa’s legs bent over her head and tied up with her tank top straps? You mean like she’s jack-knifed?”

That’s exactly what I’m telling you. I cup her neck and lift her head with one hand as I push my cock down with the other. Now she has never sucked me after I’ve come in her – never. So I pull her mouth to my cock and hold it against her lips. I start rubbing my cock all over her lips and she is keeping her mouth closed. Which is not really a problem because I’m getting hard again anyway. As my cock gets harder I start rubbing it all over her face and back to her mouth. Finally she opens up and I push the head into her mouth and the pull it out. In and out, in and out until I’m rock hard. Then I tucked a pillow under her hips to lift them up. I go back to working on her asshole and she gets into it again – only this time I’m using two fingers. I feel her relax so I rear up and dip my cock into her cunt, get it good and slippery with my cum and position it on her ass.”

“Oh man the look of resignation on her face was priceless. That moment of realization that I’m going to fuck her in the ass and that she’s tied up and can’t do a thing about it. She manages to work a hand free so I take her hand and start to rub her fingers on her clit. When I let go she tried to push me away so I do it again – putting her fingers on her clit. It takes about six tries before beşiktaş üniversiteli escort she realizes she really has no choice and she keeps rubbing herself.”

“She has never masturbated in front of me – ever. So here she is rubbing her clit and I begin to push in – slowly. Finally after about just about forever I’m able to push all the way in. I wait until I feel her relax and then I start to fuck her…slowly…then faster and faster. She’s really moving around and I can tell she’s close to cumming again and so I stick a finger in her cunt and start rubbing her G-spot. She goes off – big time, I mean she’s screaming and writhing and going crazy. Then I cum and I’m just roaring, it feels like a freaking cannon going off. When I recover I pull out and go make some coffee. I just left her on the bed tied up.”

“You have got to be joking – your Lisa? You tied her up, fucked her in the ass and left her there to make coffee? And you’re still alive?”

“Let me finish. I come back with a cup pf coffee for her, I mean I must have been gone 15 minutes at least. She’s on her side and her cunt and ass are just a cum soaked mess. I set the coffee down and go into the bathroom and start the tub. I release her from her bounds and I just hold her for awhile. I give her sips of coffee and then carry her to the tub and let her soak for a while.”

“Since that day our sex life has been magical. I mean it’s been like a second honeymoon or something. She blows me just about every day and she just keeps turning me on and turning me on. The today she says, ‘You go down to the harbor and have a couple of beers and don’t come home before five.’ I can’t wait to see what she’s up to.”

“Crazy absolutely crazy.”

“Hey I gotta go – can I ask a big favor?”

“Honey I’m home, honey?” Brian checked the kitchen, somewhat surprised to find no special meal being prepared. Honey? Where are you? He finally went to the bedroom. Crossing the threshold he stopped and stared.

Her smile was dazzling.

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