I’ve been watching him for three years now. When I first saw him, I didn’t know his name, nor did I care. He was just an exquisite piece of eye candy. Then, in the first semester of my sophomore year, a miracle happened. He had psychology with me. There I learned that his name was Doug. But I still just wanted to look. I sat two rows back from him, and I would keep my eyes locked on his tall muscular figure as he sat sideways in his chair.

He spent every class drawing in a sketchbook and sweeping his dark brown hair back from his face. I watched him everyday and waited for him to look my way. When he would happen to glance my way, I made sure to look disinterested while I crossed my legs or delicately sucked on my pen. The more time I spent in the same room with him, the more I wanted to fuck him. Of course I knew that it was horribly unlikely, but I liked to dream.

One Saturday toward the end of the semester I was in the computer lab doing research for psyche. The entire lab was empty except for me and two Computer Services volunteers. I was having trouble finding what I needed so I really wasn’t paying attention to anything around me. Suddenly, I noticed that someone was sitting next to me. All I could think was, “What the fuck, this whole place is empty and this moron has to sit next to me.” I took a cursory glance at the person, and my heart started to race.

It was Doug. He smiled at me. beylikdüzü escort “We have psyche together. When I saw you in here, I figured we could do our research together.” I was so stunned I couldn’t speak. He started to look at me as though I was crazy. “Uh, yeah,” I stammered, “I’m…“

“Valerie,” he finished, “I remember. And you already know my name.” I was completely surprised by his knowledge of this.

“I have to be honest,” he told me, “I’ve been noticing you all semester. I would even draw you in my sketchbook during class. I also noticed you looking at me.” I blushed. He smiled, “Do you wanna go get a cup of coffee? I mean I know we have work to do, but I don’t think I’d be able to get anything done.”

“Yeah, me neither,” I replied.

We went to the coffee shop on campus and sat at a booth. Instead of ordering coffee, we just talked. I was incredibly turned on just by being near him. It wasn’t long before my pussy was dripping. I kept my legs crossed under the table so that he wouldn’t smell my arousal. After ten minutes or so, he leaned across the table.

“Are you as turned on as I am?” he asked quietly. I nodded, blushing. “I could fuck you right here,” he whispered. He took my hand in his and stood up. “I know the perfect place,” he said leading me from the coffee shop.

To my surprise, we ended up at the library. “We can’t do anything beyoğlu escort in there,” I told him, concern rising in my voice. “Trust me,” he replied. The campus library is huge and he led me all the way to the back of the first floor. There we came to a door that I had never noticed before. Beyond it was a stairway that led up to the second floor.

“I didn’t even know this was here,” I whispered. “Not many people do,” he told me. The stairs led up to a small hallway. It was open like a balcony on the left side and we could see down into the first floor of the library. The right side was lined with doors. Doug produced a key and opened one of the doors.

The room was like a tiny office. He quickly closed and locked the door and began to kiss my neck. I could feel the bulge in his pants as he pressed himself against me. His hands moved swiftly over my body as he pressed his mouth to mine. As we kissed, we began removing clothing. He picked me up, and I was able to briefly savor the feel of his hard naked body against mine. Then he sat me down on the desk.

I stared as his huge cock as he stood in front of me and tried to prepare myself for the fuck of a lifetime. But then he dropped to his knees in front of me. “God, your so wet,” he whispered as he stared at my glistening pussy. Then he moved closer and gently licked my hairless labia. I moaned and moved my hips forward. bomonti escort He ran his tongue up and down, cleaning the overflowing juices from my skin. “Please fuck me,” I moaned, “Please, Doug. Now.”

He continued licking for a moment longer. Then he stood, and kissed me hard. As he forced his tongue into my mouth, I could taste my own juices on his lips. He teased me by rubbing my swollen clit with the head of his cock. I moaned, and he eased his enormous cock into my dripping pussy. I bit my tongue so that I wouldn’t cry out. He held my body tightly and began to slowly fuck me.

“Oh God, yes. Fuck me,” I begged. I thrust my hips to meet his. I had never had any one fill me the way he did, and I never wanted him to stop. He slammed his body into mine and fucked me until I felt that my heart would burst. I wanted to scream his name, but fear of being caught kept me from it.

“Valerie,” he whispered hoarsely, “I’m going to cum.” “Wait, I want you to cum in my mouth,” I told him. He released me from his arms and backed up to the wall. I got off the desk and dropped to my knees in front of him. I opened my lips and took as much of him in my mouth as I could. As soon as I did, he grabbed me by my hair and started fucking my mouth. My eyes were tearing and I had to use all of my strength to keep from gagging.

But I loved it. I wanted him to fuck me anyway he wanted to. I loved letting him use me. Suddenly, he grunted and held my head down on his cock. I could feel it as he shot his cum down my throat. He untangled his hands from my hair and dropped them to his sides. I stood up, and kissed him. “I guess we ought to get out of here,” he said, “We still have that paper to write.”

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