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It happened at the sales meeting, the annual field trip the company made to some resort destination for the ostensible purpose of bringing the far-flung national sales reps together for a week of conferences and presentations where new products were rolled out and new strategies were discussed. Much as they tried to make it sound like a professional development opportunity, those who knew better—and almost everyone did—realized the sales meeting was nothing more than an all-expense paid junket for people who didn’t need any more expenses paid anyway. It was, however, an opportunity for many of the managers to attend, at least for a couple of days, to give presentations on their departments and bring the ignorant sales force up to speed on what it took to make the wild promises they made to customers a reality. Which is how Linda, our I.T. manager, got there.

Space was also reserved for a handful of other employees to attend just to experience the event and hopefully come away with a greater appreciation of the togetherness and camaraderie the executive staff sought to instill in everyone. One team, one fight…for a week, at least. After that it was back to everyone’s little single-man foxholes to wage their own personal battles they fought daily, often against each other…all in the name of togetherness. Which explains how I got to be there.

Linda was a long and tall woman with a rail thin, freckled body, a tight, tiny butt and petite breasts. She had dazzling blue eyes, short blonde hair, and long, spiny fingers. She was a type A personality, always on the go, always doing something and staying busy. She walked fast and spoke intelligently and had a good sense of humor. She wore fashionable clothes that always fit her perfectly, and occasionally wore some outfit that hinted to a playful side. She was married to an executive who spent long hours at the office and they relaxed in the evenings with a glass of wine on the patio.

It was during a group dinner that we sat together and I watched her down glasses of white wine without much of a care. We were seated at a table with three other sales people, none of whom we really knew, nor had any desire to get to know any better, and so we ended up consumed with each other, chatting back and forth and exchanging funny stories to lighten the atmosphere while the company president and VP of sales worked the room visiting tables and making sure everyone was having fun in their little utopia of togetherness.

Linda was quite tipsy by the time the dinner was over and she looked like she might have some trouble getting back up to her room on the hotel’s eighth floor. My room was on the floor below, but I stayed with her in the elevator, continuing to her floor. As I expected, she hit the wall just as the doors opened and nearly Yozgat Escort collapsed out into the hallway. I scooped her up and she regained her balance and composure, looking a little embarrassed that she’d fallen into my arms like that, but I assured her it was no problem and I would help her to her room.

By the time we stumbled to her door, she was out of it again, and hung over my shoulder with her face in my neck. The feel of her warm breath on my neck was giving me a hard-on, but I tried to contain myself. Things got really interesting when I asked her where her room key was and she mumbled something about it being in a pocket. Linda had worn a skirt to dinner, a black knee-length loose-fitting number matched with a pair of black pumps. Her tanned, freckled legs were bare. I knew there wasn’t a pocket in the skirt, and the only other place was on her chest. The white button-down blouse had a pocket on the left breast and I peered over to see the key card sticking out. I gingerly reached over to extract it, being careful to avoid groping her, but she suddenly moved on me and my hand swiped smoothly across the whole of her chest, clearly feeling the fullness of each breast tucked under an equally soft and smooth satin bra. She was grinning as she looked at me and I knew she’d done it on purpose. I felt her hand move to the bulge in my pants and I heard her purr softly as she gauged my size and firmness. I turned my head to see if anyone else was coming down the hallway, unsure of what was going on.

“What are you doing?” I finally asked her with a chuckle, half expecting this to be some kind of wild joke and people were going to come running up the hallway any second shouting, “Surprise!”

“I think I need someone to help me into bed,” she replied, looking at me with that grin again. I could smell the alcohol on her breath and see her dancing pupils and realized she was totally tanked. It was doubtful she’d remember any of this in the morning.

Without further delay I got my fingers on the key card, swiped it, and led her into the room, closing and locking the door behind us.

Linda could barely stand and I was losing my hold on her, but I managed to steer her toward a nearby dresser before we both collapsed. She braced herself with both hands on top of the dresser and pushed her butt towards me until she felt herself against my hips and groin. She ground herself unashamedly against me, feeling my bulge and purring again.

My hands reached down and hiked up the skirt, pulling it over her rump. My thumbs hooked onto the strings of her bikini panties and slipped then off her hips, over the curve of her sweet ass and let them drop to the floor. I wrestled with my own pants and pulled out my manhood, by now fully erect and throbbing with Yozgat Escort Bayan anticipation, and slowly sunk it into her warm, wet, tender flesh.

Linda was ripe with anticipation and moist with eagerness. She let out a gasp as the thick inches pressed into her. I looked down and saw that tight, tiny ass dotted with freckles and watched my cock squeeze into her vagina. Tight and tiny as that ass was, it looked like I was seriously stretching her open, but she was wet and smooth and inviting and had no problem taking me inside. We fucked fervently but patiently. The pale flesh of her butt was cool against my abdomen, contrasting starkly to the heat of her pussy just inches away. I felt her losing the strength to hold herself up and I swung an arm under her to support her while leaning over to smell the delicate scent of her hair and perfume. I reached around and gently fondled her breasts within the bra, loosening a couple of buttons on her blouse to allow my fingers to mingle over her smooth skin.

She grunted and gasped as I thrust harder and deeper. The position we were in was becoming uncomfortable, but I continued to grind against her, feeling her cum wetting my shaft and dripping off my balls. The inside of her thighs were slick with her wetness and her whole body shook with each thrust. Her arms regained some strength, long enough for me to reposition my hands to her hips and hold her firmly as I drew back and delivered long, deep strokes that made her shudder and groan with pleasure. I reached up and grasped her shoulder, using her body for leverage to drive hard and fast now, feeling her knees buckle under the intensity.

Linda tried to widen her stance for better balance and stumbled in the heels, threatening to slip off me, but not before I hauled her up and turned her toward the bed, where we collapsed face-down on top of each other. She spread her legs as much as she could with her pretty little black panties still stuck around her ankles and thrust her hips back to raise her delicious ass off the bed and give me room to thrust. Holding myself up with my hands along either side of her and my legs splayed alongside hers, I resumed my tumultuous fucking, driving hard, fast, and deep into her delicate flower so warm, juicy, and pleasing. I watched as she struggled to breathe between grunts and gasps, balling the bedspread up into her fists, her body tightening like a twisted rubber band as her orgasm racked her body in a shuddering wave of delight that left her licking her lips and panting like a well-exercised dog. Her face was flush with exhaustion, a shimmering sheen of perspiration along her forehead which was wrinkled in agony now as she reeled from the hard, thick pounding. She didn’t have much left, I could tell, and I knew I needed Escort Yozgat to come soon before she faded. Sweat dripped off my forehead and chin and stained the thin silken fabric of her light and airy blouse as I focused my attention on watching myself fuck her, relishing in the visual of seeing my erection sliding in and out past that heart-shaped rump, glistening with her cum, growing stronger, harder, thicker, deeper….

Linda finally passed out moments before I reached orgasm. She lay limp and motionless, face-down on the bed as I drained my balls into her, thrusting forward with each intense wave of my climax such that her body and the bed shook. Seeing as she wasn’t going anywhere, I lingered inside her until my erection faded and I slipped out.

I went straight into the shower, washed our sex away, and stepped out, returning to the bedside where she still lay unconscious. I realized I couldn’t leave her like this, skirt balled up at her waist, panties down around her ankles, the overflow of my orgasm slowly draining onto the bedspread. So I turned her over and pulled her up toward the pillows, gently laying her head to the side. I left the skirt up and the panties down and positioned her hands, one on her chest and one on her pubic bone just above the delicate wisp of hair with a gentle whorl that sat atop her now red and swollen folds. Carpet matched the curtains, I noticed. Very nice. I cleaned her up a bit and made sure she was safely breathing before taking a step back. I almost felt like a pervert, pausing to pose a victim, but nonetheless I took a moment to admire her freckled skin, her hair tossed and messed from our shameless lust, the loose blouse hanging seductively off her chest and breasts, the outline of her bra just barely visible beneath. With any luck she’d wake up with a hell of a headache and no memory of what had happened. She’d find herself sprawled on the bed and hopefully assume she’d passed out while masturbating. Unless, of course, she didn’t do that kind of thing, in which case she’d be hard-pressed to explain why she lay in bed with her undies around her ankles.

I made sure to leave her key card on the dresser, between the dual hand prints she’d left that I considered wiping away, but decided not to. I opened the door, peered out to make sure no one was coming, and left. I waited for the elevator and was surprised to see the company president in the car when the doors opened. I hesitated, worried that he might somehow see through me and instantly know that I’d just boned his I.T. manager, but one look at his face told me he was not riding on an even keel, himself.

We rode the elevator together for the short ride to my floor, chatting absent-mindedly about trivial things. As the car rumbled to a stop, the bell dinged, and the doors spread apart, he made his parting comment.

“I like these meetings where people can get together and get to know each other better. Isn’t this a great conference so far?”

I chuckled lightly, thinking of the woman whom I’d just left. “More than you know, sir. More than you know.”

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