Down by the Creek

Big Tits

When Caroline returned from her daily walk along the creek that ran behind their house, she stuck her head into her husband’s office. “I’ve got a story,” she told him with a grin. “Take a pill.”

This was their code for sex.

Recently they had been enhancing their sex by reading or telling each other erotic stories.

They were both in their sixties and had enjoyed a robust sex life throughout their many years together. But, as they had gotten older, the excitement wasn’t as automatic as it had once been. The stories added a bit of zest. Plus, they’d learned a few things, some of which they kept using – like a good recipe.

Phil jumped into the shower. That was also a ritual. He wanted to be clean for their lovemaking, and when he did ‘take a pill,’ the shower gave it time to work. Today, he wasn’t feeling the need for any help. The sudden announcement by Caroline was enough to get his blood flowing. And his cock rising.

Caroline was already in their bed when he came out of the bathroom. She’d pulled all the covers out of the way and was propped up against the headboard, nude, with her legs spread, her favorite vibrator and some lubricant nearby, a big smile on her face, and a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

Phil could see that she was excited to tell him this story.

He got some of the lubricant and spread it on his cock, making it even harder. Then he started spreading some on her pussy, paying particular attention to her clit.

“Come over here where I can reach you,” she told him. So he moved beside her, standing on his knees üvey kız kardeş porno on the bed. She grabbed his cock and started slowly stroking it. He continued to play with her pussy with one hand and massaged her tits with the other.

“Umm, that’s good. You’ll never believe what just happened,” she said. She launched into her story and he felt like he was watching a movie.

I was walking down toward the overlook, you know, over the deep hole where we sometimes see fish. As I got closer, I saw some movement. Thinking it might be an animal, I stopped and watched.

It wasn’t a wild animal, but a young man. He looked like he was probably in his twenties.

I couldn’t tell what he was doing, but he wasn’t moving away like he was on a walk, too.

He looked up and spotted me, so I couldn’t very well just turn around. I thought I should just walk on by and say hello.

When I got to him, I said “Hi,” and asked him if he’d seen any fish today. He looked confused so I told him that if he looked closely, he could usually see some trout down in the deep hole in the creek.

He was polite, but didn’t seem very interested. It was more like he was just waiting for me to go on my way.

As I turned to go, I saw that he’d propped his phone up with some rocks. It looked like he was trying to take a picture of himself on the bluff with the creek in the background.

So I offered to take a picture for him, if that’s what he was doing.

He blushed a little and told me that I was right. He was trying to xnxx porno take some photos to send to his boyfriend. He went on to tell me that he had just moved into the neighborhood and he’d left his friend behind in the Midwest.

Well, of course, I was happy to help him out by taking some pics.

I asked him how he wanted to pose and what kind of background he was trying to capture.

He seemed relieved at my questions. I think he was waiting for me to react to his admission of being gay, which I don’t care about, and so ignored. And I think he was also surprised at my interest in composing the photo.

So we discussed the best place for him to stand and where I should shoot from.

As I shot and he posed, he began to tell me about his friend. It was obvious from the way he talked that he was very much in love.

After a few shots, I noticed a distinct bulge in his pants. He was getting erect thinking about his lover!

I asked him if he wanted a close-up, nodding at his crotch.

He reddened, but said, “If you don’t mind.”

I told him that I didn’t mind and that I’d photographed several people who were nude, so this wasn’t going to bother me.

His eyes lit up. He asked if I’d shoot him nude. He knew his boyfriend would love that.

So I told him that I was game, but that other people sometimes used this trail, although not very often.

He said he didn’t really care if someone saw him. He liked to go to nude beaches so didn’t mind being seen.

I told him that I thought we should start zenci porno with just his penis exposed. We could get a close-up, then some from farther away.

He quickly unbuttoned his jeans and had his cock out. It was as long as some we’ve seen in those porn shows. But not so thick. It was so excited it was pulsing up and down, and had some precum leaking out of the tip.

I shot some pictures. Some really close. Some to show the setting.

I told him to unbutton his shirt, but leave it on.

That made some good shots of his thin, firm torso. With his pants still on, but unbuttoned, and his shirt spread open, it made a good frame for his pulsing penis.

I was getting hot, but wanted to continue taking pictures.

“OK,” I said. “Are you going to give me a money shot?”

At first he looked confused, then a bit embarrassed. “You don’t mind?”

“I can’t wait.”

He started stroking that long cock. As he did, I suggested that this might make a better video than stills.

I’m not sure he heard me, but nodded. So I switched over to video.

His strokes had started slowly but quickly accelerated.

I was capturing every second on his phone.

When I could tell that he was about to come, I got up close, off to one side.

The first pump wasn’t much, but the second and third ejaculations were long and heavy. The pulses died down after that, but his cock stayed semi-erect.

I slowly backed away, still shooting video. He waved and smiled into the camera and said, ‘I love you.’

He told me how grateful he was that I’d captured it all. I asked him if he’d mind sharing it with me. He said he was OK with that.

“So you’ll soon be able to see the whole thing,” she told Phil, ending her story.

“Now stick that cock in here and fuck me. I’m so hot I’m about to explode.”

And he did.

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