Dream Lover Pt. 25


Note: while I hope you’ll enjoy this story without reading all of the previous parts, I also hope it is good enough to inspire you to want to read at least some of the previous parts.

Chapter Thirty-three

As the pandemic dragged on and things refused all of our efforts to go back to normal, even though we were no longer on lockdown, there were still some things that we couldn’t do. I was still working from home and my opportunities for socializing were limited so, although I wasn’t spending an unhealthy amount of time on them, social networking sites continued proving to be useful. There was one spontaneous dream visit that didn’t allow for much in the way of planning but was inspired by social media.

I’d met Heidi and her mom many years before on a message board for people taking cruises, on a thread for people in our local area. The three of us and a few other people messaged each other for a while before someone suggested meeting in person. Heidi was a bit younger than me but was married to a guy my age so he and I got along great. My age was probably somewhere between hers and her mom’s. As we all got to know each other better and would occasionally hang out, Heidi’s husband and I started doing things together, like meeting up for beers or to watch football and I eventually ended up teaching him how to homebrew. I liked Heidi, too, and the three of us enjoyed hanging out together sometimes but I didn’t have any inappropriate feelings for her.

A few years prior to the pandemic, Heidi’s mother-in-law died unexpectedly and it took a real toll on her husband. Inexplicably, he abruptly cut me out of his life and, when I reached out to Heidi to figure out what was going on, he then ended up accusing her of cheating on him with me. As painful as it was, I eventually just had to let go of both of them, though I still remained friends with her mom on social media. More recently, I learned via Heidi’s mom that her own husband had been diagnosed with ALS. It wasn’t too long after that when he passed away. I expressed my condolences to Heidi’s mom and, by extension, to Heidi but there was no direct contact with her even then.

When Heidi’s mom shared one of those “you have memories” things on social media and it was a cruise they’d taken when Heidi’s dad was still alive, I was scrolling through the photos and started to wonder what had ever happened with Heidi and her husband. After some consideration of whether I actually cared or not, I decided that I’d just pop in and see if he was even still in the picture. There was no plan for this to be a dream visit with Heidi; it really was just me being kind of nosy. What I found resulted in a couple of things happening on the fly that really worked out very well for both of us.

I’d been to their place many times but never had any reason to go upstairs where the bedrooms were so, when I popped in, it was on the main floor, which was quiet and empty. I looked around to see if there were any clues to suggest whether Heidi’s husband was still in the picture but I didn’t find anything definitive so I headed upstairs. There was a sound that drew me to one of the bedrooms where I found Heidi curled up in the fetal position on the big bed, hugging a pillow and crying. She was obviously awake but her eyes were closed so I just stood there for a couple of minutes, feeling like I couldn’t just walk away, figuratively of course. After contemplating the best course of action, I figured I could do an impromptu dream visit if it seemed like she was on the verge of sleeping but I’d have to take some steps to make sure that she was clear that I hadn’t just showed up at her house and climbed in bed with her. I was just drawing a blank on short notice of where I could whisk her off to that would make sense. I wasn’t even thinking about a sex dream at that point; I just wanted to try to cheer her up and maybe figure out what was wrong.

When she’d quieted down and seemed to be possibly on the verge of dozing, I went from standing near her bed to lying with her in her bed but we were both wearing some wild pajamas, there were candles lit all over the room and the ceiling looked like the exterior sky, inspired by the enchanted ceilings in the Harry Potter books and movies, of which I knew she was a fan. I took her hands as I appeared and all of these changes occurred, which caused her eyes to open immediately.

“Why so sad, my friend?” I asked as her gaze darted from me to the candles to the ceiling and to my pajamas then down to her own.

“What the heck is happening?” she asked, taking her hands from mine and propping herself up to look around better.

“You tell me,” I said, “Is there something you need to talk about? Some reason why it would be me after all this time?”

“I’ve got to be dreaming,” she finally determined, “I’ve cried myself to sleep.”

“But why?” I asked, “Why are you crying so hard?”

“I miss my dad,” she said, flopping back onto the bed, “and I’m tired of being alone. My marriage was a total bust and we never had kids so I’ve Bostancı Escort got nothing. I can’t even go on a cruise to help me feel better because of this stupid pandemic.”

“You still have your mom,” I said, “and she needs you as much as you need her now that your dad is gone. You also have your girls. Just because they’re older and you’re no longer with their dad doesn’t mean they don’t want to be part of your life.”

Her husband had been previously married and had twin daughters who were now adults but I know that they’d really had a great relationship with Heidi.

“I know,” she said with a sigh, “I guess I was just feeling sorry for myself. This is a really weird dream to help me realize that, though.”

“Trust me, it can get even weirder,” I assured her, “Close your eyes for second.”

Since that first cruise dream that I’d done with Shelley, I’d done a few others and had developed them quite a bit, so it didn’t take much for me to visualize one, even if it wasn’t an exact cruise or ship that Heidi had been on. I knew that, once she realized where we were, she’d provide more detail without even realizing it. Since she’d mentioned not being able to go on a cruise, this seemed to make a lot of sense for her to dream about. My being a part of it was just one of the weird things that she’d be experiencing since I’d decided by this point that there was no reason not to see if I could also make it a sex dream. I didn’t feel like that would be taking advantage of her in her delicate state but more that it would be addressing one of the likely impacts of being lonely. While I’d never had any inappropriate feelings about her while she’d been married, she was an attractive young woman so it wasn’t a stretch to come up with the idea of a sex dream in that moment.

When she opened her eyes, we were in a well-appointed stateroom and, instead of wearing wild pajamas, we were both in swimsuits. Heidi had some nice curves so I made sure she was in a bikini and, as she was looking around to see where we were, I was looking at her body. She had big boobs, an average-sized waist, then wider hips, a big butt and thick thighs so she looked fantastic in a string bikini that covered everything but certainly wouldn’t have been considered modest. I could feel a stirring in my own swimsuit but, when she caught a look at herself in the mirror, she obviously didn’t feel the same way that I did.

“Oh my god, what am I wearing,” she cried out, while trying to cover herself, “I can’t be dressed like this.”

“Heidi, slow down,” I said, “you look amazing in that bikini. In fact…”

I untied the drawstring of my swimsuit and pushed it down so that my stiff cock sprung out, making her eyes go wide. She forgot all about the bikini as she moved closer to me then reached out for my cock. She gently pumped it in her hand as I got a closer look at her big boobs, held in by her bikini top. I gave her minute so that we could both enjoy her stroking my cock.

“I’d have no issue with spewing onto the carpet,” I finally said, “or we can get onto that bed and you can ride it, as long as you keep the bikini on.”

This broke the trance and she raised her eyes from my cock to meet my own eyes then our lips came together and we made out for a moment as she continued to stroke my cock. When she broke away, she led me over to the bed by my cock then released it and indicated for me to climb on. I was glad she had because, once I was lying on my back in the middle of the bed with my cock pointing at the ceiling, I was able to watch her big boobs bouncing and swinging in the bikini top as she climbed onto the bed and crawled toward me. She straddled me and, while pulling her bikini bottom aside, she guided my cock toward her pussy, which had been waxed completely smooth. We both moaned as she lowered herself onto my cock, her hot, wet pussy engulfing the full length.

She sat on it for a moment, just feeling it inside her, while I reached up and fondled her big boobs through her bikini top. I could feel her hard nipples through the material so, despite how good I thought she looked in the bikini, I soon had the top untied. As she was beginning to slowly ride my cock, I removed her bikini top and gazed at her big boobs, hard nipples and large areolas. Her pussy was not only incredibly hot and wet but also felt so snug as it gripped my cock. I hadn’t had any intention of even trying to see Heidi naked when I popped into her townhouse and now she was riding my cock on a cruise ship but sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Obviously I had no issues with the direction this had gone and, not only was she no longer crying, but when I could tear my gaze away from her boobs, I noticed that she was smiling broadly.

As she was riding me harder and faster, her boobs were really bouncing so, just shortly after I’d resumed fondling them again, I ended up moving my hands down along her waist and around to her ass so I could watch them. I caressed her ass through her bikini bottom while staring at her Ümraniye Escort bouncing boobs but soon had the string on each hip untied so that I could caress the soft, smooth flesh of her bare ass. While continuing to move up and down on my hard cock, she managed to extricate the bikini bottom from between us and tossed it aside. Since I had not been wearing a shirt and had left my swimsuit on the floor, we were both completely naked at that point. I was pushing up into her each time she dropped down, making sure she was getting the full length of my shaft, as I was running my hands over the soft, smooth flesh of her bare ass.

She’d been moaning continuously since my cock had slipped inside her but, as she continued to ride me even harder and faster, she was moaning louder and longer. She clearly wasn’t concerned about anyone else hearing her, maybe because it was a dream or maybe because she was more focused on the pleasure she was feeling. Given that absolutely zero planning had gone into this dream, I couldn’t have been happier with how things were going up to this point. Although my primary goal had been to cheer her up, and I seemed to be accomplishing that, I felt like making sure she had an orgasm was a worthy secondary goal. Experiencing a high level of pleasure myself was a nice side benefit, as well. The closer she was getting to cumming, the hotter and wetter her snug pussy was feeling and I was absolutely savoring that.

When she finally dropped down on my cock and just sat there, she also went momentarily silent before suddenly crying out as her body started shaking. Since they were no longer bouncing, I brought my hands back around from her ass and resumed fondling her big boobs. Her orgasm was long and appeared to be highly pleasurable so, when she’d apparently finished cumming, she remained seated on my cock as she recovered. I was perfectly content to continue fondling her big boobs until she was either ready to resume or ready to move on to something else. When she finally opened her eyes again, she smiled and leaned down to kiss me. We made out a bit as I slid my cock in and out of her now even hotter and wetter pussy.

She eventually began to kiss her way down along my neck and, as she moved down the bed to kiss my chest, my cock slipped out of her. I had an idea of what she was up to so I had no issue with it as she continued kissing her way down over my stomach and abdomen. When she was finally lying between my legs with my stiff cock right in front of her, I’d pulled a couple of pillows under my head to prop myself up so that I could watch. She gently gripped the base of my cock then engulfed it in her mouth as I moaned. The intense pleasure came not only from feeling her lips sliding down my stiff tool but also from watching as my cock disappeared into her mouth. I’d never considered slipping my cock into Heidi’s mouth before this and, seeing it happen while also feeling it, I knew this would not be the last time.

She left absolutely nothing to be desired as a cocksucker so I had a strong feeling that I’d be blowing a load down her throat. I quickly got the impression that she was actually enjoying having my cock in her mouth, though I can’t imagine that she was enjoying it as much as I was. Whether for my benefit or for hers, she was skillfully drawing out the pleasure that I was feeling as her mouth moved up and down my tool. As incredible as this blowjob felt, I was not expecting to be able to last for very long to enjoy it but she somehow both managed to draw out the pleasure and keep it at a very high level the entire time. I had no idea whether this was a real-life talent or if it was impacted at all by being in a dream but, either way, it was clear that this was not her first time sucking a cock.

I just lay there, enjoying the pleasurable feeling and the arousing visual while complimenting her skills in a soft voice. Despite her talent for drawing out the pleasure, we reached a point where the culmination was just too much and my orgasm was building. As my cock became even thicker, she was aware as well that an orgasm was imminent so she ceased trying to draw out the pleasure and instead was focused on getting me the rest of the way there with the highest level of pleasure. To say that she was successful would be a major understatement and, although I’d love to have enjoyed it for even longer, I finally couldn’t help but start blasting a load of cum into her mouth. She wasn’t even slightly put off and just swallowed it while continuing to suck me off.

Only when I was completely spent and starting to soften did she release my cock from her mouth and look up at me. It wasn’t an inquisitive look, like she wanted reassurance that she’d performed well, but more of a look that said that she was well aware of how much I’d enjoyed her blowjob. I watched her swinging boobs as she crawled up the bed then lay beside me, her naked body pressing against mine. We were just laying there recovering for a few minutes but I was hoping that she wasn’t going to start Anadolu Yakası Escort dozing because I didn’t want to be done already. I knew that I could go ahead and start planning a follow-up dream visit but it just felt like we were only getting started. Luckily, she felt the same way.

“I don’t want to wake up yet,” she finally said.

“So don’t,” I replied, happy that she felt this way, “there’s still plenty that we can do.”

“Really?” she asked, raising her head and looking into my eyes, “Like on a real cruise?”

“Well, yeah,” I replied, “but I was thinking maybe we take a shower before we go out and explore the ship.”

“We are already naked,” she said, “but I hope we can both fit.”

I knew where she was coming from because the bathrooms in cruise ship staterooms were typically tiny but this was a custom stateroom only available in dreams, at least as far as I knew. She rolled away toward the side of the bed while I watched then I got up myself to follow her. I already felt the blood trying to return to my spent cock as I ogled her naked body. In the unrealistically large bathroom, she was just standing there, staring at the opulence. The shower had glass walls and was definitely large enough to fit both of us. We entered and she turned on the water then adjusted the temperature to her liking while I grabbed some body wash.

Once she’d wet herself down under the shower spray, I took my turn then we each started lathering up some body wash between our hands. Naturally, I started out lathering up her big, succulent boobs while she focused on my cock, which was quickly reviving. Since it was a dream, I didn’t necessarily feel like we needed to thoroughly clean ourselves but I did want to take the opportunity to run my hands all over her body. Once her boobs were sufficiently lathered, I moved on to her shoulders and arms and, as I was lathering her back while working down toward her ass, I was dropping down myself. Hunkering in front of her as I lathered her ass cheeks, I was looking directly at her smooth pussy.

There was no way I could resist, and of course no reason to, so I ran my tongue along her slit, her moan echoing through the shower enclosure. I progressed from licking to slurping but, since my hands were still soapy, I didn’t want to slip a finger up inside her. I glanced up at her big, soapy boobs looming overhead as she began to rock her hips toward my face, thinking of something that I’d like to do before we finished up in that shower. I focused my slurping on her clit which made her moan even louder and longer. I was still running my soapy hands over her ass and gradually began to run my fingers between her cheeks. Each time a finger passed over her asshole, she flinched and gasped just slightly, which gave me an idea.

I didn’t want to finish up too quickly, partly because she’d drawn out the pleasure from her blowjob for so long and partly because I wanted to enjoy the opportunity to eat her pussy for as long as I could. I put into practice all of my experience with eating pussy that I’d developed since discovering my abilities to dream visit so that I could make sure she enjoyed me eating her pussy as much or more than I’d enjoyed her sucking my cock. Since I didn’t have to be concerned about wasting water with the shower running or either of us getting chilly from being wet because it was a dream, I knew that I could make the build-up to her orgasm go on for as long I wanted. I didn’t want to draw it out so long, though, that she was feeling like I was denying her a much-needed orgasm. Part of what I’d learned with all of my experience was how to stay on the right side of that line.

I’d still been running my finger between her ass cheeks and over her asshole the entire time I’d been eating her pussy and licking her clit so, when it felt like the time was right, I slipped it into her ass with the suds providing lubrication and she immediately cried out and started cumming. Her entire body was shaking so intensely that I was afraid her legs would give out but I continued to devour her while now sliding my soapy finger in and out of her ass. It was, without a doubt, a long and intensely pleasurable orgasm so I was happy to have been able to help provide that and absolutely intended to find or create other opportunities to eat her to more orgasms. Once her orgasm finally seemed to have run its course, I slipped my finger out of her ass and stood, my rigid tool sticking out before me.

Her eyes were still glassy as I fondled her tits some more and spread the remaining lather around to thoroughly coat them. She reached for my cock as she was recovering and found it fully rigid and still soapy as well. I didn’t even have to suggest it; she just smiled at me then dropped down until she was able to squeeze my cock between her tits. I started to slowly fuck those big, slippery beauties and the feeling was indescribable. It was so crazy how I had gone from not recalling the last time I’d thought about Heidi to fucking her big titties after having just slipped my finger out of her ass while showering together on a cruise ship. This was all going so well, especially considering the lack of any planning, that I was going to be eager to see how things would go with some time to think more about her and to actually come up with a plan.

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