Dream Holiday Pt. 01


It was the second day of our two week holiday in paradise and another glorious morning. I woke up feeling eager to explore more of the island with my sister and cousins. I checked the alarm clock and it was already 10. The other bed in the room was unoccupied, meaning my cousin Hiro had already risen. I jumped out of bed and quickly switched my PJ’s for swimming trunks before leaving the room.

My first stop was the bathroom which, thankfully, was free for once. When I was done I headed downstairs, hearing voices as I approached the kitchen. The plan for today was to have a late breakfast and then explore the rest of the island.

I walked into the kitchen and found everyone else already eating. Mum said “Come and eat sleepy head, we want to get going.”

I sat down and gulped down my food. Everyone was keen to get going and after cleaning up we left the house.


Now’s a good a time as any to tell you a bit about ourselves and this holiday we’re on. Our family consists of my father, Harry, 40 years old, my mother Yuki, 39, my sister Paula, 20 and me Sam, 19. My parents are an unusual couple. They met when my father was visiting Japan with his parents and fell in love instantly. Paula was the result and despite their young age they decided to get married. I followed two years later.

Despite their youth and the fact that they had two young children, it didn’t stop them from setting up their own IT business and making it a success. My father is from the UK and after they married, my mother joined him there. They lived with my grandparents for a while but the business was soon so successful they were able to buy their own house. I had a wonderful childhood and we were a close and happy family. At home things were relaxed and my mother and father taught my sister and me the facts of life early on.

Nudity was considered something normal and as we were growing up we would often see each other in all stages of undress. I know from my friends that this was a bit unusual but until I hit 18 I had no problem with it. My parents didn’t advocate free love or have sex in front of us or anything like that, they just didn’t consider nudity anything other than natural.

Things changed when my sister suddenly stopped sharing the bathroom with us and from that moment on I never saw her naked again. No one made a big deal out of it and it wasn’t discussed, I just thought she was being weird! Something happened to me a few days after my eighteenth birthday and from that moment onwards, I also avoided being naked around the family and others. I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth before bed when my mother entered, I watched her reflection in the mirror as she casually removed her top and bra.

I’d seen her naked breasts many times and I don’t know why they suddenly affected me in this way. She’s about 160 centimetres tall and slim. Her breasts are very small, some would say non-existent with brown puffy areolas and nipples that are about the same size as the tip of my thumb. My hand stopped moving and toothpaste dripped from my open mouth as I watched her put her clothes into the wash basket. I felt a tingling sensation in my crotch and it grew stronger as she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor, followed by her knickers.

She bent over to retrieve the garments and when her ass cheeks separated and revealed the hidden treasures beneath, the tingling intensified and was now combined with a stretching sensation. I tore my eyes away from my mother and looked between my legs. My pyjama pants were tented and I could feel the fabric rubbing against the tip of my penis. As I watched, it darkened and what began as a small dot quickly grew to a large stain.

I was a late bloomer but I’d had a few erections in the past, although never in the presence of anyone else and never because of seeing a family member naked. It was a shock and the biggest question in my mind was, why NOW? If my mother saw it she’d think I was some kind of pervert and she’d be right! I checked the mirror again and watched as she turned towards me. The full frontal view was not an unfamiliar sight but for the first time I saw her body as something sexual.

Looking at the dark triangle of hair between her legs caused my penis to throb and it felt wonderful. She began walking towards me and I knew I only had seconds before she would become aware of my condition. In a panic, I dropped my toothbrush into the sink and purposely splashed water over myself, which gave me an excuse to grab a towel. I used it to dab at the stains while letting it hang down, effectively disguising the real problem. It seemed to work and I quickly walked past my mother, who was giving me a somewhat puzzled look.

I rushed into my bedroom, closing the door behind me, dropping the towel and immediately pulling my pants down. My penis was about 17 centimetres long and stood at a 90 degree angle to my body. It isn’t straight and has a downward curve that caused me some anxiety bursa eskort bayan as I know it’s unusual. I also don’t have a foreskin, as it was removed when I was 6 years old due to some medical reason.

As you can imagine I was soon enjoying feelings of pleasure as I touched the hard but soft shaft especially when I rubbed the tip. Hearing voices and footsteps in the corridor interrupted my enjoyment and I pulled up my pants, jumped into bed and covered myself with my blanket. It was just in the nick of time as the door opened and my mother came in. She sat on the edge of my bed and, as was her habit, bent over to give me a goodnight kiss. Her loose nightgown gaped open and once again revealed those tiny breasts and big nipples that had suddenly become so fascinating. I gasped slightly as I felt a burst of intense pleasure followed by a squirting sensation down below.

My mother gave me another puzzled look “Are you feeling OK Sam?” She felt my forehead and added “You’re looking a bit flushed.”

I muttered “I’m fine, just tired.”

“OK, well, have a good night dear, I love you.”

“Goodnight, I love you too.”

She smiled and left, closing the door behind her. As soon as the door shut, I pulled off my blankets and looked at the mess between my legs. There was a huge stain on my pants and when I pulled them down, my still erect penis was covered with milky white slime. It was a real mess and I felt terribly embarrassed by my behaviour. I peeled of my pants and used them to clean myself, making a mental note to hide them until I had the chance to wash them.

From that moment on I’ve avoided being nude in the presence of my family or anyone else. My parents noticed, but no one questioned me or commented on my sudden change in behaviour. To my dismay, my reactions to seeing my mother naked didn’t change and I became quite adept at making sure to avoid situations where it was most likely to occur. I still see my parents naked on occasion but as they don’t purposely parade around in the nude it’s limited to brief glimpses.

Dad is about 175 centimetres tall and rather skinny with a lot of chest hair, some would say he looks like a typical computer nerd, which in fact he is! His penis and balls seem of average size but as I’ve only ever seen him flaccid I can’t really comment. He’s uncut and I can still remember him explaining the function of a foreskin years ago, after I asked why he looked different to me.

My sister is quite tall at around 170 centimetres and like everyone in the family she’s slim. She likes to wear quite revealing clothing and from what I’ve seen when she wears a bikini, she has nice breasts, quite prominent nipples and a very curvy and appealing bottom.

I’m slightly taller than my father at 177 centimetres. People would probably describe me as a geek and sadly they’d be right. Despite being very interested in the females of our species I’ve yet to actually be intimate with any of them.

That covers my immediate family, now I’ll tell you about my aunt, uncle and cousins. Aunty Kanna is my mother’s older sister, she’s 2 years her senior and is married to Yamato 47. Yamoto is Japanese but grew up in the UK. They met when my aunt visited my parents soon after they moved here and Yamoto followed my Aunt to Japan where they married and settled. I always found them a bit boring compared to my parents and can’t really remember having much fun with them. They were all invited to join us on holiday but only their children Hiro and Sara were able to come.

Hiro is 18 and Sara is 20. Both of them are really nice and my sister and I like them a lot. Sadly, we only get to see them two or three times a year. Hiro is quite short at around 165cm and even more of a geek than me. He’s just as shy as I am when it comes to nudity and girls and, despite always sharing a room when we’re together, we’ve never seen each other naked. Changing is always done either in the bathroom or when alone. From seeing him in his swimsuit I can tell you that he’s even skinnier than me!

One of my deepest, darkest secrets is that I’ve had a crush on Sara her for a long time and I think she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She has long silky black hair, pale porcelain like skin and beautiful, exotic eyes. She’s very petite, even shorter than my mother but still has curves in all the right places. Just like Hiro, she’s very shy and the most I’ve seen of her is when she wears her single piece speedo style swimsuits. Being unlined, the suits mould themselves to her body like a second skin.

The small mounds of her breasts are clearly visible and always topped by two large bumps. Even the indentation of her belly button is easily seen as is the cleft between her legs. In contrast to my mother’s bathing suits, which show a raised uneven surface between her legs, caused by her abundant pubic hair, Sara’s seems to lie directly on her skin. This leads me to believe she has very little or no pubic hair. Round bursa otele gelen eskort bayan the back things look equally appealing, her large firm buttocks and the deep crease between them has given me much material for late night self-pleasuring.

When it comes to holidays, my parents are quite bold and we always went to unusual places during my childhood. However, our current trip was by far the most adventurous. To celebrate twenty years in business they decided to organise a family holiday with a difference. They’ve always dreamt of living on a deserted island and found an agency that offers exactly that kind of experience.

The extreme package, involves living as a castaway on a totally deserted island with no food or shelter. The moderate package lets you live on a deserted island with housing and food. Luckily my parents opted for this choice and we’d been here for 2 days out of a total of 14. Once a week staff members would visit the island bringing supplies and even cleaning the house.

The place was fantastic! The three bedroom house has all the comforts of home and the island, one of the thousands that make up the Philippines, was quite large and had pristine sandy beaches surrounded by beautiful and crystal clear ocean. On our first day we only explored the immediate area around the house and spent most of the time swimming and enjoying the beach.

This brings me neatly back to the present…

We were following one of the paths when we came across a beautiful waterfall. It was just like how you would imagine a waterfall on a tropical island to be and we happily jumped into the cool and refreshing water. Later, we continued walking and after some time reached the opposite end of the island, here surrounded by dense jungle was another beach. It was smaller than the one by the house but just as beautiful.

We stood in the sand taking in the site when my mother said “Listen up you guys, your father and I are declaring this a nude beach! Anyone using it in the future has to get rid of all their clothes before stepping onto the sand.”

My dad was nodding his head in agreement and grinning like an idiot. We first thought it was a joke but then realised they were serious when mum went on to explain, “The fact that it has two beaches is one of the main reasons we chose this island. We’ve been dreaming of being naked on a beach together for years but didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, so this place was just perfect.”

They let us digest this for a moment and then my father said “We’re going to get undressed in five minutes, you can stay and join in, otherwise skedaddle!”

The four of us I looked at each other and I could tell we were all thinking about what to do. For my part I was torn between being very tempted to stay and terrified of having to undress. I looked at Sara and her face was flushed. The bumps in her suit looked bigger than I’d ever seen them before and my own penis swelled in response. Paula was the first to speak “What do you want to do?”

Hiro blurted out “I’m getting out of here!” and began to walk away.

Sara looked at me and I could tell she was waiting for my response. I decided to be honest “Um, actually, I’d also like to try it but not with everyone here, maybe I’ll come back later by myself.”

Sara blushed and then said “I’ve never been naked outside or with others. It’s exciting and sounds like fun, but maybe I could try it just with you Paula?”

Paula considered for a moment and then said “OK, but Sam, it’s too dangerous for you to come here alone so you’re either going to have to join mum and dad or come with Sara and me, unless you can convince Hiro to go with you.”

She made a good point and I gulped at the thought of being here with just the two of them. I nodded and was about to reply when my father interrupted us. “If you’re not staying you better go, there’s only a minute left before our clothes come off!”

Paula laughed and said “OK, OK, we’re going!”

The three of us started walking back the way we’d come, we hurried to catch Hiro who was already nearing the jungle. “Wait up Hiro!” I called.

He stopped and turned, his expression suddenly changing to one of open mouthed shock. I stopped and turned to see what was so interesting, and quickly understood.

My parents had just removed their swimsuits and were standing naked looking at each other. Even from this distance I could clearly see my mother’s tiny breasts and dark nipples as well as the black triangle between her legs. My father’s back was towards us so all we saw were his pale butt cheeks. That changed when my mother saw us watching and waved. Dad turned around and also waved.

Sara gasped “Oh my god!”

Paula and I were less shocked as we still occasionally saw them naked at home. However, I noticed that dad’s penis seemed bigger than normal and was protruding slightly from his body, rather than just hanging bursa eve gelen escort down between his legs. It looked like he was excited to be naked outdoors with my mum. The three of us gave a quick wave and then turned and continued walking towards Hiro. His face was bright red when we reached him and he didn’t say a word about what he’d just seen.

I took the opportunity for a stealthy look at Sara as she walked besides me. It was well worth the effort as her nipples looked absolutely huge! They stuck out at least 3 or 4 centimetres beyond the small mounds of her breasts. Her suit was actually tenting around them a bit like when I had a boner in loose pants. I licked my lips as I imagined what it would be like sucking on them. My fantasy came to an abrupt end when I tripped over a stick lying across the path. I fell headlong into the bushes and lay flat on my face for a moment in shock.

They laughed at me and Paula said “You should look where you’re going Sam!”

Sara seemed more concerned and crouched down asking “Are you hurt?”

I pushed myself into a sitting position, brushing dirt and leaves from my face and chest. “I’m OK.”

I froze when I felt her hand brush something off my hair and when I raised my eyes, they moved over her light blue swimsuit. I could clearly see the outline of the puffy lips between her legs as well as another, quite large bump that I’d never noticed before. Below this, the fabric was darker than the surrounding material and looked like it was wet. My cock instantly hardened and I knew my loose trunks would do nothing to hide my erection. My eyes continued their journey up her body and paused briefly when those nipples came into view again.

I couldn’t linger longer without being obvious so I raised them further and our eyes met. Sara was blushing and I knew she’d seen me looking at her body. I’ve never had such an urge to kiss someone as I did right then. If my sister and her brother weren’t with us, I don’t think I could’ve held myself back. We continued staring into each other’s eyes until we were rudely interrupted by Paula saying “God, look at you two lovebirds! Get a room!”

That ended the moment and Sara quickly stood up, giving me another wonderful view of her obviously aroused body. I remained seated as I knew what would happen if I stood. Paula looked at me with a smirk and said “Come on Sam, get up.”

She must have known what was going on and wasn’t about to let me off the hook. I had no choice but to stand. All three of them gasped when my tented pants came into view. “Bloody hell Sam, you’ve got some serious wood there!” said Paula.

I blushed but at the same time was quite proud of the fact that they seemed impressed with my equipment. Sara was openly staring at my crotch and I caught her licking her lips. Paula said “Well, it’s obvious you’re both aroused, the question is why! Is it because we saw mum and dad naked, or is it the thought of trying it as well? Maybe it’s just that the two of you are hot for each other!”

Both Sara and I were blushing and didn’t answer. Paula’s tone then softened and she said “I’m sorry for teasing. I’ve known for a long time that you like each other and your reactions are quite natural.”

I glanced at Hiro and saw him staring at my bulge, he still hadn’t said a word. I decided this was the time to finally be honest about my feelings and said “You’re right Paula, the thought of being naked on the beach with both of you is exciting but the real reason I have an erection is Sara.” I looked at her and said “I really like you a lot and you’re so beautiful.”

There, I’d done it and felt an amazing sense of relief.

Sara was staring at me intently and then quietly said “I also like you a lot Sam.”

I took another look at Hiro to see what he thought of all this, his face was bright red and he was staring at his feet. Paula, in contrast, clapped her hands in glee and said “Finally! Wow! This is great. My best friend and my brother are in love!”

Both Sara and I looked at her in surprise and I said “Is it OK to be in love with a cousin?”

Paula smiled and said “Yes, unless you’re religious or something.”

“Are you sure? Isn’t it incest?” asked Sara.

Paula just shook her head and said “I’m sure.”

I took another glance at Hiro but he still seemed to find his feet more interesting than anything else.

We continued walking and after a few steps I made the courageous move of taking Sara’s hand. A few minutes later she suddenly said “I’ve never seen our parents naked, actually, before today I’ve never seen anyone else naked!”

Paula replied “Really? We used to all be naked at home but then when I hit puberty I didn’t feel comfortable anymore. Our parents aren’t shy and I still see them naked sometimes, it’s no big deal.”

I added “Same for me.”

Sara said “Wow, they’re very different to ours! I’ve never seen mum or dad naked and I was probably 7 or 8 the last time they saw me without clothes. My mother’s always telling me it’s dirty to be naked.”

I wanted to get Hiro involved so I asked “What about you Hiro?”

He didn’t reply so I said “Earth to Hiro… are you there?” still nothing, so I shouted “HIRO!”

This got his attention and he looked at me, still blushing “I asked you a question!”

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