Dreams Do Come True, Chapter Two


Another chapter in the loving tale of Gerald and his daughter Bunny. Inspired by lush member sexybunny18, the tale takes on a new feel as her cousin shows up to help with the driving and seduces my daughter.Chapter TwoEach day when I got home from work we would mount up and go for a ride, starting with ten miles and then twenty. By the time each Saturday rolled around we peddled 75 miles to be in shape for the much more challenging ride ahead of us. All too often I would ride a few feet behind her, watching her ass as she pumped the pedals as hard as she pumped me. I couldn’t help myself, I was putty in her hands and a lover to her body and heart. We would then find ourselves at home each night, eating a light meal and preparing for bed.That first night we had laid together for a while enjoying the feelings of raw passion we had found together. Eventually my cock slipped from the lush warmth of her core and I sighed feeling as if I would never again be whole. My thoughts confused as to not only why but what I had done. I knew that Bunny would never say anything so long as we continued to share the loving bond found that day, but discovery of lies and hidden things is inevitable. We made love each night, she came to know the feel of my desire to bring her to fulfilling climax more than once each time we had sex. Sex is such a limited word in my thoughts, we had so much more than the raw physical command of completion, we shared our bodies and our love.The tour was only two days away, my vacation had started and I stayed at home to load the SUV for the trip to the starting point, my niece was going to then drive it to the ending point when the journey was done. She was 19, only three years older than Bunny. Sky was not the dark mysterious lady of passion that Bunny was, but she was definitely a pretty girl. Blond, blue eyes and huge tits to match Bunny’s or more. It was Thursday and we would leave the next morning, she had planned to stay the night for the early morning drive into the mountains. Bunny was in school, she too knew how to take tests and got excellent grades but was at 16 a Senior and couldn’t skip an unnecessary day. Sky showed up at lunch time a few hours earlier than I had thought she would.She knocked on the front door as I was stuffing my riding gear into the duffel bag that the transport vehicle would go from town to town bearing all of the rider’s belongings. I answered the door and smiled at the pert young lady I hadn’t seen in a year or so. “Damn,” I thought as I took in the crop top holding in her braless D cup tits and revealing her tight abdominal muscles. Her hips were wider than Bunny’s but so freaking sweet I could hardly contain myself. The short shorts that rode precariously up into her groin were tight enough I could see the slit of her pussy as well as the trim of her tight curls and swiped my tongue over my lips unconsciously as I heard her giggle. “Oh,” I said as my mind came back into real time, “Come on in, sorry about that. Must have had a senior moment.”She giggled again as she swayed her way into the loft apartment I had lived in since Mariana and I found it so many years before. “It’s okay Uncle G,” she cooed softly, “I can see what kind of senior moment you were having,” and glanced down at my growing cock beneath the thin cotton shorts I wore without anything beneath them. Her smile was down right devious, certainly not fitting for a young lady. I closed the door and found myself in a very dire problem, there was no way I could Küçükyalı escort find my niece attractive, we were related even if it weren’t by blood and I sure couldn’t tell her I was banging my daughter so it’d be okay. I walked behind her as she went to the living room. Damn she was one hot little piece of work, I looked at my watch and figured I had about three hours before I had any hope of relief. Bunny was due home at 3:30.She flopped down on the couch, the very same one I had played with Bunny on on her birthday. Her legs fell open and I could see all the way to heaven but stared straight into he eyes. “Okay, what’s up with you Sky?” I knew she had been sexually active for a while now, even having heard her and somebody getting wild when I had visited my brother in law’s home a little over a year earlier. Sky didn’t seem the type to do the same things Bunny and I had been doing for the last few weeks, but I had to think about it. My mind worked over the problem systematically very quickly. Sky had only one sister and one older brother, but even when I had visited he was already gone from home and in the military. That left only some stranger who had snuck in secretly, her mother, father or sister, since I knew it wasn’t me. Two of those seemed far fetched so I thought more seriously about her banging her daddy just like Bunny was hers. I imagined Earl ramming his six inches into the heavenly slit I could see so plainly and shuddered.I guess my blank gaze gave my thoughts away and she giggled as she stared straight down at my now swollen manhood. She said with real quiet tones, “You know, it’s a shame,” and paused long enough that I had to ask.“What’s that? What is a shame, that is?” I asked when my thoughts again came into reality.She smiled and patted the couch with a gesture that said she wanted me to sit down. I was a bit reluctant, tried really hard to act as if I didn’t know what she wanted, and sat down carefully to not reveal my partial erection at the end of the couch. Her head turned towards me as she turned in the seat, one knee propped up onto it, the other still hanging over the edge. The pose opened her legs like a panoramic view of the valley of the Kings and I gulped down the instant lump in my throat. “It’s a shame that you never found another woman after Aunt Mariana passed away,” she said matter of factly. “I mean Bonnie is 16 now and you’ve remained celibate ever since she was born.” She giggled again and moved a little closer, her eyes bright with the look of desire.I held up a hand and said, “I know that is what everybody in the family says, but in truth I do have somebody. I just don’t blab it all around.” I was satisfied that maybe she would back off and quit trying to temp me. She leaned closer and whispered, “You know we’re not related by blood don’t you?” and laid her hand at the top of my thigh. I nodded weakly, she took that as a positive response and moved even closer. Her hand moved up and slid over the meaty prong that was once again growing, rubbing over it as my body shuddered with nervous anxiety.“Sky, stop, please,” I pleaded. I was already good and hard and she apparently took physical response as permission to proceed.Her smile was sultry as she whispered, “I’ll bet you don’t know how much I love to suck cock,” and lowered her face as she pulled my dick from the hem of my shorts. She began stroking it softly as she breathed warm air over the head. I groaned and whimpered for her to Kartal escort bayan stop, but she was past that and licked over the broad mushroom crown sending waves of hot blood to complete the filling of my erection. “Mmmm,” she moaned as her lips closed over my head. She lifted her head and looked at me as she said, “I can never tell which I like more, a big cock like yours, smaller like daddy’s or nice sweet pussy,” and took half of my dick down her throat with a jab that would choke most women. She rose up quickly and kissed my thigh as she cooed, “For now I want your cock,” and sucked me in again. Her head bobbed up and down until she had me panting for air, my fingers tangled in her long blond locks and helped guide her to suck me just the way I like it best.My mind went somewhere far out into space as her lips slid over my cock, her hand stroking what her mouth didn’t take in. I was pushing her face down over my dick when it struck me. She likes eating pussy? Damn, I may just have something she’d like to do tonight. So far Bunny had only felt my mouth, fingers and cock. Maybe she’d like to find the pleasure another woman could provide. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts Sky couldn’t seem to get me to cum. After a long time of sucking and stroking me she rose up and was rather upset. “Okay, I know you weren’t prepared for me coming in here and doing this, but Uncle G, why haven’t you unloaded that nice full sack for me? I know daddy cums faster and harder than any of the other men I’ve sucked, I kind of figured it was something about his age.”I chuckled and replied, “I’m not your daddy, Sky. And when I make love with a lady she has to get hers before I can get mine. Call it a personal quirk.” I leaned back against the backrest and laid my arm over it. She slid closer still and rested her cheek against my shoulder with a sigh. “It’s okay,” I whispered, “Maybe tonight we can both find some fun.” My hint of doing her later that night seemed to appease her for the moment and then she thought about it. “Are you telling me that Bonnie wouldn’t object to us sleeping together? She’s only 16 and probably wouldn’t understand you fucking your niece even if we aren’t related by blood.”I reached over and cupped her chin in my hand and whispered, “I think she’s a lot more mature than you think she is.” I silently recalled a conversation Bunny and I had had a week or so before when she saw a web site with two women pleasuring each other. She had said it looked as though they really had fun, I had agreed and told her that I found watching two women very enjoyable. It was shortly after that that she mounted me cowgirl style and fucked me all but blind. I sighed as the memories flooded me with warmth. “I may be able to talk her into being with you Sky. You said you like to eat pussy, and I know she likes that . . . a lot.” Sky’s expression lit up like a neon sign, apparently she really preferred a woman’s touch after all. I leaned down and kissed the top of her head and then whispered, “I heard what you said about being with your father, and trust me I won’t judge you or say a word to anyone. Did you discover you like women at home as well?”She turned her face up to look at me and grinned as she spoke, “You know, you don’t miss a thing Uncle G. Yeah, Callie and I have played around for quite a while, though she doesn’t like to be fucked by a man, she just loves it when I put on my strap on and sink it to the hilt.” She rose one brow and Escort Suadiye asked a strange question, well not so strange considering the topic we were discussing. “Have you ever fucked Bonnie?” she asked bluntly. “Don’t worry if you have, I won’t judge either, sex is just so damned much fun with a loving family around.”I stared at her as if I couldn’t believe she had just asked me that. I tried very hard to keep a straight face as I answered her, “If Bunny and I have ever been together it is just between us. I’ll not dignify the question without her here to give you the answer. I have to admit, she is one very lovely young lady. She is much more aware than what you’ll remember since the last time we visited.She grinned and kissed my cheek and said, “The last time you two visited you darned near caught us in the big middle of a climax Uncle G.” I wasn’t sure if she reffered to her sister or Bunny, but my jaw dropped open, I hadn’t even considered it was my daughter that was moaning while Sky was whooping it up like a whore in heat. I laughed and rose from the couch. My dick had gone soft and the shorts fell over it to cover my manly tool as I offered her my hand. “I have to finish packing all this stuff. You can either help or just sit around and do whatever you do when alone,” chuckling at the thought of her masturbating herself to climax. I could tell she was still very horny the way she brushed up against me at every chance. Her tits especially. I walked away and back to the duffel bag to finish up, Bunny would be home in less than an hour.As she helped me roll the clothing and such she talked constantly. Mostly about sex, but then that was all she apparently thought about, rather like her uncle. She asked if she could give me a nick name, that she found it less than attractive to keep calling me Uncle G as she had all of her life. I nodded and said so long as it wasn’t too naughty and if it were to keep it just in this part of the family. She fell silent for the longest time and as I packed the tents into each duffel bag she smiled broadly. “How about I call you ‘Tent’,” and giggled as she purposely looked down at my shorts. I laughed and told her to run the name by my daughter before it caught on too well in her mind. She laughed just as the front door opened, Bunny was home.She had obviously heard the laughter and walked quickly into the dining room, now the staging area for the journey. When she saw Sky her eyes lit up like the sun had risen. She wrapped her arms around her cousin as if they hadn’t seen each other in forever. I chuckled at the sight and hoped I could talk her in to repeating the hug when they were both naked. If she had spoken the truth it shouldn’t be too hard to do. They whispered to each other’s ear and I had a feeling that I was the main topic of discussion, each one took a turn at looking over at me on the far side of the dining table with a wide smile. I stuffed the last item into the bag other than our toothbrushes and stood up to stretch out my sore back from so much bending over the table. It was then that Bunny walked around the table and hugged me. She whispered into my ear and said that I should go take a hot bath, I surely needed it after all my labor. I looked at her as my eyes went from one of the naughty girls to the other and back again. All they would do is smile. I finally agreed and said, “There’s a pot roast in the oven that should be done. How about you two get together and set up some plates for us while I soak for a bit.” They agreed with a nod.I left them as I went to the master bedroom and shed my shorts and tee shirt, I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on, but knew I’d find out sooner or later. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water to fill the tub, stood before the sink and the mirror above it.

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