Drawn into the Shower


It started when I ran across my friend Ryan and his girlfriend Naomi fucking in the shower. I was only returning a textbook I had borrowed, but somehow I got roped into their lovemaking. After knocking several times and getting no response at the front door, I let myself in with the hidden spare key. I was going to dump the book on the kitchen counter and make my leave when I heard erratic moaning echoing down the hallway. I started looking for Ryan without realizing what I was in store for. The moment I reached the hallway bathroom was the moment I found Ryan and Naomi in the shower, exploding with pleasure as they both climaxed. It shocked me, to say the least.

Soaking wet both inside and out, Ryan had Naomi pushed against the sliding shower door, her doughy, huge tits plastered firmly into the glass. The second Ryan withdrew his dick from Naomi was the moment our eyes met. Naomi was visibly embarrassed to find me standing in the doorway. Ryan appeared equally as embarrassed to see me too. I apologized and was about to run away when Naomi called out telling me to wait and hear them out.

As it turned out Ryan wanted a second round, but Naomi was completely exhausted from the first round (Ryan had fucked Naomi beyond her limits). She just couldn’t please him a second time so soon. At that moment Naomi was reaching out to me, asking to take her place. She was totally okay with Ryan going down on another girl. I figured she trusted our friendship and felt at ease with Ryan and me together. Ryan found it a little strange, however, he was totally open to fucking me then and there. As for me, I wasn’t totally down for being pegged by someone who was my friend. Sadly, Naomi seemed desperate to be rescued. Apparently her pussy just couldn’t handle the strain any longer. It was like fate that I had walked in at the right time. I ended up agreeing to play along under the condition that I didn’t want to be penetrated for real, nor take my clothes off. I didn’t mind wet clothes because I preferred not to show anything. Ryan could use me to masturbate in any way imaginable, that was all. Naomi, considering our position as friends, actually agreed with the idea. Ryan seemed satisfied. He just wanted to get off again no matter what.

Just like that, Naomi and I swapped places. With fresh cum dripping down her legs, Naomi went to the bedroom to dry off and rest. Ryan stood there already butt-naked and getting hard again.

Stepping aside, he opened the glass shower door for me and I entered. Since Ryan made good money, the shower itself was large and high class. There was a wooden bench and multiple showerheads. I was just in awe, looking at everything, and then I heard a beep. I turned around to find that Ryan had pressed a button on the tiled wall. Steam started rising through hidden vents. Hot water poured from the showerheads. Within thirty seconds, the shower was getting so steamy that I could only see two feet in front of me. I stood to the side, still dry in my clothing and awaiting Ryan’s next move.

“Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, Holly,” Ryan said, saying my name. “Ready?”

From a shelf, Ryan retrieved a bottle of what I could only assume was shampoo or soap. The bottle read “citrus”.

“Body wash?” I asked. “You realize I’m not stripping, right?”

“I don’t care. It leaves more to the imagination; besides, I can still touch you. Now let’s get you cleaned and warmed up first. You do me, and I’ll do you?” Ryan asked, handing me the bottle.

We rinsed first using a handheld showerhead. The water soaked right through my shirt isvecbahis yeni giriş and shorts, even sluicing right under my bra and panties beneath. It was a weird sensation. Next, I poured body wash into my hand and began rubbing it all over Ryan’s back, turning it into suds. I ran my fingers down his spine, around his shoulder blades, and then massaged his neck and shoulders a bit. Then I turned him around and worked the suds over his chest. Ryan was slender, not muscular, but fit. I could see the definition in his torso and upper arms. My hands glided slowly around his upper body until he moved, reaching to grab the soap bottle again.

In command again, Ryan spun me around so that he was standing behind me. I could feel his hands on my back, firmly massaging the citrus body wash into the wet material of my shirt. His hands traveled to my shoulders, down my arms, and then around to the front of my body. With his body pressed against my back, and his cock against my bare ass, Ryan worked the soap around my clothed breasts, softly squeezing. I’m nowhere as big as Naomi, pretty average. But even with my smaller size and bra, Ryan still managed to grope a little more than a handful of my boobs. All I could do was lean against him in pure bliss. It felt more amazing than I had anticipated.

Against my inhibitions, I started to grind against him, then turned my head around to kiss him. After a long and passionate kiss, Ryan took the handheld showerhead and rinsed us under a gentle stream of hot water.

“You smell great!” he said. “Just like Naomi.”

Once our bodies were rid of suds, I moved closer to him again. I positioned myself so our foreheads were touching, and I could see his facial expressions as I put my hand around his dick. Without hesitation, I stroked it up and down while maintaining a pretty tight grip. The way he breathed while our faces were almost touching showed me that he was enjoying it.

“How do you want to fuck me?” I asked in a whisper.

Ryan removed his face from in front of mine and looked around the steam-filled shower. His eyes targeted the wooden bench with some product bottles on it. He stepped towards it, bent down, and shoved all the bottles to the floor.

“Bend over it,” he commanded, pointing at the bench.

“Yes, sir.”

I strode to the bench with a smirk on my face, which I knew he couldn’t see through the thick steam. I bent over the wet wood (lol, the bench’s, not Ryan’s!) and set my elbows down to support myself.

“Remember, no penetration. Naomi wouldn’t like that,” I replied, briefly coming back to my senses.

“Yeah, yeah,” said Ryan and leaned forward to whisper in my ear. “Still, I swear I’m going to dig in as deep as possible, get you wet, and make you ride my dick.”

That intimate whisper sent a chill down my spine.

Straightening, Ryan took position behind me. He readjusted himself so he could get closer. He spread his legs out on either side of me and pulled me in. My ass lightly brushed his cock and I felt that it was harder than before. I nervously glanced at the bathroom door wondering if Naomi was watching, but Ryan ordered me to keep looking ahead. He was in charge after all. My mind didn’t really register what I was doing, but I placed my right hand down on his leg and ran my fingers slowly up his thigh, giving it a light scratch with my fingernails. That was the invitation Ryan needed. He firmly grabbed my hips and pulled me in even closer. His cock was pressed firmly up against the upper half of my shorts. He reached around and squeezed isvecbahis giriş my tits gently to comfort me. Without a word, he reached under my shirt and flipped my bra down to expose my nipples.

“Hey!” I argued.

“You still have your shirt on,” Ryan said. “I’d say we’re still within the parameters of our agreement.”

“Point taken,” I muttered, glancing down at my nipples poking through the wet material of my shirt.

With his fingers, he started lightly flicking and playing with my nipples. I put my hand in my mouth and bit down on it to stop myself from moaning out loud. I was more turned on than I ever remember being. Here I was, in a shower with my friend, about to be used for his own masculine pleasure.

Ryan’s left hand moved from my breast down my front side. Like with my bra, he unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts slightly and slipped a finger under my panties, right to the core of my womanhood. I didn’t object this time as Ryan felt my pussy, which was already soaking wet. I was kind of hoping and expecting to be fingered more, but that didn’t happen.

“Wow, you’re actually getting wet and it’s not from the shower,” Ryan whispered softly in my ear again. He extracted his hand, his fingers wet with something that was definitely not water.

I blushed. “It can’t be helped.”

He smiled. “Enough playing around. Let’s fuck.”

Keeping me firmly bent over, Ryan pressed and slid himself against my covered ass, slowly entering the tight space between my legs. He ran his dick over my crotch, right beneath my clothed vulva. I moaned from the feeling of his dick sliding between my locked thighs and filling my crotch area up with its girth. He grabbed my hips and started to slowly slide me down on his cock. Ryan began thrusting at a slow pace, but soon enough he was fucking me hard and fast. Despite sliding against my shorts, the water and body wash from before had softened and thinned the once rough material. I could actually feel Ryan grinding along the outer surface between the folds of my pussy. I instinctively reached under myself and rubbed my clit, careful not to interrupt the rhythm of his fucking.

Because I wasn’t facing Ryan, I hadn’t seen his cock and didn’t know what exactly to expect. With every thrust, I actually grunted out in a mixture of pain and pleasure and for a minute was afraid that Naomi would hear me and break down the door in a fit of jealousy–she never appeared. Moreover, his cock was THICK. Thicker than I imagined. My pussy would have ripped apart if Ryan had been truly fucking me like Naomi.

I bounced slowly up and down his cock. I took turns grinding my ass in a circular motion and letting him pull me up and down. The reckless nature of what I was doing both frightened me and turned me on. Ryan continued playing with my tits. I was in absolute heaven.

“Fuck, babe, that feels incredible!” I barely managed to exclaim.

“Yeah?” Ryan said as he pulled my short hair. “I’m glad you’re able to experience this too, Holly.”

The only way I could properly respond was by letting out the moans which I was holding back. The loud, embarrassing ones. This made him fuck me harder and harder, pulling my hair so tight that my head was tilted pretty far back and my back arched.

Ryan was loving watching my ass jiggle as I rode him. He thrust into my crotch more, crushing me hard and deep onto his slick cock. After a few good thrusts, he wrapped his arms around my waist. I could hear my pussy splashing cum with every deep, fast thrust he gave me. I could feel my orgasm building.

Even isvecbahis güvenilirmi though we weren’t actually fucking I screamed in pleasure. “Fuck that little pussy, baby, fuck it so hard. Oh my god, yes right there, right there, faster, holy FUCK!”

“Please Holly, just a little bit of skin!” Ryan begged, pinching my wet shirt.

Lost in lust, I nodded.

With a wolfish grin, Ryan pulled my shorts down my thighs, leaving them hanging around my knees. He then tugged up my t-shirt and bra, lifting and tucking them behind my neck in order to expose my now perky tits. I was now basically topless with nothing but my wet panties as protection against full nudity. Between labored breaths, Ryan screamed that he was close to cumming. He altered his pacing. Lifting me off the bench, Ryan pressed my half-naked body against the shower door just like he had done with Naomi only minutes ago. I felt his thrusts remain just as forceful but with more time in between each one.

With every thrust my breasts were plastered firmly into the shower door, imprinting round nipple angels on the foggy glass. I briefly realized that I was now in the same position Ryan had Naomi in when I first walked in. The thought made me orgasm as my tits kissed the glass door. Behind me, Ryan pounded into my crotch hard, then remained still for a second, then pulled out and rammed himself in again between my thighs; repeat. Eventually, he thrust himself back between my legs but stayed inside longer. With this final thrust, Ryan came.

As I felt him fill my crotch with his huge, hot load, my pussy clenched around his pulsating dick, my fingers flicked back and forth against my clit, applying just the right amount of pressure. I squirted downward with all I had, and at the same time, burst into tears. I felt my soul leave my body, with his dick stuck between my legs, leaving me feeling so full, sticky, and used. My head swam, and my breath shuddered. My legs immediately began to buckle, and I collapsed underneath him, still squirting with my unbearably amazing orgasm.

Ryan was breathing heavily as he withdrew his dick. I could feel my cum already seeping out of my throbbing pussy, bursting through my panties. It mingled with Ryan’s own sticky cum and cascaded down my legs like white rivers.

“Holy fuck, Holly. You fuck just as good as Naomi, and thanks for the last-minute exposure. I really wanted to plaster you against that glass like Naomi,” Ryan said. He grew concerned. “Are you alright?”

At a loss for words, I cried out, feeling the tears fall hard and fast from my eyes. I smiled and nodded my head. I couldn’t catch my breath, and every time I tried I cried harder. I was lost in the moment.

Very soon my senses slowly returned when I realized my boobs were hanging out and that I was covered in semen from the waist down. I hastily pulled my shirt, bra, and shorts back together, all of which were remarkably clean from the body wash while Ryan helped me rinse off the cum. All the while Naomi, still naked, had been standing in the bathroom watching us clean off.

“Thanks, Holly,” she said, hugging me. “You’re a lifesaver.”

Naomi pressed her titanic tits into my modest chest. “That was hot. Maybe next time we can have a girls-only shower together.”

Ryan, finally donning a towel, nodded in agreement. “I’d kill to see that.”

“Um, maybe? I guess?” I answered. Feeling weirded out, I said my goodbyes and headed out the door, never looking back even once.

That’s all that happened the day I stood in for my friend’s girlfriend. Hopefully, Ryan and Naomi will have more fun adventures that possibly don’t include me in the future. I’m not lying that I didn’t enjoy almost getting fucked by a friend, I just don’t want to get involved with someone’s relationship. More power to their fucking escapades I say.

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